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Thursday, August 29, 2013

Rambled Opinions and General Snarkiness: The End of Year 2013 Release, Books, and 2014 Rumors

You have got to be shitting me.
So Tuesday was the launch for new AG shit--the last burst before the new year. They've let the holiday clothes out of the gates, folks. There will likely be no updates until 2014 when the new girl shows--which, I will blarg about below the cut. It took me this long to make my own post about it because I have been updating the AG wiki, fighting a cold, injuring myself because of my low DEX score, and also working on important, hopefully small money funding thinglets. And I didn't want to put up my own post until the images/data were on the AG Wiki for super linking.1 Which I finished at middle of the night o clock. Nocturnal!

The major things is the super overhaul of the Bitty Baby line. Which I can't give three fucks about other than I spent hours updating the new dolls on the Wiki. And that if a stuffed animal costs 30 bucks and isn't handmade/artisan, it had better be large enough for my grown ass to cuddle.

So let's talk full size dolls and their new gear, books, and rumors. Including that monstrosity up on top. Jump below the cut.

Monday, August 26, 2013

Magazine Monthly: Mar/Apr 1993

Magazine Monthly: The All Animal Review!
The March/April '93 issue was one of the first themed magazines. In this case, this was an all-animal issue. And by all-animal this means they just focused every article, story, and data around animals. Mostly pets.

My entry paragraphs are going to get lighter with the Magazine Monthlies, since a lot of data is established in past posts. Let's stop the babble and go inside.

Friday, August 16, 2013

AG Identifications: Ballet Wear

Ballet sets are Marisol's sole ownership right now.
American Girl has come out with a lot of ballet sets since starting up the modern line. At least one ballet set has been around every year since 1995, with the noted exception of a two year gap between 2004-2006. Which was covered by Marisol's collection, as she was the 2005 girl of the year and had two ballet outfits. So that's pushing to 20 years of toe shoes, leotards, and tights. Including Marisol's collection there's been nine ballet outfits:
So how many of that list modern ballet outfits do I own? All but one--the Ballet Recital Outfit--and I'm keeping eyes open for a complete set since I have completes of all the others.1 I like ballet, though I've never taken a class ever. Read a shit load of books. Own some textbooks. Look things up. Try to know most of what I'm talking about. Watch Princess Tutu. Sketch ballet outfits.

Because of the semi-uniformity of ballet, the outfits tend to repeat themselves in one way or another. There's only so many variations of tights/leotard/ballet shoes that exist and a lot of them are pink because ballet seems to yell "pink all the things." This means high potential for mix ups, especially in the pink shoe department.  Hell, I've mixed them up tons of times. And while all my sets will get proper reviews, this is more of a "which shoes go with which set of tights?" list, so you won't be seeing the whole outfit. Take note of the Marisol Spotlight Outfit shots. You will see them later in a review.

I reiterate that I own no Bitty things and I don't care about Bitty Things beyond news.


Sunday, August 11, 2013

AG Complaint Department: Archival is Not Character Death

Good-Bye, Molly--you have served us well.
So as many people in the American Girl fandom know, by this holiday season--if not sooner--Molly McIntire and her English girl, Emily Bennett, will be packing up their items in Molly's plaid suitcase, waving a fond farewell, and tap dancing into the American Girl Character Vault1. They'll be joining the "kicked upstairs" ranks of Samantha (1986-2009), Nellie (2004-2009), Kirsten (1986-2010), Felicity (1991-2011) and Elizabeth (2005-2011), and you will never ever ever see her again. Ever. Ever. Ring the bells, rent the clothing, ashes and sack cloth and lamentations.

Awk, I hit the Sarcasm Lock button. *unstick*

But on the serious, the wails are everywhere. Molly is the last of the Original Three releases, and with her retirement nothing that Saint Pleasant Rowland started the line with remains. (More on that in another post.) Miss McIntire's loss (along with Miss Bennett) is yet another line-up on the chopping block of Mattel's evil path to making money hand over fist and appealing to the fly by night dabbling of this dim generation of children and vapid parents, all in a nefarious plan to turn American Girl into 18 inches of Barbie. Thus continues the evil path of retiring every historical, never teaching about history ever, and pushing the horrors of gardening, gymnastics, and art loss in public schools while we teach to the test. (But my standing up for the issues faced by the GotY is another post.)

