American Girl, keep giving us Dolls of Color for Girls of the Year.

Monday, December 15, 2014

The Tale of the Cousins of AGC and Introducing Kira Hickman

Look at Kira's imposter in the case. Wait--who's Kira?
This time last year I had a whole series half done on holiday wear, and now it's been over two weeks since I've said anything. What happened? The good and bad, to be honest: new computer, transfer of files, computer wanting to not behave, customer service, and "unrelated to computer" health concerns, personal sads, and all of this winding into a ball of crippling depression. Disability: It's not ever been just physical, people! All caught up? Good.

No post on the GotY, you ask? Nope. Because I've seen next year's girl, and she doesn't excite me one damn bit. Take what I said last year when we saw WonderBread and tack the new girl on the end, because it's Same Shit Different Year. Next Year's Girl makes a Connect Four of Failure. Not only has AG given us another white character (with PoC sidekicks), they have also given us another character that can't have brown eyes with dark hair. She's Chrissa Redux. She's Vanilla Buttercream--something that is good in metered doses, but when there's so many more options out there and many more stories and no stories that have shown a need to be white, it just becomes a terrible taste in your mouth. She will not become part of my gang whatsoever. We need a Doll of Color for Girl of the Year (#DoCGotY)1, and at this point if AG wants to remain relevant with this LE thing, they need to do a doll of color. And none of this half-white/biracial/a spoon full of whiteness to get the ethnicity to go down we got with Jess and Kanani. Or side characters we've got with Sonali--which won't happen again, given the death of Best Friends. No ifs, ands, buts or becauses, or bullshit lines about how the moderns are diverse. There needs to be a front line Girl of the Year of Color, and preferably she should be black since that hasn't been touched at all by the line.  AG step your fucking game up.

And that's all I have to say on that. Back to my gang. Well, my gang and many others. 

In the past months since summer, I've added two more gang members to the AGGiB. There's been Sameera Al-Rajhi, a 18" MyTwinn (who will get her chattery bits and review later) who arrived this summer, and Kira Hickman who arrived this fall. Kira Hickman is a My AG #21 that came in a group that collectively has been called the Cousins of American Girl Collectors, and the story of how she got to me is definitely not something that could have been pulled off elsewhere. Kira--and the other cousins--comes with a story of ups, downs, roller coaster surges and large boxes.

Step into the parlor to hear the story: The Tale of the Cousins of AGC. This has tons of pics, but you're used to that--and while some of you have likely not only heard this but been part, this is from my view. There's also a moving gif.

 Part One: Group Buy? Group Buy.

American Girl Collectors. Our Logo Rocks.
American Girl Collectors--the board started by me and Boomdiada/AJ of the ToyChest Snarker, my partner in sticky doll based crime for years at this point--was about six months old as the end of August approached. We were still on BoardHost at this time--we've since moved to Zetaboards which gives us so many more options--and were a slowly growing community. The board had about two hundred members so far--not bad for a brand new board, fostered in part from viewers like you and the fact that a Google search for "american girl collectors" pulls us up in the first damn hits and a non-locked board is easier to join--and about 50% of us were highly active at any time. We had a wildly diverse chattering group of collectors not afraid to talk openly about American Girl beyond "squee squee squee" and "omg they're just dolls how the hell can you even care about race" and had even gone through a few flounces and bans. Our little community was growing up.

At about mid August, one of our members, starrz2--who I knew pretty well, as we had started having chatters and babblebacks on and off board and there had been sending of gifts and presents--links an eBay auction with the thread title: "group order, anyone? (only half kidding sort of)" He had been searching the 'Bay and come across a three day auction for fifteen dolls sorely in need of TLC, with about two days to go at the time of finding. The auction was hard to determine everyone included, but the seller had taken some okay shots. There were at least two Kanani dolls, two Nickis, a Mia, a Marisol, and a Jess. He surmised someone just didn't want the hassle of selling them separate, and the auction cost was still very, very low.3

Let's all be nekkid.
Boom was the first to speak up to say she'd want Kanani--Kanani was her dream girl, but her unique qualities meant she went for $300 easy on eBay--even $200 on a bad day.4 It started as a kidding sort of thing--a pipe dream, a floating wishy thing. But then, others spoke up--someone wanted one of the blue-eyed girls, another wanted Mia, someone was pulling for Jess, someone saw Felicity and liked her, etc. I had my eye on #21--I liked her and her (at the time unique) hazel eyes. But my moratorium on white girls from AG Direct meant she hadn't joined my squad yet. So I spoke up for her--and said that group buys like this went on all the time on Pokemon collection boards, but involved a lot more auctioning and weird shit. And I said the magic words--"let's be brave."

So we did. We started to say who wanted who. We divvied up who got who, and we didn't bicker or fight over who got who. When someone called a girl, they got her and no one threw a fit. If someone had to step back, we said that was okay and sought someone else out. Boom pulled up a spreadsheet and laid out claims. And as we did this and threw in commitment amounts--and even offered higher pledges from those of us who could for those of us who couldn't throw as much. A member, DetectiveKraken, stepped up to be the buyer and we'd pay them back if we won. I step up to ship everyone out and sort things, since I have smoke-free pet free home and no job and skills as a Doll Whisperer to make dolls pretty and fresh.

