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Friday, June 27, 2014

Rambled Opinions and General Snarkiness: June 2014 Big Summer Blowout

And I don't even like Frozen.1
The Summer Releases for AG are out--100% Moderns and Wonderbread Stuff. And I'd be remiss in my snark if I didn't get on this and start bitching. And honey do I have a lot of bitching to give.

On the retirement front, Cécile and Ruthie are gone and the other stuff is going fast. Good thing I have what I want.

Who likes short openings followed by a cut? You do!

Wonderbread the Ballerina and the Attack of the Sparkly Shit (with bonus racisms!)

Ugh we're not even halfway through the year with her ass2 and I'm 700% done with her shit. Sigh. Let's get this overwith.

Does all her shit have unneeded sparkles?
Isabelle's Sparkle Dress: The completion of WonderBread's collection adds the final outfit: a sparkle performance dress. I swear to god, all your shit is covered in sequins and studs and sparkles and it's terrible. Throwing glitter on things doesn't make up for poor clothes design. Those shoes are terrible, the dress is terrible, the whole thing is terrible and I hate it.

But wait, this isn't in any of her books! Where is this outfit from?

e-books? FUCK.
Oh.  Oh you've got an eBook: Isabelle in the City. Avaialble on iTunes and Amazon for about four bucks. Let's look at this description:

Isabelle and her sister, Jade, are off to New York City for a summer ballet program. It feels like a dream come true - until Isabelle meets her Japanese roommate, Miki, who doesn't seem to want to spend any time with her. When Isabelle realizes that Miki has trouble speaking English, she searches for a way to bridge the gap between them. Can the two girls from different cultures find a way to communicate through their shared love of dance?

*visible angrish foaming* Oh you've got to be kidding me. Another character of color, but this one gets the stigma of not speaking The Perfect English and being the Asian stereotype of being standoffish and unpleasant to our Perfect White American Sweetheart, who will then ease her out of her poor wittle shell of Asianness. That had better not be the plot, man. I'll probably end up buying this because I'm a book completist, but I'll have to find a Kindle reading app for my tablet cause I don't have a Kindle and unless someone wants to buy me one, I'll live without for the present.

White WonderBread Powers, Makeup!3
And finally, there's Isabelle's Makeup Set: six ponytail holders, a hair pick, a mirrored storage case with a palette of faux makeup--don't use real makeup on dolls unless you like your vinyl permastained--lip gloss, a non working spray bottle, nail stickers, and glitter decor stickers. Generally, I don't bitch about the cost of things going up. But for $36 dollars, this is not worth it. Buy a clean unused makeup brush, a pack of ponytail holders, a working spray bottle or bottle of braid spray, and a cheap plastic case for about half this cost. I could put this together myself. If you're hella into WonderBread's shit then you've got more problems than this set. Also AG's hair picks aren't worth a butt.

Enough of that hot mess. On to:

Moddie Stuff, or What Did the 80s Ever Do to Deserve This?4

All the Felicity, none of the clothes.
Have you missed Felicity or Saige, but can't stand the idea of paying those crazy eBay prices? Want a true redhead instead of these strawberry blonds and auburns? Miss Moddie #8, but not her pie wedge bangs? Or maybe you just like prime numbered modern dolls. Then here's the girl for you, MyAG# 61! She's a natural redhead with a center part, green eyes, feathered eyebrows, and the classic mold we've all come to get really tired of. If I didn't have Felicity or a moratorium on white dolls from AG until I get some DoC around here, I'd consider her. As it is I'm still waiting for Not!Kanani or a GotY that's black.

For all your beachy needs.
Sunny Isle Outfit: Technically, this was released around the end of May--I saw it at AG Houston--but I'm going over all the new shit that isn't Bitty Shit so it's getting lumped with the new shit. (Speaking of which, the current Purchase with Purchase is a dress and hair accessory that, with $50 of other shit, can be yours for $16.) It's not terrible--though the top ruffles are eh. I could make a set like it, and that tends to dissuade me from some things.

Hat and Beach stuff.

