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Monday, August 31, 2015

Rambled Opinions and General Snarkiness: Bring On the 50's With Maryellen Larken! (and Oh Yeah, Some Modern Stuff)

I wasn't supposed to like you!

We've gotten leaks. We've gotten peeks. We've gotten books summaries and book titles and color schemes and debate about eye color and frustration over another Classic mold girl and pinned down eras and all that is good-good regarding the previously upcoming Historical. And now, we officially have her to buy and get--Maryellen Larkin, the first ever fully BeForever Historical Character. She's from the 1950s--an era overly characterized by the baby boomer children, housemakers in perfect dresses and pearls, and the start of widespread TV in the post WW2 Era. And the public rise of civil rights, which was not just limited to the 60s contrary to popular historical misinterpretation. After all, Brown vs. Board of Education was decided May 17, 1954--a touch before the books start.

I was not supposed to like her, you know. I really get so tired of white focused history that ignores PoC and other cultures to stick to the whitebread story. But as more came out about her character and how she actually swipes the veneer off the perfect plastic 1950s, I liked her more and more and, well....shit. I want her. Like, as a full character to be part of the gang. I don't have her just yet--I still need to decide if I'm going to get Grace directly to steal the wig and meet set from or if I want to wait until after the year is over and get a secondhand Grace. But I will probably be getting Maryellen eventually. Just not yet. Let's see what the holidays give me.

Maryellen's launch was the big deal this weekend, but AG, not wanting to have to wait til October for the moddie holiday launch got that shit out too, and I grabbed shots of it. And while I normally don't give a shit about Bitty Baby shit, I'm tossing this out for the record so folks can be knowing: the line got a full revamp, resulting in them removing most of the dolls available that had been released during the first revamp, releasing one new doll with red hair and hazel eyes,1 changing the meet to offer three different meet sleepers, offering downloads, as well as slightly cheaper accessories. Bitty Baby is trying to stay hanging on and reasonable for people. 

My pictures have yellow tint all over, sorry. I may need to replace my digital camera. That or the AG lighting.

Maryellen Larkin: Seriously, I Wasn't Supposed to Like You

The 50s are not as floofy as the skirts would have you believe.
I keep saying it because it's true. I don't really like the 50s. It's weird, because my mom and my dad were both born at the start of the era--Dad eventually becoming the oldest of two and my mom the second youngest of seven--and my aunt, my mom's sister, was in her 20s during the era, having been born in the mid 1930s. But when history is taught in the sicky sanitized way it's taught, it can turn a girl the fuck off. The emphasis on the perfect family and the post war rise of prosperity, with the just-right house and the just-right dad and the just-right mom is cloying, knowing that a lot of racist bullshit was happening and that nothing was nearly as perfect as people tried to make it out to be.  Along with the fact that the Baby Boomers in part are the reason shit sucks now, thanks for ruining the fucking economy and then whining that Gen X and Millennials2 aren't working hard enough and wasting too much time liking technology, while simultaneously bitching that you can't find things on the Google. So I was ready to turn my nose up at the whole era existing.

And then it came out that Maryellen was into science, pro-vaccinations like people SHOULD be, and had struggled with polio as a child. And is a lefty. And I got curious. As more came out, I liked her more, and she, like Caroline, wiggled right under my skin two chapters into her first book.3 So yeah, she will eventually be a Gang Member. She might not stay 100% Maryellen, but she'll join in.

Damn you, actual characterization. Oh, and she has slightly darker than hazel eyes and strawberry blonde hair. Not a true redhead with green eyes; but I have a weakness for strawberry blondes.

Girly girls in pearls.
Maryellen's Meet Outfit and Accessories: First of all, like Kaya and Caroline, no buying this set separately on the side. After all, there's been no previous outfit for her like the others. Maryellen comes in a pink and sea green striped sundress, knit sea green bolero with a monogrammed M, black t-strap shoes, white plain panties, and a green hair ribbon. On a ponytail holder. That'll have to be fixed. I absolutely love the design of her dress with the strip pattern going multiple ways and the ribbon trim and bolero bringing out the green over the pink. And her bolero is not separated into her accessories. Speaking of which. Her accessories have a pearl necklace, pearl bracelet, white gloves, and a knit purse that matches her bolero. AG says it's crocheted but the fuck if it is, that is knit get your shit together. The whole outfit looks as put together as the 50s was, and the color scheme is wonderful. Good job.

