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Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Clothes Reviews: Blue Jean Basics I (1995)

Naomi is only wearing this shirt tucked in for the starter pic, to show off most of the stuff.
Ah, nothing like personal issues to futz up my blogging. Take the pictures, get ready to create the post, and then oh yeah all the issues. Anyways, without going into them here, have another clothes review that I meant to get out almost two weeks ago. Blerf.

With the launch of the American Girl of Today line, the idea--as I said previously--was to have a girl create her own modern historical, since "you're a part of history too!" And thus, the line started the way all the Historicals did--with the meet outfit and accessories, a school outfit, a holiday set, and night clothes. (I actually have all of them. Ooo.) And for the school set, we had the Blue Jean Basics, which came out the same time the moddies did. You will note that the link says "Blue Jean Basics I." This is because a second set was released in 1999 after this one retired, with different components but the same damn principle of being a jean set for the doll to wear to school to learn her math on her Apple Macintosh. Originally the set went for $22; I got it for a little less, I believe, as it generally goes for $20-30 within reasonable prices for a full set. I don't always document the costs. Naomi Kirkland, my first moddie, is showing this off.1 The set comes with a red shirt, blue jeans (hence the name), a black belt, yellow socks, and black AG high top sneakers.

Hit the cut, and get to looking.

Naomi isn't going to make the obvious Star Trek reference.
Shirt: The shirt is a red high necked short sleeved t-shirt. No prints, no patches, no anything. Plain and red and there, and down to the hips. Like a good portion of the outfit, this wasn't that fancy or frilly. Just a basic shirt, in a basic color, sort of a deep true red color. Ignore the flipped hem. That's just me messing it up.

Sleeve. Short and simple.
The sleeve is a standard short sleeve, stopping a little above the elbow. Like real t-shirts. It's hemmed properly at the cuff. 

Less like a t-shirt, more like a mock turtle.
The collar is a touch high, when you look at it., Most people's t-shirts don't go up that high, but for some reason the first T-shirts went up like mock turtlenecks. Ah well. It's a basic rolled collar. 

The back.
The shirt velcroes up the back and is open the whole way; the bottom is hemmed simply.

Tuck in your shirt! Actually don't. It looks funky.
The shirt tucks into the jeans, like some people expect shirts to go. I think it looks weird, but that's because who tucks in t-shirts nowadays? I never tuck mine in. It looks weird. Shirts go over the edge of your jeans unless they're button up, and then maybe not either.

The shirt gets an A. It's plain as can be--but seeing as the set is supposed to be basic, it works. It's very versatile and can be used away from this set and with so many other components.

Blue Jeans. Basic. And comfortable.
Jeans: The component that names the set, the blue jeans. Pale blue denim jeans to the ankles that come up to the waist, with a velcro front fly. But even as basic as these are, these jeans have a lot of tiny details that make them so realistic. They're a little soft and broken in, but this might be because the set is 18 years old.
Front Pockets. The inner one isn't real, but the other two are.
There's two front pockets. The right one has a a faux coin pocket in yellow top stitching. and the pockets are trimmed that way. Speaking of which, the whole set of jeans has top stitching in yellow everywhere--the pockets, the front fly, the belt loops, and the ankle cuffs. The front fly velcros, with a snap at the top--but no button to help make the front look real. Likely because the belt should go over them. Still, it busts the realism to not have one.

Butt pockets. Also, belt loops.
There's two butt pockets--also functional--and top stitching on the down v. Also, note that there are five belt loops on the waist; not just for the belt, but for other belts if you wanted. Or just to hang loose. Or hook your keys to, like I do all the time.

To the ankles.
The jeans come to the ankles, fitting over the socks and the top of the shoes. They bunch a little at the bottom, since they're sitting on the knots of the shoes. That's just my doing; otherwise they go slim. And aren't flared, because the '90s still were avoiding bell bottoms for a part of it. 

I'm giving the jeans an A-. Not only are they the centerpiece of the outfit, but they look and feel realistic, like good doll clothes should. The minus is because there's no button at the fly for realism, but you gotta admit they'll work with anything you toss at em.