Seaside Tote Set: Add on the hat, bag, bracelet, and sunblock. The only part I like is the bag for my Kanani, and not for the cost they're asking. Let it go to a discount, maybe.

Lime in the coconut.
Beach Chair Set: Put the Lime in the Coconut and drink it all up. I like it, and if it was a little cheaper I'd get it. But I have Kit's, so I don't need this one. 

...this is offensive to tutus and bees.
Bee Myself Outfit: First of all, that pun is terrible. Second of all, it's about as visually busy as a bee. The top part is cute, and the leggings are passable but the tutu ruins it. I can't believe tutus are a thing right now, but I suffered through the tutu fluff of the 1980s. It looks really, really juvenile all together like this, and I'm not getting a set I'd have to seam rip the skirt off for full cost. A plain black skirt would have been so much better, even in fluffy ass tulle. I'm pretty sure even my costume kids here wouldn't let me put this on them.


Petals and Plaid PJ's: That top looks really weird; like a layered tank that didn't tank right. And the pants are...blech. Not feeling it at all.

Is pastel the new bed color?
Bouquet Bed Set: if I bought non-historical doll beds on the regular, I'd buy this and paint it a more neutral brown or white. But I don't buy non-historical doll beds. Damn, are doll beds expensive.

Pastel furniture is weird.

Bouquet Nightstand: Take what I just said about the bed being bought to repaint it and apply it. Also, I don't think doll nightstands hold enough for me. Still, at a lower cost and the thought of putting doll earrings or my own inside, it's a lot more possible of showing up in my house than the bed. 

Complete with doggie pillow.
Bouquet Bedding: Even if I get the bed, I'd make my own bedding. Doll bedding is awesome and easy to make. Still, not terrible for doll bedding. I like the flower. I don't like the Coconut pillow.

Coconut outfits have never been my thing.
Coconut Cutie Outfit: More details on Coconut proper later. I never really like most Coconut themed outfits and this is no exception. Apparently Coconut is back to wearing glasses. But what really pisses me off about the set is the skirt. I really hate the current trend of fluff gauze skirts. This might look okay with jeans, but then again I don't do Coconut sets.5

Too much together.
Starry Hoodie Outfit: "Jeggings." We're so done here. Okay, one more thing. This is way too many colors trying to fight for dominance: we've got blue over here and purple and gray and then another shade of blue, who's in charge of the color theory here?

....well, the 80s are here.
School Stripes Dress: I could put this on either one of my 80s Best Friend pair--likely Tyanna, she's the skirts and leggings girl--without a single hint of irony. I'm not sure if that's a good thing or a bad thing. Considering it that way makes it a solid maybe, at least. Just need a big ass magenta side bow and some bright neon leggings under it.

That's a lot of....stripe.
Bright Stripes Outfit: On the other hand, this looks like hot mess gone haywire. And having looked at the set all laid out, it's the jacket that ruins it. Just ditch that and we have something cute.

White backpack? Bad Idea.
Doodle Backpack Set: White backpacks are a minefield of getting dirty and stained. I never doodled on my backpacks, that is what my sketchbooks and book covers were for. Maybe it if had more pockets. I just don't like it.

Who's going camping in those boots?
Sparkly Camp Outfit: Are we really camping in something like this? Hiking in those boots looks like a logistical nightmare, and I once made the mistake of walking four miles around Memorial Park in 90s high heeled sandals and had blisters on my teenager feet for a week. And again with the off shoulder peek out look, but now with the utter not fun of a faux belt. Le sigh.

The bears won't eat you because the color is offensive.
Sunset Sleepover Tent: It's as terrible as the outfit was. We're not camping fabulous, ladies. Can we get some neutral basic tent colors around here? Not that I do it much.6

That's bright and splotchy.
Sunset Sleepover Bag: I don't like teal, salmon, and purple together. It offends everything calm and Libra about me. I shall stick to the old school sleeping bag.

