American Girl, keep giving us Dolls of Color for Girls of the Year.

Monday, January 2, 2017

Rambled Opinions and General Snarkiness: Gabby Gabby My Baby, Some Hideous Modern Garbage, and Those Hair Things I Skipped

I'm back and better and blacker than ever--and so is Gabby!
*drags self out of the Hell Year, covered in war scars, eyes blazing, hair all kinds of messed up and red-tipped, clothes covered in someone else's blood, arms wrapped in the tatters of the Texas flag, holding a large sword over one shoulder that looks too big for her to carry, and an mp3 player fused into a set of loudspeakers she put together with old CDs and blood magic*
*presses play*
*Elton John's "I'm Still Standing" starts blaring at top volume*

I hope y'all didn't think y'all had seen the last of me. Let's not mince words, I got fucking wrecked for the last two months of that Hell Year We Shan't Speak Of. And yes, I got kicked the fuck down. I had to recuperate, pull myself together, assess the damage, wrap my wounds, sit in the safe spaces, and drink a lot of booze and cry over and over and over. But like hell I'm out of the game. Any of them. You name the game I was playing, I'm still in. Just means I gotta fight harder and blaze brighter and cast spells stronger and swing my Libra swords harder over the next several years. When you're living on your knees you rise up. 2017 is the year of Zero Fucks Given. My fucks for nonsense and garbage opinions died with Prince, Bowie, Debbie Reynolds, Carrie Fisher, George Michael, Richard Adams, and American Democracy.1 Rejected Princesses just kick more ass.

That being said, hi, y'all. Sit down and let's get this show on the road. Guess who went to AG Seattle yesterday? It's ya girl, Nethie. And while I have been quiet on the blog front--sorry--I have been on AGC and Instagram talking my doll shit and getting my things done. And when I saw the Girl of the Year leaks, I squealed and burst into the happiest of happy tears.

Because for the very first time in seventeen years and fifteen girls (seventeen if you count Gwen and Sonali) we have a black girl of the year. And yes, I brought her home yesterday. Meet Gabriela "Gabby" McBride. She's a black artist, poet, and dancer. And I've got like, three-quarters of those traits. She's me in a dolly form and I fell so in love with her I am still reeling from her utter preciousness. I'm so happy I could plotz.

Does this mean that we're successful with #AGDoCGotY? No. Yes, we got a Black Girl of the Year, and she's precious. That being said, there is lot to critique. She in many ways feels like a called out afterthought by AG as if they planned another white chick2 and then, after GMA pointed out last February that they had never had a black girl of the year on national television, they pulled #46 off the shelf and whipped up some work for her. She doesn't have a movie planned, or a large item--though if that means a trend away from $500 Stupid Bakeries I can live with it. But you know what? She's here. She's here and she's black and she's a beautiful dancing step in the right direction.

Thank you American Girl, for finally releasing a Black girl of the Year.

Now keep doing it. Represent everyone. Release more girls of color for girl of the year. Don't make the next little girl like me, who is a black writer and artist, wait til she's in her thirties to see herself represented as a modern girl. Don't let this be the only step. Let it be the first.

And for those who claim that we still aren't happy because we're always complaining and so we shouldn't get anything else, then? Go sit on a boomstick. Seriously. Get the hell out and eat some Lego. Black people in AG fandom have every right to have what we have, love that we have her, want her to succeed and still want more. I will remind you that this is only the first ever Black Girl, there has still never been a full East Asian Girl or Native Girl of the Year, and the only South Asian Girl was a companion. I want Gabby to blow the fuck up, because then maybe it'll sink into the thick heads that we want and crave and need diversity. We need the doors and the windows.

Oh and heads up? I know Felicity is coming back, books and likely new clothes and maybe even a new face. We'll talk about her when she's out. Lesbians for everyone!

This post is gonna cover Gabby My Baby, the other new stuff I saw, and the hair stuff that I forgot to do. Like I said, hell year.

Gabby, Gabby, The Black Pretty Babby 

Aren't you just a peach and a plum and a dear made of yum.
Gabriela McBride, Girl of the Year 2017: Out, you blasted Lea, and take your octoroon appropriation garbage with you back to St. Louis. I will not forgive you for your religious crimes against me. I said I wanted a girl of color. And now I got one, without question or a heaping helping of whiteness to make white mommy bloggers happy. Damn skippy.

Gabriela "Gabby" McBride is black, she is beautiful, she is what we've wanted in so many ways, and she's the first Girl of the Year since Marisol to not be at least part or mostly white.3 Yes, she's basically a redressed #46. But you know what? Gwen was a redressed #12, Grace was a Chrissa with different hair and pinker lips, and Wonderbread was an amalgam of everything AG could do wrong in a dancer, and Lea's movie cast a white girl. I wish they hadn't retired #46 to put Gabby out, but look she's pretty and Black, she's got super cute curls, and I'm happy to have her. I plan to make her a touch different from stock later, cause she's gonna get eye and cheek freckles like I have.

Do note that Gabby's box states that she's available for 2017 and beyond. This means she'll likely be the first GotY in some time to be around past the end of the year, the last one being Kailey who ran from 2003 into 2004. All the Gabby!

