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Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Rambled Opinions and General Snarkiness: Wellies in Winter, Gabbies in Celebration, and Z in the Rain (and a White Girl Book)

Books on Location.There's three in this post, all modern.
Today's rambled thoughts are shortish since I'm only covering a few categories, and have a strange mix of pictures. I blame the fact that AG Seattle has a bad habit of never having everything out all at once, and also using my phone instead of my camera for some of the Wellie shots. I'm going to have to actually check if, for Friday's babblings, I have a shot of everything. I have a checklist and a huge chunk was Bitty Baby Shit, and you know how I feel 'bout that.


Wellies in Winter:1 Two Releases for the Price of One

The Wellies got two sort of releases of stuff: a few things in August, and then at some point in September or October a second, super "holiday" set came out along with more clothes and things.2 Maybe my several months delay wasn't so bad.

Cocoa cups and cloth shoes.

Casually Cozy Outfit: It's one of the first Wellie outfits that doesn't have plastic shoes! For that reason alone, I have to get my hands on it. That and if I get two sets then I can dress my Wellie twins up in them. The hat's not my bag, but what really is in this crazy mixed up work a day world?And the dress has pockets! Yay for real pockets!

Cozy Up Cocoa Stand: Hazards of being allergic to chocolate: I just never get the pleasure of coming in after a cold day and having some hot chocolate. White chocolate with peppermint vodka, on the other hand, that I get my fill of. I like the concept, but I don't know that I would actually use it. I mostly like the bench, and I can't justify a set for a bench.

Slide! Or don't, I'm a sign, not a cop.
Winter Fun Hot Cocoa and Skating Set: You can spend twenty bucks on ice skates and a thermos, or spend eight more bucks and get the skating outfit and no thermos. I know what I'm more inclined to do.

Story Puppets: Remembers Pogs the doll hand puppets? They're back! In kid form! Good for the targets, not for the Nethies. I'd want a more advanced puppet.3 Then again, I'm damn near 40.4 

Make Tracks Sled and Snowshoes: Interesting in shape and color, but not my cuppa tea. It feels a little too cartoony. Which, yes I know the line is aimed at early elementary kids, but there's a fine line between fascinating and unrealistic. Do sleds look like this? I wouldn't know, I grew up in Texas in an area that didn't snow--and thanks to climate change, children will likely not even have snow as they wait to die in the hellscape of being able to grow oranges in Alaska.

Blurry shots of fuzzy shoes.
WellieWishers Warmers: Full sized slippers with no hard soles. I think the target group would like them to wear with pajamas. Bootie slippers are one of the many fashion trends I can get behind.5

You've heard of Elf on the Shelf 6? Now get ready for Wellies with some Jelly on the Telly!

Elf Outfit: Celebrate your Non-Demonination Giftmas with a Wellie in a costume! I generally don't like overly holiday stuff unless it's classy and suitably pagan-useful. This is kinda both. But I would have to take a better look to confirm, and that depends on this being around post holidays.

Festive Gingerbread House Set: My only exposure to building things out of cookies is reading about Samantha doing one in her holiday book.7 I think this is one of those turn of the century things that never appeals to me. So nah.

Milk and Cookies Set: Leave a snack for your parents who will be up all night Santa and Rudolph, kids! Two mookies and a glass of cilk,8 a note to Santa, a tray and--are the carrots for the reindeer? *checks* The carrots are for the reindeer. That's a thing we're doing now. Tempted sorely by dolly food.

Merry Stocking Set: Stockings are where you put the traditional stocking stuffers: the little things you don't want to wrap because they're small like earrings, candy, lipgloss, microbooze bottles, and toy cars. Or, if you're giving it to a kid, a felt ornament, ornament, an unopened gift that is wrapped anyways and a lollipop. Not feeling it so much. I like the stocking but not the rest. Oh and there's a kid sized one as well, which you should put suitable things in like lipgloss and toy cars.

Apron Set: Thou shalt not bake cookies without aprons! And so we have one that fits over the Wellies in their puffy skirts. The reason it's called a set? There's a kid sized one to match, so the kid and their doll can stay nice and neat while learning how to make food. And no, you cannot bake the cookies in the microwave. Cookies are cool and good and anyone who can eat them should and you should learn to make lots of them.

The Holiday Rack.
Merry Sock Set: Need more socks to go with your clear wellies? Here you go! They're so cute, and they don't come in my size. As a sock person, I am so sad my feet are too big for Wellie socks. They're super cute, damn it!

Wear the skins of your enemies. And your friends. Just wear more fur.

Carrot Plush: Carrot is the mascot of this line like Coconut used to be for the moddies, and you can now have a plush of him! Considering the plushie is cheaper than the playset? I want the plushie.  

