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Friday, August 18, 2017

Rambled Opinions and General Snarkiness: The Truly Me 2017 Summer: Attack Of The New Shit

When life and the world snatches you bald, go on anyways.
Me, at the end of my last post: I'm gonna cover the new stuff on my blog sooner rather than later. I promise not to take fifteen weeks to get to it. Or even more than a few days. I have a lot to say.

The Powers Combined of Brain Weasels, Vacation, Disabilities, Activities, and Fucked Up News Shit: hi, why don't we just make you out to be a big ass liar and ruin your day

Me: why u do dis ;____;

Fuck it. I'm doing the post now, before it gets overlapped by the release of Nanea.1 And other things I gotta say such as This Year at MCM, AG Chicago, 7 Mile, AG at TRU, Create Your Own, any other news--can just be in my next post.

Cut to the stuff: Less chatter more splatter.

100% Moddie For the Body

New Meet and Greet: Now With Actually Interesting Accessories!2
Truly Me Outfit: Away, dress and shoes and underwear! Hello, Dress and Shoes and underwear! But now with jacket. Motocycle-style jackets are apparently the hotness. First of all, this isn't a set name. AG didn't officially name the meet set, but considering the accessory name, this is what we on the AG Wiki have slapped it with. Second it's not available separately, because AG can't make up their mind if they want us to have things away from dolls or not. So until I have money for another full gang member or get to MCM to find a girl in the set in 2018, I won't have it. That said, it's a nice set. The dress has a pretty print and the jacket is a lovely cute blue. Except for:

The shoes leave much to be desired.
The shoes. They're like Z's shoes and the Silver Sneakers, except they are solid plastic lumps. Look, I don't wanna be That Bitch that complains that AG is going to the Target dogs because that's some classist bullshit, but. Plastic solid shoes? Let's not take back to the days of Molly and Sam. When I get this outfit, I'll keep the shoes, but I won't keep them well. We're not into Crocs.

Truly Me Accessories: To compliment your dress, jacket, and lumpyshoes, you can add on a sweater to go over the dress, leggings to go under the dress, a headband for hair bandings, a wristlet purse  that Dolly's New Smartphone tech goes in, said smartphone with a case and screens to resemble phoning, a library card,  a gift card to AG for that hella meta, and five bucks (where'd you get five bucks I want five bucks).3 Nice, some accessories I can get behind that feel like they're worth what you're paying for them. Hell, if you just buy the accessories yourself you kinda have a whole 'nother outfit. I'll get them whenever I get a gang member in the outfit. Speaking of gang members:

How many Gabby? All the Gabby? All the Gabby.
Just Like You 67: AG has added three new girls to the lineup. Behold, it's another type of Gabby! But with longer hair that might be kinda textured? Inasmuch as AG textures any hair nowadays. It's a little bothersome to me that AG pretty much is trying to half undercut Gabby, but I hope she's still outselling Tenney-Sue three to one. Then again, she could just be replacing #46 who left to be upgraded to Gabby. Let's say that so I don't feel like Gabby is being hated on. Also crap now I don't have nearly all the Sonali molds anymore.

Just Like You 68: Did you want a light skinned Josefina? A Rebecca with brown eyes? A Lea that actually looks like she might be of Brazilian background? Or perhaps a Grace, but minus the freckles and plus brown eyes? Maybe you need a base for a more accurate Dear Lisbeth. Here you go, it's a light Josefina with dark hair and dark eyes. She's cute, but I have Amanda4 now, so I don't need her.

Just Like You 69: Don't you dare make that joke this is a family blog--oh who am I kidding, this is my third "fuck" in this post alone. Anyways, if #68 right before her was too intimidating with her roundish, Latina looking face and side part, here's your Classic Mold Girl with a center part so you can feel better about yourself. Well, at least she's not blonde or blue-eyed. No new moddie girls were. Huzzah for the shopkeep!5

Did anyone get kicked out? Yep; #37 and #30. So long and thanks for all the memories. Recreate them in the Create Your Own for $200. Or in the case of #30, go buy Z. When in doubt, buy Z and Gabby.

Gimme a head without hair!
Bald Dolls: Instead of just being a a hidden dealeo, girls without hair have been put into the line openly! Even more open than before, because they can now be purchased online. #70, is a light classic with blue eyes, #71 is a tan Classic with brown eyes, #72 is a light Jess with dark eyes, and #73 is a dark Sonali with dark eyes.

Are they at the stores? Maybe. But they can always be purchased online. Smooth like an egg, for whatever reason you need your girl bald--be in chemo loss or a character you want to put bright rainbow hair on without taking hair off first. 