But eBay is a harsh mistress. The auction crept up and up and up...and as that number rose, our hopes sank. We'd pledged decent amounts, but we didn't have rich people money, and it was eeking out of our price range. Then Boom posted that we shouldn't give up hope and it wasn't over until it was over on the 24th. And at the same time she whispered in my ear what was going on and what Kraken had told her. Boosted by this news and unexpected generosity, I helped rally the crowd too--don't stop believing, guys, we can do this! We can do this. We can get these girls into our gangs.

Please, let these girls come to us.

Part Two: Roller Coaster Emotions

Sunday morning, August 24, 10 am. I hadn't slept yet, because I have a weird sleep schedule. It's like a cat, I sleep when tired and that can be at any time. The auction is ticking down. Because of how the price has gone up, the seller has added Rebecca and Julie in their (then Classic) meet sets and a NiB WonderBread. All across the US, members are crouched around their comps, staring at the auction, participating or not, wanting to see what will happen. We had prayer circles, and nekkid doll chanting, and all sorts of hopes and wishes and trembling hands.

Our bidder--Kraken--throws in his bid.

HOLY SHIT.  We're on top! We're on Top! We're going to win there's only a few seconds and--

what the entire fuck. 

At the last second, someone had outbid our top amount, kicking the auction up sky high and snatching them out from under us. Fuck us running. We'd done everything, everything, we'd come together and the top bid was Kraken's, they had been ours and some motherfucker had jumped in front of us and we'd come in second and they were lost! The weeping and wailing was hard, y'all, and we couldn't be--

but wait! This last second bidder had zero feedback, and the auction specifically had stated that any bidders with less than ten feedback had to contact before a bid, or they could be shot down. I started lighting candles like I was in a Catholic church, and Kraken got into deep communications with the seller to see what could be done in the next three days, because we wanted the now-dubbed Cousins of AGC to come home to each of us. It was likely that the last second bidder either never intended to pay, or intended to just spike it that high to fuck people over because some people are terrible Trolls.

Let the Odds Be Ever in Our Favor.

As we wait, nails being nibbled, Kraken tells the story from his side and the part that had motivated the two of us to keep rallying the troops. An inheritance had come into his hands, and when he saw us starting to tremble and curl away from the rising cost out of our group range, he got invested in the idea of our doll-based Happily Ever After. So he contacted Boom and said that he would commit to us getting the Cousins, with a high max bid, and just take the hit of what we couldn't pay.

Sweet Gods. Kraken is made of awesome and win. But we still had no idea if we had won or if this person was going to pay the cost bid to snatch them away from us, at the end of the road. The seller appeared to be on our side--Last Minute Man was asking for time beyond terms to pay the money, and giving the seller the runaround while Kraken had the money on hand and ready to pay.

This whole thing made me all kinds of verklempt. Here we were, this new AG community, and we had banded together, hoped, dreamed, and the outcome was so close that I was wishing and hoping hard for a happy ending. I really, really believed this would work for us...and even if it didn't, it was  a beautiful, happy thing for our board. We had come together in love and trying, and I personally and publicly promised that if this went through for us, I would have something special on my end for everyone's cousins beyond the spa days and clean ups from me.

Tick-tock. Tick Tock. Day Three. The seller contacts us.

Last Minute Man was indeed a fucking scammer. He'd marked the auction as paid without sending a damn dollar, and pushed to have the items shipped. She's taking our bid. She's taking our bid.

Everybody Carlton!5
Praise be to the gods we DID IT WE GOT THEM! The Cousins are coming home!

Part Three: Big Boxes of Awesome

AGC collectively loses our everloving shit. We'd done it! We'd done it. In eight days we went from "hey, I wonder if" to "they're coming to us!" I was getting Kira, Boom was getting Kanani, and all our girls were coming home. The seller also added in a couple more Girls of the Year--Marisol, Chrissa, McSeattle, and ChippyMayo; since we couldn't get eBay to lower our costs, she was overly generous. We all agreed collectively that Kraken could take them all to try and recoup some of the money he'd put forth for our dreams to come true.

We hear a little more on the scammer--basically, they were harassing our lovely seller with screenshots of the "Paid" marking and demands to ship the dolls immediately. Presumably they actually did hope to get two Kananis and all the rest for no money. Ha ha ha ha, I don't know who you are but go suck ass, bleach, and legos. The scammer was clearly a hot mess of a person, and I curse them to have the highlight of their life be the next Homestuck update and that their their cosplay costume will always break at the most inopportune moment. Anyways.

Boom organizes the payments to Kraken from us, and I toss in my funds as well as my address, in case the seller can send the boxes straight to me--which she can. Everyone pays promptly, including the two that have to do checks. The seller offers to toss in AG clothes as well, and we start divvying them up among us and even offering the matching meets to LEs first and then to others outside that--which is how I got Nicki's Meet Set.6 The boxes are due Sept 8th--the UPS guy always comes directly to my door with big boxes, so I'll be able to get them handed to me. I straighten up enough to account for these packages coming to my house and let my husband and bro know that there is about to be a lot of little dolly people in the house.