Striped Sweetheart Dress: Time to dress like Maryellen. The sundress is modified slightly for modern looks, and has the same stripes as Maryellen's. And it has POCKETS. My own damn clothes don't always have pockets.

Warm sweaters. Somewhat.
Aqua Cardigan: Since clearly the sight of a shoulder in school might send boys into a frenzy, because people are stupid and sexist, there is also a cardigan much like Maryellen's bolero to wear over the sundress or any other top. Which I want. Gonna have to find one like it. It also evokes the pearls with its little pearl buttons and agggh damn it for being so adorable.

The One and Only, Taking Off, and The Sky's the Limit: Also known as those book things that BeForever dolls come with and have around and that that you should fucking read or else you're a jerk, because these dolls have stories and aren't just pretty things to throw at your 5 year old. I have read some of the first book and liked what I read; once I have my copies, I'll be able to give more data, which will probably be right after I finish this post since they're due to be delivered soon. I like what I've read so far about her. I will also be figuring out the closest chapter breaks to divide the two-volume sets into the older central series style, in case people are interested in that kind of thing.

It's just not the 50s without poodle skirts, of course.
Maryellen's Poodle Skirt Outfit: The outfit that, like Maryellen herself, I was ready to hate. Poodle skirts are not little girls wear in the 1950s. They were mostly teenager wear. It was ridiculous to put in something completely unsuitable for her simply to appeal to people's stereotypes of the 1950s.4 Then I skimmed ahead in the book and saw that and Maryellen wants one because she never gets new clothes and wants something more mature and fashionable like her older sisters, so I will concede the point and be wrong even if this was probably crammed in some. The skirt is of a nice thick black quilted fabric that feels really nice to touch, and the kerchief bow is an actual bow and not, you know, stuck on a fucking ponytail holder. I really don't like all the pink of it, but I might get it later on once she's part of the gang. After all, I can always make some wide jumpers that are a touch more accurate for a ten year old.

For the little girl who wants to be goth.
Pretty Poodle Dress: The big girl's interpretation is to make the whole dress of the same black quilted fabric, with a pink petticoat under it, a pink bow accent, a sparkly waist, and the poodle just chilling near the hem. It's damned cute, and I'd wear it. Only, you know, I'm too big. Welp, now I'll just have to make one my own size, so I look my age, and put leggings or something under it. Fashion designer Neth, coming to an AG place near you.

Purple plaid hand me downs for the lefty in your life.
Maryellen's School Outfit: Getting her learn on, Maryellen has a purple plaid dress with a faux blouse and black trim, along with matching shoes, socks, and a headband. The prototypes were teal and orange, and I suspect I am one of the few that hated that color combination because I have never liked teal and orange together.5 Purple, however, I am all over for a color. I'm going to swipe this and put it on Edith, like I said I would, because Edith has longed for a dress like this. The only reason I don't have it right now is because I'm going to get it next month.

Maryellen's Classroom Set: And for the learning, we have a map of the US and some of its territories (and the Philippines which had recently become independent from US rule in the 1940s) on one side and Europe on the other, a chalkboard, an easel to set things on, a pointer to point with, and ABC flash cards. I say US and territories because Alaska and Hawaii, while US properties since the 1800s, were not yet states, so Maryellen's flag would have only had 48 stars on it just like Molly's and Kit's.6 Not super sure if I want this, but I might later on because I like educational stuff.  It's the later maybes.

