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Saturday, February 25, 2017

Rambled Opinions and General Snarkiness: The BeForever Activations, Moddies on Parade, And Those Two Damn White Kids Again

Dump Tenney, Buy Gabby.
So last weekend, I hauled my buns to AG Seattle, got pictures of everything, and then spent the week listening to Talking Simpsons podcasts and working on replacing my braids. Because I really really don't like Tenney-Sue and Nogan. The new Historical stuff? The new moddie stuff? That I'm excite for, even Julie's Potty and Accoutrements in a way. But I really just look at those two white kids and roll all two of my eyes and the inner one too and make retching sounds in a way I did for Wonderbread. I swear to fuck. Le Sigh. Anyways, I am going to behave and get this done so that I can stop having it hovering over my head like so much miasma.

This release includes some BeForever, Truly Me stuff, Wellie Wishers, Bitty Baby Shit that I don't fux with, and Those Two Damn White Kids. And if you don't like me calling them Those Two Damn White Kids, then you are on the wrong fucking blog, not even sorry to tell you the exit is available for you to go through. This place is for my opinions, and my opinions involve hating Them Two, and the fact that I manage to edit even a single fact about Nogan The Face And Spotlight Thief on the AG Wiki without leaving "reason for edit" as "FUCK YOU AND THE DRUM SET YOU RODE IN ON" is a testament to my goddamn professionalism on that project, heaux and foes. So you will give me this or you will eat unpleasant ham and catch a butt boil right at the top of the crack of your ass. I'm that bitchy woman your momma warned you about.1

Take the cut.

BeForever: Sun, Fun, and Books on the Run

A couple of outfits and accessories came out for the BeForever Crew--and there's more than a problem with the fact that DeeDee, Kaya, Josefina, and Addy got nothing. Like, I know Addy is likely not long for the Vault2 but could you be less obvious, please. At least Josefina and Kaya recently got some stuff, and DeeDee isn't even a year out, but c'mon son. Sam also didn't get a thing but I don't wanna hear shit that bitch had an ice cream parlor and a gazebo. At least I'm a sucker for the new stuff.

Julie's Basketball Uniform and Julie's Basketball Accessories: If you weren't here for the two-year lifespan of Julie's first basketball outfit, here's a second chance to make that first impression. Julie's first school collection focused on the fact that she is a girl on the school basketball team--and unlike the semi-wacky movies of the mid-1990s that pushed a lot of "girls can do the boy sport!" this is not played for jokes: it really was a big fucking deal in the 70s that girls were fighting for sports equality instead of being expected to be a cheerleader or a majorette and deal with that alone. Julie is back in her bootyshorts basketball uniform, complete with yarn hair ribbons that are the absolute tits, and now she has a hoop, medal, and extra ball sold separately.  I want the outfit--I really have no use for an underscaled hoop. But it'd be for the fancy, not the fact that anyone around here really does the sport, and the fact that my uncle Kenny played basketball in college before I came about so that era of basketball thrills me.

Julie reminds you of her decade.
Julie's Peasant Top Outfit and  Julie's Floral Accessories: Julie goes to Coachella. Or reminds you where the girls at Coachella got their tastes. For the main outfit we've got a peasant top with a pretty sweet design, a denim skirt with front pockets that are definitely not kitty heads according to AG, and strap on closed-toe shoes; for the accessories we've got a flower crown for maximum bokeh, a turquoise bracelet, and a purse that is definitely not a rerelease of the one that came with her first edition accessories because oh em gee the strap is longer or something. Again, outfit but not accessories. I can make a flower crown and bracelet. I debated getting the outfit last weekend, but it's on the high end for three pieces. Maybe at my next discount coupon. I want that top to match with her first ed pants, I'm not even gonna lie, think how flipping sweet Otters and Aisha will look in it.

