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Thursday, February 12, 2015

Rambled Opinions and General Snarkiness: '15 BeForever Spring Fling with Modern Add Ons

Addy forever slaying these ButterCream and Wonderbread Heaux.
All right, it's the American Girl Spring Fling Release! Some leaks came out a few days ago on Pintrest, which I saw and had early squeal. I only have a Pintrest account because there's no damned way to get links to interesting things without one. I still use my bookmarks, I know, what. (Ignore they need to be cleaned as much as my damn non-virtual bookshelves.) I went up to AG Seattle last weekend--tea with friends if you've seen my Instagram account--so I won't get to go back until next week at probably the earliest. Official shots it is. Also, gods bless the other admin of the AG Wiki, Akaikaze, who swoops in and gets all the new stuff up fresh and hot while I'm still having mini fits over doll scissors and chickens. This release was a lot of BeForever and some Spring stuff for the Moddies. With some Bitty shit but lol Bitty Shit, I ain't here for that, my Polar Bear not withstanding. 

Since I probably won't post tomorrow, I want to announce this as well: Tomorrow is the one-year anniversary of the opening of American Girl Collectors. What a year it's been! I thought when I started this blog that my time in a huge fandom space was behind me, and the board launch would ultimately be tiny space dwarfed by the looming power of AG Playthings and their chaos. Now we have almost 350 members and a bunch of active ones, and together we've build a beautiful, safe, exciting community of people with open minds and lots of full discussion. We've talked about everything from the launch of BeForever to the still lingering remnants of WonderBread; instructions on rewigging and body fixes to how to pop the eyes out of a head; we're bringing back DollerDay, and of course there the heartwarming tale of The AGC Cousins, Lightning in a Bottle. Boom, Starzz, and I couldn't have done this alone without the people there that keep us a community. If you haven't joined already and you're of age, what's keeping you? Run on and join the lovely chaos.1

To the new stuff. Some of these images are the larger Pintrest shots because no need in double saving images.

BeForever Splurge: Is that a Goddamned Gazebo, Samantha Mary Parkington?

The majority of the Spring Fling  was for the BeForever Historical Crew, building on the momentum of the late summer/early fall revamp and relaunch. The lion's share of new stuff was for Samantha, because of course it was. She's their prize piggie around American Girl. Josefina and Caroline got nothing, which makes my eyebrow raise. C'mon AG, show them some love. They can't bounce up and get the spotlight if you don't offer them new things! Damn your hides, just make a nice camisa and skirt set and give her some sheep. I could do it for you. This better not mean they're getting curb-kicked. Ahem.

All those freedom dresses for Addy.
Addy's Dress and and Sewing Set: Addy's going to help Mama and Mrs. Ford in the dress shop today, and because she's getting all those pretty new dresses she wanted in freedom, she's got new stuff to do it in. This was seen in hints on Addy's Mancala game online; still, this is not called the Mancala dress.2 This--and several other outfits--are Limited Edition and are only out as they are until December 31st or while supplies last. (More on that in a sec.) AG is getting us to stay on our toes with limited outfits, so that stuff doesn't stagnant. And don't give me that look, Pleasant Company did it with the Historicals too so this ain't just a Mattel thing. We've got a blue plaid dress, an apron with two pockets,  white socks, a remake of her summer Lace-Up Boots, scissors, measuring tape, and a pincushion shaped like a sewing bird.

What do I think of it? *high pitched squealing* Am I getting this? FUCK YES. How could you even doubt me? Not only is it in one of my favorite color combos--blue and purple--not only is it about sewing which is my passion and the basis of my Etsy shop once I do my own relaunch there, it's Addy. The only Addy things I don't have are that damned slide whistle and her hideous African Dance Set, and I get all the Addy things. If I could pout my way into getting up there in the next few days, you'd have pics of her in it right away. Alas, you'll just have to get her BeForever Meet Review that I've been sitting on in the next few days. But the second I'm back up at the store this is on like Donkey Kong.