All New Mixy Matchy.
Mix and Match Items: That last set wasn't here but for a few shakes: six months and they were out the entire door, shoes included. Perhaps that is the life span now for mix and match sets. If that's the case doe? I need to get nearly all this by January. We're working with:
When the first set didn't show the dress, so you took another set.
The Tights and Leggings are basically the Indigo and Dot Leggings but the dotted leggings are swapped for tights, so those are late on the docket for me to bother with. The ankle boots are Grace's old meet shoes, in case you missed out on those by not buying her. The rest, though, is new--and so far I've obtained the classic sweater, the corduroy pants even if the ankle twist is kinda off for me, and the teal moccasins. I'm just a sucker for some teal. I hate peplums so no on that top--it doesn't even go all the way around, shirt what are you--and I'm not 100% sold on the dress yet. But that mixed knit sweater has to get here for my gang before it goes away and I love the fluffy ballet-tulle skirt. This whole set pleases me more than the last one. A good portion of it will be grabbed. Yes, even the tweed shorts.

Style? Whose?
Travel in Style Dress: Wait so you cut the arms off Grace's Travel Coat, turned it purple, and paired it with shoes? Ew. I didn't like it then and I don't like it even more now.

Travel in Style Luggage: It's Grace's Suitcase again! Only now with stickers and a tote bag. Not my thing, doll suitcases. My doll suitcase consists of getting in my carry on and putting their clothes in a bag.6 We're good without.

Travel in Style Accessories: All the stuff you need to be on a plane: passport in case you don't have an ID that is good enough or you're just skipping over to Canada, sunglasses, camera, plane and train tickets, magazine, roundy neck thing, carrying bag, and a banana. Are those neck pillows actually useful? I've never got one, though I fly a lot. Either way, this is interesting but ultimately a pass for me.

French Bulldog: Bonbon all over again! But grey and jointed. Look I have enough pets here, most are dogs, and I need more cats. Still, not bad for a pet.

Fancy Pet Outfit: For the prissy dog in your life--like that fancy Pomeranian--we have a capelet, a headband, and a purse to hold. If you can get your dog to cosplay like the cosplay cats, then power to you. My mom's dog just looks at us stupid.

Coconut's Stories Live On! On a Shirt.
Graphic Fashion Tee: Coconut, kicked out of the pet line, currently lives on clothing. Like this shirt. I'm not a fan of the shirt. I guess you could toss it with the new mixy matchys? But there's fluff on it. Nah.

All-Star Soccer Outfit: Hey, a soccer set that isn't white, super girly, or hideous! But no one here plays soccer, so there's no point. Still, if someone did, I'd get it. Blue is my fave color. Oh, and it's currently in new packaging that everyone cried big fat ugly tears about, so soon it'll be in boxes, wah wah wah, enjoy your cardboard, I need more drawers so I can ditch all the boxes I have around anyways.

 Lookin' at the sky with my sunshades on.7
Ombre Sunglasses: They're sunglasses. They're okay. Again, I'm not hella big on shades, seeing as I wear prescription glasses that I have to wear my eclipse glasses over on Monday.8 I might get them, though, they're kinda cute.

More Earrings. Not enough Earrings.
Party Earring Set: You like Cupcake Earrings? Stars? Little sparkle studs? Have at it. I have actually obtained a good amount of moddies with AG sized holes,9 so I may start investing more in their earrings. In which case, yeah, I'll these.

Hotel, Motel, Holiday Inn--
American Girl Grand Hotel: Does your doll enjoy fancy hotel stays, complete with shampoo bottles, foot benches, flowers, and a whole bed to herself? Does she want her own sink set up? Or maybe just time away from everyone else? Here you go, it's a goddamn hotel. It's got a lot of stuff. A lot. One side is in the room, complete with roomy goodies like chocolate10 that I'd have to toss and a lamp and a order in menu and flipping Q-Tips--

It took two pictures what the zeus.
On the other side is a check in desk, with a phone style that kids nowadays would be confused by and a bell that goes ding ding. It even folds up for storage so it doesn't have to sit out sucking up all your space like some sort of giant French Bakery. It's elaborate, and it's interesting....But where would I put it? Why would I put it? Also, Gabby's things. Gabby. I want Gabby.

Cart! Food! And Shit I've already talked about.
AG Grand Hotel Luggage Cart: Of course, you can't carry your own things to your fancy room like a plebe. Enter a luggage cart, complete with a garment bag, AG shopping bag--and Coconut, who has been downgraded to a plush belldog. Alas, poor Coconut. I knew her, Horatio. It's a good add on for the hotel but otherwise nah. 

AG Grand Hotel Room Service Set: You deserve breakfast in bed, if you can afford it. Have it. It's a fancy tray and a silver cover and--wait you just ordered a cinnamon roll and berries? Girl get you some pancakes and French Toast. You are in a hotel, fuck yo diet. This would be fine elsewhere, unlike the luggage cart. I can have fancy breakfast at home. I can't have a luggage cart.

Because a cat's the only cat, that knows where it's at. Also leash your pets.
Tuxedo Cat: New cat! Black cat! Well, mostly black cat. It's Licorice back from the retirement, now with joints and a magnet! I should get this. Then I'll have more cats. Cats are cool.

Fancy Leash Set: It's pink and sparkly and a leash. It better go on sale, that's the only way I buy leashes.

Flower Leash Set: It's flowered and purple and a leash. See above re: needing a sale.