Take a bath! Wash yo'self! Well, take a shower! And maybe a nice sit down with a book.
Julie's Groovy Bathroom: Julie's apartment expands for the first time by offering a bathroom. An actual bathroom, complete with toilet that makes a flush sound, toilet paper, a shower (it is likely her space saving apartment skipped the tub), mirror and several accoutrements.3 And if you think my born in 1980 lots of relatives ass wasn't in a bathroom in these colors sometime in my life, then you are mistaken. The orange is searing, sweeties. I'm not big on bathroom play nowadays and like I said in my last post I never was after my little sister was born,4 but I'm actually half intrigued by this. Okay, lemme be real honest, I only desperately want one part of the whole set:

There is a tiny bottle of Love's Baby Soft and I wore that stuff in the '90s revival and smelled like Rain and Lavender and baby powder5 and I want a tiny one again can someone just give me their bottle from their set please and thank you. Just like, gimme that one thing. Nothing else. I'll pay you like $5 for a tiny Baby Soft.

She lives on the beach, she needs a swimsuit.
Maryellen's Flamingo Swim Set: Ellie lives like, a short walk from the beach. She needs a swimsuit. And now she has one with bright pink 50s flamingos and sunshades and everything. My Bae hates it more than any of the new historical things, but I'll eventually get it. Bare shoulders and all. Historical swimsuits are my exception to the "almost never no swimsuits for the 18" girls" rule around here.6 I'll have to make a proper cover up for it, though. Pink to match the shoe and shades,  so she can walk back and forth from the beach to her house.

The games are not rigged. At least here.
Rebecca's Play Dress and  Rebecca's Coney Island Games: Good-bye my Coney Island Baby~7 Rebecca is off to play the games for prizes in a nice apron dress, button side shoes, stockings because what kind of bare legged hoochies do you take her for, and a spiffy hat. And she's gonna throw them beanbags she swiped from Kirsten at milk bottles, spin the wheel, and win tiny animals and post cards. The outfit I'll want for other gang members, like Marisol, Gwenni, and Tina.8 As for the play set, that's a maybe. I used to work in a theme park.

Now that's a play set we can all enjoy!
Kit's Play Dress: So back in 2009 AG completely dropped the ball in making Kit's Play Suit which looked like something you'd put a two year old in at the era, because Critical Research Failure.9 This time they got the play set right: a nice dress, some casual shoes and socks, and a snazzy hat. And it's blue, which is a lovely shade. I am a sucker for a snazzy hat. And the price point and amount of bits in the set, coupled with my discount coupon, meant I got this set on the cheap. Yep, this is the outfit I brought home with me last Saturday, and I've seen it on a lot of DeeDees on the Instagrams but Kit is going to keep it around here, DeeDee has another play outfit all her own and if she wants a blue print play dress I'll make her one. Kit is one of the spoiled Historicals. (Look, I actually have her trunk, even if it's the non-hinged lift off lid one.)

Hitting the nine links.10
Kit's Mini Golf Outfit: Kit's out to swing tiny putters at windmills on the mini-golf course. Which is actually hilarious as research shows that the Great Depression actually killed mini-golf for a long time in the US and by the end of the 30s most courses were closed. Anyways, she's going out to the one course that didn't shut down in all of Ohio while wearing orange, white, blue, and a monogram that reminds you that her name is Margaret Mildred I swear to god mother. I have a semi-hurdle to get over this one, cause y'all know my feelings on orange and blue together. But those socks are giving me life. So is that hat. Look, Kit, I already bought you one outfit, got your Nu!Reporter set on sale, and let you steal Tara's glasses to dress up as Elizabeth Warren. Take a chill, you get one set for now.

Putt-putt. (Filler image for now.)
Kit's Mini Golf Set: AG Seattle, like many of the smaller stores, doesn't get everything from jump. So this set was not there. Still, it fascinates me in a way. My Bae took me mini-golfing like once or twice, and I was terrible. Look, he's the golfer, not me. I sew and spin yarn and bitch about dolls, he plays golf and buys Steam games and actually keeps up with the latest goings-on in anime on Toonami. Kit can use the putter to kill a man.

