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Thursday, February 16, 2017

Rambled Opinions and General Snarkiness: AG News Catch Up: Fused Underpants, PoC Everywhere, The DeVaulting of Felicity, and Two Annoying White Kids

Nanea! Gabby! Z YANG! FELICITY! oh and those two no one here loves they can eat paint.
Bitch, blog more and stop playing with your spinning wheel.1 Well that and being sad for several reasons. Also stop stepping on your drop spindle and requiring a repair.

Anyways. There is a lot of hot buzz in AG that's been going around for months. And since I just hate doing back to back store visit/New Shit/Release talks, I'm getting off my ass and making a post before I take my ass to AG and use that AG Rewards coupon to get some of the new hotness on the Discount and talk about that. And take review pics. God I owe reviews on everything. I am the second worst.

Also if I get all my angryfeels out now about things in the AG News, I can spend tomorrow snapping pictures and just posting middle finger emojis every time I have to talk about Nogan the Face Stealing Bastard up there. GUESS WHAT I THINK ABOUT HIM. Go on and fucking guess. Have a WILD guess.

Ahem. Get under my cut and put lotion on me,2 we're going in.

PantyGate 2017: Fused on Pantsu

Hay I heard you like panties, so I put some panties over your panties.
So several weeks ago--I don't wanna check the date, I have a lot to say in this post already--there was a leak on an Instagram that stated that AG is putting permanent underwear on AG dolls. Specifically, the permanent panties--or permapanties, as the fandom has taken to calling them--will be on the Moddies, the Contemporary Characters going forward, and the historical girls DeeDee, Ellie, and Julie (because they all wear briefs). AG--being caught out by rogue employees with cellphones and a hot need for the Fifteen Minutes of Fame on Instagram--came out and said that yes, they're doing exactly that. At first I thought they'd just be stitched on, but they clarified that they are a permanent part of the body by posting the above image. Left to right we have the old removable panties, the NEW!Fused Panties that are wholly part of the lower butt, and how the will fit under bottoms such as swimsuits and extra underpants. This is a rolling change that is starting to come out now.

Official statements include that the modification was made "for a variety of reasons, including consumer research that's shown that having the underwear fixed to the body will make play easier for some and will ensure the underwear is less likely to be lost or need to be replaced." Also claims that this will stop them from hiking the prices up more. 

Oh, how the fandom crapped itself, especially after someone picked up a doll and then proclaimed her to be of squishy cheap vinyl and showed a poorly designed butt shape3 and posted pics to the effect thereof--and AG, in a of "lol what even are the social medias," called said person a liar and posted a back ass image of the new permanent panties. They also blocked several people from commenting on their page, which really raised up the dander in the fandom. (Meanwhile I was lolling at the people freaking out about Facebook bans. I got blocked from Grace release until almost the end of Lea for complaining openly that they didn't have a DoC and they needed to do better. I was clean and articulate like Barack H. Obama. But I still got blocked and couldn't even LIKE the page, and they tried to claim the error was on my end until I said that this was impacting my purchase desires. Blocking ain't new, I don't really give a fuck that people are getting blocked for acting out about doll panties. You will be banned on a whim. Just use the Facebook for AG confirmation of news.)

On the butt misshape and squishy vinyl, I'm just gonna steal Boom's text on the topic she posted on AGC because she's cool like that:
Nah. It is a good question but I guess it's really "it depends on the doll."

Someone (was it here? Or was it on IG?) brought up too that since these doll components are poured in molds, a squishier doll may just mean that for whatever reason, less liquid vinyl got poured into that section of the mold. Machinery is fallible and mistakes happen. As parts are rolling down the assembly line/belt for checking, I suppose the folks in factory are taught to look for thin vinyl, in the case of "if you can see light through it, pull it and chuck it" kinda like looking for wonky looking Hershey Kisses as they roll down the line/belt.

I probably come off as an AG apologist here, but... eh. I'm not. I
do feel that the tail-butt should have been noticed somewhere along the lines as the parts move down the assembly line. It should have been pulled, whether that's while just the torso was rolling by, or even as a completed doll was rolling by and then tossed into the "make this 'fall into your bag' and go sell it on Taobao" pile. And I do think AG should just own that fuckup and let the girl exchange her doll. Which, I'm sure she's already done.

But, I think this girl very willingly only showed what she wanted folks to see and got what she wanted. I don't want to say out-and-out lying, but lying by omission maybe, enough to get people to start banging the drums of righteous indignation? Herd mentality. First couple of days of this all we saw were still pictures. While they told part of the story, there was no way to show how hard she was pressing on that head or arm. Not until we saw the video. And the video kind of ruined her story, because I saw her knuckles turn white. Your knuckles don't turn white unless you are really clenching them. And she never did show herself squeezing the legs, either in still shots or in the video. One would assume that the legs were fine then, yes?

agupdatenews just posted a picture someone took of their new TM doll with permapanties. Looks a lot better. I do believe at this point that the tail-butt can be chalked up to factory error. 
As for the permapanties actually being a thing? I fretted for several days, but I'm sorta over it. They will not be a make or break or deal on any dolls I want to buy in the future--I'll just go around inspecting booties to make sure they fit. And I already have DeeDee and Ellie in free panties and I'm not gonna get Julie. So whatever. I don't actually believe AG did this to save five bucks on doll draws because I used to work for a company that said a million things like that and I know marketing/PR replies when I see them. But whatever reasons they have they aren't telling us and I'm not gonna dig. If I buy a doll whose permapanties are just too much for me, I will either swap a body or fabric paint/dye them. Or just pull some new draws over them. My gang doesn't go around changing out their underwear as often as I do, they don't have vagoobers and a need for pantyliners.

