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Saturday, November 11, 2017

Sleeping, Not Lost, Just Gotta Get My Shit Resorted

Why yes, Amanda is a brown-eyed beaut, thanks for asking.

Hey, Neth.

You have been dealing with a lot of shit. It's mostly in your head and is brain weasels. It sucks. You don't want to go into it. You feel like every day you aren't on your blog is a day that loses you more people caring about your AG opinions.

This hiatus shouldn't have been til November, and you feel terrible that it has been. So whatcha gonna do, Neth?


What you will do is get up off thine ass and pick yourself up, girl, that's what you'll do, and you will get back to reviews and complaints and chatter, and if you end up going back til August and Nanea's release to talk about shit, then you will, and no one will fault you, because even if your stupid brain likes to say you're a fuckshit lazy stay at home lump who hasn't done anything worthy in thirty-seven years and that amounts to nothing, it's a goddamn lie.

Girl you traced your family line back to 1810. You can trace your matrilineal line all the way back for six generations because you found lost family. And considering you are the descendant of multiple enslaved people, honey you are doing all right for yourself. You're a walking AG magazine paper doll. You went to your grandma's 85th birthday party and you did your first eye swap and you found two different new gang members in Milwaukee and you had an action-packed October, and are out here living your best life even if you don't always feel it.

Also you are actual factual going to see the Hamilton Tour. 

Now dust you off, kiss your Bae, and hit your 50k in nano for the 13th year in a row, because you're a good person, even if you don't always feel it. 


Yeah. You are.



Sorry for the shit, people. I'll get back on my damn horse in a few weeks.

If you want to keep an eye on me til I get off my effing ass, feel free to check the instagrammas, @libra.nethilia. I also have one for my etsy shop, which is at @hodgery.podgery

Be back post NaNoWriMo. I'm 30k into a rewrite and it's going excellent.



  1. Yay! You are still alive, Nethie! May your blogging days be happy, and know that you will never lose this reader.
    With fangirl love, Prim

  2. You are the best part of this fandom and have given it so much. If you don't feel well enough to give current opinions here, then folks can just enjoy your extensive previous work, not only here, but on the best of dolls forum you helped found and the invaluable Wiki you helped create.

    Please take care of yourself. Your fans, old and new, are rooting for you.

  3. I always check here before visiting AGC (force of habit). Take care of yourself, Neth!
    Take your time, stay on your effing ass as long as you need to, we ain't goin nowhere.

  4. You haven't lost me as a blog reader. As much as I love your posts, what matters most is you take care of yourself. I'm not going anywhere.

  5. Love your blog, love your opinions and the way you say them. You won't lose this reader. Look after yourself, sort your shit and when you feel up to doing a full post, we'll all still be here to read it.

  6. I always love to read your blog, I was missing your comments on AG. I hope you will pick yourselves up, and get on with your live. You will not lose this reader from the Netherlands in Europe.

  7. Love your blog. I'm not going anywhere. I used to love reading your contributions on AGPT years ago before it turned into the mess it turned into. Glad you're taking care of yourself and enjoy Hamilton.


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