Meet Outfit: Oh thank fuck it's not a single one piece dress or some garbage. Lea, the ways you were a failure lemme count 'em. Gabby's showing up in a purple crop top4 with dream in silver, a teal tank top under it, denim jeggings because everything is a jegging now we can't just say denim leggings, pink panties, and purple and teal shoes with a funky groove and gray soles. Also no ego tags. The evil Wonderbread wrought upon our dolls is defeated. She also has a double headband and ten clear hair elastics.5

Now for kids.
The outfit comes in girl sizes, and you can probably jack the indigo leggings from the old mix and match sets6 or just wear them over pants or something. And if my boobs could wear it I'd wear it. Alas.
Gabriela's Accessories: No good picture, because I forgot. Next time I'm at the store. Gabby's accessories include a bag with a boombox logo, a water bottle to drink the tears of her haters, energy mix that is sweet and salty and ready to kill, a pack pack of bobby pins, sticker bandaids I will never use because sticker anxiety, eight pony tail holders, and an apple that is the wrong shape for a green apple because it's shaped like a red delicious, which are by the by not delicious. I got them because discount, doiy. I will just have to find an appropriate apple. Healthy snacks or some shit.

Earrings for a special girl.
Earrings: Three times for more charm. Gabby's special earrings have a pair of silver birds, music notes, and blue roses. I'm generally annoyed by AG earrings being too big in the hole aspect so most of my girls have needle holes. But help they were too cute I had to do it. This means she can totes swipe the Grace-Brand earrings I have and wear them. And all the earrings that Kimmy, Tara, and Abbi wear too. The only error is the notes pointing the same way, so that one will point backwards. Eh. Maybe I'll actually start buying AG earrings on Etsy.

Book: Gabby only has her first book out right now, Gabriela. I'll read it later. I did skim it lightly and there's a chapter called Shakespeare and Sandwiches, and dude I like Shakespeare. Gabby why are you so made of wins.

Box drama, because of course there's drama in a fandom made of nostalgia brats and literal teenagers.
Gabby's Box: I could talk about Gabby's loverly loverlyness all day, but then I won't have other things to talk about later. So let's talk about Gabby's packaging, because that's been edited. Gabriela is the first to come in a new style of box from other AG dolls. Rather than the cardboard cover with a peephole window over the face we've been getting for a while--since what, 2006? fuck, I don't keep track of boxes--we've now got a box with a full plastic window that shows almost all her meet outfit through the front. The lid doesn't lift off the front; instead, the whole back is slid out of the box, and then she is strapped down to the colorful background. Her book is tucked behind her, and her headband and elastics are tucked to the side inside.

Now this is just a casual person here who has never been in marketing, but the main reason for the box change from my perspective is that Gabby--like Lea and the WellieWishers--is going to be put in stores other than the AG stores. Namely, she's gonna head to the Toys R Us AG locations that opened this fall, and are more or less gonna be a thing in the store for the foreseeable future. And while AG stores can dedicate space to displays behind glass and stockfolk that can walk around checking to make sure that people aren't cracking boxes open to swipe the items out of the boxes? Toys R Us is not gonna have that. They are not going to set up a million and five cases that will show every outfit on the doll, every accessory in a case, and they especially are not going to have boxes that can be popped open in the store and swiped from because people do that. So AG has made an effort from the start with Gabriela to have packaging that will work being stacked on shelves in Toys R Us, and that a kid can see in the store and get. They won't have to lift the lid to see Gabriela, and like any other doll they can look in and just see her and want her that way.

And in a fandom full of nostalgia brats, old white women who choke on their pearl necklaces every time someone flips off Saint Pleasant's Visions and mentions not being a straight Christian, and literal teenage girls who fear change, there's drama over the boxes. Wahhhh they're too "Barbie" like. Waaah this is ruining the brand. Wahhhh their nostalgia over burgundy boxes and what about the box preservation and the masses are runining everything about AG and a bloo bloo bloo.

Now if your complaint is about packaging plastic, that I understand in part but still glance aside at because dude, that's what it gotta be in a shelf situation. But if you're bitching that AG is going Barbie, or mainstream, or it's not right that you see AG at TRU or Costco or Kohl's? You're a classist twat and you can go sit back on that boomstick--but this time put it right up your ass, please porridge hot.6 I hope your precious fancy doll room gets wrecked in a delightfully karmic fashion and you get kicked in the groin and rolled down a hill into a swamp, right before a mix of jelly, corn syrup, and motor oil falls into your hair and ruins it for good, requiring a full body shave.

I collect AG but I'll be fucked by a bugbear before I act like someone seeing the same doll I got at the stores at the local TRU somehow ruins my precious collection. Y'all been pulling this shit forever. First it was AG opening a full website for ordering was ruining mail orders. Then AG opening store across the country was ruining the delight of ordering online. And now it's "my precious AG in the hands of the rabble that go to TRU instead of the AG stores! Now how will my Precious Skylar Snowflake Daughter know she's better than the other kids at school?" Maybe your kid needs a better parent that isn't you and won't make them put their superiority in the kind of dolls they have. 'Cause bitches, if my grandparents could have gone to a store to buy me an AG when I was a kid? I might have gotten my first one before I turned 25.

There is classism in comparing everything to Barbie, or calling it cheap and saying that anyone can get a doll now that they're available outside the stores. I swear to fuck every time someone says that AG is doing something that's making the line more Barbie-like, an angel loses its wings, falls into lava, and dies before coming back to kick you in the head. If y'all don't stop comparing everything you hate to Barbie out of some womanfight comparison misogynistic bullshit idea that Barbie somehow is the absolute worst because you never figured out that you are not a toy in the reverse of Toy Story, I am going to come to your houses and give all your fucking blonde dolls the most hacked off haircuts my fingers can fing. I'm so fucking tired of people comparing any doll they hate to Barbie or Bratz. Stop being classist. Or, failing that, go fuck yourself unpleasantly with a stick.

DJ Gabby here for the One-Seven, who's ready to wake me up before you Go-Go?