It looks too much like a toy to be a cookstove.
Camp Treats Set: Well, that's rather bright for a cook stove. Why isn't it grey or silver all over, like actual camping stuff? It ruins the entire look. I don't like AG accessories that feel less like small scale reality and more like toys that have been brightly painted. And I like doll food, so you know I must be annoyed--wait is that chocolate abort abort mission run--

How cute. In a bad way.
Trail Accessories: Memo, AG: Stop making cute girly twee camping shit and make camping shit that looks like shit I'd take if I went camping. I know I don't need my goddamn binoculars to be pink and teal to want to go out on the trails. Fuck. 
Rah Rah Sis boom bah.
Two-in-One Cheer Gear: No one around here cheerleads, I was never a cheerleader, so I'm moving on.

Skaters in skirts.
Skateboarding Set: So we got rid of the shorts over leggings to put a skirt over leggings. I have to say this isn't horrendous--the colors at least match. And I do like that AG has kept up skateboarding/skating badassery as an activity for the moddies since the early 2000s. Maybe pile.

Just one belt?
Karate Class Set: An improvement over the last set that claimed that the Japanese for "karate" was "Korean for courage". Japanese and Korean don't even look like the same damn language. This is a lot like the first set released in '99 and I like that this keeps coming back. But AG is not giving multiple belts for the doll to move up in levels anymore. That was nifty. Bring that back.

More Colored Weave!
Jewel Highlights Set: Streaks continue to be the new hotness. A darker blue, darker purple, and lime green. Welp, probably will get it.

Getting my braids put in.
Accent Braid Clips: More weave to get for the gang. Well, for Sonali. The others don't have the hair for AG weave pretty much.

Pet Studs.
Pets Earrings: Like the studs, hate the pet dangles, but for $10 I can get Kimmy some new earrings.7

omg the little bows!
Doodle Earrings: Okay, these are better overall. like "omg squee!" better. I will put all these on Kimmy. So 80s~

Earrings don't grow on trees.
Aqua Earring Tree.: I store my doll earrings in a different way. As in in the original packs or something like that. So this is useless to me.

Ring a ding ding.
Three-in-One Ring Set: AG quit giving me 80s shit and not an 80s doll to hang out with Kimmy and Tyanna, goddamn. I don't like the Coconut Ring, though. Can I redesign it?

The 80s continue to be in watch form.
Violet Heart Watch: Very Swatch Watchy. But I wish the watches actually worked.

WOW that's so 80s.
 Wrap Watch: second verse, same as the first. 

Coconut's Funky Makeover!

Doggy strut ain't got not issues~
Speaking of Coconut--AG's Westie Dog of the Hour--she got a makeover.  Gone is the still, lumpy sitting dog chunk--now she can pose smoothly! Look at those leg motions! And back is the toy and magnet to hold things. I guess the magnet scare is over. The cost is now $28, but for joints I might get her for one of the gang. And name her something else. I generally hated that pets were just lumpy and nonposing, so this is much better.

Speaking of everyone else with a name, they got kicked to the curb, including Licorice who had only been back for two years. This is a one-named-dog company, get the fuck out. All our new pets come with AG foot tats so you know the breeder. The new pet animals are:

Corgi Puppy, the new It Dog of the decade;

Apricot Poodle Puppy, or all of the Honey with none of the name; 

Dalmatian Puppy, for all your Disney Simulation8 Needs,

Chocolate Lab Puppy, who used to be Chocolate Chip;

Here Kitty Kitty!
--and the Himalayan Kitten, complete with fishy toy.

Oh HEY! Now I don't have to hunt down Rascal for Marisol! This is adorable and she will join my household.

All the old shit got retired, and there are now new pet things with mouth toys. Which I am not going into detail on because if it's not a collar or a leash my opinion is that it's extraneous. Stop dressing up your dogs, it looks stupid. And I don't even know if you could get a cat to wear a skirt. But the list is as follows:
There, go look at them.

