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Tuesday, December 18, 2018

Rambled Opinions and General Snarkiness: 'Twas The Week Before Giftmas for Moddies and Wellies

Not a Wellie was stirring. Except she was. Because cookie dough.
I was ready to blog for my birthday, after getting decent shots of the new stuff that'd come out on October 1st.

I...did not do that.

Long story short, some stupid shit went down two days beforehand that ate the entire second half of October right up until Nano. Then I spent all November working on Nano, and making up for the fact that I lost my entire planning period dealing with fuckshit.1 As me and my friend BWI put it, when both the Libra and the Scorpio want out of the birth month, then you know it's been fucky.

If I've told you what happened, then you know. If I haven't told you but you know I would, then you know how to get to me to be told. And if I don't want you to know? Then you ain't gonna know. I'm damn near forty, I gave up fucks for Lent years ago. Silflay hraka and die mad about it.

So yeah, it sucks that 2018 also was a low blogger's year. Which is weird because Twenty-Gay-Teen has gone on for what feels like 200 years already.2 Sucks that I am getting out the October release *looks at her phone clock* two weeks before the Girl of the Year Twenty-Fine Bi-Teen launches.3

But then I wouldn't have this cool heading. So, uh, silver lining.

To the stuff that came out months ago and you already heard other people opine about. Or maybe not, because maybe I'm the only doll blog you read. And in case you're wondering, yes, I did get #80 for my birthday, her name is Giselle and she's pretty.

Truly Me: When Up On The Roof, I Heard Such a Clatter

Red Holiday Pajamas. And a Reindeer.
Holiday Dreams Pajamas: Red pajamas for the holidays again! These are once again, leggings and a tunic and slippers, except the leggings are plaid and the top has a star. AG really loves red holiday pajamas. Cute in a way, but I own the reindeer ones from last year and I don't need more red doll pajamas. And no, they don't come with the robe. We'll discuss the robe in a bit. What the do come with is--

Fun for the whole family!
Matching child, Bitty Baby/smaller child4 and adult pajamas. Yep, AG for the first time ever released a match to a doll outfit intended to fit an adult. Getting in on that matching family jammies scene finally, huh? I mean, if everyone in your family fits into AG. No, I did not buy a set. Because they didn't go up to my size, and I was not about to pay $50 for clothes that don't fit me.

Holiday books and cookies.
'Twas The Night Before Set: Like I said, we'd discuss the robe in a bit. Here it is in all its blue and white glory, along with a letter to Santa, the 2001 release of Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer, and some carrots--wait, do kids really leave carrots out for the reindeer? I didn't even leave out cookies. Also, speaking of cookies--those are straight up from Maryellen's set. Someone get me that meme about copying off homework.

Two outfits and Jewish Representation! 

Let It Snow Outfit: Well, it's not red. I'll give it that: it's black and white. But it's sleeveless. Clearly, AG hates sleeves and no one is allowed to wear them with holiday outfits ever again. That or they realize that climate change is real. I debated this one, but passed it over.5 Let it go on sale.

'Tis The Season Party Dress: Some day, AG will release a holiday set that has sleeves. And on that day, I will start buying holiday sets at full price again. And there's no accessories with it: they just said "eff it" and stuck the purse with the set. I mean, at least I don't have to add another "Holiday Accessories" entry to the Wiki list. But I'm not down for it.

Also, boys don't wear holiday clothes. None for them. What jerks.

It's paaaaaank.
Winter Sparkles Outfit: It's very pale pink--not a garish shade--and I love the hat. The dress not so much since it's just a tank on a skirt. I don't want to spend my money on it. But then again, I do have a gift card because people love me and give me nice things. Hmmmmm. Let's see next time I'm at Le Store, if there's not something I want more, like a pair of overalls with wellies that were made for red-headed Josefina molds with food allergies.6

Countdown to Christmas Set: Advent calendars! Only...half a one. Because there's only twelve slots to open. AG, you know they normally come with 24 things, sometimes even 25. Don't you Twelve Days of Christmas me, AG, unless there's Fiiiiiiive Golden Rings in there.

