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Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Rambled Opinions and General Snarkiness: '15 Summer Launch with BF Bedtime, Grace by Space, and Modern Comforts

Just because we don't get along doesn't mean I can't frame you well, Samantha Parkington.
It took me a bit to handle the new shit. The weekend right after the new launch I went to the mall that has my comic books but not AG stuff as well as a festival, and since the Bae does the driving we can go to one mall a weekend if they're in opposite directions from each other, and they are. Look, I don't argue with the conservation of gas. Save the Planet. So instead I went to AG on the 3rd, spent the 4th burning things in the name of AMERICA, and the 5th complaining that it's too damned hot to type. It's still too damned hot. I think I brought the Texas Weather back with me to the PNW. But I'm at least in a position to get my blog on for you, the eager consumers of my content and happy audience--and if you're here to be a hater, then hate on, I don't give a fuck sweetie.

AG is getting fairly good about their social media presence, even if I'm still unable to interact wholly with their FB page.1 Not only was the Spring Fling given leaks on Pinterest (which I hate to deal with) and Instagram (which I like dealing with), so was this Summer launch, giving us eager buyers and collectors an idea what was up and coming. Even if I pretty much knew a huge amount from scoop fairies and unethical eBay sellers selling factory seconds that folk be finding, that doesn't mean that everyone does, and I like to see how AG pushes their own hype. Which is why I hate hate hate comments on posts like AG, Monster High, and Ever After High media posts that are all "we already know this is on the way and the name of that character and her monster parent and blah blah blah give us something new."2 Companies have their own way of announcing things and building up marketing for their products, and it's not by you finding leaks of shit on line and spreading it among your little small media circles to the point you're bored already when they start talking. Not everyone knows everything already from leaks and dig ups and is in the loop like that. Don't be a fucking killjoy about new stuff to people that maybe haven't seen it. It's arrogant, rude, and dickish. Don't be a dick.

This summer release comes right on the very heels of  the Truly Me Revamp--only about a month later, in fact. This is because, come August, Caroline sails away to the big Archival Vault and Maryellen pops out and that is going to be the thing to sit in the spotlight and the book set I'll buy immediately. Ah, I remember when Addy was launched and she only got her first three books and the rest came in the next spring and there was nothing to be done but wait on the entire second half of her story. Be glad you little cheeky baubles get things much more upfront now.

To the shiny things!

BeForever: Hush Now, Quiet Now, It's Time to Go To Bed 3

When Samantha Parkington popped back out of the Vault, she got all new things, despite the wailing that she should have another version of that awful plaid pleated dress. New bed, new nightgown, new bedtime accessories, and all new nightclothes for kids. And now AG is doing the same for all the other girls, so everyone can be caught up to speed for new sleepwear and less historical cosplay. Caroline is on her way out, so she got nothing but a pat on the head and a "much like morning fog in Sacket's Harbor, you'll be mist."4 But in a hope for her not being booted yet, Josefina got some new stuff and is starting to catch up.

The beds themselves aren't super brand new in style, and some of the stuff is a blast from the past with a change in form and function, but it's the little things that get folks happy.

Addy: Now ready for coziness.
Addy's (New!) Nightgown: No more long floor length nightgowns with wrist length sleeves and front button plackets. Now Addy will be resting with Momma on those cool nights in a calf length nightgown with blue lace trim, floral embroidery and a little front bow. Included are two blue hairbows (on combs, because people are clearly incapable of tying ribbons) and blue versions of Cécile's old slippers that the girls here will compare during a pajama jammy jam. This is precious adorable--but what does Addy have that isn't?5 And yes, I got it, who do you take me for? Now she has a nice summer nightset round here. 

Addy going to bed with bed stuff. Ida Bean Returns!
Addy's Bedroom Accessories: Alas, poor Yorick, these were not at AG Seattle. So your out of box pics will have to be provided by Lily and Lissie until I can get them and update this post. (ETA, 12/24/15: I got a good pic of these in November. Enjoy!) Addy's beddy bye stuff is now the return of Ida Bean--minus earrings--the return of her book from the older nighttime accessory set, and a tweaked version of the lamp from the needlework kit that can actually light up now. I already have Addy's Ida and her book6 but I'll still be getting this set once I can--not only to help the "YASS ADDY" but because I've been trying to hunt down Addy's mother fracking lamp for years to complete my semi-authentic semi-complete needlework set, and if I'm going to pay $40 for a doll lamp I might as well do some comparisons with New!Ida and the book instead of paying that and shipping on the secondary market.