I shall continue on my happy path of being the voice of dissent. While I'm not exactly delighted that Historical Character Archival is a thing, I'm also not going to call this the death of American Girl Historicals nationwide anymore than I did when we lost the others. Lamenting that Historical retirement and archival means the death of history is melodramatic, and acting like children can't learn about history without the dolls and the little items is really laying the whining on thicker than the chocolate frosting on Molly's birthday cake. I refuse to think that retiring the Historicals--any of them--means that Mattel is dismantling history character by character, or that children will never be able to learn about history without holding Molly to their bosoms and dressing her in her holiday dress with its little silk ribbons. The dolls are not the only facet of American Girl, much less history.

Below the cut lies my reasons why. Read them and be educated, or read them and rebut them, or read them and be annoyed, or read them and stomp off in a corner. I'm just one person on the net here, I don't know what you want.

Friday, August 9, 2013

Casual Fridays: Lulu from Karito Kids

Oh little Lulu I love You-lu just the same~
I have not forgot about Casual Fridays. I have just been not doing them. Bad Neth. Time to pick things back up and then keep them up--there's so many dolls and things in my collection that I can and will be happy to take pictures of. Get to work, Neth! Let's take this back to importance with a doll I adore: Lulu of Karito Kids. Lulu--full name Lulu Rehema Kibwana--is from Nairobi, Kenya and specifically of the Kikuyu tribe. 

Karito is an Esperanto word meaning "charity"--I once studied the language for a brief time in high school but got bored with it since it wasn't as universal as it claimed. I'd like to have linked to the official Karito Kids website, but the company folded in 2011.1 There were six major characters: along with Lulu, there was Ling from China, Pita from Mexico, Zoe from the USA, Gia from Italy, and later Piper from Australia. The dolls were sold in various toy boutiques and from the site directly for about $99, and had additional outfits as well. I'd seen some in a local toy store, but they were charging an arm and a leg at about $120. At the original time of purchase, dolls came with codes that allowed for a donation to various causes; however, the codes can't be used anymore as the site is down. The line was later liquidated through Tuesday Morning at 67% off, and nowadays on eBay and secondary markets, they can go for anywhere from 30 bucks to over $200. A doll buddy of mine had Lulu and sold her to me at a respectable cost for 40 bucks with the shipping (and included an extra made outfit for her!) and another doll buddy sent me the book and the orange socks out of the awesomeness of her self.

Let's talk more about Lulu below the cut.

Monday, August 5, 2013

Accessories Reviews: Saige's Painting Set (2013)

Part 1: Saige's Sweater Outfit. Part 2: Saige's Painting Set.
And now time for Part Two in my "Better Know a AGGiB Member--" wait, that's not it. That's later. Time for the second half of my review of Saige's items before the year ends: Saige's Painting Set.

To rehash the opening details--Saige is boring and white in a state where there's a high Latina/Native population so bad move AG, however I think her things are pretty nifty. Thus I have often been known to buy the GotY stuff and ditch the central girl. Reviewing this now so that people who want it can see it before the year ends and you're stuck paying eBay prices. Are we all caught up? Goodie goodie gumdrops.

Paint Set, with all the components. Tubes in the back.
Saige's Painting Set consists of a plastic wood modeled easel, water/brush cup, five non-functional paint tubes, four brushes, an artist's palette with faux plaint blobs, five completed paintings, five completed sketches, an art portfolio, and a drawing pad. I paid the full cost of $48 at the start of the year. eBay's already throwing $70 prices, which as we all know is madness. Don't do it, people, if you can get it now.

There will be images of Abbi playing with and handling a lot of the items in the set, because she's the artist around here--another reason we don't need Saige in the AGGiB. Also, as a person who actually arts the things, there will actually be comparisons to my own full sized art supplies.

Part 1, Saige's Sweater Outfit, is here. Read it as you'd like; I've linked to this one here in that one. Also, some of these shots come from when I got the set way back in January, though you might not be able to tell which.