All the Felicity that's Fit for AG Seattle.
Felicity Merriman: We're up to Felicity 3.0: Now For BeForever!

Hey y'all remember how I said that Felicity is only at the Flagship stores? That's LA, NY, and Chi-Town. Do any of those say Seattle? No they do not. So I can't and won't give you feels on her new outfit and underthings until I take pictures in Chi-Town, and that's that.11

But AG Seattle does have the books: Love and Loyalty, A Stand for Independence, and Gunpowder and Tea Cakes: My Journey with Felicity. You can also box set it up too. Which I did. Off Amazon. For a discounted cost and tossing in a graphic novel on sale to hit the free shipping. Look, in a moral fight between direct purchasing from a physical bookstore12 instead of fucking with the behemoth that is Amazon and saving ten dollars on books that I technically already have two copies of already, I'm saving ten dollars and waiting five to eight business days. I'm too poor-raised and money-cheap to have every financial standard in my life be about fighting the system13 and there is no ethical consumption under laissez-faire late stage capitalism anyways so.

It is a mystery.
New Mysteries: We've also got new mysteries for DeeDee--The Lady's Slipper; Ellie--The Runaway; and Julie--Message in a Bottle. Like Felicity's books, I got DeeDee and Ellie's on discount and I'll get Julie's on sale too. I'm like twelve or thirteen mysteries behind anyways. If not more. I still have a Marie-Grace one I haven't read.

Tenney Grant and Logan Everett: Those Two Damn White Kids

my displeasure is massive.
*loud groan*
*louder groan*
*points to the post right before this post for a reminder that I hate these two and like WonderBread I will never shut up about it*
*groans a third time for good measure*

Fine, I'll start talking about their things but I won't like it and you can't make me and she's getting called Tenney-Sue and he's getting called Nogan and that's that, they squished Gabby's section to let these two in and Tenney-Sue swiped her earrings. My rage is so there forever. 

Twangy Tenny-Sue.
Tenney's Meet Outfit and Accessories: Tenney-Sue shows up in an orange shirt with a faux-tie front, denim vest, pleather skirt, bracelet, panties, and rather interesting shoes that I actually kind of like. Her accessories include a blue guitar with a strap, a journal with two of her songs, and a pick that she can hold with her special hand that I took a picture of on another outfit. Steal her shirt for my Gabby. Or my Tina. Or anyone else. And throw in the shoes. As for the guitar it's not so bad. But I don't want her journal. Maybe Tina can start playing the guitar and break out some Nutbush City Limits.

Kid sized.
Kid sized. For all the matchy. At least it looks the same but oooo someone got the bottoms and Gabby didn't. And don't you go pointing to the denim leggings those are not Gabby specific.

Beddy and petty.14
Tenney's Gingham Pajamas: wow you put that print with those shoes because of course you did no i don't like them make more long pants pajamas again that would have at least put them in the realm of wanting to steal them but nope.

Tenney's Golden Retriever: The last non-jointed pet I bought was Bo. This changes nothing.15

Pinch, poke, you owe me a coke.
Special Hand: A close up of the special hand that holds things because she gets to play her guitar with a pick; it's the original hand, but pinches the thumb and pointer finger in. They also gave it to Nogan so he can hold his drumsticks. If it ever shows up on someone not these two I'll give more of a damn.

*extended hissing*
Tenney's Spotlight Outfit: Would you believe there's an item from this collection I don't hate in its entirety? Of course you do, I just said I want to steal her meet shirt. Well, this is the one. It's a not-half-bad lace top, a borderline too sparkly skirt, and boots that caught WonderBread Glitter Syndrome but that's what I have the Western Riding Outfit for. I'll get it when I'm not totally furious.

