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Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Rambled Opinions and General Snarkiness: Stumbling Over the Truly Me Holidaze and AG Gifts Gifts

Girls like ponies. My MLP collection is proof.
Friday was delayed by severe joint pain because of arthritis. Giftmas was delayed by the fact it snowed on Giftmas, which made me happy and I tromped around in the white floofy stuff for several minutes in childlike glee.

There's less than a week til the new shit for Luciana, not including the new shit that came out today,1 so let's make this quick. And yes, I've seen them and I hate them. You'll get your proper cursing about that on the second. 

Also, since they half count, I'll talk about the AG Rewards outfits and some online only / PWP sets if I have shots of them. Part of the delays on this was that, no shit, AG Seattle didn't get all of this upfront. Very irritating. It took three trips to finally get all of it, and I am sure I still missed a pic or three.

Truly Me: Pony Superstar, That Is What You Are

Rudolph is a heartwarming story about how deviance will be punished until it is needed by the power structures for exploitation.
Festive Reindeer PJsFinally, a pajama set without a peplum. It's actually cute, minus the headband, which feels a little too cardy for me. Some people apparently give PJs on Giftmas Eve, which is why holiday PJS are a thing. If I had my druthers, it should be one thing to wear--like the PJs--and one thing to keep you occupied until bedtime--so like a book, video game, or puzzle. But it's fairly all right and not offensively Giftmas.

Holiday Reindeer: Cute try, AG, to get me to buy your reindeer. But for the past few years Build-A-Bear comes out with Holiday Reindeer.as part of their Merry Mission. And they're only a little more than the $24 price tag you're asking, and come in styles like glitter, silver, pink, and butch. I have my Daemon Reindeer Vixen,2 I'm half tempted to get Dancer while the dancing's plausible or maybe next year once they stop tempting me with Pokemon, and that's that. Also it so hurts you that my local BaB is in the same place as the AG store.

Someone's got some helmet hair and her glasses to block the haters. Block 'em.
Star of the Slopes Outfit: Jacket, pants, shoes. It could work as a stand alone winter outfit. I'm pleased. 

Snowboard and Helmet: You know what's annoying? Buying safety gear and accessories separately. You know what AG makes us do? Buy safety gear and accessories separately. Well, at least it comes with the snowboard. Dook on!3 But I don't do snowboards. My gang are not much for the snowboard life. Maybe if we lived in Colorado. But not here. I'm not going out East to ski. Let the snow come to Nethie. 

Sequin Penguin Outfit: Riding on the trend of shirts having sequin designs on the front--the current hotness--this one has a penguin. Eh. Years ago I bought the Cozy Sweater Outfit and between that and the Aprés-Ski Wear I'm set on things that have leggings and sweaters.

Sledding Adventures Accessory: So now you want me to buy the headband and mittens separately, and also the sled with them? Nuh-uh, darlings. I wouldn't do it.

Celebrate good times, com--come on, is that a giftmas scene behind the menorah what is this AG Fans?
Fancy Holiday Dress: It's sparkly! It doesn't have separate holiday accessories! It's not red--okay, only some red! It's--tightless seriously add tights in again. And are those ballet flats? AG, we talked about this. Ballet flats are not a substitute for every shoe in existence. We need to have a little chitchat about your synergy.

Celebration Dress: And for a more princess person, let's do white with a tiara and tulle! ...AG start making real sleeves on the holiday dresses and putting tights again, my dolls are cold and require more insulation. I only like the shoes, and the shoes don't save it.

*stares in nope*
Winter Sightseeing Outfit: Wow, this is an ugly outfit. I'm mad at that capelet shortness, I hate the skirt, it suffers from Ballet Flat Disease--all in all that's a solid nah from Neth. World stop.4
How many things can I cover in one picture! A lot when it's horse!5 
Western Chambray Outfit: I like the style, but not the choice of patterns and fabrics. Maybe if I get it on discount. I have several sets of cowboy boots already and several AG Official Patterns, so I could make one I like better. 

Western Hat II: One of these days AG will make a cowboy hat that's not straw and I will buy it, but this is not that hat and today is not that day. I demand a hat as black and pimp as the one I wore to my daddy's funeral. 

Riding HelmetDamn separate riding helmets. Y'all got away with it for Saige and it's been that way ever since. At least kids might practice good riding safety.

Western Horse II: AG Horses remain inferior to the awesome ones Void-Mart6 had some years ago and still does under their My Life As 18" brand. They're covered in fur everywhere including the ears, have poseable legs, and are much cheaper at under half the cost of an AG horse. Get the VoidMart Horse for half the cost. Live your best life. 

Horse Care Accessories: This is actually interesting and comes with a lot for horse care. It even has a spray bottle and fruit. Get this if you can't afford the stable and even if you can.

AG Seattle didn't get the stable for weeks. WEEKS. Honestly at this point they're not trying to let me blog.
American Girl Stable: That's a big honking playset, Cotton, let's see how it plays out for $225. There's chickens, scoops for poops, a shed, more stuff, stickers to stick on things, a fence, and--chickens! I don't think chickens should be underfoot of moving couches with anxiety. Can I just get the chickens? No. Ugh. My life is hard. Someone gimme your chicken coops.

