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Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Pajama Jammy Jams: Polar Bear Pajamas (2013)

Michi wishes the weather was warmer. She certainly is.
It's March, and in theory the days should be getting warmer and the plants should be wiggling up. But someone on the East coast clearly pissed Demeter off,1 cause she's been dumping snow, sleet, and ice on them like it ain't no thang. Climate change, motherfuckers. Here in the PNW we're not snowed on--in fact, we didn't get any snow all winter near the Puget sound. Or at least not near my place. Fuck you climate change, I didn't move to Seattle to have Texas Winters. Now how am I going to take cute pictures of Addy with her sled? Sigh, I'll just have to snap shots of Felicity in the cherry tree that's popped its flowers. But it still got cold, the nights are still in the low to mid 40s at best, and I'm better off keeping the heater on and remembering to put on house slippers here and there when my toesies need cosies. So if you're all snowed in--or even if you're not--grab some warm drinks, tuck your AG into her toastiest pajamas, and read more reviews by yours truly.

I have a bit of a love of AG pajamas. Nearly all my AG Historicals have their canon PJs,2 several of my created historicals have pajamas I either made or swiped from others--Edith notably has Emily's, which is very 60s--I have a couple PJs from other historicals, and I have enough modern ones that in theory I can get all my moddies and near moddies in pajamas and have a pajama jammy jam. Today we're reviewing the Polar Bear Pajamas, a notably more recent addition to my pajama stash: a blue tunic top, polar bear print leggings, knit boot slippers, and two white ponytail holders. And a Square "Real""charm but since the charms are being phased out, whatever. (Let's see what clutter they put with Truly Me.3) These came out in 2013 and very recently retired--as in I just noted as such on the wiki, and they were in the last Cyber Monday Sale. I purchased a set soon after release at the AG store for the original cost of  $24. They went down to almost half off during Cyber Monday to $12.50 before they sold out. Since they just retired, the 'Bay people will try to get you to pay $35-40 or more for them. Hah. Bide your time, get them cheap. Michi has half claimed these as her own, though other moddies have worn them. There's also a bonus when we get to the shoes.

To the review. 

Ponytail holders, cause sleeping with hair loose is tangling.
Ponytail Holders: Once in a while, American Girl tosses some ponytail holders in with their modern clothes. They do it pretty frequently, actually. They're not fancy for the most part. These are just some white ponytail holders, and you get two of them. I use them to put Michi's hair in braids, and call it good. You could get the same effect by buying pack of them in the a hair care section, but it's nice when they add them in, so I'll give them a B.

You get a pass cause you're blue. And other reasons.
Top: We start off the actual clothes with a blue long sleeved t-shirt jersey hip length tunic top. It's been the current trend for several AG pajamas to be tunics over leggings in the modern line, starting with I think the Honey Puppy PJs. Don't hold me to that. Tunic styles are not my favorite style of pajamas. I'm more of a t-shirt and sweatpants/boxers kind of girl for my lounge around ware. But they're not my least favorite.

The top is a heather blue color. Good job, AG. I can rarely resist a blue set of pajamas. Heather is not just a color of purple, a popular 80s name, or a dark comedy movie that couldn't get made today;4 it's a fabric style. Heather fabric is made by weaving or knitting the threads in a mixed colors method so that there's variant tones of other colors in the cloth. While it's often done with tonal greys or a grey base--hence the term "heather grey"-it can be done with brighter colors. I love heather shades a lot, so point in the PJ's favor.

The collar is a basic t-shirt style--not too high or too low. 

Logo stamp.
On the left breast is the shorter version of the AG Logo stamp: Capital A, Tilted Star, Capital G. It's marking the set without having the full one, and it generally isn't much of a pain in the ass to look at. This one's done in white and basically an iron on so if you just hate it so much you can't even, scratch peel it off and wreck the clothes.

Button, button, who's got the button?
A false placket at the front is decorated with three circular blue buttons in a column. I love a nice set of buttons even if they're only there for show--both on AG clothes and on my own.

Lacey edge.
At the high waist area is a single line of blue stretch lace. Another point, cause fuck how I love lace. The tunic looks like there's a seam to make a high waist, but nah, it's just sewn on the base tunic for the illusion and only on the front. The tunic bodice is all one piece with an a-line cut from the pits, for minimal shaping and nice drape.