Now for little people in a modern style.
Periwinkle Plaid Top and Classic Crops: Along with the new limited outfits, we have limited edition outfits for the little person who wants to dress like their doll. This is the cutest damn set, eeen. I love the top style and the capri pants and the way they evoke the original set. If I was small or had small people who could wear this, I'd get the hell out of it. I'll just have to make moddie versions for my gang. Even if I can't do the exact fabrics, I can certainly get something like it.

Rebecca: Flaunting the law.
Rebecca's Seashore Set:  Rebecca's going for a dip on the Coney shore in a swimdress, hat, wading shoes and stockings, and has a beach chair to rest in and a postcard to fling at the haters. It's historically accurate, though the shoes would likely be dark and not match the suit perfectly. Doll clothes, whatcha gonna do. I kind of adore the hat and the chair, but I have Kit's beach chair and swim set. So I ultimately have no use for this set and probably won't bother. But it's not ugly or inaccurate. Bright yes, but the components fit the 1910s look.

Speaking of which, the poor set didn't even get a chance to be seen before people who can't even do doll hair and adults that complain about anything not made by St. Pleasant started trying to drag her off to the constable for immodesty and whining about how this is historically inaccurate for a Jewish girl in the 1910s. You mean, during the era of "assimilate into American Values and WASP Up"? And beyond that, have you noticed that Rebecca's gone sleeveless several times? That her stories say she has swimming stuff, and that she's a little rebel against the modesty restrictions of the old ways? Where do you think they got those old-timey "wrestler style" shoes from, the 1960s? As one beautiful person said in the comments, do you think that the world was somehow all in black and white before the invention of the color camera? Stop being stupid and go off and read those lies on the back of the catalog again about old doll trunks that were actually in museums. 

Sundress for beach wear.

Seashore Stripes Dress: To match we have a sundress with the stripes and solids of the doll's set swapped around. Good job! It's not matchy matchy. The sash is pretty precious as an accent, and I can see this as a cute cover up on the beach. It would have been double awesome with a hat, but as it stands it's pretty cute.

Kit's Chicken-Keeping Set: Kit's acknowledging that during the Depression she kept chickens in the backyard and sold eggs like some sort of poor. Shut up Uncle Hendrick, you sit in your old fancy house like a jerk and hate on us. We're getting our chicken in our pot even if we have to raise the damn things ourselves. Along with a chicken, she gets a hairbow, a nice button down shirt, overalls, and some plain brown Mary Janes.

First of all, CHICKEN CHICKEN CHICKEN. I have a weakness for plush animals and this set has a chicken in it! Second, Kit look at you being adorable! This set is also coming home as soon as possible and we're naming her chicken Henny Penny and getting little brown speckled eggs and making a nest and a coup for her. The shoes are a little fancy--I would have given her boots--and the overalls are really pale, but also really cute. I even like the pink buttons. I'm going with the headcanon the whole set was made of feedsack and Kit didn't want another dress. I bet this set with her older overalls and work boots is going to be too cute for words.

That kid is rocking the hell out of that jumper.
Cheery Blossoms Top and Cheery Checks Jumper: Fuck, why do they keep making such cute Kit clothes in girl sizes? The model is rocking this like it's the song "Turn Down For What" and she's got mad rhythm. Girl get in the winner's circle with Addy, you've earned it. I'm in love with that damn jumper so hard. Another case of "if I had a little people." Also those wellie boots are not part of the outfit but damn if they ain't the cutest thing. Down for remaking this set.

Bringing back more modern looks for Kaya.
Kaya's Modern Fancy Shawl Outfit: Kaya, who generally can only get new stuff if it's made more modern, has redone her shawl set.3 This time it's a dress with simulated--but not exact--regalia symbols and feathers in her hair. Not on a headband, because headbands are stupid. The shawl isn't as big as the old set. I love the red, and Kaya looks so good in red. I'm not sure if I I can mix this with her older Shawl set, but if I can I may if It's not super offensive. Any modern sets that can give Kaya more clothes win at life. This set might have to wait until I have sewing and chickens, but it will be part of Kaya's clothes.

Also, someone of course said something stupid and that it should have been made of more authentic to the time fabrics. It's a modern set. It says so in the damned name. Go sit down in the stupid corner with Miss Old People Pants and "I only have ethics in AG journalism when I get caught" Doll Blogger.