Double the beds? Double the beds.
Addy's (New!) Bed and Bedding: Let me modify the notebook problem. Neth sees the new Addy bed, with new quilt and pillow that are different from older bed and quilt and pillow she already has. She wants to buy the new bed. But she knows, she has not only the entire old set complete, but a bed her mother gifted her that she made a whole mattress and pillow set for, and she actually keeps Addy's quilt on that one. Addy already has two beds, and because of space they're actually tucked away anyways. What's the point? DON'T BUY THE OTHER ADDY BED.

...I'm going to buy the other Addy bed. Not yet, but I am. Cecile can use it and I'll make it nice and fancy for her.

Girl's sizes.
Embroidered Nightgown: For the girl who wants to dress like Addy, we have the nightgown modified--all light blue, button at the neckline, and slightly different embroidery. This I wouldn't wear--less because I'm not into Addy stuff and more because I'm not into nightgowns. But it's damned cute and I like it as an interpretation.

Yay Josefina is included too! ^.^
Josefina's Nightgown: No more plain red ribboned shift that doubles as a camisa if done right. Now it's a lace and muted pumpkin orange ribbon trimmed, tuck hemmed night gown. That can also probably double as a camisa, if done right. Plus, there's also some nice embroidered flat slippers that can double as casual shoes. I wibbled and wobbled and then fell down and got this too. It's really precious and Josefina deserves more love. I did grow up in Texas, y'know. I plan to try and get a camisa look out of it with some nice edged fabric I have in the house that I think might make the perfect skirt.

Josefina's (New!) Bed and Bedding: The bed was green, but now it's white. The sheepskin is gone, and the blanket is more orange. I have her older bedsheets, and buying her bed is money that I'll be throwing at new versions of Addy's bed so Josefina still isn't getting a bed. So far. You never know where I'll get doll beds.

Josefina's Nighttime Accessories: Much like Addy, Josefina's new stuff is made up of old stuff: New!Niña with no earrings, the candle and holder from her nighttime accessories, and the ledger, quill, ink bottle, and memory book from her school set. I'm not too hype for candles and candlesticks, and the rest is a revamp of stuff I've gotten. So for those that want the sweet ass book and ledger and Niña, have at it--and they are sweet. I'm still on a quest to throw money at Addy stuff. Don't think I don't love you, 'Fina mija, but we agree that Addy gets spoiled.

They won't fit and I'm SAD.
Desert Dreams Pajamas: Now these? These I would wear to bed. These I would wear to bed every night. That cute little top with such perf embroidery and those perfect shorts and wahhh I can't wear them, being an adult is terrible. I'll just have to make do with my Victorian bloomers, sniffle sniffle sulk.

Julie Behind Glass. It's the only way to be safe.
Julie's Zigzag Pajamas: Oh, Julie, darling, what happened? They took away your nice little high waist pink swishy set and gave you this thing, with pompons on the edges and pulled in waists and fuzzy stuff slippers. Otters can't chill in that! I can't walk in those slippers! No. No we shan't. You know better than that.

Julie's (New!) Bed and Bedding: Same bed, different colors. Instead of white, two square pillows, and a more muted sheet, we're going with some eye-searing purple and orange mashup with a different canopy, fuzzy flower pillow, and lots of flowers. Lots and lots of flowers. The 70s were a very ugly time, and AG is definitely reminding us of this way, way hard. I'll stick to the bed I have for her I got for Giftmas. The old one. That's still put away because I don't have space to display it yet. And isn't so orange my eyes want to fall out. Have I mentioned I generally hate orange? I generally hate orange. This is not helping.

That is a damn fine mirror.
Julie's Daisy Vanity Set: Too cool for school or dolls and books, Julie gets instead a whole damn vanity--yellow with a fuzzy stool, brush, and owl alarm clock. The brush screams "Someone is going to use this in doll hair" and the owl clock screams "HELL YEAH IT'S THE 70S." The mirror is probably the best part but I'm not buying a vanity set for a mirror. Even if my BJD could sit at it.