Cherry playsets.
Maryellen's Play Outfit: Play outfits are a damn important part of the past and today. You did and do not play outside in your good clothes often. And Maryellen is no different; she's going out canonically in a cherry checked top, capri jeans, and slip on shoes and matching hair bow. This actually looks a lot like the play outfit I made for Edith7 a few years back. I picked this up as the outfit to have first out of anything, but not for Maryellen. I can never have too many play outfits for Edith, especially with cherry designs. Sorry, Maryellen, when you join the pack you will have to play in something else.

Fat old dogs that drool.

Maryellen's Dog, Scooter: The Larkin family has a fat old dachshund that Maryellen adores and that her sisters think drools and snores named Scooter. I generally avoid a good portion of official AG pets, because they are a huge cost for little value, and there are cheaper options. I get Beanie Baby approximations, mostly, since the market hella dropped out for those. Should Maryellen get Scooter, it will be another brand and not AG's Scooter. Sorry, dog.

Jukebox tunes.
Maryellen's Jukebox: Gotta have those 50s's tunes. Or something like it. So Maryellen has a based on the 1946 Wurlitzer model 1015, the most popular style of jukebox ever made. The jukebox has 6 songs that play when the codes are pushed in, and then it lights up as the song plays. The songs are "inspired" by the 50s because AG was not going to license "Rock Around the Clock" or Shake, Rattle and Roll by any means, so if you want to listen to those you'll have to hook up your mp3 player to the back. Yep, just like Kit's radio and Julie's egg chair,8 Maryellen's jukebox can be supplemented with a music cord hookup. My issues are that 1) it's waaaay too short in size, since a real jukebox would come up to a grown woman's chest so should be close to at least as tall as Maryellen herself and 2) it costs $90 and for 10 bucks more there is egg chair, which can also play mad tunes itself. So, you know, egg chair.

It's got RUFFLES.
Maryellen's Birthday Dress: Maryellen gets to wear this dress, according to the AG blurb, to a variety show performance; it's her bridemaid dress for her sister's wedding and yay she gets to wear it early! Um. The 50s was when the whole making your bridesmaids wear ugly dresses to make the bride shine thing must have taken the fuck off like a rocket, because this is one ugly dress. It's got tulle and poofy shit and ganky shoes and ew. Well, every AG has to have one outfit I think is ugly, I guess. Addy has that godawful African Dance set, Samantha has her own rufflebarf bridesmaid set, Molly has Ham Dress, Kit has that play suit of Creepy Fail, and Maryellen has this. I'm sorry honey. I won't subject you to this by any means.

Ice skating is now Maryellen's domain, none for Molly.
Maryellen's Ice Skating Outfit and Accessories: Molly has been gone for some time, so ice skating gets to go to someone else: the girl from Florida. Okay then. I like it in theory--especially the blue skates and the red skating dress. But AG wants me to pay $60 for this look and no dice, especially when the scarf is one of those back-fasten things. I don't like skating that much. Drop the price for the bundle and we'll talk, AG.

Poofy skirt base.
Maryellen's Crinoline: If you want those 50s skirts to fluffypoof their fluffypoofiest, you need a petticoat under them, and Maryellen gets one--pink, poofy, and floofy. I will probably bite down to get this. Yes, I can make a petticoat, but I also really like that one, and sometimes you pay to save time and labor. It's not like I will buy more than one; anyone else in need of skirt poof can have one made.

Sleeping with my hair did.
Maryellen's Pajamas: Maryellen is getting her sleep on in green print baby doll pajamas, along with matching slippers. I absolutely adore baby doll pjs and will be getting these for either Maryellen or someone else to lounge about in, because they are precious. I like bloomer pj sets and have a few of my own for hot summer days, and these make sense for Florida living in a time where AC was still up and coming. So yep, I'll get them.

Alas, there's a contingent of people who don't like them--and not because of their design, solely. There is a creepy guy in the AG fandom--I shall call said person Touchy Creepful or Creepy--that has not been driven off, and he has ruined the appeal of properly worn bloomer bottoms and baby doll clothes for a lot of people because he is a giant creepy slimeball. Too many places let him stay around because they have no concept of "you don't have to keep everyone in the party, and you can go with your gut and say no."9 I will not let him ruin the design even if he can drown in acid, but I can understand a lot of people who hate things that remind them of Touchy Creepful, and I begrudge no one their ick.

