American Girl, keep giving us Dolls of Color for Girls of the Year.

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Intros are really weird things to have to do.

Don't like Dolls of Color or cursing? You came to the wrong neighborhood.
Behold. It's AG Outsider.

Why? Because what the web needs is an American Girl focused blog that isn't just mostly angled pictures of Classic Mold Dolls taken by 13 year old girls. Don't get me wrong. 13 year old girls need web in their life, and a good amount of them have dolls. But so do grown ass AG collectors like yours truly.

I'm a in-my-thirties AG collector who remembers the days of the Historical Centerfolds and mail orders only, the first twenty American Girls of Today, and the release of Addy Walker (who is the best Historical ever). Due to poverty I didn't get Addy until I was 25 from my MIL and now I'm up to twenty five gang members in the AGGiB--including a few that, while not technically AG, are part of the grand number.

Also, I'm the admin and founder of the AG Wiki, which is exactly what it says on the tin--a wiki about American Girl and all its products, characters, and stuffness. So I might know what I'm talking about here and there.

This blog will have such things as:
  • IDing random parts of outfits: Because there's like five pairs of pink ballet slippers out there. 
  • Reviews of outfits that consist of more than "I like it!" "It's cute!" and "So precious!"
  • Outfits I craft, because there's nothing like sewing shit up and taking pictures of it, and I sew up a lot of shit.
  • History Shit: Fact, Details, snippets out of books, and details on making your own Historicals for Fun and Factiveness.
  • Book reviews. Because I own nearly Every AG book ever published. Including the History Mysteries. 
  • Complaint Department:  Complaining about things I can't stand or don't like, including why my fandom circle is as small as it is and why the fandom needs a come to Athene moment.
  • Gang Member Interviews: My girls are not a family, a group, or a pile. They are a gang. An American Girl Gang. In my residence. So there. 
  • And other stuff.  
I will also have Casual Fridays, consisting of other lines of dolls including BJD (Yes, Asian Ball Jointed Dolls) and My Little Pony, and other off topic crap.  Not too much though. I have a personal blog for that at Dreamwidth (DeeDubya)/LiveJournal (Eljay), and a Tumblr for totally inane bullshit and political fussery.

FAQ to follow as needed. For now, consider this a post, and the posts after that to be relevant to this whole deal.



  1. I didn't see this in your FAQ, but sometime could you post a photo of your whole gang?

    1. At some point, though it's a pretty massive endeavor with all 26 of them.

    2. Damn!That's a lot of money and dolls.

    3. I'm an adult. I spend my money how I want, and I want doll shit.

  2. AG needs to lower the price down to 90$.That would = happy kids!

    1. AG is never going to lower the price back down to $90, anymore than gas is going to go below a dollar ever again. Welcome to the future. Enjoy your smartphones.

  3. I'm sure you've been asked this before, but who's your favorite AG (historical or GOTY) after Addy?

    1. Probably a toss up between Josefina and Felicity, both of which are part of my gang.

  4. Gang member interviews? Still waiting on that...


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