Zigzag Pajamas and  Fuzzy Fuchsia Slippers: While a little less ugly in girl's sizes--with the top being the zigzag and the bottoms solid with no leg bobbles--the nightclothes are still on the ugly side. And bobbles on my feet annoy me shitless. Sorry Julie, you lose this round of BeForever. Someone had to, and you sure made it easy.

Versions keep coming and coming.
(Kaya's) Pow-Wow Dress of Today III: No one was getting left out of the pajama revamp except Caroline. Not even Kaya. So how do we give her pajamas, given that her historical pajamas were nudity? The same way we always give Kaya new clothes: give her a new dress of today. We're up to the third version, this time sporting a clean blue and tan style with neat fringe and lovely boots. Later, I'll get it. I have em all so far, and it helps me expand my Kaya's official wardrobe for those times she's not in jeans and flannel like modern PNW Natives are. I'm rather displeased that the way Kaya's collection works means that she gets stuck with new stuff being pow-wow sets or nothing (it does not help with the whole "natives in the past" lies), but until AG knows what else to do with her, this is what we get.

Again I lament my adult butt.
Blue Patterned Pajamas: Again I find myself lamenting that I cannot fit in AG clothes, because these would be comfortable lounge wear. But I have 40+ inch hips and huge knockers, and these are children's clothes, and I can't get away with that. I'm not a fan of tribal being the new "trend"--again because it leads to faux native shit and jackasses in feathers at Coachella and Burning Man--but it looks like the stuff I bum around the house in right now anyways. And yes, those are Julie's slippers. They stuck Kit's new slippers with everybody's stuff too.

Speaking of which.

Don't call my pajamas baby clothes!
Kit's One-Piece Pajamas: Begone, frilly nightgown and hairbow from movies past! Kit is not a froofy girl and AG has started to defroof her and free her from the scourge of dressing her like Ruthie which she suffered for years. Now she's got long authentic one piece PJs in a doggy print, with a drop seat in the back for poopin' and neat little slippers. These are perfect for non flouncy girls, and that is what Kit is. I only allowed myself two sets of PJs this trip and Kit had recently got her chicken set, so next go round for this.

Of course, the fandom is surrounded by idiots on Pinterest who think that she wouldn't be caught wearing a "onesie" and that this is too babyish or boyish for Kit. Some people have been confused, or unsure, and that's different, but then you have the people claiming that this is mismarked Bitty Shit and I have to take them to school like using the Pencil Charge on zombies in Battleground Z. Onesie is actually a trademarked term (even though no one cares), so there's that to start. And more importantly, this is not a style for babies. What Kit is wearing is a union suit, a very popular style of men's sleepwear for several decades and even a previous style in the modern line. Those long underwear that Samantha lamented wearing? They were in this style--thinner to go under her stockings, but just like this.  Infants would have worn a union suit, but so would have everyone who didn't want to be cold. I don't super like the modern one that was out for a few years, but the style is perfect for a girl like Kit and if I'm ever assed to get the old one it'll be for her. Kit is a tomboy and she would have adored wearing more boyish,masculine pajamas rather than some frilly ass nightgown, fancy sailor PJs,7 or Ruthie's pink frou-frou monogrammed loungewear. Do you want tomboyish Kit that's accurate to the books? Do you even lift books? Then let her wear her boyish pajamas and stuff it.

Bed time for girls.
Kit's (New!) Bed and Bedding: Same bed, different design. It still folds out like before (I looked!), but now we've got pinwheel quilting in teal and a nice round throw pillow with actual embroidery. It's a little brighter in metal, but that's noting big. I...um...I might fold and get this. In fact, yes. Yes, I probably will fold and get this. Maybe before Addy's new bed, since I have two of them I HAVE A BED PROBLEM.

