American Girl, keep giving us Dolls of Color for Girls of the Year.

Thursday, July 28, 2016

Vacation Bits and Bobbles.

Meet Cinnamon Peschel, an American Girl!
Greetings from the Cheese State of Wisconsin! 

Ladies and gentlemen and both and neither and other, I have had what folk call "a busy vacation." I came out mid July to visit my mom and grandma in Milwaukee--the last time I was here, I was here for my father's funeral. I had planned some reviews, posts, and other talky bits on dolls but to be honest I've been enjoying myself with family and trips, so I haven't really had the hours I do at home to sit and blog. I had brought stuff out to take pictures and blog about, but yeah--so busy, between my mom's place and my grandma Goose and festivals and trips to Chicago, IL and Madison, WI. But I will get on that as soon as I'm home, likely. I have been busy as shit on AGC and my Instagram account. Great ways to check to make sure I'm still about.

Til then, have a gander at my newest gang member: I got my Cinnamon! Her full name is Cinnamon  "Cinna" Demaree Peschel, after a drama teacher I had in middle school I loved and a street name I adored in high school. She's from Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and she loves acting, music, and craftwork, including designing her own clothes, and if she had to pick an era to play around in it would be pretty much any and all of them! She's Black with some white and Native in her background, but most of it is black, and that's how she IDs.

So just a note to say I've got plans and haven't forgotten all you beautiful people. Some of the many talky topics after I'm back in the PNW that I'll do, not necessarily in this order:

* MCM: The Biggest AG Discount Sale That Happens Once a Year
* My First Trip to AG Chicago: The Flagship Mecca of AG Buying and the Truly Me Design Studio
* Girls of Many Lands: Isabel of 1592 Tudor England
* Dolling on a Budget: Collecting AG without EOYBA (yes I have been working on that post for a year, my bad)
* Reviews of several sets for my gang members, including both of Addy's School Sets and Nightgowns
* Rambled Opinions and General Snarkiness: Sing a Song of Civil Rights: Meet Melody Ellison of the 1960s
* #StopAGIGRacism: The Racism in AG Communities and The Reasons We (and You!) Should Fight Against It

And for all those that love my Outsider Series, the next part: "Summer Chaos in AG > 18, or How I got Banned from A Goddamn Community I Started."

As Kat Blaque says and I adore: Always remember and never forget that you are beautiful, and you are loved.