Tenney's Stage and Dressing Room: ... No this bitch did not. She did not get a fancy ass two-side playset with a guitar stand and an amp and vanity and dressing robe and gel inserts for the spotlight and a mirror and motherfucking grapes and Gabby didn't.
Oh wait, she did? They gave her an actual large playset and told Gabby to go pound it with a mirror and stockboard backdrop? Fuck you.
Tenney's Banjo: First of all I can't even look at a banjo without Dueling Banjos playing in my head.16 If I eventually bother with any of her instruments this would be the one, even before the guitar. Tina can play that too. Tina will be my musician.

Logan's Meet Outfit: I don't have enough fingers to flip Nogan off. He's wearing a plaid shirt, T-shirt that says "Play It Loud," jeans, tennis shoes, and boxer-briefs. Outfit is nowhere near as obnoxious as the Kenny-Nogan it's on. Someone steal his entire outfit for my butch girls and throw him out the window.

Logan's Rhythmic Drum Set: Like hell I'm paying that much for being in the doll-drums.17 Also it's missing the tom-toms and hi-hat. It's not a two-piece or a three-piece from what I can tell. It's a hybrid of fail. Drums should be closer to real for that much. And also not be associated to face-stealing bastards.

Ground snacks and lace shorts.
Tenney's Picnic Outfit: The shirt is okay, but I really hate the shorts. Lace shorts are not optimal for sitting on the ground, I don't care what kind of blanket you have, and if there are ants they will bite your legs. The shoes seem pretty meh. Well at least it comes with the hat and necklace, and the hat makes up for the shorts.

Tenney's Hat and Necklace: Wait I have to buy the hat and necklace separate? For 18 bucks? Screw that I'll make my own picnic hat! With blackjack! And hookers! In fact, forget the picnic! 

Tenney's Picnic Set: So apparently there is a famous chicken place in Memphis? Or something. I can count the number of times I've been to Tennessee on one hand minus two fingers. Anyways, she's got watermelon, hot chicken, potato salad, stuff to carry it around, silverware and napkins, and sweet tea in a mason jar because of course she does, and I think her mom owns a food truck? My normal weakness for doll food is tempered by the fact I'm a Texas girl and I like my barbeque and fried chicken different. It'll have to be on sale and I'll have to already have gotten the banjo and spotlight outfit.

Jaya's right there.
Books: The first of Tenney-Sue's four books18 are out: Tenney and Tenney in the Key of Friendship. There's also Tenney's Journal which if it was there I didn't look hard. Look, I found my camera was overexposing and I had to retake all my pictures, excuse me if I didn't dig hard to find this girl's special fancy book before I went to get some tea from David's to relax my nerves. Also y'all made Nogan the Face Stealing Bastard but Jaya's right there, AG I'm so fucking tired of your PoC Sidekicks to your White Preciousness I could shove you into a woodchipper.

I have the first two books because Costco had a bundle with a mini-doll who was immediately stripped and I put the clothes on my Madcap Mini Addy because that is how I roll.


am I done here? Am I done with Tenney-Sue? Can I ignore her for a good long time?

oh thank Oya and Yemaya and Oshun goodbye. 
Truly Me: Neth Just Can't Resist A Nice Ballet Set 

Just four outfits and two accessories. Well, it's better than nothing, I guess. And I like one of the four anyways.

Easter clothes and deth baskets.
Bright Blooms Dress: At some point I'm going to dig through my hard drive and find a picture of 8-ish year old me in a so-80s Easter dress my mom made with puffy 80s hair and when I do you'll understand why I can't put my gang in this dress that's the exact print almost.19 Nope.

Easter Basket: AG this is the third time you've used the term Easter basket for a moddie easter basket vary your fucking titles. The necklace gift is nice, the bunny is death left over from Kit's candy-making set, and see this is what you give a kid for Easter, not $200 worth of things like it's Springtime Christmas and you've got to impress all the other mommies on Facebook with a stack of toys so large and sprawling we can't even find the one year old in the pile of things they'll not give a single fuck about.