The mullet dress!
High-Low Hem Dress: Did I mention I hate mullet hems? I hate mullet hems. Even if you call it a high low hem, it's still a mullet hem and I don't like them. This is kinda eh for me. The whole "look, tribal clothing as a trend" thing is really skirting offensiveness, though hat tips from homies have let me know this one has nothing super specific to evoke a Native tribe at least. Still, it also leads to the idea that native clothing and trends are just that--trends, and that should be smothered. I know Kaya needs something to have clothes that match, so if you decide to do this set with your littles, teach the babies. Parents, don't let your babies grow up to be casual racists. 

Skateboarding on skinny boards, like Farah Fawcett herself.
Julie's Skateboarding Set: Julie continues to fight the fail of boys-only anything and pops onto a skateboard to move down the mean streets of San Fransisco in sneakers, a baseball style graphic tee, rainbow shorts, high knee socks, and on a bright orange banana-board, skinny style skateboard that was popular in the era. Julie in all these cute sets is really going to expand Otters' 70s waredrobe so much. I love the rainbow trend of the 70s, even though it's being muted in part on the dolls by not just giving all the colors. Let my dolls have the gay pride! I'll probably get this set too, because again, more shit for Otters. And more shit that evokes my redoing the 70s in the 90s.

In another case of "comments are full of stupid," someone said that Julie can't wear that top because she wouldn't have gone to Woodstock. First of all given that she was all of a toddler during Woodstock in '69, no, and second Woodstock was on the other fucking side of the country, and third I am pretty sure there were other music festivals in the world and Woodstock was not the only festival there ever was in history before Band-Aid. That Stupid Shit Said Sitting Corner is getting hella packed. Also you too, person who mewled "Why is there a skateboard??! Julie never skateboards in her story! She roller skates." She also doesn't explicitly shit in her stories, but I'm pretty sure her house has a toilet. Furthermore, she can do both. What a concept!

Sunshiny day, mother fuckers!
Graphic Sweatshirt and Rainbow Athletic Shorts: Not much of a change from the original, other than to make the tee a sweatshirt and move the stripes up to the waistband. This set is pretty much just like the original except for the style of the shorts. So no need for a remake from me. Still, that shirt is cute and I'm so sulky that I can't get my own like it. I bet the shorts will be popular with the summer coming up--they're not super short but also not dumb long either, like school uniform shorts.4

Now that's the ugly 70s shit!
Julie's Mix-Print Maxi Dress: The 70s had a lot of really long dresses after the short ones of the 1960s, and Julie is finally getting in on this and taking it balls to the motherfucking WALL. Pinks and yellows! Halter necklines! The chunky sandals! The headband! The mix and match prints! The BEADED NECKLACE. Oh my gods it's hideous and loud and gives zero fucks and I love it. Give it to me right now so Otters can show you all how this shit is worn well.

Flower-picking is now for the idle rich.
Samantha's Flower-Picking Set: Addy has moved up to sewing, so it's up to Samantha to do the flower gathering like a good rich girl should--with her basket of tulips, high necked pink dress covered in lace and in a really neat print, and side sash. Thank gods this dress is more Edwardian. Get her out of the Victorian mindset, please. The shoes are pretty much the style of her older summer shoes that came with her Middy Dress. Good for you, Samantha. The bow is probably on those dinky scrunchies they do now, so I'll just get my own huge ass pink ribbon to compliment. Marisol is going to make this work well.

Ah ha ha ha hah HAH.
Lacy Tee and Lacy Tiered Skirt: Oh no no no no. I hate it so much. The top is moderately okay--would be better with a lot less lace on the front, and the skirt would be okay if the lace only had two tiers or even just one and no waist bow. But together? AH HA HA HA HA NO. Nothing doing, sweetheart. Too many fluffy ruffles all on top of each other. It looks like was attacked by lacemakers who needed to get the rest of it out for a bonus. No sir, I don't like it.