Now I can listen to all the hits of the 30s! Once I look up what they are.
Kit's Radio Set: Remember when Molly had a radio? You do? Well no one cares about Molly and radios are for Kit now. Not only do we have the radio that plays some snippets and also comes complete with audio jack like the Egg Chair8 to hook up your music player and get your sound on with, we have Kit's copy of Robin Hood from her old night stuff and a baseball pennant that just says "Go Team" because we couldn't get the rights for the Cincinnati Reds logo, there there pat pat pat. It's pretty damn cool and I think I'll get this set mostly for the radio down the line. Old time radios are badass.

And again I find myself seeing stupid shit on Pinterest and getting all twitchy and angrish. Yes, it can jack into modern music players just like the egg chair. And yes, that's not 100% historical. But it's not fucking licensing issues either. Even if AG could just program the sound toys to only do short clips or the like like Julie's record set, I wouldn't want them to and you shouldn't either. You know why? Kids don't want to be stuck with toys that only play a few preset sounds and then can't do anything else, no matter how historical that is or that people didn't have mp3s in the 1930s.9 Because guess what? Kids like modern music! And if they see they can play Taylor Swift or One Direction or whoever with their toys they'll like it more than just having to hear three or four historical clips when you push a few buttons and nothing else. If you want Kit's radio to only play old 30s music, you know what you can do? Download it and play it through the radio jack. You can even get your kids to do it too. Get some old songs for them to hear and set up a whole damned playlist and the group of you can voh-de-oh your doh til the milk cows come home, and then play Rihanna and Beyonce and Nicki Minaj and get multiple uses out of it! What a novel concept, using technology to teach instead of saying that back in your day children didn't have iPods. Quitcherbitching and go download the original broadcast of War of the Worlds.

Comfy pajamas for everyone!
Puppy Print Pajamas and  Coral Cuff Slippers: Your child will not be subjected to fireman's flap to bed down like Kit does--we have two pieces where Kit has a union, and matching knit slippers. The pajamas are pretty sweet and look like that would be so comfortable I am made of tears I can't wear them. The slippers, however, are too orange for my tastes. Welp, time to buy my own in adult sizes like them.

Now my PJs look less like bloomers!
Rebecca's Satin Pajamas: Ditching the old one piece bloomer style combination for something more smooth that won't require a buttflap, Rebecca now has purple two-piece satin with decorating cord knots, a hair bow, and satin slippers. Very chill. I'm thinking maybe of getting these for Nellie, since they're cute. They're not too inaccurate for her and I never got her old ones.

Catz and bedspread mussed.
Rebecca's (New!) Bed and Bedding: The bed and the bedding have switched color places, giving Rebecca a white bed with pink pillow and coverlet where she had a pink bed with white covers before. As much as I'm crazy for doll beds, I'm going to skip this one or else I'm going to have to sleep on tiny doll beds. Still, improvement over pink metal. Really, that was way off base.

Hhhhnnnn hnnnn hnnnngh.
Rebecca's Bedroom Accessories: Rebecca finally gets some nighttime goodies. She gets a book like everyone (but Daisy-Vanity Julie who has skipped school and reading to play basketball10) in Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm, the Russian nesting dolls everyone has been clamoring for and that I want, a set of tiny doll dominos that have me geeking, and oh my god a little doily and crochet hook in a carrying bag. It's so tiny and cute and I want to make tiny doilies and stuff them in there over and over. Becca, you mind giving this stuff to my gang to play with? No? Good.

Why are Sam's slippers over here with my shit, Rebecca thinks.
Satin Pajamas: Mostly like Rebecca's, the girl's set is. but the top is more off center and wrap style, and the legs are looser and more flowing. Still, I'd chill in these. They look like the kind of stuff I'd just flop around in with a candy cigarette and a glass of red wine being sophisticated.11 

Grace's Stuff: Covering a Cake We Baked Last Week

For Goodness, BAKE!
The week before the summer launch, Grace's extra stuff came out all by itself, finishing her world and not letting you buy it en masse.12  Now, I could have done a post just on that, but nah, I'm not that kinda of girl--especially when I'm still pretty damned "meh" on her being Chrissa with Lipgloss. So she just got to wait until I was ready. Most of her stuff wasn't even for the doll, it was for people use. But thing is, it's hella neat. Some of it, at least. This also includes some store only items that you can either have someone pick up for you before year's end, get one at Williams Sonoma baking classes, or buy on the 'Bay.