New Swimsuit.
Bright and Splashy Tankini: Like I said, no swimsuits that aren't historical or Kanani-good, and I don't care for the color. Hard pass.

Get the dog out the cooler that's unsanitary.
Beach Cooler Set: Hanging on the beach or anywhere else with snacks, sandwiches, and drinks. I like cooler lunches. Also fake ice. And Berries. I'll put it on a possible buy.

Volleyball, like love, is a dangerous contact sport.
Star Player Volleyball Outfit: Bringing the volleyball back again, now it's blue and stars and nifty socks. No one around here sports the volleyballz, but if they did I'd consider it. As it is, I save my money for ballet, my one true sport. And it's not like AG came out with another one so soon after retiring the last. They sold the extra tutu part on a clearance discount anyways, and I got the Ombre set, and the Pretty Plie set. I'm safe on the ballet front for a while.20

Then again.
Ballet Class Outfit: Oh GODS DAMN IT.
yes I bought it it's really cute shut up. Kira will get to wear it first, because she is the most punk of ballets. And I will update my ballet ID sets later. My weakness for tiny ballet slippers will be the end of my monies forever.

WellieWishers: Splish Splash, I Was Taking A Bath 

Wellies just did a little burst, mostly based around their newest book. Time for summer! Wait it's spring. Fuck it, whatever. Let's start with the book. Oh, but before we book it? The Wellies are now all coming in the new more open front boxes that Gabby and Tenney-Sue are, and if you hate the boxes well I don't care now I can see all the outfit and shoes and the boxes are cute fight me. 

I can hear the ocean.
Camille's Mermaid Tale: Camille finally gets her focus book, set in the summer about her longing for the beach. And, uhh...AG what is with you making me put bobbed blondes at the end of my list and not liking them but then writing books that give me feels I swear to the devil you're so mean. I like Camille now. And her accessories. And I'm pouting. Willa is now in last place. Camille, welcome to fourth.

Fun Fish Charm: Add fish to your charm bracelet! Or buy two and turn them into earrings. I'll likely do the latter.

Bathy splashy!
Marvelous Mermaid Outfit: In the book this outfit is a major plot point. As an outfit that doesn't come with shoes I'm not exactly chuffed. At least it's blue? And scaley?  eh whatever.

Fun Fish Swimsuit and Cover-Up: Swimsuit! Dolly swimsuit! Modern dolly swimsuit I like! AG would like to think they made me out to be a liar, but it technically doesn't count they're 14 inches tall so there. The headband does nothing for me but I really liek the swimsuit, and it's an excuse to have Kendall in a mud puddle somewhere later. And afterwards she can wash up with:

Playful Garden Washtub Set: This is cuter than it should be.And it actually really makes bubbles. Even if I have to buy my own bubble solution.21 I shall endeavor to get it, then bathe my Wellies in the tub and have them have tubby time with rubber duckies and hedgehogs and take pictures and be adorablez. 


Fuck. You. Tenney-Sue. Leave your shoes, shirt, and whatever else I like at the door and don't come in my house. And if you try to bring that face-stealer I'll sell you to the pagans.

Dump Tenney Buy Gabby.