And the people complaining that they now can't have their dolls sit on toilets or run around naked--you do you boo. I mean, was toilet play a thing? I can't help you. I got over toilet dolls when I was like seven after my little sister was born and I got bored of changing diapers. Is that the new hotness? I'm too old. And my gang is almost never naked unless their name is Kaya, and that's just to show off her pajamas and underwear.

In conclusion, they don't bother me but if they bother you, work around it. Maybe they'll be like New Coke and only be around for a short while before they go away.

Felicity: Out of the Vault and Into BeForever

She's back in black! Uh, Blue. She's back!
I've already mentioned before that we got some hint that Felicity was on the way back when DeeDee came out thanks to a leak of her BeForever books, and that at least meant those were on the way. And now it's officially official: the second one out of the AG Vault is yours and my favorite Colonial Lesbian, Felicity Merriman! She's got green eyes! She's got red hair! She's got another damn dress because of course she does!4 And a snazzy hat.

But she's only online and at the main flagship stores: NYC, Chicago, and LA. Which means that my ass will not be getting her new shit for a while. I have to pay taxes on every AG thing I get now, if I have to pay shipping too you had better give me a fresh discount or four.

She's not got much of anything either: her new clothes, accessories, underwear set, and books, and that's it. Which I have to get all of again, except I'm not feeling the underwear set. My girl already has a buttroll, shift, and stays. I will be getting her new outfit, mind, and reviewing it then, and talking about it when I can photograph it. I love it. Just ain't getting it yet. Not until I either get some free shipping or take my ass to AG Chicago again. Felicity already has a slamming wardrobe, she can wait a while. Then Elizabeth can call her girlfriend pretty.

Your move, AG. The money is sitting right here for you to take. At least until...


holy fuck i'm in love with a girl name Nanea~
February 14th held the largest news of all. See, I already knew about the two white mayo dolls down low I'm prepping to go off on. And I knew about Felicity. And while there were registered trademarks for Nanea Mitchell and we all suspected she was the 1940s BeForever here to make sure Molly stays in the vault, I was not expecting to have Nanea show up and fall in LOVE.

But that is what flipping happened. And I am so happy it did.

Nanea Mitchell is Hawaiian, she is from 1941, she has a new face mold and wavy hair and shorts and hazel eyes because yep, they definitely over ordered those.

I still think AG should offer a Not!Kanoodles, but as for me and mine? NANEA NANEA NANEA BRING HER TO ME I WANT HER I WANT HER SO BAD. 

She comes out in August, which gives us half a year--barring us all dying in world war--to get hype and get ready and post all the leaks that are fit to peek at. So yep, that's what the Donation button is for now. The Let's Say Aloha to Nanea Fund. Help Neth bring her home at release!

Suzie "Z" Yang: When Youtube Personalities Become Dolls (And They're Totes Adorbz)

Suzie "Z" Yang. From Youtube to You!
The other big announcement I give a fuck about is the upcoming release of Suzie "Z" Yang. Suzie--started life on the Z.Crew series of stop-motion doll videos. She's Korean American, making her only the second fully East Asian Character with a name and collection after Ivy who couldn't even get some damn pajamas. I haven't watched many of the Z.Crew videos, but a character that is into video blogging is adorable.

I wasn't sure if I was going to have her in my gang or not, but well, Suzie is one of the cutest names around. My first Baby Face doll that I still have is named Suzie. And she's really cute. Like really.

She'll be around a while. I can get Nanea first. Even if she's coming out in April, I can wait. But oh will the wait be hard to handle. She's going to be part of the contemporary character line, which is basically named moddies without that only here for a year threshold.

Alas, she's not the only one who's due out. Or the first.

Because we can't have nice things.

Tenney Grant and Logan Everett: Oh Lord How The Fuckery Abounds5

Face stealing spotlight grabbing guitar playing FUCKERY.
And then there's this bitch and her boy toy. Again there were a million leaks on her, and none on him until later. Guys and Gals and Enby Pals, take a look at Tenney Grant and Logan Everett, the first two of the that were officially announce on Valentine's day and launched today.

And my feelings on both of them can be summed up as Go Suck A Fuck and Eat Lego Bricks.6

First of all, first of all, I'm 87% sure that Tenney was supposed to be the Girl of the Year, but if the rumor is true that AG is going to stop doing that then Gabby is going to close out the line so they don't get dragged out for never having a black girl before they close it7 and they switched away from Tenney at the last minute. I mean she's got the fancy pantsy stage and the fancy pansty books and the fancy pantsy movie that'll come out later.

Also she has special fingers to hold her pick and play her guitar. *sarcastic jazz hands* But other than that she's a #24 with a twang and an accent. And a brown best friend named Jaya because AG stop sticking PoC as sidekicks to your whitebread girls. FUCK. Her books came out already, and can basically be summed up as "when Disney Movies and Unrealistic Expectations on Music Showbusiness attack." She's like if all the tweeniebops on AGIG got together and collectively suggested a doll based on Taylor Swift and whoever Twenty-One Pilots are and she's boring as shit. I expect to see a lot of ugly poses of her in bad country clothes whenever I accidentally click on the AGIG tag.