Maryellen's Hairstyling Set: One can't just go to bed with your hair loose, if you're trying to sleep with curls. So Maryellen gets a set of nifty soft rollers, a bag to keep her rollers in that matches her pajamas, instructions on how to tuck her hair up, and a sleeping cap. Yep, I will have to get that too when I get the PJs, so that I can have girls with curls sleeping cozy.

Comfy pjs for girls.
Flower-Print Pajamas: There are some standards in the BeForever dress style. You get the meet outfit redone to modern styles, one more outfit--right now for a lot of girls that's the LE outfits--and the night clothes.10 Maryellen is no different. So this means a nice top semi-in the style of her own, and capri legging pajamas that look nice and comfortable, with neat ruffle trim. I'd wear this to bed and put a kid in it. Nice summer pjs.

Creepy of course, has stated that these aren't right or cute enough and that little girls need to wear the puffy bloomers to look proper to his nasty eyes. See that shit right there is why we can't have nice things, slimer.

Sleeping on the fold out.
Maryellen's Sofa Bed Set: No individual bed for you, girl. You sleep on the fold out bed. It's got a rippled blanket, two pillows, and a dachshund autograph dog with Maryellen's friends names on it. I kind of like it, as historical beds go, and if I want my gang to have a couch this will be the one I get. Two in one.

Papers and switches.
Maryellen's Living Room Set: Maryellen sleeps in the living room and so gets to poke living room stuff. The table has all the swoopy terrible design of the deco 50s, with three levels to put stuff on. There's a lamp--functional--a poodle nick-nack that is ready to gather dust, a copy of TV guide for the week of April 9th, 1955, and a newspaper that headlines as the polio vaccination on its way out so that children won't die or be injured by preventable disease. I only want the TV guide, lamp, and paper, but the table and poodle come with it so whatcha gonna do? Maybe pile.

Large diner places.
Maryellen's Diner Set: Just like the poodle skirts, we gotta have the 50s diner. The set comes with food, sitting chairs, a booth, menues, tables, an apron and hat, and all the shabaz of the era. Still,  there's no way in hell I'll ever get this. I not only don't care for 50s style diners--not even when they got a revival in the 80s thanks to Back to the Future--I don't see enough in here I'd like, and it would have low play value for me. Pass, thanks.

The Era of TV was finally upon us.
Maryellen's Television Console: I don't think I saw this at the store. Either it wasn't out--like the gazebo was for a while, and Addy's nighttime stuff still isn't--or I missed it altogether, but I'm banking on the former. (ETA, 12/12/15: Went last month, got a picture.) Basically, it's a TV set, with an added on record player (that doesn't work) and encyclopedias (that can't come off the display) and added nicknakery. The TV can work with prerecorded videos or even play around recordings someone makes. But the free app only works with Apple, and the set only holds iPads. Look, AG, not everyone wants to fuck with Apple products. I for one don't. Expand the options for other types of tablets.

Before we leave Maryellen alone for now, some shots that I didn't want to stick in the chatter.

Maryellen's blurble sign: "I follow my heart instead of the crowd." Important!

The pillows close up on the sofa bed.

Signature dog.

The seafood diner paper menus, tickets, and all that.

Vaccinations, keeping you healthy and the public doing good!

I lately have been watching I Love Lucy and even if I've made it through the whole series at least twice, I am still watching and recording. So I decided to see if the TV guide had that listed in there, and so it did! The ep shown in the TV guide is "Mr. and Mrs. TV Show," which was part of season 4 in 1954–55. While it was recorded June 24, 1954 and ready to be aired November 1, 1954, the broadcast was preempted on CBS affiliate stations for a Republican political commercial and so only about half the nation got to see it then. It eventually re-aired on Monday, April 11, 1955, in the middle of the Hollywood eps, and done as a semi-flashback. Accuracy!