Pet beds.
Crown Pet Bed and Chevron Pet Bed: Two new beds to shed all over. One is squishy and crown shaped for your prissy princess pet, the other is starry and swirl based for your science pet. I have never had a pet that slept in a bed of its own. They just jumped in bed with me.11

Rubber Duckie, you're the one.
Pet Bath Outfit: Rub a dub dub, it's a pet in a tub. With a robe and a hat and a duck. Which is not what pets are into. Just buy a towel. Unless you're instagramming your dog.

On Fridays we wear cheer uniforms.
School Backpack Set (III): First of all, stop reusing names, I have to numeral the Wiki. Second: Wow, this backpack comes with a lot. A tablet, folders, homework--and a way to personalize. But I already have Grace's tablet, so do I need another one? Dolly tech is almost as adorable as dolly shoes. Life is hard.

School Locker Set (II): What did I just say about numerals? Sigh. Kneel down and get your stuff put away between classes and shit. Put in pictures of the guy you like. (Or the girl, or the person. Look, gender is a construct.) Stick up a mirror, and add stickers on the inside that you will never get back at the end of the school year. Enjoy education!

...man, now I really wish I'd gotten Julie's locker. Large cool lockers rock.

Taco Tuesday! Wait, today's Friday--Taco Friday!
Hot Lunch Set: Tacos! Delicious food! Rices! Tomatoes! Milk because lactose intolerance is being ignored! Nomf nomp nomp dolly food.

Oh noes. That's not a good cage. 

Class Pet Hamster: Did you miss out on buying an entire loft bed just to get McSeattle's hamster? Want one? Want no more, get the class pet hamster and name it things! You get a cage, a little pet, and a book on care. Seems legit enough...however. This setup implies that the living quarters of a hamster don't need to be bigger than the cage they're in already. And I didn't know until recently, but this cage is terrible for a hamster. They need room to move, places to dig, things to keep them active and moving. This cage is way, way too small, even in a classroom. It'd be like making someone live in a bathroom or tiny closet, instead of a whole apartment.

So get this set if you like, but then encourage yourself (or the kiddle getting the set) to learn better and craft or make a better living space. And get the word out that the space shown isn't enough, even in a classroom. Don't make your pets suffer in shiny boxes. They're not just little beasts to live like you make them. Love them and give them spaces. Mmkay? Mmmkay. 


I said I would give the moddie stuff its own post Friday. I just didn't think it would be this many Fridays later.

My bad.

But I have Felicity's new meet outfit, I'm excite for Nanea, the Create Your Own stuff is really kinda interesting--and maybe when I can stop being a lump, I can review all this stuff I've got. And Felicity's cute new stays I bought from a really kickass Etsy shop. 


1 Nanea had a preorder just like DeeDee, but Neth didn't do it. Why?  Because my options were to either A) pay to have it shipped back home while I was still out of town or B) pick her up at AG Chicago while I was there--thus forgoing all the other stuff I wanted from Chicago, and still having to ditch the box. So I am just waiting for the full release. Plus, I'm pretty sure my Bae would have shanked me for bringing home any more dolls than I already did, and I couldn't get all that back in two suitcases after my MCM and other fun purchases. In-person it is! Plus I can forgo the hula set I'm only meh on, for the dress I simply adore.
2 Hat and mouthgear not included.
3 Season Seven, Episode 4,  "Bart Sells His Soul."
4 Amanda, in short form, is what happens when I spend three hours cursing and yelling sitting on the floor of my grandma's living room and still get brown eyes in an MCM Grace Doll. Because I'm awesome. She has a second half friend, Melissa, who was her eye donor and stuck around.
5 Season Three, Episode 3, "When Flanders Failed."
6 Sometimes it's cloth. Sometimes its an old LootCrate box. Most of the time, it's a Ziplock.
7 "Deep Deep Trouble," Simpsons Sing the Blues. Wow, my brain is just a hive of Simpsons quotes and refs.
8 I won't get full totality, but I'll get 93% which counts as an A.
9 There's Amanda, Melissa--both of which need intros--Gabbi, Abbi, and Tara off the top of my head. Not including Kimmy and Elizabeth, who wear historical earrings. Everyone else maintains their straight shot piercings.
10 While on vacation I bumped into a sink drying rack that a Hersey's syrup bottle had touched. I didn't know. I broke out in hives and pumped my body full of Benadryl and still ended up with a rash that is now healing scar bumps. Ain't nothing changed.
11 Even my mom's dog did that; the moment he saw me sleeping, he'd leap on whatever I was sleeping and tuck behind my legs. 


  1. (perks up) There's an etsy shop that makes stays for Felicity's blue dress? Would I be to presumptuous to ask for the shop name?

  2. Think you'll do a Book Blather on "Samantha Saves the Day"?

    Love the bald dollies

  3. Bald dolls are great for wig play.

  4. Nethie, come on. I know that this blog is on the back burner but I have not gotten my monthly dose of snarkitude for like 3 or 4 months. I hope that you can find time to blog. Like, I talk less about celebrities then I do about you and my siblings have asked where are you. So please, another blog post?
    Thanks, Prim


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