Belt. To keep them around her waist, or something.
Belt: The belt is plain black faux  leather. It's got a silver buckle, a silver button to hold the buckle, and four holes for closing the belt. To be honest, I didn't take many pictures of the belt. It's a belt, and it does what it should--in that it's mostly decorative. It doesn't keep the pants up, but it looks neat and is real. So B is for belt and that's good enough for me.

Shoes come off for the next one. 

Socks. Bright Yellow Socks.
Socks: The socks are, for some reason, bright yellow ankle socks with ribbing. My set is slightly stretched out, so they look a little wonky on Naomi's feet.
Socks off to this or something.
I don't ask much for socks. Mostly that they fit under the shoes, and well, these do. But I still can't get why they're so damn yellow. It's a distraction. It's either because someone went for primary colors for the outfit, or it was the 90s so maybe it didn't have to make sense. B- for socks--minus cause why didn't Pleasant Company just do white socks? I have no clue.

High top shoes~
Shoes: The shoes are one of the best parts of this outfit. They're high top black tennis shoes with white trim and laces, and they scream awesome. They're a little lopsided, but I think this is because I tie shoes funny.

Logo on the side.
The part of the shoes I love? That they have the AGoT logo in a circle on the outside ankle. That's right, mock doll Converse shoes. Badass. They're fused on some, so they logically shouldn't peel off.

Toes and bows.
The shoes have white top stiching and white rubber trim on the toes, with a little bit of black trim as well. They look so much like real Converse shoes it's uncanny. The laces are through four silver eyelets on either side, and the white laces have real aglets.2 

Sole, with the AG logo stamp.
And the sole, with the simple AG logo on the bottom. I love that logo on the bottom. Alas, AG doesn't do that anymore. The shoes are going to go with everything they can. Because they're black and simple. Even with the logo, they look realistic and true. A+!


Overall Feel: I love this outfit so much. It's made of simple components--red shirt, blue jeans, black shoes. It can work without the belt, or with it. I almost never tuck the shirt in, cause it looks stuffy and improper. The collar is a little high, and the shirt looks okay untucked. T-shirts untuck. I refuse to admit that T-shirts tuck in. Also, the yellow socks throw me off. I really wish they had been white, or some other neutral color other than bright yellow. Bright yellow socks look off.

Cost Value:
I got my set for less than the original $22, but not very much less. For a full set, no one should pay more than $25 dollars. Maybe $30 for a set that's fully got everything. You can avoid the shoes, but don't. Cause they're so adorable. There's no reason to pay more than about $5 for the shirt and jeans and  $10 for the shoes. The belt and socks are what bump the cost to $22.

The set is not dated. Not even a little. It looks like casual clothes people wear any time nowadays, and this set is old enough to buy cigs and smut. Also, it can go back as far as the 80s. The 70s had wider legs in fashion so the jeans are out, but the shirt can go back. The shoes too. Even the socks, though um, yellow.

Mix and Match Levels:
Way up the charts. Everything in this can be separated into its own component and put with other stuff--jeans with tops, shoes with all the outfits, the top under other tops or over skirts. All the matching. Even the annoying yellow socks can go with other stuff, as long as they're hidden. Or with something that is also that same yellow.

Final Grade:
A. Not a plus, because: Yellow. Socks. I can't even.


1 Naomi is a rewigged moddie. When I got her as my second doll, she was my first restoration ever. She also has awesome pierced ears, long hair which makes for kickass hairstyles--she's wearing fishtail pigtails right now--and a pirate attitude. She's also half Desi.

2 Yes, aglets. It's a real word for the tips of shoelaces. Have some vocabulary.


  1. I'm not so sure about the datedness of the jeans. Yeah, I know tapered jeans are coming back in and all, but I don't think that particular flavor of 90s mom-jean stonewash will ever be a thing again. (At least, I hope not.)I do still think they deserve a good grade for the level of detail, but I don't really see them being widely purchased if AG released them as part of an outfit today.

    1. I think as long as the top of the jeans are covered up, they are a lot less dated.

  2. From what I've seen on eBay, there was a red scrunchie included with the set too.


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