Historical Dribbles: Not just Maryellen

Two other BeForever characters got a little something, during all the Maryellen hubbub, but only two, and one was a redo. Still, might as well bring them up.

The mini dolls have updated; Caroline isn't up on the listing, and Maryellen has jumped in. Also, Josefina finally has her mini doll. In theory. It's not in stock at AG Seattle. I still need to get a new!Caroline later on.

Flowers and bows.
Josefina's Hair-Styling Set: Josefina can also join the realm of getting hair did; she gets a braided ribbon hairband, two more bunches of flowers, and two ribbons that are on those damned hair bow things. I have discovered that the hair things are hit and miss, and if I want tiny flowers and ribbons I can hie thee to Joann's or Michael's. Sorry, probably won't.

Song of the Mockingbird: Josefina is finally catching up to the other girls. I really do suspect they were thinking of retiring her and then backed down on it, hence the one year delay on her Journey book. Which doesn't make sense, since Caroline got one--eh. Whatever. This is also on its way to me with Maryellen's books.

Rebecca's Costume Set: Remember Rebecca's Costume Trunk! It's back--but without the trunk! Now you can pay just $50. I will get this later because I can live without a trunk or make one. The outfits would go on Marisol anyways.

Moddie Doll Holiday Wraps: I'm So Sick of Red Giftmas

With the BeForever Launch--and the revamping of eight characters all at once--last year, the holiday wear got held back until October, thus cutting down the holiday stuff time majorly. This year, since it's just Maryellen jumping off, AG went ahead and threw out the End of the Year modern stuff, so you can get on that sweet holiday rev up.

Joyful Jewels Outfit: Another red dress for the holidays. This one doesn't even get the dignity of tights, just the dress, shoes, and headband. How many red dresses for the holidays do we need? Does AG stand for Anti-Green? Can we get some nice green, blue, or something other than red dresses as the main focus dress? You did purple three years back, let's do some other colors.

Holiday accessories, same as always.
Holiday Accessories (2015): Yeah, they don't even change the name nowadays. Holiday Stuff '15 has a black jacket, a gift bag, a packet of faux ribbon candy, a snowglobe, and a ribbon ring. Yawn. I'm not feeling it. Good thing I don't have anyone yet than needs new holiday wear, and even if I did I have so much of it.

Golden and mulleted.
Gorgeous Gold Outfit: The second holiday dress that doesn't get the fancy extras this year is gold. The color is nice--gold is generally a pretty good color. But I'm a little tired of the generidress profile on holiday dresses and could really use some sleeves, but--wait is that the mullet hem? I hate the mullet hem. Damn that dress hem.

Rhythmic Gymnastics Outfit: If you missed McSeattle's stuff, here's the next best thing: leotard, scrunchie, hoop, ribbon, medal, and certificate of merit for all your rhythmic gymnastics enjoyment. My set from the early 2000s only lacks the medal and certificate, so I'm good.

More gymnastics.
Two-in-One Gymnastics Practice Outfit: It continues; you can also get a double gymnastics set just like McSeattle's. Well, minus some things and with a tank instead of a leotard--go get the one from the other set--but close to it. Gymnastics don't thrill me much except to watch, and that's only when we get folk like Gabby Douglass about. So I have no need for this set.

Walking in a Winter Fug-derland.
Warm Winter Outfit and Warm Winter Accessories: What is there I even like about this outfit? Nothing, that's what. The sweater hem is uneven. There's elbow patches. The boots are yucky. The leggings are unsuitable. The vest, hat, and mitts come separate for a lot of costs. The color scheme is terrible. Nope nope nope nope nope, begone.

The 80s are back and unpleasant.
Cool Coral Outfit: The top is okay. The leggings are on the blarg side, but they could be worked with. The shoes are glittersparkle, but not terrible for shoes. All at once like it is? It's a mishmash. I'm going to need it to be the fashion to semi-match colors again, and not just stick stuff together cause folk like those colors. This is how we get so much mix and match stuff.