Six foods for one "low" price!
Grace's French Dessert Set: Want some of the tiny foods that come with either the big-as-shit bakery or the also-fairly-big pastry cart, but don't want either one? Live near an AG store? Don't mind bread being labeled as a dessert? Then you can get four treats and two breads in a fancy box at any AG location--and only at an AG location. Store exclusive, baby. I am a sucker for tiny food. I am going to repaint my tarts, probably or label them coffee cakes, because Marisol and I can't be risking chemical burns.

Spatulas for hunger.
Spatula: Hey people, want to buy a spatula with Grace's logos on it? Sure you do. At least, AG thinks that. The spatula costs $13 and is combination project between American Girl and Williams Sonoma, who I guess do lots of cooking and food stuff. I dunno, I buy my cookware at multi-department stores like Target or Fred Meyer like the plebe I am. 30% of the purchase goes to the Share Our Strength No Kid Hungry campaign AG has partnered up with this year, donating to help feed children. Which, having been a hungry child and a hungry teen and a hungry college student, I am down to help with. But not by slacktivism buying a spatula. 30% of 13 is $3.90. I can do math, and that's not much. Sorry not sorry, I just donated a straight five bucks to the campaign when I bought my stuff. If you want the spatula sure, but I'm not going to buy cookware I don't need when I can give money direct.

More French for you to absorb. And maybe stare at.
Grace's Sightseeing Outfit: Grace's last outfit is the same one on the cover of Grace Makes it Great: a black and white striped shirt with bow accent, white dotted tulle skirt, and silver sandals. This I think I'll get as it's not so bad a set and that top is super cute, even with sequins. Alas, I'll have to do without her fancy boots because they come with:

Grace's Sightseeing Accessories: That's right. The boots come separate. Along with a red pull over shrug and blue glasses. For two bucks less than the outfit. HAH. No, AG, you got me twisted, I am not going pay that much for shoes and shrugs and heart shaped glasses. My girls will wear sandals or generic black boots and casual sweaters and plain sunshades when they go flipping around to sight see and they will like it.

Grace's Sweet Hairstyles Set: What am I supposed to do with this nonsense? Nothing, that's what. I can buy hairclips, I can buy hairbands, I can buy bobby pins and ponytail holders and all that I want and I can not have weird hair bows made of actual hair or some shit. No dice.

Blue Shirt.
Sparkle Bow Tee: Blue shirt, sparkle bow, wear it under the apron, go nuts. Even if it fit me I like my tee shirts comfortably geeky.

Pink shirt.
Puppy Tee: All the Bonbon you could want in a t-shirt. If you want that in a t-shirt. I don't.

A bunch of em all lined up.
Travel Case: These are nifty. There's a top and bottom component, with blue lining and zipper closures. They say travel case, but you can use these for anything--pencil or art storage, makeup, Amiibos, doll storage, or beaning someone in the head. I plan to use it to store all my Grace Brand clothes and accoutrements when I get it--probably next month. It's hella better than Wonderbread's useless plastic makeup case crap.

For hauling phones in purses.
Dots and Bows Phone Wristlet: Nah. I like my purses big enough to carry books in, I'm going to go get that one that comes with the accessories in my size.

Stationery. With an E. That's how you know it's the paper one.
Bon Voyage Stationery Set: Oh my gods it comes in a tiny suitcase and I can think about writing letters on it and then never do it because damaging unique papers makes me anxious. I have as much of a weakness for paper for letters as I do for beds, so this is in the maybe to yes pile.

Stick jewelry on it, if that's your thing.
Jewelry and Photo Keeper: If you really wants to get a tiny pink Eiffel tower and postcard for $24 instead of an outfit, knock yourself out. I keep my rings and necklaces on a disconnected mannequin hand I plan to mount in a box like Thing like the weirdo I am.

You want me to give you how much?
Grace Thomas's Bracelet for Girls: I was right! They did come out with a charm bracelet! For half the cost of getting a doll! Wait what? That's right, they want me to pay $60 for it. I said I way back when Grace ButterCream came out that I'd get the jingly things if it wasn't a stupid cost and nope, it's a stupid cost. I want it, but not for $60. And I don't care if the mixer mixes and the dog has little rhinestones in the collar, I'll be assed I'm paying that much. My opal ring costs less than that. $30 and I'd have though about it, $25 and I'd say yes without hesitation, but not for $60. Y'all got me twisted.

