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Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Rambled Opinions and General Snarkiness: The Mid-February 2016 Moddie Quick Release

A Book and Doll Show.
On February 11, AG released a tiny amount of things for the moddies, and a bunch of Bitty Shit that I didn't even bother photographing because let's be honest, Bitty Shit is not my jam. I was too busy getting my teeth cleaned on the day of proper--that and I only go places on weekends. So I went on the 13th. Given the small amount of items released, this will be a short bloggy, and the only reason it wasn't done two days ago is because I spent President's Day watching Hamilton win a Grammy for Best Musical Recording.1 Then I started listening to the Weeknd and haven't stopped. I especially like the song about the vampire.2

Anyway, that's enough about my music life. To the AG Stuff.

Books: Revenge of the TropiKenna and Historical Mystericals

Three more Mysteries! None for Addy.
BeForever Mysteries: Three more historical/BeForever mystery books came out:  The Ghost Wind Stallion to give Kaya her second mystery, The Glowing Heart for Josefina--also numero dos--and The Finders-Keepers Rule for Maryellen as her first mystery. Now Addy is the only historical other than Archived Kirsten and New Docket Ellie with only one mystery. I picked all up because I'm hella about books, especially those about Josefina and Kaya. The only two I'm short on are Caroline's third and Kit's *heavy sigh* sixth, and I'm quite a bit back in the reading but will probably take some time to dive in. Kit, we are friends and all, but stop dominating the mystery series. I'm sure Cincinnati is not that full of mysteries. I'd like someone to write another about Addy, but my hopes are not very high.

Girl of the Year: Lea's third book, Lea and Camila, was released along with her three book set. Now you can read all the adventures of TropiKenna! Or you can be cool like me and have the first book but haven't even cracked the cover of yet. Sorry, I was too busy reading about Melody. I will eventually get around to buying and reading the book. In theory. In practice I still haven't read Lanie's and she was six years ago. Give us a Girl of the Year of Color, and not just in MegaBloks form AG.

Moddie Spring: Three Outfits and a Boot To the Head

Sports! You'll be good at them.
Tennis Ace Outfit: For all your Venus and Serena Williams needs, we've got the sixth iteration of the Moderns wearing Tennis Wear: an asymmetrical tennis dress, tennis shoes, a headband, and the racket and ball. First of all, socks. put them on your feet so there's not sticky foot sweat. Second, my gang does not play tennis. Third, I don't like the design. Not needed here.

AG, we need to talk about your fashion choices.
Rainbow Sprinkles Outfit: Blue peplum top with dots on the front, strip sided leggings, jelly shoes, a hair bobble, and a bracelet. This looks dated already. Are the kids wearing this? Are they really? Or is this what the people designing think the kids are wearing? It's very 80s, but not in a way that I think I could get on Kimmy or Tyanna without utter protest except for the shoes. So just gimme the shoes. I love jelly shoes, but I'm not buying a whole outfit for just the jelly shoes. Even if they are blue. The top is the part that ruins it mostly, and I don't think I could even give it away.

Ice cream?
Ice Cream Cart: For all the nomz of summer. That or AG moddies need to get part-time jobs to afford all that sweet outfit loot. Along with the cart itself, there's various items such as servings of ice cream in scoop, pop, and deth drizzle form. Overall? Eh. I like the ice pops and the vanilla ice cream, but that's really it. The holder is also sweet. But I have no space for the rest of it, and even if I did that would be better given to historical furniture.

The monochrome look is back!
Spring Breeze Dress Set: Ooo~ Nethie like! One of my fave shaves of color, and versatile looks--it comes with a dress, a sheer overdress, leggings, and some tulle shoes that, while annoying as sandals, at least aren't ballet flats. And a useless plastic headband that never seems to work on my gang when I headband them. This I like a ton! But I held back on getting it. I likely won't cram all the components on at once more than for the reviews, but the things I an do with it make it most useful in a mix and match wardrobe.