The next time I bitch about a major update we'll be looking at BeForever. Is my body ready? I don't know yes maybe yes I don't know--whatever NEW ADDY SHIT IS COMING YAY~


1 Okay, technically there are parts of Frozen I like. The song Let It Go and...uh, Elsa singing that song. And Elsa. The rest of the movie is kinda of ass.
2 The halfway point of the year is exactly July 2nd. It's something I learned in middle school. 
3 I made a SailorMoon Reference~
4 Oh right. Elected Reagan twice.
5 I have both Licorice sets, but she's just on the purse so they don't scream "AG MODDIE MASCOT" all over.
6 Went camping once as an adult with my in-laws. Our idea of roughing it was bringing the 13" television to play the N64 games on. Truly, a terrible age. Nowadays I wouldn't go camping without a solid wi-fi connection.
7 Still owe that How To Do post.
8 Guess what? Dalmatians can be terrible dogs for households with young children and they need lots of activity. Thanks, Disney, for adding to the pet population by having parents get dogs and other pets based on cute or whining, and not on temperament and fit. If your young child watches 101 Dalmatians and wants one, get them a stuffed dog until they're older and less irresponsible. Animals shouldn't suffer for human whims. 


  1. i,m so glad someone pointed out the lack of realness with the camping stuff my daughter dresses nothing like that when we go camping

    1. When I saw the off-shoulder thing, my reaction was along the lines of "so now she can have concentrated mosquito bites as well as a triangle-shaped sunburn!" Seriously though, makes no sense, and the whole thing is hideous as well as impractical.

  2. I work with exchange students, some of whom are from Asia, and few of whom arrive speaking perfect English, so I don't see that part of Isabelle's book as a stereotype so much as just normal, at least from your summary. But I'd probably have to read it to see how they handled it, and I'd rather spend my money elsewhere than on an e-book.

    Sorry, run-on sentences.

    1. It is a stereotype, though---a nasty one that assumes that Asian people are poor at English, will never get better, and thus by nature, can never "assimilate" into America properly. Adding it into the story as a reason for an exchange student's standoffishness is an uncomfortable add-on given that this is a pattern seen in books for more than a little while.

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  3. I tend to think that since Lawrence Yep is Asian himself and has a history of writing Asian characters (seriously, when I saw his name for GotY 2014 I was like "Oh look an Asian doll! Yay!" and thus was even more disappointed when we got stuck with Wonderbread) he wouldn't write based off stereotypes. That being said, there's no guarantee and I'd be curious if you buy that shit what you think of it.

    1. I'd like to think that he wouldn't have written this if he'd had a choice but AG tied his hands and told him he had to do that sort of character. Having pulled myself through two of the three books of Wonderbread's, I've been finding more life in every side character. Even Renata is a better character and she's reduced to "I hate the MC because Plot."

  4. Amazon has a program called Kindle for PC.


    It might be worth a shot since you mentioned you don't have a Kindle or some sort of Kindle app.

  5. nothing racist about the character. btw Ive never heard of the asians not speaking english stereotype. where do you collect them? AG probably just wanted to describe a situation when two girls of different cultures have trouble communicating but resolved the issue in order to work together as a team. a typical ag storyline. many exchange students can relate to this, plus the book may give insights into japanese culture which is always a good thing.

    1. Where do I get this stereotype? I dunno, all the many, many books I've read, the shows I've watched, the media that makes it a joke, the people that think that Asian people even if their families have been here for generations aren't really Americans/Western and ask "where are you from? No, really"? My, I dunno, East Asian friends?

      You on the wrong damn blog, honey boo boo child.

    2. since when am I a honey boo boo child? and what gives you a right to insult me when I have never sad anything rude to you? even if there is some stupid stereotype about asians, its the stupid racists who promote it not american girl

    3. "You post, you stand by your words, and all the consequences of those words. Don't come in my space, spit on my floor, and expect me to call it a swimming pool. I can and will cuss your entire ass out."

      That's the part where if you say something bigoted, I'll call you names.

      "racism is because of mean people" zie says, having never learned that intent is not magic, AG pushing this as a character and story is racist. Racism is not in your intent. It is in the actions as acting on ad backed up by society.

      Did you even read my FAQ or just show up off the corn field because my blog says AG?