Making faux foods.
Baking with Grace: Ah, now that's more like it. Like the moddy craft books, there's a book and then some things to make and display and get creative with. I flipped through it and it's actually pretty damn nice. Next time, this can jump in the bag, and then we can maybe do some things with it and make cool mock foods.

So, not a bad ending for Grace Vanilla Bean ButterCream's collection.13  I'm not even as mean to her as I was to WonderBread, Still, tired of these white or half white girls. AG stop playing it safe and give us steady, respectful girls of color.

Modern Doll Quarterly: Back to School Edition (Bonus Insert: Store Exclusives!)

The Truly Me Launch was, when you look at it, pretty small: Three dolls, a new meet outfit, and some summer wear and a few extras. This is the bulk of the new stuff for being Truly Me, all for your modern girl with her iPods and smartphones her hippy hop and her sneakers and sportsketballs going back to school where she probably even gets to use computers and internet instead of reading out of date encyclopedias like people had to do back in my day, how dare dolls remind me 29 is behind me now I'm going to go bitch again that Kit's radio allows connection to an mp3 player.   

I too, play with scarves around my neck.
Recess Ready Outfit: School today involves a dress over leggings, a scarf (sewn so that instead of wrapping it it opens in the back, bullshit) and silver high tops which scream "get these for Kimmy and Tyanna." I'm mad about the scarf but like the rest. It's a ehhh, let's see it elsewhere.

Better Meals thanks to Obama.
Hot Lunch Set: Back in the far flung 90s, your hot lunch involved pizza, half a banana, salad, milk, and a peanut butter cookie. Well, we still have the milk, but now we're doing a hamburger, baby carrots, fruit salad, a brownie, and string cheese. I can't trust that brownie. But I am a sucker for doll food. Hmm. Truly a dilemma.

Yay sports?
Basketball Outfit V: Five of them, now--this one's blue and yellow, and good for shooting the thing through the thing for the thing. I don't find doll basketball thrilling, but I give it credit for a lack of pink and purple.

Sport Storage Bench: Want more sports? We got sports! We got jump ropes and wiffle balls and baseball bats and clipboards with pencils and tiny sports cones and even a football because FUCK IT SPORTS and a bench to keep it in! Not for me, but cool for others.

All the colors.

Sparkle Sweater Outfit: Matching? That's early 2000s shit. This is the 2010s and we do what we want. Pink sweater coral laces teal skirt blue boots, ALL OF IT AT ONCE. It's way too much together but if that's what the kids are wearing. AG really gotta quick chucking random colors out for the moddies. I'm ready for things to match again.

Bring the car around.
Tweed Driver's Cap: AG has decided to jump into the hat game more for moddies, and this is one of the new three hats. I like it, but I need to find something to put it with before I get it. We ain't just gonna have pinky red tweed caps for the hell of it.

Science Fair Set: Want your girl to have some STEM in her life and a pet lizard? Well, you can start at least with the science of the sky and follow in the footsteps of the illustrious Neil DeGrasse Tyson for a future career in Astrophysics. We've got planets--including Pluto, who is and ain't a planet--a telescope, images to dock on the telescope and look at, and a back display board. And of course she gets first place because whatever. I'd have liked a participation ribbon but stuff is stuff. SCIENCE!

Desks, for all your schoolbicule needs.
Flip-Top Desk: Wait, fancy schools have flipping tops and side storage and all kinds of shit? I just had the big pocket under mine which could and did eat everything and anything. And then in middle school we then got the lecture hall style and I kept everything in my backpack because no one could be trusted not to steal my shit and only took out what I needed as necessary. Damn fancy kids. I want a cool new desk.