Woven Flower Purse: Well that certainly is something that exists and that I won't buy for my gang. It's not that it's hideous, but it's not my aesthetic. I mostly own a purse because girl clothes don't carry all that is needed like video games, and a messenger bag or backpack everywhere is both not as acceptable and also clunky.3

Sunglasses, now in stripes.
Striped Sunglasses: My gang only wears sunglasses when they come with other outfits, because I have to invest that into standard glasses for the ones wearing them. If your dolls are into bi pride, though, let loose!

What? They're pink, purple, and blue. Not in the order, but close enough. If you don't like me pointing out unexpected queer symbolism in AG products, you are on the wrong goddamn blog.

It's hideous and I love it.
Fun Floral Boots: They're purple. They're stompy boots. They're covered in garish print like something out of a late 90s Delia catalog. They have actual laces. I got these instantly. They're so Kira's look. We will be cutely kicking faces in, yes we will.

At the counter as an add on.
Spring Dress, Headband, and Bracelet: Another PWP outfit at your local AG store, which you can snatch up for $14 if you spend at least $50: a print sundress dress, stretch headband, and purple beaded bracelet. That dress ruffle leaves much to be desired--I'd rather it be on the bottom than awkwardly asymmetrical across the middle like that. The rest is okay though. Maybe I'll modify mine to not be as fug.


Is that really all that came out other than Bitty stuff? Yep, that's it! So there's nothing else to be sai--hmm? They're passing me a card--ah, right.

Coconut: 2000-2016. That's a good lifespan for a dog.
After sixteen years of acceptable pet service, Coconut, the little white Westie Pup that could, has been quietly taken to a farm upstate. Yeah, farm. A nice one where she can run and play and have lots of fun with Licorice and Meatloaf and the other pets. Let's go with that. *shifty eyed look*

Hopefully the next release will have some good BeForever bits in it--and maybe even Melody! And by then I'll know which BeForever Girl is leaving to let Melody in.

C'mon, we know it's probably going to be one of them. We just don't know for sure who.


1 I suffered through the first hour and a half of the Grammys just to watch Hamilton, rewound it twice, and then turned the TV off. I have priorities. 
2 "Can't Feel My Face." Yes, I know the song is about a drug addiction. I prefer to make it about a man in love with a hot vampire chick who is going to eventually fuck his life up.
3 At some point I plan to invest in a Handbag of Holding.


  1. Literally same about all this. Also, the sentence "we will be cutely kicking faces in, yes we will" is one of the best things I have ever read in my entire life and everything that I aspire to.
    (BTW, I never knew I needed that interpretation of "Can't Feel My Face" until now.)

  2. Okay, I am sorry, I just have to meme...
    daaaaaaaamn truly me back at it again with the jelly shoes

  3. Hamilton was the best part of the Grammys, easily. If they didn't win, I was gonna have to shoot my TV, Elvis-style.

    I hate to put this here, but I've finally bit the bullet and joined the comm! I'm sorry it has to be under these circumstances (I noticed the lockdown and realized it was probably due to racist trolling and then I read Boom's Instagram post-- I'm so sorry). I figure that I've lurked way long enough anyhow and it's time to take the plunge, now that I'm sure there's no stalkers, bigots, or other jerks waiting in the bushes to get me (I too have a long, colorful and unpleasant history with doll messageboards and it's actually your gumption in founding one that has made me want to give it a try again).
    Thanks again for all you do and put up with by speaking out about what needs to be said. Gives me hope and, I dunno, secondhand bravery to do it for myself?

  4. Rumors from employees I don't always trust, but someone said no doll is retiring from the Beforever section. Instead two dolls will share a glass case in stores because they don't sell as well and don't have as much stuff. So Addy could be one, idk but at least she'll still be here for now. At least until 2017, when Kathleen Ernsts New AG book that is NOT a mystery drops in January. Its possible it's another Beforever character and they are releasing the book early like Melody. The New doll better be Asian, 1920s, or another Indian.


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