Oh, but we don't just have to deal with Tenney-Sue, the Vanilla Moon Pie up there. No, if it was just her I'd seethe loudly. But the fail is super high. AG shot for the moon and fucking hit it today.

Because not only do we have her, we have Logan Everett. American Girl's first ever Boy doll who plays drums with Tenney.. And I don't like him one fucking bit and fuck him forever.

The short rant? Logan--hereby refered to as Nogan or Nogan the Face Stealer--is a piece of spotlight-stealing, appropriative walking, stinky cisboy bullshit.

The long one uses bullet points because I'm just that mad.

  • They used the Kaya Mold for his face. That's right, the face mold that was only used before for Kaya--who I remind you is the ONLY NATIVE CHARACTER THEY HAVE EVER NAMED and whose face mold was designed because it’s a cultural taboo for Nimipuu people to bare teeth in smiles (it are a sign of aggression)? Is now on a white boy. And the implications that a Native face is “masculine” enough to slap on a cis white boy is some fuck shit that I will not put up with. 
  • So you mean to tell me that AG can’t even get off their ass to tell good stories for PoC or have more than one to two black girls in the historical line at the same time, but we can put in this generic as fuck white boy that plays the drums and gets his own special hand he shares with Tenney-Swift Sue? Get the fuck out. I don’t see one bit why AG wants to get hard in the paint to fawn over representing white boys when girls of color still fight to get some views everywhere they go. 
  • also I like how we can apparently go around making cisboys, but the Best Friends line got shut down because that failed. 
  • why he look like every white boy that tried to hit on me by saying he'd never been with a black girl before enough I tweeted about it that is all
  • Gabriela McBride, the first ever black Girl of the Year, the first ever named black character that wasn't a historical, just came out last month. But now she’s being made to share the spotlight with Ten-tay and Nogan. They couldn’t even be assed to make a movie for Gabby, they couldn’t be assed to make her properly unique, they couldn't be assed to even tweak her a bit with some freckles or something8--but they’re pulling all the dirty stops out for TenneySue and the Boy In The Band? Fuck you. Like I said I am pretty sure that Tenney-Sue was supposed to be the LE but then there was last minute scrambling and they half assed Gabby because lol what even the fuck are black people.
  • yeah launching this fucking whiteboy during black history month we see you AG fuck you
  •  I don’t think boys matter more than girls who have a million stories yet untold and they never will
  • The media reports on this are hot mess. They all basically boil down to the following: "OMG AMERICAN GIRL IS RELEASING A BOY DOLL FOR THE FIRST TIME EVER. His name is Logan and he plays the drums and he’s going to be part of this other character’s collection who we're going to play it like he's the focus, and oh my god so many people asked for boys and AG FINALLY LISTENED! *mumbles* oh and there’s a black one that came out in january named gabriela, and an asian one named z later, and a historical named *looks at ink smeared on hand* Naenuu but that's not what we wanna talk about ANYWAYS HAVE YOU SEEN THIS BOY? everyone get on that shit.” And fuck me running on a treadmill if I didn’t expect exactly this to goddamn happen. Nogan’s stealing all the spotlight. Like, I don’t expect King 5 News in Seattle to report on how he is a facestealing bastard, the nuance and significance of AG facemolds is likely lost on the basic media outlets and the articles were written using a mix of a press release and some 28 year old unpaid intern's memory of AG back when she was in third grade and Samantha was how she learned feminism. But these articles are doing what too many boys in girls spaces and girl places have done for time immemorial, what boys way too often do when they come into girl spaces. He has stolen the focus away from all the girls–especially the girls of color–and everyone is serving him all the attention left and right. Look adoringly to the almightly penis-bearing boychild, and if we have time in our blurb we’ll talk about the black girl in a footnote. 
  • oh my fucking gods the white tweensqueal fandom on Instagram has pissed me off so much over Nogan. They stay riding the ass when it comes to beeping and squealing any time someone learns there's a boy anywhere on earth who collects AG things. Because oh muh guh, how brave and bold is he? Such representation. Much diversity. Very inclusive. wow. Meanwhile my black ass is likely on a hundred different people’s block lists for going off on the fact that they collectively jump over every black girl in a row to add another Mayo Becky to their untoasted whitebread collections, can't figure out why it's not cool to put the DoC clothes on their white dolls, dither over unfollowing a fundie bigot who says women should be subservient to men because she takes such purty pictures guyz, and ignore racial slurs for the Roma on their iron on Faux-hemian crop top shirts they're wearing with yet another pair of denim high wasited shorts in a field they walked out to.
  • I can't even with the fact that someone actually recorded themselves and posted on IG saying that my feminism was bullshit because I don't include boys in it and [mocking tone] "if your feminism isn't inclusive it's bullshit". Feminism does help take down patriarchal attitudes, yes. But if you think for five seconds you can tell my black queer disabled ass that I'm not feminist enough for you because I don't give a fuck about a white boy doll? You can catch these hands. Best keep your name out my mouth and Boom's too. Them hexes ain't just for the fools telling me my anti-racism is wrong. Feminism is not about including boys in the sequel and if your feminism expects me to focus on some fuckboys, if you won't respect my existence as a queer woman of color and you step on me to fawn over some white boy? Then you can expect my fucking resistance. We are no longer friends don't talk to me.
  • bitch this isn't baby sitters club is his girlfriend named mary-anne spier is she going to get a significant haircut
  • I am not here for this shit ass "equalism" garbage that people keep trotting out that tells me that I’m supposed to just be okay when white boys get the focus. Fuck the idea that white men and boys are the universal and everyone else is the other. Boys and men get everything. EVERYTHING. Boys get superheroes, movies, books, tv shows, talk show hosting. the GODDAMN UNDESERVED PRESIDENCY AND MOST OF THE POSITIONS OF POWER. But I’m supposed to be over here shitting my fused on permapanties that AG finally delivered a cis boy? Getdafuckout.
  • People are talking about how this will suddenly help boys play with dolls? WTF. There are not going to be an army of parents seeing Nogan the Face-Stealer in a catalogue or in the store and going “you know I was gonna get my son, Heath Garrett SonChild, a Tonka Truck and Baby’s First Beer Brewing Kit. But now that they’ve released this boy it’s AG dolls for all!" Did daddies start buying Ken dolls for boys when he came out in the 60s? Were they like "yep, it’s a fashion doll for my son, down with toxic masculinity?" Hell no. Girls just got a boy to dress up, and that's what is mostly gonna happen with Nogan. There’s going to be very, very few little boys walking around with Logan. What you’re going to see is a bunch of bokeh fucking, all dolls matter, ~ugug~ emoji sparlkle tweeny-kids under the age of 16 buying Logan and posting him with their common ass white girls girls in hetnorm BS in a goddamn backyard somewhere for Instagram likes and comments of "slay" and "goals" and heart eyes emojis. Nogan is basically Ken, AG style.
  • I’m sick and fucking tired of all this whining about boys needing representation in girl spaces, because otherwise they won’t play with us girls, and if we can't get their attention then something is wrong. It’s the same shit that says that black positive companies/books/movies/shows are excluding the poor underrepresented whites. Fuck that shit, we’re making shit FOR US and NOT EVERYTHING NEEDS TO BE BOUT Y'ALL. 
  • oh my god okay on the real at one point, PNG post fallout--yes, the same PNG who stabbed me in the back--made a photoshopped white blonde Kaya molded doll image because "hurr hurr, I don't show my teeth so the Kaya mold looks most like me" in a fucking attempt to try and BAIT ME--and possibly Colette--into calling her on her shit. And if I ever so vaguely recall, that was when several someone elses was like "okay, we all see what you're doing, go eat several middle fingers." And now seeing this I'm like "Did they fucking hire her or some shit?"
  • Fuck boys and I don't mean that carnally. Seriously I don't care that they copyrighted shit, boys stink, I might be married to a man but I keep 95% of my doll collecting and all my AG collecting a hot clambake. I got into this line for the story of girls and the history of girls because history more often than not only fucking talks about men and menshit. And now we got this. No boys in my treehouse.
In conclusion? I don't like Tenney-Sue, I HATE Nogan the Face Thief, and I will go off like a lit ass rocket on new years at midnight any time they come up. This is the hill I am prepared to die on in this fandom. Into the Valley of Death Rode the Six Hundred. Do Not Go Gentle Into That Good Night. Quoth the Nethie, "Nevermore." Shall I compare Nogan to a Summer's Day? Hell No, I have to have standards.