I agree that every cousin is getting the following at no charge to them:
  • Spa clean up. A good scrub down, hair washed, and braid sprayed. If a curly girl is keeping her wig, I restored her curls to loveliness.
  • Restringing any limp girls. 
  • Anyone who was planning on rewigging their cousin, I took the wig off.
  • If folk were into basic stud piercing (human sized holes), I offered that up. 
  • Secret Special Things.
I also asked everyone their favorite color--or a color you would like something nifty in, "Cats or dogs?", and if they had a name for their girl already which I started using ASAP. There's no need to call them by numbers when they have names, after all.

Monday, September 8th. I'm out checking my porch garden, watering my strawberries, after fetching the mail when up pulls UPS. The regular guy who knows me is like "gotta lot of boxes for you." And then BOXES.

Damn those some big ass boxes. I sign for the boxes and haul them in one by one, never mind the popping hip joints, and start to snap pics as I unpack. I post a quick pic to let them know the boxes are here with my phone, and then get to unpacking like a boss.

Hell yeah I open boxes with daggers, don't everyone?
Welp, time to get to work. Rather than post every picture and comment I did in thread--and since the thread is still here in the world--I have linked to the pictures of the Box Arrival. I use the now given names for every girl, because they're not just nameless anymore. As I unpack, I assess how everyone is--we discover that Mia needs some body work, and Boom puts forth the purchase of a new torso, and there's several loose legged girls. The seller smartly shipped everyone nude, so I also sort out all the clothes while watching WonderBread's movie. (Hate it.)

That is a pile of naked dolly. Lots of naked dolly.
What a strange long journey it's been, girls. Quickly, into the Level One Robot Hell Spa and Rejuvination Facilities with Neth, the Doll Whisperer! Over the next several weeks, I get to work: wigs will be detangled, braid spray will fill my nostrils, ribbons will come around, curls will be twisted, limbs will be rubbed and scrubbed and tightened, and kisses and hugs and secret things will come to be. Fasten your seatbelts, girls, it's gonna be one badass ride!

Part Four: Spa Days and Secret Things

Kira and a pan of bubbly warm water for rag baths.
The next few days bring the fun of cleaning--I love dolly cleaning. I break out my Dolly whisper skills, getting out baking soda and warm soap water to scrub stains off and braid spray and brushes to start cleaning up, documenting my steps in the thread for all the new gang members. In jokes spring up: The Nudist Dolly Corner, "Willow and the Nanis", everyone getting distracted by the Tribades, and other such weird little weirdies.

Kanani's woke up like this. #flawless
Everyone gets a good clean and those that need it get restringing. I go to the AG store with those that get piercings and hearing aids because then I'm saving their homes a trip to the hospital. I dewig two for future new styles. I restore curls to Kanani and Nicki, and tease out new pincurls for Kira. And then, after lots of restringing and brushy brushy and straightening up...I get down to business.

Because when I asked for favorite colors and if they like cats or dogs better, I had plans. The cats and dogs are just for stickers and cards for the boxes. The colors...


are for outfits.

Fabric for clothes!
Because while Julie and "Rebecca" would come with their meets and some others were getting meet and match sets, a lot of the girls are sort of ass out. I can't just be sending people out nekkid. That's not the style of a woman who can sew like a boss and keeps stacks of fabric around. So I get enough basic white cloth, some basic dress shape and puffy panties patterns, and cut out everyone's sets and sew. Before we knew that clothes were coming and that everyone might get a set, I decided that I didn't want anyone going out naked to their new home. Not when I'm a a seamstress who keeps cuts of plain cloth around all over the place, doesn't have a job outside of my house, and am also creative as hell. I put my foot down about this even when I knew clothes were coming, and made a set for Kraken because again, awesome and win.

Kaira, on how to make the profile look good.
Each dress is a basic GeneriDress profile--sleeveless bodice over gathered rectangle skirt--but with add ons that prevent terrible GeneriDress looks. Those being a basic peter pan collar, sheer ribbon waistband, and three accent buttons down the bodice.

Insert "pantyshot" joke here.
Each pair of panties has elastic at the waist and hem, and fit neatly over butts. The two girls that were dewigged got head scarves to cover their heads that matched their clothes.

I don't think anyone was expecting full outfits, and if I was a rich woman I would have gotten them all shoes and socks as well. As it was, everyone adored the clothes, so fuck yeah! I also included hair ribbons, because hair decs make everyone cuter. Then I sorted out all the extra outfits, packed everyone up neat and nice, and shipped everyone off to their new homes, with lots of forehead kisses and love, and everyone got home safe. The last ones went out today; I kept Boom's Kanani until now to send with all my giftmas treats, same with starzzz's stuff.

And while Kira misses her buddies being close, she knows she gets to see them all the time on AGC, like pen pals.