1 So if you look at the comments on my Gabby Release Post in like, the last two weeks, you will see some primo wanking. The kind that makes me long for the days of being able to report things on Fandom Wank. Basically someone joined AGC, started acting like a total fuck who hadn't ever read the rules but thought they were special and tried to lecture us all on our Nogan Disparaging, got Modjonir'd before they could even break ten posts, and then got over here to keep wanking and wanking and wanking claiming I "needed to be taught." I ended up deleting the same fucking comment from ten straight posts, watching them act like a fuck, and then outright saying that if said wanker comments again I'm just going to delete the comments cause I don't have time for nonsense. Anyways, said wanker said that AGC has has a reputation of being really "bitchy" and claimed that we were not liked much in the fandom. Which we immediately subtitled the forums because we have more class than an university.
2 Or the Felicity "online and in Flagship stores only" life.
3 One thing not included is tampons and pads, though Julie having a teenaged sister and a mother that wasn't past menopause, she would probably have those in the bathroom. Would you like to make some? Haul the buns to American Girl Ideas and make a set. Again, I'm not about that life much in my doll play. But I'm pointing this out because the owner of the site, Rudy, said something important in the comments when some people got their permapanties twisted about this craft existing and I'm going to highlight it down here:
Some of the requests are interesting. However, if I get a girl saying she feels lonely and depressed because she has a period and none of her friends do and she wants pads for her doll, I’m crafting the pads. I’d rather help one and lose 100 people who don’t like it then not respond to something like that. Tugs at my heart strings. And when someone wants deodorant for their doll because they were made fun of for having to wear it, done. I have more heartbreaking stories that also go with my crafts, but you get the idea.
And y'all know my feels on acting like an eight-year old shouldn't know what menstruation is and the items used to stop vagoober bleeding on clothes, if you've been reading the Why I'm An Outsider series. This earned a follow on Instagram and a link on my side links.
4 I'm not about that toilet life in my doll gang world.
5 I skipped the lemon. To me it smelled like cleaning product. 
6 Every swimsuit I own--Julie's and Kit's, all two of them--is historical. Okay and Kanani's but y'know, Kanani. Okay and the wetsuit and I got Lea's on discount to put Kanani in--okay exceptions for Kanani and Historicals are you happy now. 
7 One of my fave eps of the Simpsons is "Homer's Barbershop Quartet."
8 Tina--Valentina Bryant--is a #45 my Bae got me off the 'Bay for Giftmas. With her here now, I'm only missing one Addy mold girl in my collection. She and Gabby are dating and they like each other a lot and there's nothing cuter than black queers.
9 It didn't help one damn bit that Touchy Creepful said it was just so perfect and cute and just what a little girl should wear, and ew burn it. 
10 Bae: You don't say hitting the links for going mini-golfing.
Me: Just for that you're going on my blog post.
11 Since it's been a half-year since I went to AG Chicago? I might just move my long-awaited post on that to this summer. Then I'll have better pics including DeeDee, and use some of my first-trip pics there.
12 Which is getting harder. The Barnes and Noble near my comic book store shut down. This is why I'm at the Half Price Books, people. 
13 Example of that: I will shop at a Hobby Lobby if I'm near one, but I won't like it and I'll wear my pentacle the whole time; in contrast I won't fucking touch a Chik-Fil-A sandwich with a strap-on dildo unless it's that or literal starvation, I'll just make a knock off and add avocado.  
14 Which I am so being right now I don't care.
15 Maya is here in jointed cat form. I like those better.
16 I heard it for the first time in like elementary school, when my 4th grade music teacher was teaching us instruments. Not from Deliverance. I just learned today it's in that at all, and it was used without permission so the composer sued the movie and won.
17 I'm punny and petty!
18 The summary of her fourth book really ramps up the Tenney-Sue because she's on tour somehow. A performance tour. For a 12 year old. Along with more will-they-won't-they be friends with her and Nogan. What Disney Movie Taylor Swift fresh hells.
19 My older sister is in a more adult but still 80s version. The 80s were a special, very ugly time. So were the 90s. But especially the 80s. 
20 Look at me, playing my own games. 
21 Or make it. Speaking of making things, I don't understand the appeal of turning Elmer's glue and borax into slime with like glitter and sequins and shit? When I look at my ASMR videos too many of the sand ones drifted into slime and ugh, it's the worst. Slime is so the opposite of what I'm looking for in an ASMR video. It's gloppy. Just looking at it makes me unhappy. I hate gloppy things. You can blame 90s gak for getting fused to our carpet and almost staining it. Slime is gross there I said it tell me when we're past this trend and into something else. 


