American Girl, keep giving us Dolls of Color for Girls of the Year.

Monday, December 15, 2014

The Tale of the Cousins of AGC and Introducing Kira Hickman

Look at Kira's imposter in the case. Wait--who's Kira?
This time last year I had a whole series half done on holiday wear, and now it's been over two weeks since I've said anything. What happened? The good and bad, to be honest: new computer, transfer of files, computer wanting to not behave, customer service, and "unrelated to computer" health concerns, personal sads, and all of this winding into a ball of crippling depression. Disability: It's not ever been just physical, people! All caught up? Good.

No post on the GotY, you ask? Nope. Because I've seen next year's girl, and she doesn't excite me one damn bit. Take what I said last year when we saw WonderBread and tack the new girl on the end, because it's Same Shit Different Year. Next Year's Girl makes a Connect Four of Failure. Not only has AG given us another white character (with PoC sidekicks), they have also given us another character that can't have brown eyes with dark hair. She's Chrissa Redux. She's Vanilla Buttercream--something that is good in metered doses, but when there's so many more options out there and many more stories and no stories that have shown a need to be white, it just becomes a terrible taste in your mouth. She will not become part of my gang whatsoever. We need a Doll of Color for Girl of the Year (#DoCGotY)1, and at this point if AG wants to remain relevant with this LE thing, they need to do a doll of color. And none of this half-white/biracial/a spoon full of whiteness to get the ethnicity to go down we got with Jess and Kanani. Or side characters we've got with Sonali--which won't happen again, given the death of Best Friends. No ifs, ands, buts or becauses, or bullshit lines about how the moderns are diverse. There needs to be a front line Girl of the Year of Color, and preferably she should be black since that hasn't been touched at all by the line.  AG step your fucking game up.

And that's all I have to say on that. Back to my gang. Well, my gang and many others. 

In the past months since summer, I've added two more gang members to the AGGiB. There's been Sameera Al-Rajhi, a 18" MyTwinn (who will get her chattery bits and review later) who arrived this summer, and Kira Hickman who arrived this fall. Kira Hickman is a My AG #21 that came in a group that collectively has been called the Cousins of American Girl Collectors, and the story of how she got to me is definitely not something that could have been pulled off elsewhere. Kira--and the other cousins--comes with a story of ups, downs, roller coaster surges and large boxes.

Step into the parlor to hear the story: The Tale of the Cousins of AGC. This has tons of pics, but you're used to that--and while some of you have likely not only heard this but been part, this is from my view. There's also a moving gif.