Conclusion: Lightning in a Bottle

The time with the Cousins--from the moment of "hey, what's this auction" to the moment everyone got and is getting home--was probably one of the best damn group efforts I have ever been part of in any fandom, not just AG. Reading the threads--linked at the bottom--probably does read like a good book. It's got laughter, tears, suspense, an evil villain, and a hero that swoops in at the end to save the day. I fucking well know this would have never worked on any other board, because there's way too much shit going on with the members and Cheap Haterade. Even AG > 18, in its heyday, had aspects that just...didn't work, a lot of the time. The offers never even came around in my time in other communities. But AGC...not even a year old, and this event came in and tied us together, even those that didn't get cousins specifically. It was a wonderful, beautiful, excellent journey. The girls were here for some time, and everyone accepted my depression issues and delays, and gave me nothing but love and sweetness. Even when I mixed up two boxes, everyone worked it out without melodrama. Kira is now part of my gang, and I'll happily talk about her name origin and personality later.

It was lightning in a bottle, and it will probably never ever happen again. As one person put it: "It was awesome, I'm not sorry we did it this way, but I will never ever do something like this again."

It was more than worth it.

This is what community can mean. This why I'm glad to be part of the AG Dolly Community that I created--and happy to have a girl in the Cousins.

Epilogue: The cousins of American Girl Collectors by Name and Links to Threads

  • Mia lives with Bucky Bear
  • Brianna lives with RunsWithWolves
  • (skip)7
  • Eva lives with ellaweasel
  • Zia lives with IGSBeth
  • Adara lives with petrichor

  • Alison lives with annaandthegirls
  • Joy Jenner lives with citrusella
  • Molly lives with melimeli
  • Chloe lived with starzzz, then went back to Rebecca and now lives with catwhiskeredgirl
  • Kaira lives with Clover-Elf
  • Nicki lives with AGFanForForever

Willow and the 'Nanis:
  • Kanani lives with Boomdiada 
  • Willow lives with petrichor
  • 'Nani lives with starzzz

  • Julie Albright lives with vadafade
  • Kira Hickman lives with me, Nethilia
  • Anastasia lives with Sakura Marie
Thread Links:

1 I'm so tempted to start a fucking hashtag on twitter.
2 You may know starzzz from such awesome tumblrs as fuckyeahDollsofColor. Furthermore, starzzz is now one of our mods at AGC. So far the three of us can handle anything that comes up, cause we be communicating like a boss. 
3 I will not be talking about money amounts, cause that's rude. 
4 The same happens with Sonali. Perhaps you should do another doll of color, AG. Perhaps you fekking should.
5 This was before Alfonso Ribero was on Dancing With the Stars. 
6  This technically means I have a complete Nicki, between Abbi and the meet set but, uh. Abbi ain't Nicki anymore than Tara is Samantha.
7 Techincally, Saige is not a cousin. She was just modeling the dress for Kraken.


  1. It was so much fun to read the recap. This was by far the most fun and most rewarding project I've ever participated in with an online board. Doing something like this might not be in the future, but I hope we do something less stressful as a group in the future, like a gift exchange or a meetup or something!
    (Side note: not sure if I've asked you this before, but is Saige Chipotle Mayo because she's a white from New Mexico, and Chipotle is a Mexican food predominantly eaten by white people?)

  2. Reading this whole entry, honestly, I'm crying all over again. This was such an incredible, amazing thing to have been a part of.

    Kanani will be home soon, but she won't make her debut until Giftmas Day. Even the AGGiK doesn't know she's coming. But oh, when she does, there will be pictures. Yes, yes there will.

    *weeps and rereads*

  3. This was the best, and I had so much fun (re)reading it! (I actually stopped reading mid-post to grab Joy to join in the reading. :D)

  4. Reading through this gave me an attack of the feels. You and Boom created something special with AGC, which allowed The Cousins to happen. Brianna is my therapy doll in the same way my cats are therapy pets. On my worst days she is a great comfort.

    And I'll say it again. Your sewing skills are astounding. Thank you for taking such good care of all the Cousins.

  5. What an awesome story, just shows what working as a group can do if you have the right people! I'm still trying to figure out what The Scammer did to make it look as though they had paid though that he thought he could pull it off, crazy! And holy cow, that's a lot of sewing. :)

    Glad to hear your comment on GOTY 2015, I was horribly disappointed too. I don't get it, I can't figure out what the problem is at AG.

    1. eBay has the ability to mark an auction as paid in case of, for example, if someone is sending a check or money order. Jackass likely hit the paid mark and then got pissy.

      I'm disappointed but resigned; it's another racist action. AG should be able to look back at their past and realize how deep this hole is going with the GotY to not have any Black girls and only half with all Asians/Pacific Islanders.

  6. I loved this story! I was planning to get Grace... but I looked at my white collection and decided to get #46.

  7. I think your objection to the biracial characters stinks. LOTS of kids are biracial and it’s an interesting and sometimes challenging thing in a world that places so much emphasis on an artificial construct like race. There’s a biracial president who considers himself black because he says that’s how others see him (which I don’t disagree with at all). And he was raised by his white mother and her parents.