Remember her travel set? It's back. In pink form.
Samantha's Travel Coat and Hat:  Way back in the day, Samantha went traveling on an ocean liner and got a hat and duster to wear on the cover of the book in the era of "let's find reasons to not give stuff to anyone but the Sam-Kit-Molly Trilogy." Well now it's back, in POG pink form. I don't really care for it because the pink would be a semi-unlikely color for an overcoat that could get dirty easy, and if it was in brown I'd snap it right up. But the cut and style of the coat is precious and I like that it's much shorter than the old set. Hat's nice too. Just a little less pink.

Also her travel bag!
Samantha's Travel Bag Set: The valise is back too! And pink. Sam I know that's your signature color but come on, girl. Tone it down a tick. AG gloves are some of the most terrible things because of the hands shaped as such that they all come out like mittens. Pass.

Now that's a cute set!
Samantha's Special Day Dress: Now that's a nice dress! A minty green with a floral print and hints of pink to bring out the color. The lace is nice, the shoes are cute, and it has the side floppy bow but that's also fitting for the era. I not only want this for me, but to get for my mom's Cécile because it's her sorority colors.5 Do more of this and less of the pink coats, AG. 

Still painting, Samantha.
Samantha's Painting Set: Another activity of the idle rich: watercolors. Sam has been watercoloring for some time--like her mother did--but this time you're going to have to fake the paints because these are pretend and thus plastic. Joke's on you AG, I'm going to figure out how to put a real little set of water colors in my set cause I'm grown. That is so Saige's easel but in brown "wood," bee tee dubs. Also Sam has painted a very realistic butterfly that you can display. I'll look at this for Cecile and then she and Abbi can paint together.

And where is she painting?

Oh my fuck.
Samantha's Garden Gazebo:  That is a Goddamned Gazebo, Samantha Mary Parkington. The rumors were true. I don't even know what to do with you, girl. You did this last time, getting lots of huge things for people to buy. You already have an ice cream parlor, now you have an gazebo. It doesn't even have benches to sit on. Also where would I put it? I'll do without--it might attack me and eat me.6 I'll give it this, those fuckers were popular in the 1900s, but I'm not getting it.

Treats and seats. Well, seats and treat cart.
Samantha's Outdoor Serving Set: So this is the furniture to throw with the gazebo. We've got one metal chair with a cushion and a treat cart to set snacks on. We're not doing two chairs anymore, kids, your doll sits alone! I don't care for it but it should be cute for those that love it. But where's the noms?

There's the treats.
Samantha's Summertime Treats: Oh, there it is. We've got two glasses, some small petits-four cakes on a platter with a doily, a flower vase with those flowers she was picking, and lace trimmed napkins. And even a little fan to be a classy girl. A little like her birthday set, but on a smaller scale. Since my Samantha collection is less a Sam collection and more a "clothes to swipe for Marisol" I'll skip.

Rereleases: The old LE sets are still kicking about, but have been remodeled. Kit's Candy-Making Set is now Kit's Springtime Outfit and Kit's Homemade Sweets; Rebecca's School Play Set is now Rebecca's Butterfly Costume and Rebecca's Stage Makeup. Kaya's second Jingle Dress of Today now is the Modern Jingle Dancer Outfit with no drum or stick, and Julie's Dance Set is Julie's Funky Flower Outfit with no ticket, poster, or disco ball--those are now available as Julie's Disco Accessories. So if you were bitching at the cost before or having to get one with the other, here's your chance to get them without tickets. I'm still glad I got Kaya's with the drum and stick, but getting Julie's set without the extras or Kit's without the Deth is going to be awesome.

Books and Such: New Historical Character Mysteries for Samantha, Kit, and Caroline have been released: Danger in Paris for Samantha (girl gets to go everywhere), The Jazzman's Trumpet for Kit (you have too many mysteries) and The Smuggler's Secrets for Caroline. Well, at least you're getting a book, Caroline. Older mysteries were rereleased with BeForever Covers to fit the new look. Still, can we get a second for Addy? God damn.

New Modern Stuff: Anything to Make the Snow Go Away7

On to the new modern stuff--a little less, but a good mix to push towards summer and spring. Easter's April 5th this year, can't dawdle.

