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Thursday, March 7, 2013

AG Identifications: Leggings

Naomi puts up with the 90s. She thinks they're bitchin'.

If there is one thing AG has been doing a lot of lately, it's leggings. While they did them in the past with some of the 90s stuff, lately they've been slapping them under every skirt they can find. I apparently own more than seven different outfits that have come with a form of stretch knit pseudopants. Gods help us all the day they do a 90s doll. Baby doll dresses and leggings everywhere.

Hey, they can go back into their own catalog. I slay me.

Six sets of leggings. And that's not all there can be!
Now, some people store their outfits precisely by outfit, in zip lock bags on hanger. I don't have time for that. I have a semi-job, don'tcha know. So I tend to store all my clothes in plastic drawers, and then dig them out and mix all the matching. So I forget what's what. Consider this a brief little article: how to tell apart some of the leggings that have been offered from AG.

Well, almost all of them. I don't bother with Bitty Baby/Bitty Twin shit.
In Line Skate short leggings/bike shorts.
In-line Gear: Green thigh length leggings. These are labeled in the set as bike shorts.

Cozy Sweater Outfit leggings.
Cozy Sweater Outfit: Blue-grey heather ankle length leggings.

Licorice Play Outfit leggings.
Licorice Play Outfit: Calf length lavender grey leggings with lace at the hem.

Striped School Dress leggings.
 Striped School Dress: Dark lavender capri leggings.

McKenna's School Outfit leggings.
McKenna's School Outfit: Bright lavender capri length leggings. They're brighter than the ones for the Striped School dress but are about the same length.

Skateboard Set leggings.
Skateboard Set: Bright pink heathered leggings. Damn but these are bright.

Star Hoodie Outfit leggings.
Star Hoodie Outfit: Dark grey high-capri leggings.

Saige's Sweater Outfit leggings.
Saige's Sweater Outfit: Black faux-denim ankle leggings.

Mix and Match leggings.
Mix and Match Outfit: Magenta ankle length leggings. Slightly looser.

First Day Outfit leggings.
First Day Outfit: Black ankle leggings. Also slightly looser than most leggings.

Kanani's PJs leggings.
Kanani's Pajamas: Blue below the knee leggings. Note they have a wider hemming cuff.

Star Tunic PJs leggings.
Star Tunic PJs: White leggings, silver star prints.

Après-Ski leggings.
 Après-Ski Wear: Navy ankle leggings. Thicker and looser than the Cozy Sweater Outfit leggings. 

Other outfits I know have leggings but I don't own at this exact second:
If there are other outfits with leggings, for the love of Grey-Eyed Athene's Wisdom inform me. I don't claim to know everything, and I can search the wiki but that doesn't mean I didn't miss something.


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  1. I call Saige's "stretch twill pants" her Jeggings. ergo, "Saige's Sweater Outfit" is "Saige's Jeggings Outfit" in my home.


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