    I think the biracial angle was not to bring down the colour (so to speak) but to actually recognize that being a biracial kid is not something popular culture touches much. And yet there are A LOT of multi-racial and multi-ethnic children out there.

    So many of my friend’s children are multiracial. And where the parents are also biracial their children have an even more interesting identity!

    And yes, I think line is long overdue for a black/African American girl. Because there is a new girl every year, you don’t need to shit on what they did right to point out what they haven’t done.

    1. ::sigh::
      I have no doubt that you're going to get your butt rightfully handed to you, but I can't help but say something.

      You do realize that "biracial" means more than just "half white" right? Which is what Nethilia was objecting to, as she states.

      When the closest we come to a girl of the year of color in TEN YEARS since Marisol Luna is to have two that have been half white, half "non-white" (Jess and Kanani), it's a reasonable thing to infer the company's thought process on characters of color. NONE of the biracial characters AG has done so far aren't at least half white. It'd be great if AG did a biracial character that wasn't white at all, since most people still don't understand that biracial means exactly that, not half-white. But in fourteen years of the GOTY line, there has been only TWO dolls that weren't at least part white, Marisol and Sonali, the latter of whom was only a "best friend" character. Thus Nethilia's, and my, and many other people's frustration.

      If "what they did right" turns out to be all they're gonna do (and please keep in mind they are a corporation and Nethilia is a consumer/potential consumer of their products) and hold up as brownie points for diversity, despite outcry and urging from not only adult collectors but from children themselves, then it deserves to be shit upon.

      Please have several seats.

    2. I think your objection to the biracial characters stinks. LOTS of kids are biracial and it’s an interesting and sometimes challenging thing in a world that places so much emphasis on an artificial construct like race.

      I have a major objection to biracial Girls of the Year because every single Girl of the Year Doll of Color, with the exception of Sonali and Marisol, have been half white. There has not been that hasn't been at least part white since Marisol, which is ten years. Furthermore, this has been done with the only two Asian/Pacific Islander characters--which adds an element of, as I will continue to say, a spoonful of whiteness to make the ethnicity go down. Is there any reason any part of Kanani's story had to rotate around her white cousin? Or have it spelled out her specific ethnicities, or for her to be 1/2 white?

      As for artificial construction, it being that doesn't stop its influence in the world. Capitalism, sexism, and money are also artificial constructs but I'm still broke as hell and getting shit for being a chick.

      There’s a biracial president who considers himself black because he says that’s how others see him (which I don’t disagree with at all). And he was raised by his white mother and her parents.

      Thank you for pointing out that the president is biracial! Surely my stupid ass didn't notice.[/sarcasms] Still doesn't make a racist action by a major company any less racist.

      I think the biracial angle was not to bring down the colour (so to speak) but to actually recognize that being a biracial kid is not something popular culture touches much. And yet there are A LOT of multi-racial and multi-ethnic children out there.

      There are lots of biracial people. There's a lot in my black family. I'm married to one. There's been biracial children since there's been race definitions. But that doesn't change deliberate actions by a company to go so long with no front line LEs that aren't part white. If I count Kanani, we've got whats coming up Year 4 of White GotY in a damn row. The gap between her and Jess? Four other white characters--Nicki, Mia, Chrissa, and Lanie. is AG only going to do a non-white character after four characters of white padding? Sonali was not the main story of Chrissa's year. She was a sidekick--and there was still Gwen, who was also white.

      Furthermore, biraciality is not just "and part white." Having the only two frontline GotY since Marisol with any racial identity outside of "100% White" be half white comes off as "we can only accept your race in our GotY line if you are at least partially blended with white."

      So many of my friend’s children are multiracial. And where the parents are also biracial their children have an even more interesting identity!

      "And this is my semi-brown friend, being used as an 'interesting' weapon to thwap you."

      And yes, I think line is long overdue for a black/African American girl. Because there is a new girl every year, you don’t need to shit on what they did right to point out what they haven’t done.

      I will shit on racism with every fiber of my being.

      FIFTEEN YEARS of this line. And no one without some whiteness since 2005.

      I'm calling that shit out left and goddamn right.

  8. I actually teared up a little reading this! Such a fan of you, such a fan of your work. Thanks for the much-needed smiles.

  9. like Boom said, reading this makes me smile & gives me such a feeling of warm nostalgia. I *still* can't believe all of this happened in 8 days & was the result of my jokingly being like "what if...?".

    I maintain that the cooperative tone of the thread had a lot to do w/the intent you & Boom put out there in building this community, and you should both be very very proud! <3

  10. That's so awesome that you all won the auction. Even though I'm not into dolls (I like the American Girl books), I think how you pooled together is great, and I'm happy you got them. I love how you made the outfits and spruced up the dolls.

  11. Nope, I think that's your ass I'm handing over! I haven’t read Jess’s story, I can’t talk about white cousin. Want to put THAT out as an argument, I’d understand and likely agree.

    What you said sounded like shit my friends’ racist grandmothers spew. “F U, my kid is amazing” seems to be how my friends respond. Multi-racial kids tend to get the same garbage in their communities too. Being multi-ethnic is not lesser (even if you have a white relative out there somewhere). It does not take away anything from their identity! It’s YOU who are assuming they are lesser options because they have a “spoonful of whiteness”. Are you starting a campaign against one drop of whiteness? You can pretend you’re calling shit out, but you’re really just spreading your shit around.