Time for karaoke!
Music and Movies Entertainment Set: To keep people interested, we've got a TV (and remote) with interchanging visuals, a mike for karaoke, a DVD player, 3d glasses, and some DVDs as well as storage for all of it. A lot of kids are up to Netflix and online streaming, so DVDs are tapering off. And apparently the kids are only watching AG movies, so get ready for the Historical and White GotY Movie Marathon! I don't own doll TVs right now, so meh. Gimme a dolly tablet.

Movie Popcorn Machine: What is this, a 1990s concession stand at the school dance? Maybe the local movie theatre? Why is is purple? Are we charging 5 bucks for the candy packs? Pass.

Couch sitting.
Comfy Couch: That is a small, loud print, squishy couch. It's cheaper than Maryellen's by a decent amount, but it's so much more obnoxious and neon. I'd rather have Maryellen's since it can double as a bed and not as an eyesore.

That picture came out over exposed, my bad. 
Sparkle Spotlight Outfit: Performing in bright clothes. The tops and shorts are interesting, and I like the tights, but the shoes throw me something hard. You can't really see the shorts well in this shot, but they're silver too. I think I could do something with this, if I mixed it up with some other components. It's not terribad.

Red polars.
Playful Polar Bear Pajamas: I already did polar bear pajamas, and they were blue and didn't have a waist ruffle, two points for them. These only have the red color going for them. Only if they go on sale so I can whock that ruffle off em.

Giftmas for all, but you know, not.
Cozy Christmas Scene: First of all, not everyone celebrates Giftmas or Christmas, so the overly holiday feel leaves a lot of people out.11 Secondly, I don't like the scenes AG offers as flat backdrops. Thirdly, if I do want dolly Giftmas, I would rather decorate any holiday stuff for dolls. myself. No thanks.

If you're into that.
Starry Garment Bag: This is for, I'm assuming, when people want to travel with their dolls. Thing is, the damn thing costs $48, ETA: $18, and might hold two outfits and some accessories. Buy a small laptop bag and/or some small travel bags from department stores and load their stuff into that. Saving money!12

For peoples!
People Stuff: People stuff for people to haul around! We've got an Accessories Case, Doodle Duffel Bag and Starry Duffel Bag, a Zip Pouch, and the Dreamy Sleeping Bag. I like them but the costs put me off. If the duffel bags go on sale, I'll strongly consider it for traveling, because I love a good duffel bag to carry things about in.


I wasn't supposed to like Maryellen, but I do. Damn that good characterization! That's why books can make characters better people, not just looks. Anyways, time to get the mail and start to read her books, thus liking her even more and making even more space for her to join the AGGiB.

Stupid cute left-handed polio girls from Florida. I will have to get her a leg brace, though, to be part of my group.

And save up for next year's new girl.


1 Seriously AG, did you accidentally type an extra three zeros on the eyeball color order and find yourself having to clear out a back stock of hazel eyes?
2 I was born somewhere on the border of Gen X and Millennials, so both can apply to me.
3 I preordered mine through Amazon for cheap, but read some of it at Barnes and Noble during PAX Prime.
4 And this is from a girl who once wore a "poodle skirt" in the 1980s, because my older sister had one made for a 50s thing in her high school and I wanted it, so my mom appliqued one onto a skirt for me. I distinctly remember this was in first grade because my teacher, Mrs. Fisk, was teaching us about something like past and present, and we were supposed to go around the class and say something that was different from yesterday, and mine was "yesterday my skirt was plain. Today it has a poodle on it." And my easily distractable ass kept fiddling with it all day.
5 I also hate teal and orange movie posters and they are everywhere.
6 Not Samantha's. Hers would only have 45.
7 Later Crafting Creatively!
8 Egg chair yum.
9 I have many words to say about Touchy Creepful, none of them are good, and I dare bitches to try and defend anything that nasty creeper does to me because I will lay you out to the edge.
10 Or, in the case of Kaya, nightclothes based on an outfit, cause Kaya's historical nightclothes are nakedness.
11 Remember this next time someone says that the holidays are leaving Christmas out.
12 That post, I think, is next on the docket.