Warm sleeves.
The sleeves come down to almost the wrist and have no trims--no lace, no dots, nothing. A simple serged and tucked hem's all you need.

The bottom hem is also unadorned and a basic surge and tuck under.

Logo patch.
 Mostly unadorned. At the right bottom edge there's a logo patch in blue text on a dark blue background. Rep your brand.

And the whole thing velcros up the full back. While tunics aren't my thing, the colors and details bump this to an A.

The "polar bear" part. Bottoms up!
Leggings: Underneath the tunic is the whole "polar bear" part of the pajamas: blue polar bear print stretch leggings. They're very very blue, and very very print, and one of my favorite parts of the whole set. Seriously, these are hella fucking cool. Polar bears are pretty awesome and one of my favorite animals. So if we collectively could let science do its fucking job and acknowledge human-driven climate change, we can try to fix things enough that they won't go extinct in the wild and end up confined to zoos, holiday Coke commercials, and pajama bottoms?5 Kay thanks, rant over.

The cloth is thick, because these are supposed to be the "winter" pajamas. AG tends to do winter and summer pajamas--basically, shorts and longs. I generally prefer longs because my pajamas are both sometimes sleepwear and mostly bum around the house wear.

The print, on a dark blue background, is of polar bears surrounded by blue swirls and fleurs, with here and there stars. A lot of the bears on my set are upside down and sideways, but I don't care. The colors are simple and contrast-compliment, which helps the bears stand out.

Elastic waist.
The waistband is basic pull on elastic in a channel. Who's putting fasteners in leggings? No one with sense, that's who.

The leggings come down to about mid calf, so they don't interfere with the slippers too much. Again, basic hem. The print's the focus of the leggings, not any fancy trims or fluffs. A. Shit, if these had fit over Big Black Thirty-Plus Year Old Legs and hips, I'd have gotten my own set. I'll just have to make do with my own blue flannel polar bear pajamas.

Fuzzy comfort boots.
Slipper Boots: We finish off this ensemble with a pair of blue fleece and knit slipper boots, to help with the whole polar bear look and the whole "warm pajamas" look. Unlike the tunic pajama deal, I love the slipper boot trend--slippers that cover my ankles and only come off when I pull them off? Hell to the yeah. These compliment both the calm basic of the top and the loud print of the leggings.

The tops have faux white fur on the top edge, and inside are lined with fleece. Your doll will not have cold toes today, no she will not. On the toes are intarsia six-point snowflakes.

The knit top also has a patter of blue hearts between dashed lines, again in  simulated intarsia knit. Most people call any sort of multi knit color pattern "Fair Isle," and it's become a common term, but there's actually a noted difference. While Fair Isle carries along the color not in use behind the active color in a strand, intarsia drops the color not in use until it's needed again and is generally done in a chart style.

The soles of the doll's shoes are plain fleece with no grip to the bottom. Which works because they're doll slippers, so they're supposed to be a little less elaborate. A+. I want these in my size.

Actually, about that.

Wand, make my slippers GROW!6
Knit Booties: American Girl clothes come in a range of sizes. The biggest dresses come in about size 20 girls, which I outgrew at age twelve or so when my knockers came in that summer between fifth and sixth grade.7 The slippers start at a Children's Size One at the smallest and go up to X-Large--which is a Woman's 7 1/2 to 9. I wear a Size 8 shoe--8 1/2 when I want something to put thick socks under. And my feet get semi cold because we only have wall heaters, even though I generally sit right next to one at my desk.

You saw where this was going. I own AG slippers. In the case of these, I held off til Cyber Monday, and then snapped up a set for 14 mother fucking dollars (and 50 damn cents). Get funky wit' it. I may not be able to fit the clothes, but I can wear the fuck out of some AG slippers and can't no one tell me shit when I put them on.

There's some noted differences in the slippers between Girl's size--mine--and the doll's.8

The toes still have the intarsia knit but it's more evenly shaped; the doll's is a little squished for the scale. It also has the points on the flakes.

Side pattern.
There's still the heart pattern between dashed lines, but they are complimented with larger solid lines and then interlaced every other row with white six-point snowflakes. And no fleece high up on the sides. They're knit all the way nearly to the sole.

Fluffy top!
The tops are still fluffy white fur, so I can pretend that maybe this winter it snowed enough for the indulgence of needing fur-top boots.