I'm not paying that much for the left set. The right, we can do.
Pretty Plié Ballet Outfit and Pretty Pink Tutu Set: The ballet set is, like all the other ballet sets in my house,8 getting in here and going on Marisol or sometimes Kira who has decided that a punk lifestyle is compatible with a ballet life. It's got a nice mix of components with tights, slippers, a skirt, wrap sweater, and black leotard which we haven't had in forever. But the other half? To hell with it. I'll be assed if I'm paying $28 for a tutu, tiara, and slippers. I have an okay tutu in my prior set, I got a tiara when I got Marisol's hair did, and the shoes are meh at best. That fucker better go on severe sale first. Half off at least.

Peachy keen.
Shimmer and Lace Party Dress:  It's not my cuppa. I might look it over but not for a while. I'll have to look at it up close to give it my full damns either way. And on someone whose skin tone doesn't blend into the dress like that. My kingdom for this on a dark skinned girl--wait I could put this on Sonali or Shanna. Yes, we'll decide when we're able to look at it closer.

Still not a fan.
Boho Beachy Swimsuit: Still not a fan of the non-historical swimsuits. This one comes with faux-ankle bracelets attached to the sandals and a second extra buying component. But those ruffles are terrible. Can't do it.

Beads for the hair.
Beachy Hair Beads: To add on to the swimsuit, there's beaded hair clips. I kinda like those, at least. But not for full price when I could bead up a set my damn self.

Jazz hands!
Sparkly Jazz Outfit: I've always been hit or miss on the non-ballet sets. This one is in the pretty much miss. It's red which is a color I like, but it looks like something from a beauty pageant. I don't care for the shoes much. And I'm not really feeling the ruffled part. Or the fingerless gloves. Plus no one around here does jazz except maybe Marisol, and I have her older jazz set. On the Maybe to Nope pile.

Stop the off shoulder thing.
Sunshine Garden Outfit: Stop doing the off the shoulder thing, AG, it upsets my Libra symmetry needs. The shorts are okay even being plaid--plaid shorts have their purpose--and the shoes are nice, but the rest ruins it for me. If that top have been non-flappy, non-off the shoulder, and lime to match the shoes we've have something, but nah, brah.

A good lot of what you need to make the spring spring.
Sunshine Gardening Bench Set: You know, I might actually get this once I give it a closer look since Michi is big on gardening. I'd repaint it some---purple, ehhhh but I like gardening more than the average nerd. And it comes with a lot of neat components. It's rare the modern set that I'm down for getting, mostly cause if I'm going to waste space I'm going to waste it on historical furniture. So me liking this is a big damn deal.

Star ball? That's not regulation.
Soccer Team Outfit: If we had someone around here who played soccer--which we don't, Shanna just likes to watch--they wouldn't do it in this. The colors are everywhere: we've got magenta and lime green and purple and blue and none of it is working together. The shirt is way too messy with the star design. And I'm pretty sure that ball is not regulation soccer. If Shanna does later want some soccer stuff, I'll hunt up the older sets for her.

Even the doll looks like "bitch are you for real?"
Sparkle Spa Robe: I don't fux wit doll robes cause I can make them myself. Graphic on the back? Still not down for it. Also we don't do a lot of spa days that mean robes. I'd probably make mine of terrycloth or minky and make them calf length, for max lounge. Not worth it when I can be throwing money at historical stuff.


So that's our current release stuff. Josefina needs a lot more love, as does Caroline. I'm a touch worried for her since she's still not getting new stuff, but there is a revamp of the moderns coming soon. (I've seen the Truly Me books. I am pretty sure that's the next name of the AG moddie line.) As long as it comes with a meet outfit, cause I'm so tired of this one, it's been like three years.9 

Addy's LE set doesn't have a chance of escape, and neither does Kit's (Chicken chicken chicken). I really like all of them even if Rebecca's serves me no use.

So loving BeForever. So, so much.