Gabriela's Sparkling Sequins Outfit: Gabriella only has three outfits around right now. The first is a sequin top, black capris, silver shoes, and silver knit fingerless gloves. I'm not super in love with the bare shoulders, as per my "bare shoulders what" initiative. But it's a lovely coordinating set that manages to not be aggressive sparklebarf. I'll get it when I get...

Gabriela's Performance Case: Gabriela's got some funky tunes to blast, and she's got a performance case to do it with. It's smaller than Marisol's trunk and more plastic, but then again I'm not buying a whole outfit with it so net plus.8 It comes with stickers cause I didn't have enough sticker anxiety, a laptop to pull up her fresh mixes of Prince and Bowie, microphone for shot outs to the crew, headphones to make sure her mix tape is lit, drumsticks and a drum pad. Tiny drum kit tiny drum kit ahhhhhh. Yep, gonna get it.

Near, far, stretching at the barre--
Gabriela's Rehearsal Outfit: Gotta practice the art of the dance! Leotard, leggings, shorts, shoes, and a sheer overlay top. Everyone was hating on this when they saw it but I think it's hella cute. The dance shoes are a nice color, the sheer top has her own heart logo, and the shorts are super cute. I'm gonna have her and Marisol wear some funky leggings and dance dance dance.

Gabriela's Creative Studio Set: well it's a good thing I didn't get Wonderbread's old barre thing cause this one is cuter so pbbth. Not a lot of extras--a dance barre, two-sided backdrop, a performance sign, and another bottle for the haters and their tears. I like the backdrop. And with the set not costing a pull through the nose amount, I can actually get this and not feel bad that it'll take up space that I don't got.

Gabriela's Showtime Kit: Gabby gotta get her hair and nails did. So she's got a nice case with a blush compact and makeup brush, two hairbands, some flower hairpins because flower crowns, and actual nail polish she can use on her nails and be cutes with. And a hair pick. And normally I hate on hair picks but this one looks like the one my husband uses and my dad used and I have in my house. The metal tine kind. So Gabby will put it in her hair, pump a fist, and fight the power. The revolution will not be televised.

Gabriela's Tap Shoes: They're like Marisol's but silver and not paired with an outfit that leaves much to be desired. And since she and Marisol be hanging? They're gonna be syncopated ladies.9

time for sleep--wow that overexposed, gonna have to get a better one.
Gabriela's PJs: Time for bed. No crotch cutting rompers for ya girl, she's got a tank, capri sweats, and slippers. Yeah, they're squish slippers that she can fall over in if not proper balanced. And I kinda wish they weren't capris. But the shirt over jeans and under a plaid shirt? Time to be cute.

Gabriela's Cat: AG cats remain hit or miss, and this is a miss. I like the face, but it's small and non-posable and I have my Costco Gray kitten. So I'm naming that one Maya and she now has a cat. Wow, she really is so much like Marisol that they even have the same poseable kinda cat.

So, do I want all the Gabby things? Yep, I want all the Gabby things but the cat. And can probably afford them, at least.

Truly Me: Hair Did, Nails Did, Clothes Terrible10

Before I get into the semi-new stuff that came out, I'm gonna cover the hair stuff I missed last time. Cause I did that.

Dat backdrop. Oh and the caddy in front of it or something.
Hair Salon Scene: y'all got me twisted if you think for one fresh hot second I'm paying for a backdrop with other dolls on it that prominently.

Truly Blue Hairstyling Caddy: If I was into paying $50 for hair stuff and a storage for it, I would do it by going to Dollar Tree and buying stuff there, so I can get moar of it.

Now with cape moved so you can see what's going on.
Salon Chair and Wrap Set: Well will you look at that. It comes with some clothes for spaing around, it's only ten bucks more than the caddy, it's a lot more useful, and I can stick a doll in it! One of these damn days I'll get one of AG's spa chairs so my dolls can get their hair did at home.

Same as before.
Hairstyle Essentials Set: If you've ever had any of the hair care kits--any of them--and you somehow haven't stuffed the cape in a vent somewhere, you got this. If yours ain't have bobby pins which is only the first two? Then go buy a pack of bobby pins.

Actual non-water? Oh wait it's just braid spray.
Ready to Style Hair Kit: Ladies and gentleman, it's official braid spray. In a tiny bottle. Oh and there's some hair stuff and a brush and a bag for storage. You can pay $24 for this or you can buy a bottle of braid spray, an $8 wig brush, and get the rest on the cheap.

...does that cover all the hair stuff I missed? It does.

Uh, okay then.
The New Mix and Match Set: Gone is our denim and dots and bubble skirts, our kitten sweaters and hooded jackets. Those didn't hang long, did they? Now we've got a new set of mix em ups:
......wow, those are certainly things made of cloth, now aren't they. I honestly hate all of it. I like the shoes but nothing else at all.  The print dress maybe can be saved if I can take that lace overlay and get it out of here. I was almost down for the shirt but are those pompoms? Nope, all of that goes on the fire. Nope. No one here will wear it. Nope nope you lose get out of my house.

V-neck Hoodie: Not bad. Someone here would wear it. I'll consider it for an extra thing--oh lord is it doing the thumb hole thing I thought we left that back in 2014. Ugh stop that.

New jams for the fams.
Dream Pajamas: Need yet another set of pjs before you die? Here you go! They've got air balloons on them. Put them on Saige or something. They also have the fail ass slippers that are fail. Stop making these slippers AG they make it impossible for a doll to stand on her own feet.

Fun and Games Sleepover Set: All the things you need for these modern sleepovers where people apparently have fruit and milk instead of giant tins of cheese balls, huge cups of coke, and order in Domino's pizza. There's even a tray and another card game--I don't need tiny Uno I don't need tiny Uno i don't need tiny Uno--

Oh look another purse in no use to me.
Print Purse: Yep, another purse I'm not gonna buy. The best purses are huge.