  1. Great review as always, Nethilia! I was waiting for this one! You always make me laugh, and I appreciate the historical education tid-bits. :) We also often dove-tail in our opinions on the new outfits, which is fun--though that's not the only reason I read your blog. Thanks!

  2. Hola from Mexico I've got a question for you, see, Im an American Girl fan and the onlt two dolls i have ( Josefina and Addy ) I had to get them from ebay without books, but now AG opened stores in Mexico! So I will visit the store to get thier books in spanish :) the question is this, based on characterization, likeability and character development, wich Historical girl you think is the most interesting? Im planning on getting my third HC.

    1. Hola!

      Personally, I like several characters. You have two of my favorites already, so it's a little harder. Kit is one of my faves, and I liked her from the books because her looks didn't appeal to me. And Maryellen has started to greatly appeal to me.

      What I'd suggest is reading the books yourself, and seeing who you like best that way.

    2. I shouldn't reply so late in the game but, after Josefina and Addy, one of my current favorites is Rebecca, personality and appearance wise. That's who I would want out of the current line up after those two.

  3. YES. Why don't some people understand how wonderful vaccines are? A few people shouldn't get them (e.g.; people allergic to the vaccines or with compromised health) but the rest of us should be grateful we can avoid some truly horrendous illnesses, and by getting vaccines not pass those diseases on to the few who really can't.

    My grandparents remember classmates dying of polio; it was just an expected thing that happened. And now? Polio is just barely hanging on, and smallpox is extinct aside from some lab samples. EXTINCT. Kids today don't need to be vaccinated against a disease that could leave them blind, deaf, crippled, sterile, brain-damaged, or dead. Because we wiped it out.

    Vaccines are awesome.

    1. My dad had polio in the 50s. He recovered, but if he were alive today, he'd be smacking the shit out of the idiots who aren't vaccinating their special snowflakes. He said being in an iron lung was horrible.

  4. I've been waiting for this post! Hurrah! You made a rough day much less rough, thank you!

    I shared your initial ambivalence to Maryellen for what sounds like similar reasons, but now I'm intrigued.

    I'm curious about Touchy Creepful since I'm a) still relatively new to the fandom and B) really want to know who to avoid and TC sounds like he hits a lot of my triggers. I understand not wanting to give this person attention and/or draw them to your blog, but is there a board or boards you feel comfortable naming so people like me can avoid this person? Thank you!

    Thanks for another absolutely wonderful review! I know these must be a lot of work and please know they make my whole week whenever I get to see and read a new one.

    1. I'll go int a lot of detail about Mr. Creeper when I post more on my Outsider Series. He's one of the reasons behind my getting kicked off AGPT.

    2. As for boards, he's not and never will be part of AGC, but he is part of a forum I believe is called AG Dollhouse. They put him off AGPT some time back.

    3. He seems to inhibit Dollhouse most of the time.

    4. I'm pretty sure that's because AGPT put him out and there's no way in the seven hells he's allowed on AGC.

    5. Ahhh, ok. Thanks muchly for the info! Yet another reminder for me to get off my butt and join AGC instead of just lurking around, but I get the shys so easily, dammit.

      BTW, the name "Touchy Creepful" (even in this context) made me laugh really hard. Reminds me of an asshole I worked with who we called Touchy McCreepy.

  5. I cringed when i first saw the baby dolls and didn't really know why. You're right, it's because they remind me of that creepy guy. He's the one that dresses all of his dolls with ruffled bloomers and poses them with their toes turned in, right? I've had nightmares about that man.

    1. That's the one! pigeon toed, baby doll, ruffly panties, Touchy Creepful!

    2. I am looking forward to hearing more about your experience with this guy. I think of him as Candy Rufflebutt and I've only had one conversation with him. I told him that i didn't think many 10 year olds dressed like his dolls and his stuff seemed more suited to toddlers. He got all huffy and insisted that little girls must be cute at all times.

  6. It could be worse. We had a Mr McFeely at one of my old jobs. He was a known groper! Eww! He was also a purple heart recipient. My husband always said that was just because someone tried to kill the bastard and missed.