    4. I'm Asian, and although I'm born in the states, I hear the stereotype all the time. Either people nitpick at my pronunciation or are surprised I can speak English "properly" by their estimation. Thankfully it doesn't happen in my neighbourhood since everyone who lives here has parents who are immigrants from all over, but everywhere else it just goes. It's tiring to hear, "I'm not being racist, but I was so surprised that you could pronounce your 'r's'"

    5. well, lets read the book first and then we can see whether the character is portrayed in a racist way or not. I am german and everytime I visit US people are suprised at my good english too. I think it has more to do with americans not really speaking any foreighn languages and admiring the fact that foreighners pick up English so easily. I personally think its a great idea for AG to introduce exchange students and give us insights in foreighn cultures. one thing that bothers me is, if every last AG girl of the year (mckenna, saige, isabelle) has an asian or black or hispanic best friend, what stops AG from releasing two GOTYs at the same time, for example Isabelle and her best friend? would add more diversity to the line. that if those people cannot bring themselves to create a black GOTY as a main character

    6. German = white. Not the same stereotype as Asians get in the US/Western society as the perpetual foreigner.

      what stops AG from releasing two GOTYs at the same time, for example Isabelle and her best friend?

      The terrible tanking of Chrissa and the end of the Best Friends Line as a concept. Furthermore this has been done with Ivy, Cecile, Sonali, and the like. Why can't people of color have our own stories, focused on us, without a spoonful of whiteness to make the ethnicity go down?

    7. sure they can have their own stories as main characters! I just thought if AG cannot bring themselves to create a fully black GOTY (because supposedly sales would drop or I dont know why else) they could at least have given Isabelle an ethnic best friend so that there would be more dolls of color.
      but that wont happen any time soom since they ditched the best friends concept. too bad, the best friends thing was really neat in my opinion.
      didnt know about chrissa not being popular. she didnt sell well or her two sidekicks didnt? I ve heard sonali was actually quite popular

    8. I dont know why else

      Racism. It might not be "hah hah screw those black people and other PoC" but it is a form of racism to go this long without a Black or fully PoC character that is the star of the year since Marisol, who was almost ten years ago. The other two, Jess and Kanani, were at least half white.

      Sonali was popular in ways, but pushing three full dolls in a year didn't really work too well, especially coming off a recession. It's hard to get a person to drop nearly $300 so that all three were together, and it was even harder to get people to drop 200+ for a best friend set. Nellie sold to people who had Samantha and people who wanted someone that wasn't Samantha. But Elizabeth was a hard push (especially with the drastic changes) and Emily even more so (she was frequently tagged with "but she was in one book wtf is this we want Linda and Susan not this Brit"). I bought Sonali but I didn't touch Chrissa, Gwen, or anything else in the entire collection outside of the books and resold meet sets when they were on secondary sale through AG.

    9. Im not denying the existence of racism. I just feel as if AG makes most of its desicions based on sales. thats why theyve been reluctant to release a black GOTY so far, it would cover only a part of the potential customers demographic, or at least they tend to think that way Im afraid. its like, white girls are apparently AG most customers and they probably wouldnt buy a black GOTY because they couldnt relate to it.... Im not an expert its only an assumption. I would have bought a black GOTY for my child had the bookstory that came with it been a good one, worth reading. not a saige or isabelle kind of story. so then I think logically - you want to create a main doll of color but you also want as many kids as possible to buy your GOTY products? create some black doll along with a white and a latina companion or smth. this way everyone will get a doll they like. if Ag doesnt want to make just one black doll for some reason. still better than nothing.

      not sure why so many people dislike jess or kanani`s mixed heritage. there are so many kids who are partially white and asian in this country! its a good thing they have dolls they can relate to. but a fully black or a puerto rican or alaskan or maybe a modern native american doll would be more than appreciated of course.doesnt look as if AG is releasing one in the near future. have you heard rumours on the GOTY 2015? check out these links if you havent already:


      apparently its another white girl who s trying to save her grandmas ice cream shop...

      not sure if I understand your point with chrissa and her best friends. I personally thought the whole reason why they introduced the best friends line is so that more girls could find dolls who look like them or identify with them. so no need to pay for all three GOTYs if you only want sonali or chrissa or whatever. I personally would love to see more dolls of color ithe GOTY line but also more duos and trios of best friends doll who have different ethnicity, that way AG could cover more ppl with different heritage. but I dont think thats gonna happen. dont think Ill ever see an irish or german GOTY, or italian.

      i havent been in the US in the year of chrissa maxwell. are you saying they were selling stuff they couldnt get rid off under different names? in the store you mean? or was it just a sales booth or smth?