Also it's all accessories. Retail cost is $40. I could buy an outfit with that and still have money for some Starbucks. I'll just look at other people's and remember to look into getting one next November. Like, another brand. That gives me things to Instagram. That aren't doll cups and an envelope. Seriously, AG.

Mix Match and mosey. 

Mix and Match Sets Fall 2018: Six months thereabouts, new mix and match set thereabouts. This time we're making it all arty with the following: 
Thanks, I love it!
How much do I love this set? I love this set. I love the hat, I love the shorts, I love the art shirt, I love the shiny skirt, I love the pink sweater, I even love the vest and I hate vests. I love it so much that I own it all. Already.

Remember how I said people love me? Well, one of my friends, when I got Giselle for my birthday, also offered to get me an outfit. Any outfit. And picking out a set of this counted. So she got me a set with a nice pair of glasses, and I got me the rest for me for my birthday. Woop!

I will take more pics later. It's one of my fave mix and match sets so far. Which means the next one is sure to disappoint. Ah well, you live you learn, you buy Luvs for all the diaper babies.

Walking in a WellieWishers Winter Wonderland 

Cookies and Winter. And stuff from last year.7
Snow Much Fun Outfit: It's cute and simple. I like the leggings most of all. A solid maybe, once I get other Wellies stuff.

Cookie Baking Set: It's got lots of neat fiddly bits, a hat, and a neat tray. It's not even holiday forced like the one from last year, so you can have cookies anytime, almost like pizza on a bagel. I can see this being semi-popular with the target age group. I'd have to debate it. C'mon, I want that fox.

Bunny Union Suit!
Hop To It PJs: It's bunny union pajamas! You'd better have gone to the bathroom before bed, young lady, there's no butt-flap for poopin'. Also who doesn't like walking on slippers shaped like your bunny friend's head? They're okay. I want the ones on Kendall first.

Also with this release, you have a set for every Wellie uniquely! In theory. In practice you'd have had to get two sets that were only available either Cyber Monday or at stores that weren't AG. Which I have. Look, the Wellies are cute and Ashlyn has PJs! Now to make a set for Zeblyn.


And that's all the stuff for now. A really short blog--it only took me an hour to blog on, because of a short intro and a small release, most of which was dominated by a mixy-matchy set I like but also mixy-matchys only take one entry. Yet everything got in my way to prevent me blogging. What the fuck. I need to twirl harder on my haters. Everybody mad.

Well, in two weeks you can hear about the new girl, her farm and wedding planning, and anything else that comes out between now and the second of January. Maybe sometime between now and the last seven and a half months of this year I can get something else blogged.

Oh and in case you're wondering? I own all but one of the Hairdorables. Because I'm that bitch.


1 And still hit 50k. In fact, hit 75 k because I was working on one main 50k project, a side 15k, and a side 10k, and went above and beyond for each. By month's end I had hit over 100k. 14 years straight Nano wins.
2 I was on the phone with my mom, and she had to remind me that yes, Black Panther came out this year, not last. And Bae had to remind me that Hamilton was this year. And Beychella was this year.  This is the year that never ends~
3 Yes, I've seen her images. Yes I have opinions. Positive ones, actually. And you can hear about them in two weeks or so.
4 Bet you thought you were gonna come down here and find a Passover joke.  Nope. They're completely different holidays in completely different months.
5 You already know I don't blog about Bitties.
6 Told you I knew about the new girl.
7 The Wellies literally got three things and two are in this picture. This was a small release, relatively. 



  2. So glad to see you back! Hope you have a happy and dolly Yule.

  3. I feel you on the advent calendar $40 is too much for some scrap paper , cup and a few small cheap accessories. I lucked out and got it 60% off at a Mattel shop dent and bent situation. I’ve already opened mine I counted down the days til my other half left for his family Christmas. I scoffed loudly on the day that was one tiny sheet of sad looking stickers.

  4. If they only wanted to do twelve things, just make it twelve days of Christmas, not an Advent calendar. Silly. Or do just one for each of the four Sundays of Advent and have even fewer things.

    Always a pleasure to read your writing!

  5. This comment has been removed by the author.

  6. SO GLAD you are back! Always enjoy what you have to say. Keeps me up to date.


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