Draws for all your doll pannies needs.
Just Dotty Tank and Brief Set: Does your doll need some pannies? Buy 'em some pannies. They're pastel dotted for your amusement. Put em on, cover dat ass.

Flowers and Dots Tank and Brief Set: Second verse, same as the first. I may get them cause I like doll underpants but later. They mix and match with the other set, so if I can get them on like, a sale coupon from my rewards I'll get more pannies. Never too many doll pannies.

Is this actual swimwear?
Stripes and Dots Swimsuit: Ugh I hate it. It's like a swimsuit that wasn't sure if it wanted to be a tankini or a bikini and so split the difference and ended up pleasing nobody.

Shining Star Baseball Hat: It's a hat. With a star on it. *half a shrug*

Starry Sunglasses: They are just sunglasses, they're not exciting, I didn't even realize they were here to be seen in my picture. Wear them or not.

Swim Accessories: I want just the bottle out of this set because it matches the one I drink AGIG's ugly racist tears out of. So I will have to buy it on the cheap.


*presses play again*
*raises fist as Beyoncé's Freedom starts basting where it's cued*

I break chains all by myself
Won't let my freedom rot in hell
Hey! I'ma keep running

Cause a winner don't quit on themselves
The game ain't over til I say it is. C'mon, Gabby. We got some people's asses to whoop. Grab your drumsticks and let's fight.


1 And I don't give a single fuck abut the dead ass gorilla either.
2 Yes, I know about Tenney from Nashville. No, I don't care for her. Some people do and we're fine with that but at the same time anyone who's complaining that Gabby isn't perfect and deserves to fail, and procceeds to start drooling on their boobs over another white girl? Miss me with that shit.
3 I love Kanorbles, but if I had to use the canon books to define her she'd be half white. Which is why she's not canon round here.
4 AG calls it a sweater. AG is being dumb.
5 Funny thing. So I got my Gabby Bo Baby's ears pierced and her headband fell out of the box. First day glitches amirite? I'm getting one sent to me cause AG Seattle is on their game. 
6 That all got retired, by the by; some bits are still available online, but for the most part they gone. 
7 I know it's "pease porridge hot." I'm making a point.
8 Guess who just made best friends with Marisol. Never mind the tennish year age difference. They're both near the same age in doll formz.
9 I love their tapping. Okay ladies, let's get in formation.
10 Some pics I took yesterday, some the other day, some before that.


  1. I won't lie, I've been checking a few times a week to see your next post, so this really made me happy! Welcome back!

    "I was almost down for the shirt but are those pompoms?"

    RIGHT? I was considering it for my #4 until my second look at it yesterday, when I saw the pompoms and went NOPE. It's an odd year for this set, too, given that conceptually they would have been great add-ons for people buying Lea, while last year's set would have been great add-ons for people buying Gabriela.

    Out of curiosity, where did you find Gabriela's earrings displayed? I made a few rounds of the Seattle store yesterday, but didn't find them.

    1. They were underneath her in her meet outfit, I think close to the door. I was there with my friends for a while, so we looked really close.

    2. The one thing that's weird af about the earrings, is the birds and notes are not flipped for the opposite side? Bird faces front, bird faces backwards on the other ear. Might be going to etsy too for my Gabby's ears

    3. Why would the music note need to be flipped? The tail of a quaver (eighth note) is always to the right of the stem of the note. If it was flipped it would be the wrong way round.

    4. Because they're earrings, not notation. To look the same on both sides of her head, they should be mirrored.

    5. Glad I wasn't the only one bothered by the non flipped earrings.

  2. THIS POST! Full of Black Girl Magic and snark and joy! Just what I need to start my 2017 off right! And you've now made getting Gabi officially mandatory for me.

  3. A very happy new year, Neth! Good to see you posting again!

  4. Thank God you are back! I will always credit the beautiful Gabriela to your efforts. I need your posts to recognize my own white privilege and try to learn more about stuff.

  5. I found your blog a few months ago, and got pretty worried when you hadn't posted by Yule. But it sounds like the fire's burning strong, and you have bounded into the New Year like a dragon on the hunt.

  6. I'm glad you're back! I was hoping you would review Gabriela and her things. I'll be interested to see what you think of her book. I thought it was pretty good, and I've only read the historical books before.

  7. Only one question about the new packaging: is she still tied into the box the same way? They didn't staple her head to the cardboard with plastic ties right? Because that would be worth complaining about.

    1. Oh god no, that would result in like a million repairs and hairs wrecked. Her arms are pinned, but otherwise it's the same as before.

  8. While it's kind of annoying that AG used #46 for a GOTY, she's black! And a poet! And the cutest outfits ever! And she's an artist and-and-and people need to stop whining because she has such an original personality unlike dolls we will not mention who only had the dancing thing going for them. Also, no sparkles that get all over my clothes.
    But the Truly Me stuff? Oh my god, no. That "hello" top was a definetly until I saw the pom-poms. AG, how could you do so good on Gabby and then do so much fail?

  9. I am so glad you're back! I was snorting I was laughing so hard at your snark. I'm so glad you love Gabriela. I was worried 'cause you know, re-using TM #46 and her having such a small collection and all. I have never loved 46. I am an Addy and Josefina face mold kind of gal, which is why I have Josefina (OK, OK she's actually TM #66 dressed as Josefina), Rebecca, Addy, and TM #58, plus Kaya. But I still think Gabby is pretty and I'm so happy that they finally made an African American GOTY! Yay!!