This Is Just To Say: I have eaten the plums that were in the icebox, and which you were probably saving for breakfast. Forgive me, they were delicious. So sweet. And so cold. And they probably belonged to Tenney-Sue so they were super good.9

The two of them can go eat bricks and pound sand. *double fisted flip off*  

Conclusions, along with Other Shit That is Short So isn't Getting Its Own Topic: 
  • Gabby will be getting a loft bed and chair, and another nice outfit. I will be all over that as soon as humanly possible. 
  • It looks like Addy might be on the way out, but there's no official time/announcement of that. I will have to def get one for my mom the day they say she's leaving. I have made my peace with her departure.
  • #DumpTenneyBuyGabby
  • Ohana means family and family means no face stealing white boys. 
  • Kaya has a GIRL'S FACE. 
  • #BOYcottLogan
  • Seriously it's like they grabbed the boy babysitter from the BSC and moved him to another state, does he speak in dialect and whine that it's so hard to be one of the alternate officers 
  • *saves the change in her jar for Nanea* 
  • *saves some other change for Z* 
  • Felicity can come too.
  • More Gabby Less Suck
This weekend I'm taking my ass to AG Seattle, and then you can get pics of the new stuff and my opinions thereon.

And every time I see Tenney-Sue (aka Grand Ole Nopry) and Nogan (AKA Ken-ney the Boy Toy) I will curse their names and my rants will be non ceasing.


1 Yes an actual spinning wheel, it's an Ashford Joy 1 and I was gifted it by DetectiveKraken who remains made of awesome and win. It double treadles and I'm pretty good at working it.
2 Shimmy Shimmy Cocoa Pop~ Yes I've been listening to 90s music to write. And that line up there makes me roll and has since I was a teenaged Neth.
3 I have a lot to talk about, pic space is at a premium. Accept your links.
4 Hipster Felicity played around with archival before it was cool, and is also the only character to have three meet outfits over the course of her existence. Not bad for a shopkeeper's daughter!
5 No they don't get their own separate topics they can go to doll hell.
6 Or if they want to remain in brand, they can eat MegaConstrux. 
7 In which case the AGDoCGotY Tag will just change to AGDoCContemporary and I'll keep bitching cause I'm good at that.
8 I gave my Gabbi some freckles. Bitches love freckles.
9 I was an English Major. I like poems.