Inside the lining is blue fleece, same as the doll's.

Repping my brand.
Inside is the AG logo on inner lining. Fun fact: The day I got these, I tried to show my husband the logo and didn't realize it wasn't on the sole. They're a little grubby because shut up, I've been wearing the hell out of these slippers.

Since these are going to be worn by actual humans who can slip and fall on their ass, the sole is rubberized with some non-slip dotted cloth over it and the size of your shoe imprinted on the bottom. There's also a small trim of fleece near the edge.

True love is your bae taking pictures of your feet for doll blogs.
And in case you thought I was lying about wearing these bastards. Nah, brah, I wear my slippers. A+. Fuck yeah, fucking warm feets.


Overall Feel: This is one of my favorite recent pajama sets ever to come out of AG. While I'm not a fan of tunics+leggings, the heather blue of the tunic and nice trim bump it up to a like, and the boots and slippers tie for best elements. The ponytail holders are pretty generic, and can be replaced with any other set. The slippers in doll size aren't as detailed as my own, but they are on a smaller scale and just as cute. And I love fur trimmed boots. They make me feel warm. I love my slippers so much I wear them practically all the time in the house, and they get hella use. They've got some grub from walking around, and I probably need to look into a spot clean of them when I switch to my Julie slippers.

Cost Value:
I don't really regret getting the doll set on the early side for full price. The bargain on my boots was sweet, too. Don't do more than $30-$35 for a complete doll set or $20-24 for a you set of slippers if you can fit em, and you can forgo the ponytail holders but not the rest of the outfit.

Timeliness: The set might be a little dated when the trend of fuzzy boots and tunic pajamas dies down, but not too much like some others. Generally, pajamas don't date too badly, unlike most fashions. Most people aren't big on super fashioned PJs and as long as it's not that AG union suit, you're good.

Mix and Match Levels:
Pajamas don't generally get mix and match deals. In theory, the leggings could make some pretty kickass 80s looks over a bulky white sweater or long shirt, though. If you like that.
Final Grade:
A, with an A+ for cute slippers in my size. Warm Toes 2K15. Now next year can I get some damn snow?


1 I have my theories. They mostly involve people I don't like.
2 Excepting Nellie, and including Kaya who sleeps nude. Though she occasionally wears modern ones.
3 It'd be nice if it was a personality book or crafting ideas book or something.
4 Seriously, they try to blow up the school, it'd go over about as well as a wet fart in a broken elevator post-Columbine.
5 There are not two sides to a great many topics. There's the truth, and there's the side that are full of fucking idiots that need to shut up and get slapped in the proverbial mouth every time they try to claim they're the "other side" until they just go away. These include vaccinations (vaccinate your fucking kids), climate change (fuck you it's happening let's try not to wreck shit up), and social change (why the entire fuck would you be against society being less bigoted, you dumb fuck).
6 Rita Repulsa, yeah~
7 Several girls in fifth grade called me "Blackboard" in fifth grade because I didn't wear more than a basic training bra and the most busty girl in class wore a whole B cup. And also because I was black, because pre-teen girls are terrible little bastards. Then I came back in a C almost D cup bra after that summer where Tits went a poppin' and Miss B-Boobies said I was lying until I showed her my tag in my bra during gym class, and then she popped her teeth and called me a slut, because pre-teen girls are terrible little bastards.
8 Ignore the blue thread danging around. I sometimes wear these when I sew or craft and there is thread all over my house.


  1. Michi is a beautiful model and I think your slippers are cool. Wish it wasn't so hot where I live all the time so maybe I could wear slippers, lol.

    Also, just curious, is Michi pronounced like "Mickey" or or “Mee-Chee” or “Mish-Eye”…? Lol, sorry if this is weird I just am bad with names.

    1. It's "Mee-Chee." It's short for her middle name, Michiru. She's half Japanese.

  2. Thank you! I really can't even begin to take anti-science people seriously! There was a great opinion piece in one of the scientific journals my old lab used to follow about how detrimental this notion of "what is your opinion on this scientific finding" can be for policy making. PEER review is great, but everyone's feelings really aren't relevant. Please USA, do better science education.

  3. I have to say, it's interesting to read your comments about Heathers from the future of 2018. Seeing as there's now a Heathers TV series, and they actually delayed the premiere out of respect for the Stoneman Douglas victims.


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