      P.S. Im still dead sure the reason why they released the blond pink streaked isabelle is because of the dance moms reality show success. every kid wanted a maddie doll. ugh American girl...


    10. I just feel as if AG makes most of its desicions based on sales. thats why theyve been reluctant to release a black GOTY so far, it would cover only a part of the potential customers demographic, or at least they tend to think that way Im afraid. its like, white girls are apparently AG most customers and they probably wouldnt buy a black GOTY because they couldnt relate to it.... Im not an expert its only an assumption.

      Were you not here for "Fifty Shades of White?" Cause it's most read post on my blog at present and everything you're saying as an excuse for AG I've already addressed. They might be saying "oh, no, it's our demographics and a DoC can't stand on her own without some degree of whiteness" but that is based in racist thought.

      not sure why so many people dislike jess or kanani`s mixed heritage. there are so many kids who are partially white and asian in this country! its a good thing they have dolls they can relate to.

      When it comes off as "we have to make a character part white to make her appealing and not make many references to so she's not too outside the white mainstream," again, that's a problem. I adore Kanani, but her stories are nothing about her heritage. Comparing her to say, Lilo and Stitch? It's all in the stuff and only partially in the story, and she got saddled with a white cousin. Jess's story and collection both have the Japanese part of her just added on as a side reference--literally, she's like "hey my mom is Japanese doesn't that make me super special" and then nothing after that ever.

      I have issues with both of those blogs, though I've seen the posts. Really, until I see pictures, I'm not going to say much.

      The Best Friends Line actually was not intended to stay as long as it did. Nellie was supposed to be a limited time offer, but she was so popular that AG was like "well let's keep making Historical Movies and releasing their buddies and run this shit into the ground!" Like any line, AG releases everything for money. They didn't go in '08 releasing three dolls thinking "yay, three dolls now people can pick the character they want!" The others didn't even come with books focusing on them or even Chrissa's second book--they came with some extra toss off book. They even bundled Chrissa with the others to push the "see they're friends" deal. Sonali and Gwen were basically 18" accessories to Chrissa. And AG's opinion on "this character doll doesn't look like me" has been "well we have the moderns, go do that." (And on that tip they changed the line to "My AG" because "Just Like You" was getting interpreted as "but this doll doesn't look just like my child whyyyyyy isn't there X doll with Y eyes" and that at least made things shut up slightly.)

      Let's not kid ourselves. AG is a business, and if a thing is not doing well, they pull the line or scale it back. Mattel's not in this for the happiness of kids. With the retirement of Best Friends and C and M-G, AG has flat out said that they are no longer doing the buddy thing anymore. So if we get a PoC GotY, she's going to stand alone--and well she should.

      When a GotY is retired, nowadays AG releases leftover GotY stock as MyAG outfits or items, sometimes as a Purchase with Purchase. Gwen's meet outfit was sold as "Eyelet Sundress for Dolls" and Kanani's Aloha set was sold (with a plain white shirt and no shoes or shades). I've gotten several sets after retirement that way. (Also, I correct myself. Chrissa was '09.)

    11. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    12. ok thanx for claryfying that makes sence. well see what s up next year with GOTY 2015

    13. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    14. ???
      that person who commented above is not me. I sign my posts with laura. whoevers post you deleted wasnt mine. Id better sign with my own facebook profile nex t time.

  6. I have a big problem with isabelle being the same boring classic facemold all over again more than anything else. plus what bothers me is that she has pink extensions and now the make kit of all things! great role models ag. what happened to not letting girls grow up too soon?

    1. I'm not an Isabelle fan either, but I don't think the makeup kit is the end of civilization or anything. Isabelle is a dancer and therefore would likely have to wear stage makeup. My sisters had to wear makeup at their dance recitals when they were as young as five and it wasn't a big deal.