Makes your hair stand on end.
Mod Monster Costume: This year, if you don't want to be a bee, you can be unique and yourself and a monster. Feel free to mimic Frankie Stein's mother! I don't know how you'll get the hair under the foam wig, but have fun figuring it out. Then go buy Monster High stuff too. Mattel owns both AG and that and I like both properties.14 

Oh my lord.
Silver Sparkle Beanie: I thought we ended the whole Attack of the Sequins on everything when WonderBread was put in the vault after a year of terrible performance and too many leftovers.15 No one round here's doing that on their head.

Fun Fedora: Do you have boy dolls in your collection who are itching to relationship-zone your girls, accuse people of color and others for being divisive and non mainstream, steal MLP from girls and claim the show's too cool for them, call girls in batman shirts fake geeks, then log on to reddit to whine that they can't get a girlfriend because bitches, man? Then this is the hat for you!

No, but really. Fedoras have a bad rep, and I for one would like it to not be so. I really would like this more if men and bronies didn't ruin everything they touched. I may get one, but I plan to class that fucker up.

New hoodie!
Striped Hoodie: Cute, with its little star and warm pockets. I love dolly hoodies, especially when they zip front like they should. Later on.

Hat job.
Rhinestone Baseball Cap: It's red and it has rhinestones. It'll do for now. My girls don't wear hats as often as they should.

I think that's all of it? Wait no I didn't get a shot of the tongs.
Slow Cooker Dinner Set: Tonight, we've somehow grilled chicken in a crock pot. Whatever, go put some butter on your rolls and drink your milk. I don't really have modern doll food sets, but I think this might be the one to get me if I can figure out how to make molded mac and cheese or something in it. And no you can't dump BBQ sauce on your food, around here we use a little thing called flavoring the food as we cook it, so our food doesn't taste like white people dancing.

Ruffy scruffy puppy.
Terrier Puppy: Another pet in the lineup, the return of the terrier puppy without having to be Sugar and have a bow. I get my pets at Costco now and I already have a ton of pets. I plan to get Coconut sometime soon because I like her, but the rest of any pets will be Costco caught.

Doing huur.
Hairstyle Tools: That's $5 for a bun helper, $5 for rubber bands, $5 for bobby pins, and $5 for a ponytail flipper. I already have more rubber bands than the law should allow and googobs of bobby pins. I'll get a baby sock and some wire loop and make my own.

Stylin' Bangs: snnnnrk it's dolly lace front snnnnnrk clip in bangs snrrrrrrk I want it but I'll wait snrrrrrrrk it's the best and I don't even know who should wear it other than Sonali.

Double braidbow what does it mean?
Double Braid Headband: Just like the single, but doubled. Oh, and with gold thread. Magical. Sonali, I subject you to so much hair crazy it's ridiculous.

For all your funky 80s needs.
Sparkle Socks and Leggings: Kimmy does need more socks. And more leggings. And more radical wear. Yes, we'll do this later on.

Ugg. Boots.
Shearling Boots: For all the dolls that just can't even at Starbucks, we've got the shoe for you! I don't like purple enough, though--Marisol hey wait no don't eye those--

Those aren't sneakers.
Sparkle Sneakers: First of all, those are sparkly slip on skateboard shoes. And secondly what have I told you about letting WonderBread Styles out after 2014? Let it go. They're not super terrible but eeesh, too much sparkle even for me.

Oh noes notebooks.
Store Exclusive School Supplies: Adding on to the many store exclusives, we've got blue starred messenger bags, purple starred backpacks I missed good shots on, notebooks with folders, and stealth watches that show the time when you press them.16 I have a bag of holding that does the job when I need to haul things about, and I was good and I did not buy the notebook.

Store Exclusive Bag Charm: Aw, the keychain bag charm/ornament/mini weapon goodness. But it costs $12. Heavy and neat, but I'll pass.

Water canisters!
Store Exclusive Cup with Straw: Like water cups? Like AG? Maybe want to later pour cool drinks in and drink them like a boss? Then this is the store souvenir for you. Put water in it--it holds 22 ounces--and suck them down to get your water needs. I got this because I need to drink more water while I do things and it's easier with a straw than it is with flip top bottles.17


Next time on New Shit with Nethie: I Love Maryellen. Or more accurately, I'll love her clothes to put on Edith and Dorothy.