    My only issue with the doll boxes has to do with preservation. These dolls are crazy expensive! I shouldn't have to buy an extra box to keep them for future generations or for moving. And after being kicked out of our rental of 4 years in November, believe me, the doll boxes were a life saver for getting all of the dolls here safely. I do agree with you about The whole whining thing about AG exclusivity. I can't believe grown women are bitching ( and oh how they bitch on the AG Facebook page-yikes!) about how seeing AG dolls at TRU somehow tarnishes their own experiences of shopping at the AG store or somehow degrades their dolls. In other news the shit from these people is reported not to stink because they are soooooo special :(
    Having AG in other stores helps it reach a whole additional audience, that means more money for AG which is smart business on their part.

    1. See, preservation makes sense. I haven't bothered; the last time I moved, everyone rose the distance in the backseat of the car in a laundry basket. I simply don't have the storage space for boxes, so the only ones I've kept so far are Addy's and Felicity's.

      If other kids having a chance for AG means they're tarnished, then I hope they go full ruined silver. *hums Andre 3000's "Roses"*

  10. Been looking forward to this post and it did not disappoint! I feel a bit like you do, it seems as though not a lot of thought went into this GOTY, that it was a forced thing, but she is here and that is a good thing! I just wish that perhaps she'd had at least a different eye color or something just slightly different from #46.

    As for the boxes--when I first read about this change, it was made to sound as though you had to mutilate the boxes to get the doll out, but then I saw an opening video and that was far from the case. You just need to take some time. And the thought I had was if you want to use it for storage or transport, what would stop you from putting the box in reverse so that the window was essentially the back? (does that make sense?) It would at least protect the doll from anything poking through the plastic window if you did it that way. I do have to say though, I'm not wild about the way they are packaging the clothes, primarily because they are poking holes in some of the items with the way they are sewn in.

    The rest of the releases are just okay, nothing special. And that swimsuit--GAWD!!!! No one in my house would be caught dead in it. Epic fail.

  11. As soon as I looked up the new GOTY, I knew I had to see your reaction! I'm glad that only is there a GOTY of color, but that she has so much in common with you.

    And I agree that the trend needs to continue. I'd love to see a Muslim GOTY of Middle Eastern descent, for example.

    1. Should be "I'm glad that NOT only is there..."

  12. glad you're holding up! i was getting worried. i've been keeping up with this blog for ages now (even though i dislike the actual dolls) since the collab with the toyboxphilosopher and i greatly appreciate the snark and the truthbombs.

    also, while the tankini things are ugly af, my trans ass interpreted them as dolly binders for a hot second and i'm sticking with that because im self-indulgent as shit.

  13. the visuals from reading your opening paragraph are the best thing to happen to me this week. <3 <3 <3

  14. I'm brand spankin' new to collecting and thank the goddess I found your blog when I was searching on how to detangle AG hair. You had me at "pagan queer" and your Hamilton references. I love your voice and your style, and I'm off to read your whole archive (although I did read the braid spray post and have a couple of questions for you over there). I'm a cranky white pagan liberal Dem chick who is still bleeding and weeping, with a gorgeous adopted Asian daughter who's the reason I got started with AG to begin with. Thanks for being here!--Ally

  15. I am glad you're back. I'll admit I was a touch worried. Clearly I had nothing to worry about! (:

  16. Gabby is SO cute, I want her to come home and be friends with my Josefina. The dolls are just so *mumblecensoredmumble* expensive. /trying to pick between Gabby, Addy, and Cecile, because I want a black doll, and at this point in my life I'm poor and one is all that's gonna happen, and it's pretty near impossible/

    You know what's sad though? I'm white. And the dolls that AG make are SO VERY WHITE, I still don't have a doll that looks like me! I'm 28! Olive skin, brown eyes, wavy brown hair. Wasn't one when I was a kid, isn't one now, I'm paying to customize a Rebecca so I can have my freaking Polish girl. -_- It's a comparatively minor quibble, but one would think a white girl unable to find a doll dark enough to match her isn't a promising sign for dolly diversity.

    I'd love to see an Indian doll, or an American Native from another tribe, or a Hawaiian doll (I don't count Kanani, I lived in Hawaii for 3 years and yes, everyone is hapa, but I was disappointed). I don't like the face mold they've used for the very few "Asian" dolls but I'd love them to try again, it would be awesome to have an East Asian BeForever. There were a lot of hm, i dunno, REFUGEES from Vietnam and Laos in the not-so-distant past... *hard pointed stare*

    Anyway, Gabby is precious, and I love her. I'm tilting in her favor. Maybe I'll cheat and give her some of Addy's clothes.

  17. What coloring is your Gabby's torso? Been hearing that some are light colored.

    1. No lighter than a standard brown body.

  18. You are a sad, sad individual. So you banned me from the AGC message board, because I was expressing my own opinion. You must have a very, very THIN skin. And apparently, you also had a problem with my saying that Nenea didn't look like an AG doll to me. What is wrong with you? You seriously are incapable of accepting the simple fact that not everyone thinks like you. You are a pathetic, excuse of a human being. You really are. It seems to me that the AGC board is full of rude, spiteful people who feel incredibly threatened whenever someone says something that doesn't follow their exact mindset. What kind of a place is that? Also, you have some serious anger issues, and I urge you to get some therapy. You need help. FAST.