Cozy Carrot Blanket: wooo I'm a scary bunny ghost whoo~ It's like a robe but with no hands. I don't put blankets over my head but I do keep them at me at the desk, so it's kinda neat. Just, yknow, stains. Lots of stains. Dirt's gonna hella show.

Cozy Carrot Slippers: Get it, they're bunny slippers! Ah ha ha I slay me. Again, white and stains, but you do you, kid. Wear your friends on your feet. 

See this hat, t'was my cat!9
Carrot Headband: If your kid wants to wear bunny ears on their head just buy the blanket so they look less like a dork, mmkay?

Cozy Carrot Mittens: White mittens for people under 25 sounds like a bad idea. 

Winter Wishes Cape and Winter Wishes Tiara: Want to have your kiddo dress like the winter wishes outfit! Here's the hat and the cape. No dress. Make your own dress.

Contemporary Stuff: Gabbi and Z Get Some Outfits, and The White Girl Gets Four Total Books

Gabby got one last outfit and accessory set, and Z got an outfit and some accessories. Do I have them? Read on, I'll explain.

Celebrate Black Girls. Embrace Black Boys.
Gabriela's Celebration Dress: Blue velvet dresses for Gabby! Bare shoulders are weird, and the whole open shoulder makes this my least fave of her sets. But the blue and velvet won me over hard. So I got this when AG had a "buy outfits for $15" sale along with her performance outfit and Z's Sightseeing outfit, thus completing Gabby-Babby's outfits. And if she's supposed to last into 2017, I can probably finish off her collection.

Gabriela's Colorful Cupcake Set: Mmm, cupcakes! And a drink. Dolly food and Gabby is a great combination. But I do not cotton to those chocolate ones. You can't be trusted, deth cakes. Will get this as soon as I'm budgeted to get it.

Gabriela: Time for Change: I finally got around to reading her first book. I'm planning and then I will get the third, and read about how one is not obligated to stay with a hobby forever and people can look into other stuff. Also since Costco is not getting a cool super bundle, I'll get her craft book too.

I'm singing in the rain, with a dog who can't complain.

Z's Rainy Day Outfit: Z really loves orange shoes. This time they're boots. Also leggings, a splain shirt, and a vest. Now if that vest were a hoodie, it'd be super accurate to Seattle. But it's close enough. I got this outfit during the AG 12 days of Holiday sales where it was buy two, get one free. So now Z has all her clothes too. 
Popcorn's Rainy Day Outfit: Dog's gotta keep dry too. So we're putting them in a hat and coat. The umbrella comes with the dog's outfit. Z, until I can get that, you're borrowing McSeattles' set. Okay? Then you can have all the orange you want.

Soundstage! Or photostage.
Z's Media Kit: I want this more for the backdrop than anything else, but at the cost I'm gonna have to wait til I can get it discounted. It's the cost of a Wellie! But Seattle is my town now, and that's got a shot of the needle in it. Life is hard and I'm broke. Also I still need to get her other media kit. And the dog.

Z On Location: I still need to read her first book. But I got her second on a at the Fred Meyer, and so I have both her books. Give her another book, AG. I demand it. In fact, give her a lot more attention. I'm already worried that the new girl on the way means we're sending Gabby's stuff online and then I'll have to pay shipping because fuck me, that's why.

That guitar should be in a case.
Tenney: A Song for the Season: I own her first three books and haven't cracked a single one. So I have no idea what Tenney-Sue is even about, other than I hate Logan and want to steal his meet set for anyone else. Eventually I'll suck it up and read them, probably. But then again, it's been seven years and I haven't read EnviroLanie's yet so maybe they'll just be part of my vast library of reading. I'll get around to it when I wanna.


Friday, the Moddie Stuff. For now, the AG Wiki needs Wellie love instead of screenshots from someone's YouTube. Seriously, kid, that's a three month block. I haven't the fucks.


1 Wizards in Winter is the only holiday song that can be played year round. Those are the rules.
2 Watching videos on puppet building on Youtube is fascinating. But the fabric is costly. 
3 Look, Ive decided I'm tired of everyone's shit, I'm just gonna embrace being old and cranky.
4 I've been so headfucked that I haven't been able to get articles up on the Wiki. After this blog post, I'll work on that.
5 Anything that means not wearing real shoes and still having warm feet when I walk out to the mail is a good fashion trend. I own many a set of bootie slippers.
6 I don't even have kids and I hate Elf on the Shelf. No way am I having potential tinies of mine accepting the idea of Santa Surveillance. You are not being monitored by elves, kids.
7 Gonna get back into this quickly.
8 My older sister said these backwards once and we have never forgot it.
9 Talking Simpsons recently covered that ep and of the many Simpsons original songs, that one is probably my favorite. Probably because I remember those ubiquitous "Be Our Guest" commercials from my teen years when that was the hot princess movie of the time. I know all the words by heart.

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