Stock Pictures because OH MY GOD.
Table and Chairs Set: Are you fucking kidding, I went three times to get pics, and still didn't get a shot of this proper? Bugger me. I mean, there's a half one right below but. Ugh. Table. Chairs. Much sit. Very glasses. I don't do much in the way of non-historical furniture. Sell me one chair for BJD use. No? Moving on.

Oh hey it's pie---aw, it's nasty pie.
Pie Baking Set: My hate for pumpkin pie knows no bounds. My decide for apple pie ebbs and flows. I'd rather have something else off Etsy. Gimme that strawberry rhubarb.

Dolly Polish!
Nail Polish and Manicure Set: Wait I can have dolly polish without having to wait at the salon for polish? I know the other parts don't work lemme have my dolly polish thanks this is mine now. I will find a way for all the dolly polishes.7 

Similar to but Not The Book Princess.
Shimmering Ballroom Gown: I was interested in it, as a yellow dress with elbow sleeves and a cute silhouette. Then I saw the straps were unevenly tulled and decided that was not for Neth's Girls. Look, just make things less imbalanced.

AG Rewards and PWPs: You Too Can Spend Enough To Get A Free Outfit

I didn't get shots of these, because only one was in the store, the PWP set. So stock images ahoy hoy!

Knit and dress.
Blue Rhinestone Studded Dress: Spend $50 or more in a burst, get a blue knit dress with headband and bracelet. Shoes not included. I have a set of this. It's okay, but PWPs always feel a little short. Granted, you're getting them for $14 bucks, so enjoy the bonus.

AG Rewards Outfits: If you're like me, and you spend a goodly amount of money to maintain your enjoyable hobby of doll shit (and live in the US), then you might want to sign up for AG Rewards  This year once you reached Berry Level,8 they offered a free outfit. Right after kicking out anyone not in the US. I betcha ten to twelve it was a legal issue on the backend that caused complications outside of the US in sending people free crap for reaching levels, much like the Club Nintendo program was. There were eight options for outfits: One was Bitty Baby shit, we aren't talking about it. I went in and looked at all my options, and am now ranking them from Ew No, to This Is The One I got.  Many of them had fabric from other AG outfits, included retired sets.

Pink Ruffles Outfit: Is that old Wonderbread Sparklebarf? I think it is. Run away!


Dot Skirt Outfit:  Hated the cut of the top, and the print on the skirt, and the shoes. Immediate no. 

Gymnastics Outfit IV: This had already been offered for a Rewards Only Buy. I wasn't feeling it then and ain't now. It's just sports. Sports I already have.

Pink. Paaaaaank.
Pink Pajamas: I like pajamas, but those are aggressively pink. And also they're doing the dumb faux tank thing. I'd have had to clip that out to survive. Nice idea, poor execution.

Go With the Flow Outfit: It's not bad, but it's not the best. Just a tank and leggings. Time for yoga? Eh. It's very middling, so I can't give it anything and didn't grab it.  

Dot Dress--oooh, it was close.

Dot Dress Outfit: I so debated about getting this one. I really, really thought about it hard for a long time. Ultimately, it made second because of the bubble hem on the skirt. But it was a hard contender right up until I pulled the one I did.  I think I might still be able to get it, but I'd have to pay for it. I'll look around later, I guess. Or make my own without a bubble hem.

Bows and hearts and sandals.

Sparkling Hearts Outfit: This is ultimately my freebie. I wasn't sure about the shirt, but the hairbows pushed me over the top, as well as the fact that the shorts are adorably 70s. Seriously. They're the fabric from Julie's holiday dress. So I got this one, and once it arrived and I saw the shirt has sparkle diamonds on it, and that made me so happy. I think I made the right choice.


Okay that's all the stuff that took me four months, now in a week we can talk about Going to Space Toda, and Ew, Boys Stink.

And in a few days I'll talk about cool stuff that has happened to me in the world of dollies.

Hello m'baby, hello m'dolly, hello my ragtime gal.

1 AG's started doing this thing of releasing things in the break between New Years' and Giftmas. Look, I don't make the rules. But I like some already from what I've seen on IG. Other things will be drowned in acid and left for bears.
2 I was Vixen in a middle school choir/theater production and now I ID with a reindeer. Is that how it works? Well it does for me. I kinda like BaB's thing of making half the team minus Rudolph girls--in this case it's Dancer, Prancer, Vixen and Cupid.
3 *lispy Frink voice* Simpsons.
4 Carry on. 
5 This is the older Stable and Supplies shown. The new one is lower. 
6 Void-Mart. Wal-De-Mart. Sam Walton's Folly. You know what I mean, buy things there.
7 I love nail polish so much it should be cray.  It's what stopped me from biting my nails as a teen.
8 You can look up the AG rewards tiers,do the math, and mock how much I spend on doll stuff because you would never do it and instead spend your money on other things that are just as expensive but aren't your thing. Or you can, as Karnythia says, just be an embarrassment to your mother quietly.

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