    1. lol look at you, with your straw men and your projecting

    2. Nope, just speaking the truth.

  19. Go be a waste of time and space quietly and get off my blog.

  20. How about you get the fuck over yourself? Because you can't try to force people to say or think the way YOU want them to. You also can't ATTACK them just because they said something that you don't agree with. Heck, in the short amount of time I had in that place, I've actually spoken to a couple people through PM, confiding in me and telling me that they're afraid to speak their minds because they don't want to be harassed by others. Heck, I bet half the people who are talking crap about Tenney and Logan are secretly going to buy them anyway. They're just lying about hating them just so they could agree with everyone else, in hopes that they don't get banned for even DARING to disagree with the all-mighty Nethilia. What kind of a moderator are you? Better yet, what kind of a message board are you guys running here? People can't even be HONEST there. You come from a place of hate, and that board is toxic. Have some respect for yourself.

    1. You joined today. Dunno how you managed to talk to "so many" people and have folks "confiding" in you. No one knows who the fuck you are. If they were going to confide in anyone, they'd confide in the people they already knew, not any fucking new member who trots in.

      Go play in traffic.

    2. There are many places to get the attention you so desperately crave, and millions of people to get it from, and I am not the person and this is not the place. I hope your food goes bad overnight and you find a god or goddess who will give you a sound bonk on the head.

    3. Boomdiada, It was only a couple people, and they PMd because they saw how I was attacked and harassed for expressing my opinions on the whole Tenney/Logan situation that apparently ruffled some people's feathers. So Fuck off.

      And Nethilia, that's EXACTLY the kind of response I would expect from a person like you. I didn't come here to get any attention. I'm only here to LECTURE you and tell you to behave yourself. Because it's quite obvious that you need to learn the meaning of opinions, and how nobody has to agree with everything you say. Which means, that if I think Nanea doesn't look like an AG doll, then you shouldn't have to criticize me for thinking so. GROW UP.

    4. "I'm here to lecture you"

      *drops the class from her transcript*

    5. Mature, real mature. Classic, even. Yes Nethilia, you need to be lectured. Because you were so childish that you just couldn't even handle the fact that my opinions didn't match your own. A message board is suppose to be place where they can be honest and say what they think and what they feel. Not to be attacked for speaking their own mind! The reason I got banned is the most ridiculous reason ever. Quite frankly, what you did as a moderator is completely unethical. But hey, you do you, right? If you want a message board full of zombies agreeing with each other, then so be it. But the fact is, there are people who are completely okay with Kaya's mold being used for Logan, and the fact that we have a boy doll now, and there are some people are excited for Tenney. AND YOU KNOW WHAT? THEY'RE NOT WRONG FOR THINKING THAT WAY.

    6. Galaxy,

      You think grown ass women need to be lectured? Woof. Frankly, that right there is a good enough reason for you to be banned from AGC.

      You claim that a "message board is suppose to be a place where they can be honest and say what they think and what they feel", but I don't think "message board" means what you think it means (to borrow from Inigo Montoya). A message board such as AGC is a community of people discussing a topic (or many topics, huzzah!). It's a community with RULES and standards of behavior. These rules and standards aren't hard to find. You agreed to abide by them when you joined the board. You broke several of those rules, not because of your opinions, but because of how you expressed them and your snottiness when people disagreed with you. (Remember how you think a message board is a place where people can be honest? People were being honest with you, and You complained about them!) In the future, I recommend you try and keep this delightful comic in mind: https://xkcd.com/1357/

    7. *says something stupid*
      *gets a consequence for bad and dumb opinion*

      you can speak your mind as much as you want, but you shit your pants when people told you exactly why your mind is full of wrong ideas, and THAT'S why you were banned. we don't want your shit on us, go away.

    8. So many things wrong here. All I did was defend the Logan and Tenney dolls, and gave my own reasons why, and questioned why they get so much hate on that board. I was never rude to anyone. THAT'S IT. Then someone decided to get snarky with me. I complained because I was being attacked for expressing my opinion. That's how it went. It's really that damn simple.

    9. Oooh, you forgot to read Rule 2: If you say something, you will be defending it yourself. If you can't handle the heat, don't go into the kitchen. "Just my opinion" is not Super Special Internets Code that means "You can't challenge me anymore, nyah nyah now shut up."

    10. Additionally - if you couldn't be bothered to do your own homework, i.e. read the entire thread - in which multiple people explained multiple times why Logan and Tenney are problematic and unwelcome, then don't come into the thread asking people to do the homework for you. No one in the thread should have to explain to you why they are unliked when there are 35 pages already explaining it.

    11. I already read the rules, Requeim. I said something, I defended myself. And did handle the heat, and then got banned. And I'm not afraid of someone challenging me.

      I never asked ANYONE to explain ANYTHING to me. If they don't want to explain then, then fine, don't reply to me and move on. Besides, I would have read the entire thread anyway, but oopps, got banned.

    12. From your post above: "All I did was...questioned why they get so much hate on that board". I think you knew exactly what you were doing and were quite happy to start an argument. You just didn't expect any consequences.

  21. Again, I doubt it. Hi there, co-owner of the board here. I was at work when you decided to throw your little hissy fit, but had I been home, I would have done the same as Neth did. I tend to know what our board is like, and what the people who were on at the time tend to be like. And... nope. No one would have given a good goddamn about your fee-fees. So I'm not buying it. ♫ Why the fuck you lyin, why you always lyin, mmmmoh my god, stop fuckin' lyin'! ♫

    1. Boomdiada, I honestly don't care what you think. Doubt it all you want if helps you sleep at night. But the fact still remains that I couldn't even express my own opinion without being attacked and harassed for no reason other than the fact that my own opinion differed from some. That's the main issue here.

    2. No, you boy'splained all over the board and refused to even read the thread you were commenting on, or even introduce yourself before you decided to start boy'splaining. For someone who "has such a life" and couldn't read a single thread, you sure have plenty of time to grind your little axe here now, hmm?