  1. "vagoobers" will have me laughing and cringing the rest of the night.

    We're headed to AG tomorrow to buy more stuff for Gabby, who I have heard has part of her space taken over by TaySway and Nogan. 😡 Team Gabby all the way!

    We're also counting down to Nanea.

  2. I think there's a reason why boys are not into Ken. I held a day-care center for several long years, so I think I can come up with a theory here with what boys think about dolls. Ken was always marketed as the love-interest to Barbie, he is the dream-boat, the romantic date, the boyfriend to Barbie. And boys can't relate to that, they don't care about romance because they think girls have cooties, haha. Also, it doesn't help the fact Ken was always packaged in a pink box, and boys would stay away from anything pink. Plus, for decades, parents were much more strict back then with the gender roles, and they wouldn't let their sons play with Barbie, not even Ken. I think parents nowadays are becoming a bit more understanding though.

    Logan is different here because he's not a love interest, nor is he in a pink box. He's the musician, he plays the drums and has his own drum set, and that does appeal to a lot of boys. If American Girl is going to continue with more boy dolls, then they would probably make one who aspires to be a football athlete or a martial artist, etc.

    A lot of people seem to overlook the Child's Play movie, but before the Chucky doll was possessed by a killer, it was just a boy doll named Chucky who is a builder, and in the movie, it wasn't a girl who wanted that doll, it was a boy - named Andy. So that's something to think about.

    You know, I think the closest boy dolls that appealed to boys the most were the Bratz Boyz. I know, I know, you're probably like "Whaaaa???". But it's true. MGA did a good job giving them the same attention as the girls. The Boyz came with their own personalities, nicknames, leather jackets, even a motorcycle, and they weren't in a pink box! As a former babysitter, I babysat so many boys who were playing with them because they thought they were cool, even stealing some from their sister's.

    I think there is a way to get boys interested in dolls, maybe not the female dolls, but the male dolls. I mean there are so many girls who are into water guns, right? The company just has to market boy dolls in a way that will appeal to the boys. This is why I think Logan will get more boys to play with him, because he is more relatable to them, and is a drummer who likes loud music. Not to mention the fact that things in society have changed quite a bit since the last 50 years. Society's idea of gender roles is slowly diminishing.

    Such a long rant, haha, but that one part in your post stood out to me, and I had that thought in my head

    1. You've said some things I want to articulate on later when I'm not stuffing my face with nachos, but

      A lot of people seem to overlook the Child's Play movie, but before the Chucky doll was possessed by a killer, it was just a boy doll named Chucky who is a builder, and in the movie, it wasn't a girl who wanted that doll, it was a boy - named Andy. So that's something to think about.

      Chucky was actually based on the My Buddy doll that came out when I was younger. He (and Kid Sister) were rough and tumble dolls and My Buddy was intended for boys to have a companion. After the, ahem, "success" of the Chucky series, the sales dropped dramatically and the line was killed, and I was an unhappy kid because my older sister who probably shouldn't have been watching the movies ANYWAYS said that if I ever got a Kid Sister doll she would tear it apart because it was too close to Chucky. So I had to buy one when older.

      I still don't think most boys are going to get Logan. But if you didn't know the history of My Buddy, enjoy!

    2. Oh that's interesting! I remember My Buddy doll! Yeah, I think it did really well at first, but then, like you said, the Chucky movies came out, and I guess it freaked and scared the boys out because of the similarity. Shame, it would have been successful!

      As for the boys going to get Logan, I don't know, I teach Art to 4th graders, and most of the boys are excited to get him. That boy doll is all over the news, as you already know. I saw a segment on TV where a boy was hugging Logan with tears of joy, very heartwarming. But we'll see what happens! :)

    3. I wish they gave this much attention to the boy story dolls that are truly made for boys and girls that like poseable dolls. but AG got more attention because its this popular brand loved by so many kids and maybe there are some boys who would love to go to that special store and get the doll their sister also has but in boy form. I hope logan will be successfull and we could see a small line of diverse boy dolls coming out in the future

    4. "I think there is a way to get boys interested in dolls, maybe not the female dolls, but the male dolls."

      Yeah: call them action figures or GI Joe.

      The fact that many boys wouldn't be interested in anything in a pink box says more about how our society conditions boys than about their inherent behavior, I think. Particularly considering that pink has only been heavily associated with "girl toys" for a few decades. I think you're closer to the truth with the whole "parents wouldn't allow it" bit - there are lots of places in the country where that really hasn't gone away, and even if the parents weren't shaming it, the kid's friends and their parents would.

      The water gun thing may be related to the broader fact that our society seems more tolerant of tomboy girls than effeminate boys in general. I dunno why tomboys are brushed off as "she'll grow out of it" while with effeminate boys it's "fairy now, fairy forever" but it's a recurring theme in my experience.

  3. Look, I agree with everything you said, but did you really have to drag twenty øne pilots in to this? They're an amazing band that talks about depression, anxiety, suicide, and spreads awareness. They are NOTHING like Taylor Swift. Their songs may sound like regular ones at first, but if you listen to the lyrics, you'll realize how deep they are.

    1. I listened to one song when they were on SNL and decided I was better off listening to Boys II Men and Dru Hill.

    2. Okay. At least you listened to one. Most people just here their name and think, "lol, this is just another one of those emo teen bands" and never give it a second thought.