    Is Kalani a bit of a repeat – yup? But Isabelle is a repeat of Marisol. The line sucks. It’s boring. The only book I tried to read was so bad I couldn't get through two chapters. But having a background with a white parent shouldn't make Jess or Kalani less of anything in anyone’s eyes.

    The line does exemplify racist ideas about marketing of dolls! Should there be more diversity? Absolutely. If only so I can distinguish the dolls from year to year. What’s the difference between the cowgirl and the ballet star again? And I agree that prejudice is preventing American Girl from producing a girl of the year that is Muslim or Black or Aboriginal etc…. The whole line is boring on so many levels. My local store seems filled with Isabelles that no one is buying. Marisol sold out! Sonali sold out! Cecile sold out first! That should be MORE than enough to prove it will be profitable. So yah, the narrow minds of the management is obvious. And I STILL think your argument is shit and insulting as hell to children who might enjoy and/or identify with Jess & Kalani.

    And oh my I didn’t realize that people with varying complexions could produce offspring. Aren’t we different species? Now that I know I can broaden my search for a mate beyond my own kin /sarcasm.

    And your oatmeal comment is pretty much proof of your ugly opinions about other people. I don’t give a shit about your biracial husband. I’m not going to speculate on why he’s with you. Ugly is ugly, no matter how you dress it up. This was the first time I had ever come across your blog and last night I read through a bit of it. I am surprised that you cannot see how talking shit about other people's complexions or ethnic makeup is exactly the same kind of prejudice. Just because you experienced it, doesn't give you a right to dish it back out and make the world an even more unpleasant place. I am beginning to wonder if you were ostracised more for pissing in their pool rather than your religious or creative pursuits.

    1. It's not that multi-racial people are bad or tainted. It's that no Girl of the Year except Marisol has been fully non-white, and only four or five historical characters depending on how you view Rebecca's ethnicity as an Ashkenazi Jew (there were also two Best Friend dolls, but obviously they're not main characters). With the number of Girls of the Year, there has been plenty of opportunity to have a doll who is fully Asian (only Ivy so far--one Best Friend book, and the doll discontinued) or Native American or Hispanic or African-American or Arabic or Afro-Caribbean or Indian. Most of the Girls of the Year have been pretty interchangeable with each other. It would be nice to see some real diversity, not just the same cookie cutter girl living in a different state.

      -a white chick

    2. (meant to add, or a Girl of the Year who is multi-racial but not part white)

    3. who the eff is Kalani? am I supposed to believe you're relevant when you're over here blatantly making shit up!?

    4. Naw, your false equivalency-lovin' racist butt got handed to you not only by Nethilia but by several other people, "Caitlin".
      Few concepts for you to wrap your slow-witted head around.

      #1. White people cannot and do not experience racism. Period. They can experience personal discrimination, but racism is prejudice+power. There has NEVER been an institutional prejudice against white people for being white, and before you come up with some affirmative action shit, affirmative action benefits white women primarily, so kindly do some reading.

      I bring up that point since you snivel on about "exactly the same kind of prejudice" and basically you're using the "don't fight fire with fire!" idiocy.

      #2. BIRACIAL DOES NOT NECESSARILY MEAN HALF-WHITE. Which is something you refuse to believe, apparently. Biracial people and multi-racial people, including those that are yes, part white, deserve to have their stories told as well. And you know what? If the line did actually have more Kananis (notice how I actually go to the trouble of doing research and spelling names correctly; if you're going to use characters as arguments, you could go to the same trouble) and Jesses, meaning if it was primarily half-white/half non-white characters, which it is NOT, it is primarily all-white characters, that would be one thing. But as I, and Nethilia, and several other users, and a cursory Google search would tell you, the closest the line comes to main characters of color in the ten years since Marisol Luna, is two "half white/half-non white" girls. That's not okay. And it's even less okay that you're attempting to take statements made about fictional characters created by a corporation to try and claim that people are discriminating on all biracial people because of that.

      I'm fairly certain you're only here to stir up shit, since you on one hand claim the whole line is boring and on the other defend the stories and interesting and well-written, and appear to be flying all over the place to be put out. "Martyrbation", as someone coined.

      If you can't be bothered to do research/reading and know what you're talking about, don't bother trying to make arguments, if one can be so generous as to call your nonsensical rantings and trolling "arguments".
      Find a better use of your time.

    5. Wow, you are just full of butthurt white girl tears. Go drink some pumpkin spice and take a selfie.

    6. Wow. Just wow. Yikes! Not that I will be reading the blog, but what do you want to achieve with this blog? Because I'm a little lost. That happens to dyslexics sometimes in large sprawling arguments. But I'm guessing it's no change but rather a bunch fan-girls to follow you around and praise you on a regular basis.

      Blessed be

    7. I want to achieve doll reviews, talk about my hobby, and address bigotry issues in American Girl without white apologists and white whine in my comments.