1 I think I got automatically blocked or something because someone was pissy about me pointing out the issues regarding the GotY and reported all my comments which resulted in an automatic block. Whatever, It's not like I spend a million hours on FB anyways. I can see everything they post. I just can't like or make comments. If this is still true by my birthday I'll contact someone and be like "uh, wtf, can you fix it?"
2 Other comments Neth hates seeing: posts that only screech "first comment", posts that are whining about how AG doesn't pay attention to AGIG/Facebook mommies/the fandom--we don't want their attention just be quiet--and those that are like "WHY ARE YOU RETIRING DOLLS DON'T DO IT" ho sit down they're doing it.
3 Speaking of which, I'm so burnt out on ponies after that fan-pandering travesty that was Episode #100 that I'm like two eps behind. That is how you ruin media franchises--by paying attention to one tiny corner instead of properly driving the bus, and now the monkeys are running and ruining the zoo.
4 I slay me.
5 ....don't you dare remind me of that African Dance Outfit. 
6 In fact I had two because one of my old nighttime sets came broken, and I gifted it to my mom. I think she still has it, and if she doesn't and there's no major difference she might just get my double up again.
7 I own these, and I plan to review them on her, but they are not Kit's style. 
8 Egg Chair yum.
9 You know what they had in the 30s? POLIO and NO MONEY. 
10 No really, check her original school collection, not a book to be seen. 
11 Or more accurately, sit around with my laptop and a bottle of Red's Apple Ale pissing about on Tumblr.
12 That's French for "all the shit at once in a World Collection." I think those might be officially phased out, especially if we're getting huge things like fucking bakeries.
13 Unless they come out with something small later.
14 Mattel gets me to buy a lot of stuff.
15 People can buy four of her at MCM soon. No, I'm not lying. She sank like a stone. 
16 It came in my LootCrate. If you'd like to sign up for a box of geeky or nerdy goodies monthly and knock $7 off one of mine in the process by using my referral, here's a link.
17 Do note that you don't have to drink 64 ounces a day exactly or something dumb like that. You get water in your food and everything else you drink and eat too. Just keep water near you and drink it when you're thirsty and keep hydrated. Especially when it's fucking hot out there and, like me, you don't got AC.
18 I think this is the most footnotes I've done. 


  1. I was so afraid that Josefina was going to get the axe but now I have hope! Josie's my main girl-I'll be really upset if she retires :/

  2. Seeing you have a post up brightens up my whole damn week. This was utterly wonderful and I actually laughed out loud at the fedora commentary. As soon as I saw that was a thing, I knew I'd need your commentary and you didn't disappoint (LOL M'DOLLY I'M SCREAMING). Thanks so much for doing these. I know they're a lot of work and please know they are really appreciated. =)

    Weird, but does it seem like Rebecca got nightclothes for colder weather (unlike her old ones) and Addy got nightclothes for warmer weather (unlike her old one)? That's the flimsy justification I'm using to buy Addy's new nightgown set, of course. Can't have my girl roasting in that long nightgown in the summer months, no no nope.

  3. Thank you, earlier today this blog post helped me to get up and face the day.

  4. Ouch, I didn't know fedoras had that kind of connotation. I just thought it was darn cute and would look good on Lizzy. o_O Aw well, we'll make it work.

    LOL your commentary on the shearling boots is perfect! XD

    --StoryTeller from AGC

  5. "Julie skipped school and reading to play basketball." That is some sadness I hadn't considered. Thank you so much for the reviews. I felt like I was actually at the store!!

  6. All those new hats makes me think someone on AG must've been playing a touch too much Team Fortress 2.

    - Lucina

  7. I have a feel that the Charm Bracelet Set will show up in the sale section of AG.com next spring. I really like the sparkly slip on shoes but apparently I have a 'thing' for gaudy doll shoes. in moderation. also why do all the kid's night slippers have pom-poms on the toes now!? is that a thing the youths are into these days!?

  8. That thing about people being able to buy 4 Isabelle dolls? Apparently Isabelle was even more of a poor performer than we thought - the Sunday prices at the MCM sale allowed people to buy 6 Isabelle dolls. Can't make this shit up.


    Here's a screenshot in case the link above doesn't work:


    1. That is utterly beautiful. May I save those?

    2. By all means they are yours.


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