  7. I started reading the Maryellen books and they're quite good, hell they even have some humorous bits that I usually don't experience in other AG books. And thankfully there is a reason for the ice skating outfit *whew*

  8. Read your review of the new 1950s Maryellen doll/artifacts with interest. I have a 17 year old son. So the couple of swear words scattered throughout are still much less than I hear from him ;) . My now-grown daughter and I enjoyed the AG dolls...I'm holding her AG dolls for Future Granddaughter!

    Glad to see that the BeForever Maryellen story will have some depth. I was born in the mid 1950s tho I mainly remember it because of all the artifacts, even clothes I got from aunts/uncles thru a grandma who practiced Depression era thrift and passed their books, comics along to her grandkids.

    The last Doll of the Year book I read was about Saige. (Surely "Maryellen" could have been her grandma...timewise.)

    As I compare the Saige book/movie to what you tell me about Maryellen, I remember Saige was in crisis because the arts program was getting cut from her school. Not sure of the full plotline for Maryellen, but as one of them was the dread polio disease, Maryellen's fears were..based solidly on history everyone experienced back then and....a tad more traumatic than Saige's. (Saige is Super Painter Girl. She could teach painting. What does she need a school art class for???)

    (I barely remember the 1950s...too young. But the oft-repeated photos of kids in iron lungs because of polio stands out.) And the "ghost" of polio still claims some victims. My uncle died earlier this year...and a partial death cause was...effects of his mild version of early 1950s polio.

    I'm only judging the yearly doll by "Saige". Not quite fair to the whole yearly doll line, but they seem nice, with some good details, but lacking the DEPTH of the historical dolls.

    "Saige" had a pleasant story, but losing the arts program is not exactly on par with wars/slavery/child labor/poverty/deadly disease/emigrating to a new country/that the historical girl characters faced!

  9. Read your review of the new 1950s Maryellen doll/artifacts with interest. I have a 17 year old son. So the couple of swear words scattered throughout are still much less than I hear from him ;) . My now-grown daughter and I enjoyed the AG dolls...I'm holding her AG dolls for Future Granddaughter!

    Glad to see that the BeForever Maryellen story will have some depth. I was born in the mid 1950s tho I mainly remember it because of all the artifacts, even clothes I got from aunts/uncles thru a grandma who practiced Depression era thrift and passed their books, comics along to her grandkids.

    The last Doll of the Year book I read was about Saige. (Surely "Maryellen" could have been her grandma...timewise.)

    As I compare the Saige book/movie to what you tell me about Maryellen, I remember Saige was in crisis because the arts program was getting cut from her school. Not sure of the full plotline for Maryellen, but as one of them was the dread polio disease, Maryellen's fears were..based solidly on history everyone experienced back then and....a tad more traumatic than Saige's. (Saige is Super Painter Girl. She could teach painting. What does she need a school art class for???)

    (I barely remember the 1950s...too young. But the oft-repeated photos of kids in iron lungs because of polio stands out.) And the "ghost" of polio still claims some victims. My uncle died earlier this year...and a partial death cause was...effects of his mild version of early 1950s polio.

    I'm only judging the yearly doll by "Saige". Not quite fair to the whole yearly doll line, but they seem nice, with some good details, but lacking the DEPTH of the historical dolls.

    "Saige" had a pleasant story, but losing the arts program is not exactly on par with wars/slavery/child labor/poverty/deadly disease/emigrating to a new country/that the historical girl characters faced!

  10. I wanted to tell you I've been reading your blog for an hour straight and really enjoying myself. Even when you are saying things that make me lose faith in humanity (girls can't know about periods?!) you had me laughing too.

  11. Loved your outlook on Maryellen. I didn't like her at all before but looking at her story now, she seems less two-dimensional than I thought. And I can't understand why every Christmas dress AG has to make nowadays has to be red or gold. Why not a cooler color like purple or silver? I remember AG having a nice blue and silver getup a couple years back that I bought and liked. Anyway, great outlook, I love your blog!


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