  4. Oh my gosh I love it, esp. the BSC references. I really do not think a girls' line needs to be all about the boys. Seriously. He IS the the AG Ken Doll! And I totally agree on Gabby getting the shaft. I'm actually really irritated about this whole "contemporary" line, but that's because I like the historic dolls and will until the day I die. :-p But at least GOTY made *sense*, you know? "WE have a special doll. Here she is--for one year. We will give her all The Awesome." Not the sort of awesome that Gabby is getting. Or almost NO awesome. It's ridiculous.
    I have seen on the AG facebook page lots of small boys (like, too young for AG--3-5 or so) with the doll. Whether they really wanted it, or whether their mothers just thought it would be precccccious, I have no idea.
    I sort of hate the permapanty idea--and also, Felicity doesn't even come with a SHIFT anymore, but the doll is still $115??? WHAT IS THAT. No. I'm sorry. I can see buying stays and a bum roll, but the shift is the basic thing! Anyway, I dislike the whole permapanty thing because it smacks of ridiculous. Logan will always have removable boxers, according to the AG FB page. But the girls....can't? Because.....people won't lose Logan's boxers? Whaaa? It just seems really dumb. If girls lose them, they can buy another set if it's that important to them. Why aren't we attaching shoes, then, if we don't want girls to lose things? It just doesn't seem logical to me.
    Anyway, those are all my thoughts. :)

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. I have a theory on why gabbi isnt getting her own movie or why she is basically a recycled TM 46. they probably planned to introduce her some time later maybe in 2018 but saw the outrage cause by lack of diversity in the GOTY line and released gabbi earlier but didnt have time to produce enough brand new dolls so they just took TM 46 off the shelves. also they prolly didnt have enough time to make a movie about her

    3. Honestly, if you go back and look at AG's early days up through the introduction of the AGT line, the idea of contemporary characters with more fleshed out stories makes more sense in context than the GOTY idea did. (The GOTY didn't even start out as a GOTY; Lindsey was called An American Girl of Today and the idea was a marriage of the focus on seeing yourself in other people's stories that the historical had, and writing your own story in today's world that AGT had at the time.) I just wish they hadn't chosen something so aggressively bland as their first release in the CC line.

  5. The short version of my answer.
    Boys at least in America are still taught and live under toxic masculinity. Anything female, anything is seen as bad/makes you gay/etc. Calling something "a p..." as a slur, is a slur against women/girls. Because women and girls are still seen, as the default wrong. And no self respecting CiS hetro normative man, is going to want to give a doll to his boy. No matter how that doll is packaged or what his background story. This country has a long,long way to go till that changes.

    Anyone (generic) saying "but not all men" needs to sit and STFU, you (generic) are part of the problem.

    Unrelated, if someone makes Nogan biracial and gives him long hair, cause lol that's cool. I'm gonna rip someone a new ass. The historical and modern discrimination of PoC with natural,long hair carries weight. Weight that lol white CiS people, "long hair is so edgy" do not understand. I'm not playing wider AG fandom.

    1. "Pussy" in that context is actually an abbreviation of "pusillanimous", but I highly doubt most of the people who use it are aware of that so I guess it makes no difference.

    2. I thought they were referring to the term, (excuse my language) "Puff". Or "Pufter". Is that a thing in America? It's thing here in Aus. Mostly used by white dads. But yeah I agree with everything you stated.

  6. Neth I agree with you 10000%

    I was pissed off when Buzzfeed did nothing abut a black GOTY, or Felicity coming back, but freaked out about Logan. WTF buzzfeed!

    This feels like America,the black girl gets some attention but then is taking over by the white bot form the south, white boys are represented way too much, but I feel like that Asians have little representation, so I can't wait for Z. But I just want to behead the country music kids, (What 10 year old even likes country music) what I like about the historic books is that they seem realistic, but in GOTY books the stories end with the everything is perfect for me crap that I hate.

    My Julie and Kit dolls are wearing their pussy hats until people stop with the mega Logan crush (TBH he is so F-ing ugly)

  7. catching up on my ag news! and you have gifted us with this gorgeous recap!

    ugh, why does it seem like it's always one step forward, two steps back? nanea is such a lovely surprise, though. the z crew videos are awfully cute, having her in doll form might be too much of a temptation to resist.

    oh ffs... "my feminism will be inclusive or it will be bullshit" is about including other marginalized groups, meaning feminism isn't just for white able-bodied cisgender heterosexual thin women. why am I not surprised that people butcher that to be "what about teh white menz and boyz!?" sigh.

  8. I think when they created kaya they never expected to use her mold again because AG standard dolls are supposed to have buck teeth and for Kaya the exception was made. girls usually feed their dolls, give them tea, brush their teeth so the doll has to have realistic teeth and look relatable like a mini me companion. that is prolly the reason they never used kayas mold on any other doll of color. but when it was time to design logan they thought he doesnt have to be as realistic as the other girl dolls especially truly me so he can have a closed mouth since he s not going to be anyones mini me companion so they used kayas mold. i really think they should tweak her mold, give her teeth and use it for TM dolls of color in the future while kaya the character remains the same. but she ll be AGs only doll with a closed mouth. however I dont mind AG using the mold for future boy dolls and I love the way logan looks. kayas face is too cute to not be used more often

  9. I love your blog, and this post is awesome. I especially like that you are standing up for my favorite girl, Kaya. But I'm surprised as a person who advocates for dolls of color that you are letting AG off the hook when it came to Nanea's eye color. Along with Kanani, this is 100% of their Polynesian dolls having green eyes! That shit is outrageous. And this is much worse because she's supposed to be historical. I love her face mold and hair, but giving a Hawaiian person European eyes is white-washing at its best. I'm a little surprised you want to get her.