      And wow, way to spit "blessed be" at me like that. This world is full of terrible pagans.

    8. I don't really want to get into this more since I don't want to pollute Nethilia's comment section any more than it already is, but "Caitlin", you are hitting all the troll bingo spaces, complete with a flounce, like anyone is bothered that your ignorant self will be sparing us your comments.

      Let me tell you something, as I happen to be one of Nethilia's fans although I'm not a girl, I'm a woman (Oh, and not all Nethilia's fans are girls, but good point-out of your own misogyny/stereotypes btw) but I do try to praise her on a semi-regular basis. You know why I'm a fan? Because she calls out shit that's wrong, particularly about a hobby I enjoy. She admits when she's wrong herself, and gives a genuine apology, something you desperately need to learn. I'm a fan because she's a genuinely likeable, hilarious, intelligent person and I love reading what she writes. So yeah, she has fans, sure. And for good reason. Seems like you're a little mad that you don't have the same, and if what you blog is anything like your comments here, I'm frankly not that surprised. Actually, that's not true because there will unfortunately always be people that love being reassured that it's okay to be a racist scumlord, and that bullshit like "reverse racism" is real and your privileged feelings are legit and more important than those who face institutionalized discrimination and often have to fight for their lives.

      You say "blessed be" because I'm assuming after reading Nethilia's blog you read she's a Pagan. I also happen to be a Pagan, so let me lay something on you.

      May you be educated completely and at the expense to no one save other bigots. May you realize the gross error of your ways. May you not speak on anything again to promote false equivalency or other nonsense. May you be embarrassed and ashamed to recall how you acted. May you go forth and use this knowledge to disavow others of their own ignorance. May you use your former self as a teachable example to better the world, one asshat anon commenter at a time.

      So mote it be!

  12. Isn't it interesting that people who want to stir the pot hide always behind the Anonymous moniker??

    As a totally White-bread, preppy WASP, I TOTALLY get the anger at the fact that there hasn't been a GOTY of color, it pisses me off too. And I understand what Neth means about the bi-racial dolls--it was a convenient way of AG putting their foot in the water without getting it wet. I don't understand why in the world they are afraid to do an girl of color who has both parents of the same ethnicity? While there are plenty of bi-racial children out there, I think there are as many who are from parents who married in their same ethnic group. I live in an area that is 50% African American, and there are also plenty of Mexican families, Asian families and Middle Eastern families in the area as well. I see both bi-racial marriages as well as marrying within the same group. To me, it does seem that AG is being a bit racist in that they only acknowledge bi-racial minorities in their GOTY line. AG will ONLY make this right when they do dolls where both parents are of the same ethnic group. And bi-racial dolls who aren't strictly part Asian, part European. And don't try and tell me those groups don't have the financial ability to buy these dolls either--many of the people who live around here are lawyers, educators, doctors, etc. I have nothing wrong with the idea of bi-racial dolls, but not as a substitution or solution to all ethnic groups.

    There is enough racial diversity to produce a GOTY doll line for a very long time, yet they choose not to. Saige would have been the perfect opportunity to do so by making her of Mexican decent. Would have made a lot of sense too since she was from Albuquerque. Same with Isabelle, they still could have had her from D.C. and had her be any ethnicity, and it still would have been totally representative of that area. But they didn't.

  13. I am not hiding in the Anonymous marker. My post wouldn't go through with an open ID. I don't have any of the other id methods. I'm not setting up a live journal for this shit.

    My name is Caitlin and I am doll collector. I used to collect American Girl but now am mostly collecting anthro bjds. If you collect them, them you might have seen me comment here and there on various blogs. I don't blog.

    Jess, Kalani and Marisol were all girls of the year who should be considered girls of color. Plus there was a Jewish girl (who was white). At least if you're going to spout off, get your facts right.

    I believe Marisol was not biracial according to her story, but I am going based on my memory. Children who are bi or multi-racial are just as entitled to see themselves as a person of color, as anyone who comes from a mono-cultural or mono-ethnic family (if such a thing even exists).

    "And don't try and tell me those groups don't have the financial ability to buy these dolls either--many of the people who live around here are lawyers, educators, doctors, etc. "

    Don't put words in my mouth. I can communicate for myself. I never said or implied ANYTHING of the kind. NEVER EVER EVER. And I never ever ever ever would say anything like that. In fact, I implied the EXACT opposite. I pointed out that I know Sonali, Cecile and Marison all sold well. I can't say what kinds of homes they went to...

    IN FACT - I go beyond your bullshit. "White-bread, preppy WASP" girls as you term yourself can be interested in a beautiful doll no matter what her complexion. Because a well designed interesting doll is going to be interesting to all American Girl fans. And all kinds of parents. Just like Jess and Kalani were!! And just like Isabelle apparently isn't.

    Why is that when someone can't make a reasonable argument based on what you write, they have to make up (racist) shit and imply you said it?

    "I have nothing wrong with the idea of bi-racial dolls, but not as a substitution or solution to all ethnic groups. "

    And I have no idea what you mean by this! Because I never said that. In fact, I said the opposite. I said that bi or multi-racial kids have unique identities that are AS worthy of depiction in modern mainstream culture (including doll culture) as any other ethnic identity.