1 Unless you've been banned. And we're transparent to the community when we ban you.
2 You know who you are, bint. The name was right there on your Pintrest screencaps.
3 Just like I predicted!
4 In school the rule was that shorts had to cover the knee, including school uniform shorts. It was stupid and I hated it. If I'm wearing shorts in Texas the whole point is that I'm hot and the shorts are that short to keep me cool. No one wanted to wear knee length shorts in the 90s except moms and school principals.
5 Mom was an AKA, Dad was an A-Phi-A. I didn't pledge anything. I was too busy nerding. 
6 Have you not read the tale of Eric and the Gazebo? Hie the to the net!
7 Except here in Seattle, where we got perpetual October without even a good damn snow dusting. Fuck you, climate change.
8 I finally got the Ballet Recital Set! So got them all.
9 Can we get jeans? Ankle length jeans. Plain and blue and basic. That would be nice. There haven't been basic jeans in some time.


  1. I kinda love the soccer outfit... maybe it's because it'd be so fab on my future #58 who loves neon and plays soccer, or because I had a "star ball" back in my soccering days.

  2. Love your observations! I went to the AGP St. Louis today and boy was it awesome! I got Samantha's travel bag and ended up exchanging it because it looked cheap and I don't like gloves, so back it went. I did scoop up the Sunshine gardening set. You'll really like it. I have to go back to the AGP because my set was missing 1 butterfly sticker set and the ladybugs. Strange. I did purchase Sam's special day dress which I think is amazing, especially the shoes. Pink is one of my favorite colors but when seeing Sam's whole collection it can be a bit much like large clumps of cotton candy. I'm on the fence about her travel coat and flower picking dress. Also, can I just say that Addy's new outfit kicks butt?!!! I wanted it but I'm not good at sewing and my dolls are a healer (Josefina) and a teacher/musician (Sam) Addy is now the next doll I want. The more I see her the more I want her. She and Sam seem to have the best collections in the store, oh and Kit, too. That chicken stole my heart! I need it! I've never paid much attention to Caroline to be honest. I'm learning hair and I would mess hers up. I think Josefina is going to be archived next and I'm bummed. She got no mini doll and her collection is so small. She hasn't had anything new in forever. All she got during the BF revamp was a new sash and skirt, and the books. Sure, AG says she'll have items coming out but didn't they say Cecile and Marie Grace were too and then they got archived before it could happen. Sigh! I know some may think it's silly but I will cry when they archive her. In the meantime I'll enjoy seeing what else comes out.

  3. I've been terrible for commenting with any kind of regularity, and I do apologize. But I want you to know I read everything you post and it puts me in a great mood for days, no easy feat, surely!

    Oh, LADL, do you ever cease being terrible? Look at the AGC roasting your ignorant butt time and again and learn something from it.

    How the hell they gonna put that Shimmer and Lace Party Dress on a doll that makes it look like she's wearing nothing? I get that they got a hard-on for light-skinned girls, but fuck, slap that on #58 and it's selling like hotcakes.

    That sparkly jazz outfit... uh, that look like something on Etsy (no shade on Etsy; I like it so much I always link to it, but there's some scary stuff obvs) that was made by someone who is paying their way through their daughter's pageant fees.

    Stay awesome and slaying the willfully historically ignorant! And if you do end up making doll-sized versions of the kid-sized BeForever stuff, you'll post, right? And maybe untalented folk like me can hope that maybe someday you'll open your own shop? :D

  4. Huh. Now that I get a good look at the Jazz Outfit, it looks quite similar to something I wore for a tap recital back in 2000. Like REALLY similar... I'd probably have to see it up close and personal, but it almost seems like something I'd get for sentimental value of some sort.

  5. I love Addy's sewing accessories, but my conscience keeps telling me that I could make that dress and apron, so I probably won't buy the outfit. Sigh. And I already have the shoes.

    And I just love Kit's chicken outfit even though it's too cute to wear in a chicken coop. And it's something I would be unlikely to sew.

  6. I need Kit's outfit for Eva. It is perfect and awesome and Eva's family has chickens. I also really, really wish I could just wear the Kit outfit for girls but even though I am short I think my damn boobs will probably get in the way, and that pisses me off. And Meli (my medium-tone Maplelea girl) wants Julie's maxi dress. She's a moddie but loves '70s fashion and she looks way better in Julie's stuff than Julie does.


  7. I can't believe nobody in your crew wants to channel their inner cabaret girl with that Sparkly Jazz outfit. AG does Moulin Rouge? Hells yes. It is coming here, and my modern Felicity is going to get her Lady Marmalade on.


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