    1. There is an issue with Nanea having hazel eyes, and I'm more than touch tired of seeing them on everyone. But people of color come with all kinds of eye colors, not just brown, and to assume so is problematic. Vanessa Williams, for example, has blue eyes but is a person of color. Calling hazel eyes "European" implies that PoC have to have brown eyes or else they're mixed, which isn't true.

    2. Green eyes are most certainly European. Native Hawaiian people cannot possibly carry the gene for green eyes. That's science. It would be the same implication as Gabby, Addy, Kaya, etc having blue or green eyes. Of course it's possible... if you're part white. But making their dolls of color part white is exactly the excuse AG uses for white-washing their dolls. Don't take my word for it, do some research on origins of eye color. And as for Vanessa Williams, she is mixed, and she didn't get her eye color from her black side. You know as well as I do that the only time AG makes their dolls mixed is to cater to white people. Or else they would've made her mixed but still have brown eyes. This is a cop-out to get more racist parents to buy the doll. Call it what it is.

    3. You are a million levels of wrong, that is not science at all, and I don't have the time to explain to you using a Mendel Square and several google searches how green eyes/blue eyes/hazel eyes are most certainly not solely the domain of White people (also Europe is more than white people what the entire christ). But a long story short, way to show up and invalidated a relative of mine's eye color, one who was not part white unless you want to go back at least two generations. Come the hell on. White people didn't invent and don't solely own light eyes. Don't be ignorant.

      Go learn you some truth about eyes instead of assuming that PoC can't have your Special Eyes. (MY BRAND.)

    4. You're assuming, AG, that her parents are both native Hawaiian. That might not be the case. And genetics, in general, can be tres screwy. According to genetics, my siblings and I should be darker skinned Italians, like my father, with dark hair and brown eyes. Instead he has two blonde girls with blue eyes and a hazel-eyed redhead.
      Genetics are not fool-proof.

    5. I have no idea how prevalent green eyes are specifically in Polynesian populations, but it's clearly not true that "Green eyes are most certainly European" as some the earliest historical records of green eyes are from central Asia.

      Also, contrary to what many people learned in their high school bio classes, eye colour inheritance is actually non-Mendelian. When it comes to polygenic traits, it's not that genetics isn't fool-proof, it's that the process of inheritance is more complicated than a lot of people imagine based on that simplification that tends to be taught.

    6. I believe today there are less than 4000 full blooded Hawaiians so it is likely that even in the 40s Nanea may have been part hawaiian...most of those in mu hula group were a mix of hawaiian, tongan, samoan, white, filipino and japanese...they had varying skin, hair and eye tones from blonde to black hair, but all were considered "hawaiian" that being said I am sick of hazel!

    7. Also a simple google search will show africans with blue eyes, blonde asians, etc etc...genetics is not cut and dry.

  10. When I first heard the leaks for a new boy doll, I was excited. Finally I can get a brother for my doll, and not uave to customize one. However, when they showed his face, I got angry. That's Kaya's face mold! Special to her! That's not for a boy! I decided I'd spend my money on someone different. When I saw Nanea, I practially squealed. She's so pretty! I hope that Nanea takes off like a rocket, bringing Z, Felicity, and Gabby with her.

  11. Hi Neth,
    New to your blog and doll collecting, love Nanea too!! Although in this pic, I think her eyes look painted on, hope not. I only have 3 AGS, Kaya, who I have always loved, just got Cecile and Nellie on Ebay. My husband grew up in an adopted family in Northern Ireland, outwardly irish catholic, but pagan roots. So Nellie really means alot to me. I am pagan too, but not wiccan.

    1. I think Nanea looks like a Wellie wisher or Disney Princess/anime eyes. "Pretty" in a a way but not "real girl" like AG has always been or relatable. If this is the direction of AGs new dolls, count me out. Maybe some of her outfits will be nice, but I'm not buying her for my daughter (and she agrees after seeing the stock photo).

    2. Having the same thoughts! And I'm partial to the dolls that look like normal little girls. It's why I loved Melody, Molly, and Kit. Nanea is Moana. And the rarer than rare hazel eyes.

  12. Thank you so much for this post. I would have been much less angry at AG if they'd developed a new mold for Logan. If they thought two new molds would really be too much, they could have re-used or altered the #4 mold for Nanea.

    And ugggh, having a girl character be the drummer would have been so much cooler and less gender-stereotypey. *sigh*

  13. I think what's bugged me the most about the permapantie debacle is that it just feels like it's a move made to please pearl-clutching, pseudo-puritanical parents that are scandalized by the sight of naked doll butts. It's the only reason that really makes more sense to me than the excuses I'd been seeing online. Cutting costs? Doesn't seem like it'd be cheaper add steps to constructing a doll body than it would be to throw on a pair of underwear. Increase sales at their UAE store? From what I can tell, some Muslim modesty restrictions apply more to how much arm or leg you're showing than they do to underwear. Decrease loss? If that's the case, why not do it with all the dolls (including Logan)?