      And just to add, I read your reply above: A message board, any message board, is not the federal government. We don't HAVE to let you say anything. Message boards are bound by their own rules. Know what one of the main rules of our board is: DON'T BE A DICK. You were a dick. You got banned for it.

    3. Boysplaining? Don't you mean Mansplaining?

      "(of a man) explain (something) to someone, typically a woman, in a manner regarded as condescending or patronizing."

      I'm a woman, and I was never condescending or patronizing anyone until someone attacked ME. I was defending myself.

      And I was going to read the entire thread. Can't do that now, so....

      I was being a dick? ME? For expressing my opinion, and then being attacked for it? Even the moderator cursed me out, which was completely unnecessary.

      Seems like you got the whole thing twisted.

    4. Galaxy, you are apparently unable to understand your own actions and how they led to your banning, bless your heart.

    5. I expressed my opinion. I get attacked. The moderator attacks me. I get banned.

      That's it. Bless your own heart.

    6. No, you said a bunch of racist, bigoted stuff, got called on it and claimed that you were "attacked". I hope you have never-ending Lego diarrhea and that your Logan and Tenney both have tail-butt and squishy vinyl.

    7. Racist, bigoted stuff? Care to elaborate?

    8. This. This right here was condescending and patronizing:
      "The fact that Logan is getting all the press shouldn't be a surprise to anyone here. I mean, He IS the first 18-inch American Boy doll....but all this hate is unnecessary. He could be half-Native American and half-Caucasian, you don't know."

      From another post:
      "They're just DOLLS anyway....Reading 35 pages has more to do with how much time I have (since I do have a life)....RELAX. CALM DOWN."

    9. So you're telling me that it's wrong to pretend that he's half-Native American? Really? WOW.

      AGAIN, I was defending myself from iwillfly85, who attacked me.

  22. Cute, Nethilia. So cute that you brought all your friends here to defend you, even though YOU were clearly in the wrong. I guess you're not mature enough to take responsibility for your actions. Such a shame.

  23. It's comment trolls like this that really make me pine for the good old days of Fandom Wank. *wipes tears*

  24. To iwillfly85, you are the first person to attack me for expressing my opinion. You accused me of not reading the rules, when I did. You called my opinion "dumb shit" because you simply didn't agree with it. That's a bitch move. THAT shit doesn't fly with me. You should be banned, but that won't happen because you share the exact same mindset as the moderators.

  25. Also, iwillfly85, "Brave" is a terrible movie.

    1. ooohoh, very mature of you.

    2. I genuinely lol'd. YOU SURE SHOWED THEM!

  26. rubieslipper, what is your problem?

  27. Good lord, no one attacked you. They debated and asked you to back up your position. (Which you were woefully unable to do.) You got rude and snarky. It got you banned. If you had all this time to troll blogs you clearly had the time to read a bit before you came onto the boards with your "It's just my opinion, you can't challenge it, and I have too much of a life to read the thread." crap.

    Brave is an awesome movie, but it certainly appeals to a deeper crowd.

    1. I never said that. I LOVE debates. But what I got in return was rudeness and snarkiness from iwillfly85. And like I already said before, I would have read the whole thread, but then I got banned. So blame them, not me.

    2. "Blame them, not me." Are you 5? You sound a lot like my 5 year old.

      What should I blame them for? The fact that you came into their "house", showed your rear, and got escorted out because of it?

    3. No, blame them for being snarky, rude bitches just because I DARED to defend Logan and Tenney. Fuck off.

    4. Calling other people rude and then ending with "fuck off" rather makes my point you know.

      For someone who "actually has a life" you've had quite a bit of time to spend on this group of people you don't care about. Perhaps you should seek professional help for this.

    5. Yes, it's my day off today. You got a problem with that too? Maybe YOU are the one who should seek some help, since you're obviously kissing Nethilia's ass.

    6. Nah. No ass kissing here. I actually have no issue with Boy dolls in general, and have expressed that opinion. I've also expressed my issues with Logan in general. (You'd know this if you read.) I just happen to agree with her on this point, and the banning, which was obviously a wise choice since you're showing yourself to be quite unhinged.

    7. Go to the Nanea thread. Look for my comment, and then look at what Nethilia told me. And then tell me if that was fair, tell me if that was nice.

  28. Goodnight everyone. I said everything I had to say. You guys can continue living on this fantasy where you're right and I'm wrong. But honestly, your message board has a reputation of being really.....well, for the lack of a better word.....bitchy. So I knew what I was getting myself into. It's a good thing that the majority of AG fans OUTSIDE of that board disagrees with you all entirely. Buh-bye! :)

  29. Everyone reply to this comment here and leave her spaces blank so she thinks she got the last word!

    1. Love ya, Neth. Thank you (and the rest of the mod team) for doing the janitorial work to make AGC the close-knit, loving community that it is.

    2. "You guys can continue living on this fantasy where you're right and I'm wrong."

      I genuinely snort-laughed at that. #maturity

    3. "You guys can continue living on this fantasy where you're right and I'm wrong."

      Except it's is the real life, it's not just fantasy, we're not caught in your landslide, and there's an escape from your reality.

    4. Damn it, Boom! It's in my head now.

  30. Just got caught up on the whole exchange--so I caught--

    --too "busy" to read through what's already been said in a discussion, but not too "busy" to make multiple posts about hurt feelings on more than one platform

    --calls a blogger a "troll" ON HER OWN BLOG

    --says a board is "immoral" for having a posted code of conduct (and moderators that enforce it--just not in the way that she likes)

    --makes multiple posts about how "immature" people are behaving toward her, but responds in a lame attempt to make fun of someone's *avatar* (and 'Brave' is awesome. Please.)

