American Girl, keep giving us Dolls of Color for Girls of the Year.

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Clothes Reviews: Saige's Sweater Outfit (2013)

Saige's Sweater Outfit. Well, Abbi's.
This year's Girl of the Year is Saige Copeland, a redheaded ear-pierced white girl living in New Mexico with her horse and her balloon and her paints and her educational worries. Why they picked yet another white girl and then set the story in New Mexico is another rant altogether. Le sigh. After seeing her collection, at least one of her outfits appealed to me--only one for sure, though. That's how I treat the Girls of the Year (hereafter refered to as "GotY"): if I like their stuff but hate the character or doll, I get it for the Mod Squad, and toss the character.1 (Only a few Historicals have got this treatment, notably Samantha and Rebecca.) Thus, I got Saige's Sweater Outfit (and Saige's Painting Set) soon after it was released in January. No Saige in my house, unless it's a spice. We'll be doing this in two parts: Outfit in one, painting set in the other. It was starting to get ridiculously long, so I broke it up.

It's not often that I review things that are still out for purchase. I have a lot of backlog to get through with outfits, not to mention historical sets (including a near complete Addy collection, my pride) and Etsy stuff. But seeing as this is a limited edition outfit and there's a little less than a half a year to get any hands on this outfit and/or set, I'm willing to tackle this one early so that anyone who might want to get good opinions on the set can see it before it's retired and folk are looking at a stupid ridiculous markup on eBay.

The outfit consists of a open multicolored drape sweater, sleeveless shirt, denim-style leggings, and brown sandals. I paid the full, original cost of $34; there are already auctions going for 60+ bucks on eBay--which is absolute nonsense; there's still some months left in the year to get it. I haven't seen the movie yet (I'm not exactly rushing to) so I can't tell you where it shows up there. It however, is shown in the books; I'll show which pages at the end.

This review (and the set afterwards) are going to be with Abigail Mona "Abbi" Dormany2, my quiet sensitive painter. I've already talked about the pink stripe in her hair in the Dolly Weave review; she likes it so much she's likely never taking it out. She is also wearing the Raspberry Glasses (reviewing later when I do a Glasses Run) and what I am pretty sure the necklace from the 2008 Gardening Outfit; she came in it and I've never taken it off. You may also see two of the hair decs that I have in her hair; one is Our Generation, the other from my collection of buying small clips and finding hair stuff in used stores. 

Friday, July 26, 2013

Magazine Monthly: Jan/Feb 1993

Magazine Monthly: Now with Paper Dolls!
Ah, time again for Magazine Monthly Again! While I did miss June, I should be able to continue these regularly from now on. I've sorted my magazines, and--after a few more purchases--actually have about ten years in total, until Jan/Feb 2002. Plus I also have all the paper dolls too--it took a lot of searching, but I was successful! Alas, I do not have the paper dolls in magazines, and I might be missing incidentals for some of those with hats. I'll continue to refine my collection, natch. But with a full set, now they'll be included as much as possible with each issue they came with.

How does this affect my first Magazine Monthly? Well, I'll talk about the first paper doll in a post just for paper dolls, and give her focus then. No retcon add ons.

To the magazine and paper doll!

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

AG Complaint Department: Never Too Old for American Girl - Or Anything Else!

Addy, Michi, and my mom's Cécile.
So, back on track with things on the blog: ranting, raving, reviews, and magazines.1 But first the ranting. Well, more like fussing and talking, as it were, on a topic that is pretty dear to me.

In this picture are three lovely dolls. To the left is my Addy, to the right is Michi Taylor, and in the center is Cécile. But Cécile's not mine2. This pretty girl belongs to my mother--I gifted her to my mom when I went to AG Houston, along with her starter accessories. When I told some people this, they were a little shocked that my mom wanted an AG doll. Why would grown people want dolls? Shouldn't we want things like babies, or cars, or booze or houses or other mature, adult things? Isn't doll collecting a sign of immaturity and not growing up?

Fuck no. AG dolls might have a lower limit in my eyes, but they have never had an upper limit. Children can be too young for dolls and toys. But people can never, never be too old for dolls.

Monday, July 1, 2013

Clothes and Accessories Reviews: The Western Riding Outfit (2010), Braided Headband, Curly Ponytail Set, and Bright Highlights Set (2013)

Dolly weave and western wear, courtesy of Sonali Matthews.
It's a whole new month! Which means maybe, with the lack of going out of town and the whole less drama for a while and some, I can get some reviews done. It helps that I got some new things at AG Seattle Saturday, and decided to play beauty parlor with Sonali--who, by the way, is forever styling on most of these heaux.

Today is a double review: An entire outfit and dolly weave1! This is probably the fastest I've gone from "item out by AG" to "I am reviewing it." Don't get used to it. A lot of my stuff is old, and I like to take my time reviewing stuff. Moving along. Not only will I be reviewing the Braided Headband, Curly Ponytail Set, and Bright Highlights Set,2 I will be tackling the Western Riding Outfit. There is not much to say about the hair stuff that won't be said in review, so let's talk about the outfit for a bit.

The Western Riding Outfit, all by itself.
The Western Riding Outfit was released in 2010, and is still out--though seeing as it's three years old at this point it'll be going into retirement sooner rather than later. AG tends to always have something equestrian in their moddie collection at any given time, capitalizing on the fact that most girls have a pony stage about the same time they have a doll stage (both stages I have never quite outgrown, as can be attested by my collection foci). This was also a few years post Nicki Fleming, who was pimped out as a horse rider and all over ranch girl by AG. So since her, AG has started adding a little more western riding into their horse riding collections. The cost of the full outfit--shirt, boots, skirt, and bracelet--is $30. Like most things on the AG secondary market I fully expect that price to make stupid spikes after this retires. Even right now the eBay auctions have the price jacked up to the $40-50s, even while it can still be ordered directly from AG. The set also included the "Loyal" heart charm but I have no idea where my charms are, and if I ever do review the ones I have they will get their own post.

My Sonali, despite her being a witch,3 is a bit horse crazy. To the point she has her own horse and wears all my horse riding stuff in my collection. I never got the accompanying hat, but eh. I can find a decent cowboy hat that's not made of straw. So anytime I review my western and horse riding stuff, we'll be doing it with her. She'll also be doing the hair reviews, since she's the best moddie for the job today.

Outfit first, dolly weave second.