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Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Clothes Reviews: Blue Jean Basics I (1995)

Naomi is only wearing this shirt tucked in for the starter pic, to show off most of the stuff.
Ah, nothing like personal issues to futz up my blogging. Take the pictures, get ready to create the post, and then oh yeah all the issues. Anyways, without going into them here, have another clothes review that I meant to get out almost two weeks ago. Blerf.

With the launch of the American Girl of Today line, the idea--as I said previously--was to have a girl create her own modern historical, since "you're a part of history too!" And thus, the line started the way all the Historicals did--with the meet outfit and accessories, a school outfit, a holiday set, and night clothes. (I actually have all of them. Ooo.) And for the school set, we had the Blue Jean Basics, which came out the same time the moddies did. You will note that the link says "Blue Jean Basics I." This is because a second set was released in 1999 after this one retired, with different components but the same damn principle of being a jean set for the doll to wear to school to learn her math on her Apple Macintosh. Originally the set went for $22; I got it for a little less, I believe, as it generally goes for $20-30 within reasonable prices for a full set. I don't always document the costs. Naomi Kirkland, my first moddie, is showing this off.1 The set comes with a red shirt, blue jeans (hence the name), a black belt, yellow socks, and black AG high top sneakers.

Hit the cut, and get to looking.

Monday, May 6, 2013

Magazine Monthly: 1992 Premiere Issue

Magazine Monthly.
Here I go, adding new segments to my blog! Well, it's still a new blog, even if it's about two months old. So bit by bit. To the topic.

A couple months ago, I won a chunk of e-Bay auctions that got me every American Girl Magazine from the 1992 premiere issue to Nov/Dec 1999 for a fairly cheap cost--by the time they all lumped together, it was about $2.50 an issue, not counting the shipping. I never had a subscription as a child, myself, ever--but I really like the older issues. And there's a lot of things in these magazines that are pretty nifty--the first years tended to be historically driven and not care so much about the modern life here and there. So I felt like giving some data out about these is a good thing. I'll do probably one a month, because twice a month would rip through them fast and once every other month is too slow. Hence, Magazine Monthy--a look back at past issues of American Girl, and the nifty things therein.

Take into account the following.
  • I don't have most of the paper dolls in the magazines. The person I purchased them from was likely a former kid who wanted to clip and cut out the paper dolls, and they were not included. So none of them are there. I do have over half of the paper dolls but those are going to be their own segment. And if I do happen to have a paper doll from a magazine, I'll talk about it. I also don't have any mini magazines or removals. If it got taken out the magazine, I probably don't got it. Though it looks like things like plays might still be on my pages.
  • I prefer to focus on the articles and stories about historicals/the collection, and less on the "from kids your own age" thing, because I'm now an adult.
  • These are being photographed instead of scanned, and there will be only a few pics of the things I find fascinating. I'm avoiding copyright violations as much as possible. It is hard to get back issues, but I can't justify a full upload of the magazine.
  • This is not a page by page detailing of the magazines and never will be. It's snippets that I think stand out. 
  • If there's something I can actually research up on the nets, I will link to it. 
 To the magazine!