    --Expects anyone here or on AGC to actually give a fuck what "AG collectors outside of the board" think of them (that was especially rich--is this junior high?)

    --Aaaaand it was all topped off with a spectacular flounce.

    Thanks for this, Neth et al., it made my morning.

    1. -- iwillfly85 giving me a snarky attitude after posting my first comment on that thread.

      -- Nethilia lashing out, cursing me out, throwing F-bombs all over the place like an immature brat with no class.

      -- Nethilia attacking me just because I said that Nanea doesn't look like an AG doll

      -- Using my words to twist around and using it against me.

      -- iwillfly85 accusing me of accusing people of advocating genocide. She just loves putting words in my mouth.

      -- thecatsme0w telling me to read the thread, and then impolitely added "before you start shooting your yap".

      The list goes on and on, and all of you are snarky, spiteful bitches and the message board is full of toxic, sad people. None of you people are respectful. None of you know how to be polite. The whole situation could have been handled well, if you all had the decency to be KIND. But nope, you all can't help but be insufferable bitches.

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    3. Several people very politely gave you advice to which you responded with a snarky, know it all attitude. Seriously, how old are you child?

      You came on and stated that you didn't understand the hate towards Logan. When several people said that the reasoning was listed, repeatedly, in the thread you responded with the fact that you actually have a life and weren't going to read it. You got snarky and rude and expected people to spoon feed you information which is not what the group is about. Your attitude got you banned, and it's now very clearly turned into an unhealthy obsession. Step back, far away from the keyboard, and engage it that life you have! For someone who claims that these are "just dolls" you are taking this very seriously.

    4. POLITELY? You call "before you start shooting your yap" polite? You call iwillfly85 spieling profanity against me polite? And calling me lazy and telling me that I'm ignorant? You call that POLITE? Re-read the posts.

      And when I said something about Nanea, Nethilia told me that my opinion is stupid. Out of nowhere. You call THAT polite?

      Are you actually sitting there pretending that you're all little miss sweethearts or something? NOBODY was polite to me....except maybe Mrs Brightside, she at least acted decent towards me. But the rest of you acted like monsters.

      I get that they're your friends and you obligated to defend them at all cost, but the fact of the matter is, I stated my opinion, and iwillfly85 was the first of many who responded in a provoking, condescending way. FACT.

      P.S. I never asked anyone to give me information. NEVER.

    5. I am obligated to defend no one, but I will always call out BS, and you're spewing it in an alarming amount!

      Screaming FACT behind statements that are, in fact, inaccurate does not reality make.

    6. WOW look at this? Are you this in denial??? Everything I said wasn't bullshit. It's RIGHT THERE in the message board. Go read it.

    7. There is something wrong with you. Seriously. I hope you get the help you need one day. Good luck.

    8. Go to the Nanea thread. Look for my comment, and then look at what Nethilia told me. And then tell me if that was fair, tell me if that was nice.

  31. I came here to say that Kysano is a big LIAR. She PM'd me and she never said anything like that to me, and she completely misinterpreted my messages to her. She told me that she was attacked by everyone on that board just because she didn't like Ivy's hair length, and then they called her a racist and all the horrible stuff. And she told me that they STILL don't really treat her with respect. She told me this: "Just stay down and say that you agree with them about Logan".....I mean, wow. And yet she dares call me a "troll" and accusing me of starting a fight? Yeah okay, I see how it is. But oh well, I guess everyone is toxic in that board. THANK GOD I got banned from that hell hole.

    As for iwillfly85, are you too much of a coward to put your comment on display for unregistered viewers? Why keep it hidden? Hmmm, I wonder.

    1. Still lurking on a board you were banned from and don't care about, huh? *sips tea*

    2. I did that specifically to drive you crazy. And look, it worked.

      I don't know what your deal is, but you have WAY overreacted to being banned from a doll message board. Quite honestly, your behavior makes me think you are having a mental health crisis.

    3. Tell me, iwillfly85. Did you really expected me to give you a sweet response after the condescending way you spoke to me back there? Where the fuck did that I say anything about genocide? And was it fucking NECESSARY to call me lazy or ignorant? You COULD have been more respectful. You COULD have been more friendly. But you decided to be a bitch, and you knew that the minute you decided to "crack your knuckles".

    4. I don't need help, iwillfly85. I don't need to call anyone for help. But what YOU need is to OWN UP to how you reacted to me. You knew very well that you could have been more polite, but you didn't. So don't pretend like you're some kind of saint.

  32. Yes, Kysano, you do know know how the conversation went. Come on, tell everyone how there are still people who treat you wrongfully because of your opinion on Ivy's hair. Go ahead. TELL THEM.

  33. Good lord, child, go take a fucking nap.

    1. Shut up. You didn't even believe me when I told you people PMd me, and Kysano admitted that she did. So it shows how much you know!

  34. To rubieslipper. First of all, I know the meaning of freedom of speech. I'm an advocate for freedom of speech, for crying out loud. What I'm not an advocate for is rude, spiteful, bad manners for NO REASON! And to compare me to a Trump supporter? That's low. That's really fucking low. Maybe you should keep your mouth shut.

  35. Okay, homies and fools. At this point any further comments from Galaxy will be deleted as soon as they come here. I am a grown ass woman who has better shit to do that keep seeing inbox notes from someone who couldn't even make it to double digits on AGC before they got slapped with ModJolnir and is still lurking to try and drag the discussion over here because they're lurking on the board and replying here.

    See y'all in my next blog post today. If any comments come from this particular poster, don't engage for a moment. I'll just be deleting them, and this is the only warning they're getting.


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