    1. "Don't put words in my mouth. I can communicate for myself. I never said or implied ANYTHING of the kind. NEVER EVER EVER"
      Uh, excuse me, but my post wasn't entirely directed at you. Only the first line. Plenty of other people read this blog. FYI, every time single fucking time this conversation comes up anywhere, money is something that IS brought up. I never implied that you said it, it was merely a statement from observations elsewhere. If you notice, my post was not a "reply" to you. So quit assuming. I've just seen the generalization that minorities can't afford these dolls a few too many times.

      As far as my other statement regarding bi-racial dolls-no problems here with them either, but I think AG also needs to do a GOTY of an African American, an Indian, a Hispanic, etc, without them being bi-racial. A balance would be nice, perhaps even a rotation of ethnic groups and combination--one year an African American, the next year an Irish girl, the next year an Hispanic/WASP, then a Japanese girl, a girl of English/African American descent, then Indian, and so on--so that more groups are covered than what they currently seem to be doing. This "White-bread, preppy WASP" is quite frankly growing tired of seeing the same dolls over and over and over again. The entire AG line needs more diversity and to me, GOTY would be the perfect place for them to start over again. They started with the historical line but somewhere along the way got sidetracked and that is a shame. And no more ballerinas! Too much repetition!


    3. Aw, boo, white people fee fees are hurt cause I compared them to bland oatmeal and told them to GTFO.

      "I'm not setting up a livejournal for this shit" the girl says, when people can comment by simply signing their name using Name/URL that doesn't require an account to anything like many people have on this blog. .

      The problem with AG's Biracial emphasis in the GotY? Is huge. For one, the characters have always been half white, eliminating any other possible bi or multiracial identities such as Black/Asia. Second, that all the front line characters have been mixed, as if they cannot have a front line character who is not part white in some way or else she won't sell. Again, what was so special about Kanani's (KANANI) story that required her to be half white? She couldn't be Japanese
      and Hawai'ian with a Japanese cousin that she told about Hawaii?

      I don't have to make up racist shit. You said racist shit and don't like that we know it at such. You come in my space, you shit on my floor, and when those of us who know it's shit calls it shit you get all flouncy whiny pissy pants.

      Bitch, get to stepping.

  14. This was a post. About a wonderful, happy, fantastic story of a band of collectors joining together in goodwill. *GROANS*

    (Yes, I understand comments and threads can drift places. I'm just sad it happened here. XP)

    1. It's all because I said anything about Vanilla Buttercream. I started it. =P

    2. Meh, at least you probably weren't intending it to heavily detract from the post itself (even though there's the whole "intent isn't magic" line, sometimes it DOES matter in context? also this is your blog so you could theoretically talk about, like, porn or something and still be allowed? XP). Whereas the arguer above, while I could understand their point on one level and in a different context, probably realized the GOTY argument was a vastly different subject from the rest of the post, and a polarizing one compared to the cousins story.

      In short: While the argument may be related to part of the post and even have its place, the main part of the post was about a completely different (and super happy XP) subject. You had no way of knowing someone was going to make the comments section a not-as-super-happy place, whereas the anon probably knew they were going to start something. XP

  15. Wow I was all happy and fuzzy inside because of this beautiful story..,and then I went to the comments section. We're not upset because a character was half white/half something else-we're upset because that seems to be the only way AG allows POC in the line since 2005. What is so wrong with a black doll? What is so wrong with an Asian historical?

  16. I just have to say that I went over to AGC and read the thread with all the doll "homecomings" and it was awesome! I think back to a comment made by someone years ago in regards to the internet bringing people together, this is a perfect example. I hope you all get to have your meet up down the road, what a fun story the whole way around! While the scammer was annoying to all involved, what kind of story that ends in happily ever after doesn't have a villain?

    As for the other "stuff"--in the words of Forrest Gump--"that's all I have to say about that." Done.

  17. its cool that they ve made jess half white because its a representative for many hapas out there, but Kanani simply had to be hawaiian, period. and they should have made some black dolls already, McKenna could have been black, saige SHOULD have been a latina, coming from New mexico, Isabelle could be biracial, Kailee could have been a picific islander, Lainie could have been of Pakistani origin... so many lost opportunities! I dont mind biracial dolls, but where are the black dolls for christ sake? its not even funny anymore.

  18. Lucky! :-) don't know whether to be glad for you or jealous
    Yeah- I saw the GOTY 2015 too. :-(

  19. How much did you pay for the cousins? Yes, my name is an american girl trademark too -_-

    1. That's none of anyone's business or concern. There's a reason Neth didn't mention it in her post. What matters is the story of a community coming together in and accomplishing something that will bind us forever.

  20. Hi,
    First of all I love your posts, even though people categorise them as 'snarky'. Also, congrats on the dolls. It's so awesome how the collectors got together to make this a proper team effort towards getting those dolls :-) and finally- for a sewing beginner are there any types of doll clothes patterns you would recommend? Xx Zaina


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