  1. Oh, how I WISH that stage were not personalized. Maybe someone will post directions for a DIY knockoff and then you can make one for Gabriela. (Who would look adorable on a stage reading poetry or tap-dancing. If I were craftier I would make you one for Gabby.)

  2. I absolutely adore what you write about those two white special snowflakes. Right now I'm staring hard on the guitar and wondering who ever suggested it - every musician knows that painted guitar will sound like s***, and there's no blue wood in the world.
    Which means she either pretends to play and uses playback, or is too much of a blonde to understand that fact.

  3. OMG to see the coverup for Ellie's swimsuit.

  4. Another vote for never buying the Whitebread twins. My kids were livid when they saw new dolls stealing Gabby's spotlight.

  5. Yet another vote for never buying TenneySue and Nogan. I just can't stand them, especially Mr. Face-Stealer. I think my aversion to Tenney is more because of what she stands for (stealing Gabriela's spotlight and a super blah story) rather than the doll herself. I saw both of them at AGP DC-Tenney just looks like a TrulyMe with darker lips to me. As for Nogan, I just...ick. I can't even...-_- That is KAYA'S face and it does not look right on him. There were some kids that were all excited about those two, but it seemed like most of them wanted to play with DeeDee's recording studio and piano.

    I also heard some sickening comments from some mother. She made me angry.-_- And yes, her daughter was all over stupid Tenney and Logan. Grr.

    Moving on...I need to read Melody's mystery!:) And I know it's not new, but I REALLY like that blue ombré ballet outfit.

  6. I put a stack of copies of Gabriela over top of the Tenney books my bookstore was pushing in the kids' display. I'm terrible, but I don't care. I used to work there anyway, they barely notice if you mess with a display table.

    1. You're doing [insert higher power you believe in if you believe in one's name here]'s work.

    2. Thank you for making the world a better place you deserve a noble prize.

  7. I would be perfectly fine with Addy going "flagship/online store only", because that would mean there's a slim chance of her getting some more books published. I mean, Kaya and Josefina got new mysteries ten years after their first ones; Addy's due!

  8. Found you on instagram. I just want to say I whole heartily agree with everything about Tenney & Logan. I was so baffled as to why they released these so close to GOTY which wasn't even a thing the last time I was into dolls. I only recently rediscovered my AG dolls, I was quite the tomboy who in general didn't like dolls. (where were you monster high when I was a kid?)

    I'm sad to see them possibly? retire Addy. I'm hoping to pick up a few outfits for mine before she goes into the vault. Why can't there be two historical gals of color out at the same time? Addy was my pride and joy as a child, I know it baffled my mother but as a white kid in a white area who was only ever given white dolls as gifts Addy was amazing. She was everything I felt was missing from every day life when things in history class and on tv were so much more diverse. I also loved the books back then, they didn't shy away from hardships or disasters or family members dying. The new historicals I have read just seem so empty. I suppose I'm lucky my family made me save up to buy her for me.

    If I was still collecting I'd be picking up Z for sure, I'm not a fan of 60s fashion which really kills Melody's line for me otherwise I'd probably be more interested in her outfits for Addy. The new Hawaiian gal for WWII though being an era I'm excited about sure is tempting though!

  9. God I hate the country bumkin Taylor Swift impersonater and her sidekick Sir Face-Stealer. I guess AG got a little nervous releasing a doll of colour so they had to counteract any statements they may have accidentally made with some more white kiddies who also happen to be super unoriginal. Ugh. Anyway, I love the way you wrote this post, so thank you for the calling out, lol. And yeah, I have very high suspbitchens that AG shall retire Addy and Sam. I'm surprised they aren't giving Kit the flick since she's pretty general with the blonde bob and blue eyes and classic face mold. Huh. x

  10. I'm buying Nogon and turning him into Sterling. That's all he's good for SMH and Addy, I really need to add her to my collection. But yeah Blondie is lame.


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