    No, my tinfoil hat theory is that they got too many calls from uptight prudes who where afraid of their young girl children being corrupted by the sight of featureless naked doll bum (plus they need to reinforce the notion that a girl's main job is to make sure her naughty bits stay covered at all times so as not to make the menfolk stumble.)

    1. AG has a UAE store?!

  14. Educational and snarky as always! I told AG what I thought about Tenney and Logan yesterday (the day they debuted) by buying Gabriela.

  15. Wonderful! A new historical doll! : D

    Any thoughts on the minister that's against Logan (as much as I hate to rain on #BOYcottLogan)

    1. People like him are dimebag a dozen and getting attention they don't need. Preachers ranting against AG, Harry Potter, Pokemon, jelly bracelets, the Simpsons, D&D, gender neutral legos, the rock and rolls--all of it boils down to "hey if I rant against new thing and claim some jesus on the side, I'll get my 15 minutes."

  16. Hey Neth!
    Love your blog! Longtime reader, first time poster.
    I got a big ass problem with AG allowing Southern Fried Mayo and Face Stealing Bastard to snatch up all of Gabriela's spotlight especially during Black History Month. Me and the GrandBrats had reservations at AG Cafe on the 18th, but I changed when I found out TaySway and Bieber were being released on the same day. I didn't feel like dealing with all of the blonde frenzy.

    I actually would have waited a little longer for an AGDoCGotY, if she were done right, but they slapped her together on a humbug and said " here ya go, now shut up!". But I must say, Nanea looks adorable, I hope AG does right by her; and I may hafta get her for me and the GrandBrats.

  17. I was so excited when I saw "Ten-tay" and the "Face-Stealer" were coming out, because I knew your post about them would be excellent, and it was. I always love reading your blog. Whenever you do make it out to the store to see things for yourself, will you please check out Felicity's eyes? I am a lifelong fan of Lissie the Lezzie, but the doll's eyes have always scared me. They seem unnaturally green, emitting a near-radioactive glow. Please let us know if her eyes have changed at all for this re-release.


    I feel the only reason why Nogan got poor Kaya's face is because other companies made a lot of money with closed-mouth boy dolls who even have haircuts and -colours similar to Nogan here, re: Maru and Friends, Kidz 'n Cats, Carpatina... and they just couldn't be arsed to, oh I don't know, design a NEW face for the boy doll. Also, call me a cynic but as much as I love, love, love Nanae and want to have her, I can't shake the feeling her only right to exist from AG's point of view is Disney's brilliant, beautiful Moana.

    1. Having the same feelings with Nanea, and I'm against the hazel eyes.

  19. I just discovered your blog and right off I have to say that I feel like a bobblehead... Nodding like crazy here.

    My 2cents worth is worth at least 230 at AG and Iʻll hang onto it. Iʻm sick of white bread and mayo. Fed up with fellas thinking they have to fix things. There are not enough female guitar players and a lot of it has to do with ʻface stealersʻ.
    Well ok - so way back in the sixtieʻs there was no Barbie in our house, Tressie was a redhead and my kid sister got a Skipper doll, my brother got GI Joe. We all played dolls and we all created roads in the yard with our Tonka trucks. We all played with the race car set and the building of forts and castles. I have put dolls in boys hands and wrenches in girls hands. Boys cook and sew and girls like cars and music.

    I have a sore spot with the doll world and instead of liking this musical avenue, I loathe it.

    I just mainly want to say thanks for saying it, now I donʻt have to.

  20. I just wanna say that between now and Nanea's release, all the people I've seen calling her "Nanae" better get their shit together. It's her name. Spelling it right is the least amount of respect you can give her.

  21. If Addy's leaving...I get the feeling AG is eventually going to ride on this "two perspective" thing, after the success of Nanea, and eventually get us a Southern belle from 1861 during the Civil War. American Girl doesn't recognize that people are excited about Nanea being a doll of color, not just another doll from the 1940s, but they do recognize they can get rid of old characters and bring new perspectives. It may not happen next year, or the year after, maybe five years from now. But that confederate doll is on the way. I've been hearing tons of anti-Addy fans begging for one.

    I'm terrified.

  22. Is it okay to dress the white dolls in the black dolls clothing? And vise versa? I fail to see how that would be a problem. I've mixed and shared their wardrobes.

    1. Asking me this question is asking for my endorsement of white dolls in PoC clothing and I don't give it. Don't ask me this question, because all you want is me to say "yes" so that you don't feel guilty.

  23. Wow.

    1-Of all the names to pick for a poorly-though-out boy doll, LOGAN? Does he have younger siblings named Kerry and Hunter? Is he from Kentucky? The rest of him falls between cringe and "WHAT?!" but to give him the same name as the most famous boy baby-sitter? None of this makes any sense!

    2-Gabby's not getting a movie?! My jaw actually dropped. I'm shocked.

  24. As much as I love little boys (gave birth to two) they dont belong at AG. I used to live in Hawaii so am excited about Nanea and looking forward to her collection. Tenney is cute but they should have shelved her til next year. Im hoping Gabriela gets something cool before she leaves. Gabby and Z are on my...I mean mu daughters christmas list.

  25. Just a quick question for you - I'm seeing lots of Z bashing due the permapanties, soft vinyl and poor wig. Like lots of hate for the panties especially - so much that people are returning her. If the hate for the undies continues, do you think AG will return to quality (due to revenue loss) or do you think they will suck it up and rely on other dolls to pick up the slack/revenue loss? (just asking)


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