    2. its not a crime to wear make up I just wish AG had a more "moral" approach to their dolls rather than trying to make them as commercial as possible, I wish they would promote other values

    3. Make up is not terrible by principle of younger children wearing it. Makeup is needed for stage performances because harsh stage lights dim features. That's just performance logic. My issue is mostly that not even the water spritz is functional, and for that much I want a working spritzer. I think it's a terrible kit because it doesn't come with anything too creative that I couldn't do on my own. If you're a Wonderbread stan and want a complete collection then it might be worth it to you, but I hate her so it sucks. I never claimed to be non-biased.

    4. I don't see a problem with Isabelle's case of fake makeup, except that kid logic (especially the super young kids who receive AG dolls) will probably dictate that the fake makeup isn't enough, and that only real makeup will do for their dolls. I know I would've been dissatisfied with the fake stuff if I was 5 (which SEEMS TO be the median age of kid AG doll owners now, judging by what I've seen in AG place) and had this product, and would've sought out real makeup for my doll.
      i like a lot of Isabelle's separates though. And most of her story. But I was hoping she would be a different doll.

  7. I still have a hard time getting enthused about the moddie stuff in general. There's just so darn much of it and when you've got other stuff that you collect it's hard to get excited about it. With the batch right now, it just seems like AG is rehashing stuff they did before (understandably--there are only so many "typical girl" activities out there. Much as I'd love to see it, I know a doll-sized soldering iron or aikido outfit or unicycle might be a poor seller.)

    I am kinda bugged by how Isabelle's accessories have her name plastered *all over them*. It's basically discouraging folks from buying GOTY swag for dolls they have already and "forcing" them to buy the actual GOTY instead. Kind of a jerk move, IMO.


  8. Oh Lord, is that seriously the description of the new Isabelle book?! NO. Just...no. Tokenism and upper-class problems and GOD I HATE THE FEMALE ASIAN STEREOTYPE. My half-Asian self is gonna go cry now. Also, Isabelle's prissy, privileged life and problems really grate on me. Boohoo, I don't get along with my roommate on this trip to NYC my rich parents paid for. Cry me a fucking river. I salute you for loving AG books enough to read all of Wonderbread's, because I couldn't do it. I acknowledge a certain level of hypocrisy in overtly criticizing what I have yet to read all the way through, but I really don't think I could make it through without throwing the book at a wall.

    I went to AG Seattle yesterday to peek at the releases, so thanks for entertaining me with your commentary. That kitty is SO coming home to my Mari. I am also very pleased that after years of me seriously contemplating buying that damned storage tower just for the earring tree, AG finally listened to me and released the tree separately. Storing the studs in the original boxes works fine, but I am sick of loose-floating dangles.

    That screw-up with the karate t-shirt is just embarrassing, not to mention offensive, and I cannot believe they failed to correct that. Or apologize for it. Or SOMETHING. But considering that The Set of Fail came with a gi, practice clothes, and all 10 belt colors, the new one seems to be a bit of a rip-off for $38.
    -- Leila

    1. well thats what Ive been saying. GOTY stories are often quite shallow or at least portrayed in a shallow way. made up problems of rich girls. AG is investing time and money in this stories and they will be forgotten in a year

  9. Your comment about chocolate made me smile and nod. I'm deathly allergic to strawberries. So whenever they show up in AG doll food. It makes me want to back way up and go "nope not buying it".

    And thank you for #8. Many people don't know that about the breed and assume (no thanks Disney). That they are excellent dogs for children. Each breed is different and each dog is different.

  10. To the person that keeps mewling on the black lady's blog that it's soooooo hard out here for a gay white German man who can't see the Asian racism and who called me names: Get off my comments, I will just keep removing them.

  11. Nethelia: I'm reading this long after it was published, but why is 61 suddenly in the new meet outfit? Did you update it?

    1. The image was URLed from the wiki, so it updated that way. I will have to do a full update when I'm at home, and go through my posts.

    2. Oh, okay. Thanks! I can't wait for your reaction post. As well, I found some new items. In the rules for an AG giveaway, there is several unreleased items mentioned as prizes! So, these are new items that will be released.


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