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Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Rambled Opinions and General Snarkiness: New Tones, Veggie Stands, and No Driving with Cell Phones: The Summer 2018 AG Release Two Months Late

When you go on a trip, you don't blog.
AG's most recent new stuff came out in mid-June. And new stuff is probably going to come out in a few weeks to cover the holiday spreads. Why am I just now getting to the new clutter? Well let's see.

A week or so after my last blog post, I set my online life down and prepped to head out of town for about three weeks in the Lake Michigan area. I spent those three weeks with family, including a full fledged family reunion--and while I do take my laptop with me for long trips and mess with my social media, I don't really blog there because I'm generally either busy enjoying festivals and fairs or just enjoying spending time with family. Look, I have one living grandparent and one living parent, I get all the time with them I can and I actually half unplug from the internet. I got back mid-August, had to handle some other stuff, then after this weekend of getting my brains rebrained I moved the pics I'd taken off my phone and onto the computer to start this opinionation about AG stuffs. And here we are. August is hot, I can't go outside because the air is hazy1 and so it's a good day to blog.

Before I do, all the AG News that's worth my time and maybe yours: now with opinions from Yours Truly, Me!2

1) That new Molly coming out? She might be a Costco only exclusive; in which case I might end up with a not!Molly just to get that sweet new meet. We'll see. The glasses are apparently plastic. Welcome to the new age.

Adieu, adieu, to yieu and yieu and yieu.
2) The news has gone out about modern collection retirements. At the end of 2018, Tenney-Sue is retiring and taking Nogan with her! Good riddance, you two, I'll get what little I need before year's out.

...and also, Gabriela and Z are retiring. Well. Gabriela I knew would eventually: she got two whole years, she's not been in stores much since Luciana came out, and she was due to leave eventually. Z, on the other hand....Z got boned. Outright screwed over by AG. And I have my personal theories why.

Z is a victim of Tenney's Shadow.

AG was planning for Tenney to be the girl of the year in 2017, quietly extending the line of white and white IDing Girls of the Year out even further than they had (with Lea as a little speedbump of ambiguous brownness). They hyped Melody early in 2016 as the new historical after MaryEllen, getting ready to make a big deal about all the good research they'd done for her time period and all the black people they'd consulted. But then there was public media call out in 2016 on CBS which pointed out both the retirements of Cécile and Ivy and how there had never been a black GotY--in fact, that out of the twenty-odd character dolls created only three had ever been black and none of them had been modern. And the company backpedaled. AG snatched #46 out of the moddie line, made her their new GotY and had her first book written in a few months, and tossed together something quickly to get that Black GotY out.

But there they were with a whole collection's worth of a modern white girl, complete with fancy earrings and a big stage to perform on. The stuff was already being made and had been. They weren't going to just let millions of dollars worth of product catch dust for a year, would they? Hell no. They had stories about songwriting girls from Tennessee to get out while people might still remember that Taylor Swift once sang country. They were not going to take that L on Tenney Grant.

So they created the contemporary line as an excuse to get Tenney released anyways. They had Tenney and Nogan--who we were already getting leaks about as early as summer or so 2016--wait six weeks and then released them under their new line to make it like they had totes planned to just make a new line of modern dolls. They created Z from their online Stop-Motion blogs, and got her together a quickie collection they could release a few months after Tenney--see, we're totally just making a non-limited GotY line! They even kept Gabbi out longer, to make that whole Choose Your Character a big deal--and tossed in Felicity and Nanea as well, to make it very clear that they were going gung-ho with pushing out six characters in only eight months.

But now that Tenney's had her little spotlight and all her stuff and Nogan have been out long enough that they can pretend they weren't going to make her a one-year thing, they're pulling her like they planned. And Z? Well, not only was poor Z the named face3 of the permapanties fiasco, but she had done her job of helping push the illusion that Tenney wasn't just GotY 2017 but held back for six weeks. She's gotta go too, or we can't keep this lie up.

Alas poor Z. You were done so wrong.

3) AG opened a new outlet store! It's in Hershey, PA and thus the air smells like Deth Food. AG would put their outlet in the one city I would probably puke my guts out in. Then again, when will I ever be in PA? They sell some old stuff, some exclusives that may show up oneBay or online or something--I only like a shirt or two--and moddie dolls! For full price. Hah you thought outlet stores were cheap always? Nope.

4) There has been some noted changes in production in recent dolls. The most noticable, if you notice doll eyes a lot, is that the eyes have changed their design since Luciana's release. Instead of the large metal weights in the back and a slight hollow behind the eyes, and clear plastic as the base, the eyes are now a different weight style and made of solid white so the white pegs can be visible. The change in weight leads to some dolls having a downcast, off center eye look, more visible eye whites at the sides and when the eyes are closed, and trouble when eye swaps are done. I've only gotten one new doll since the change4--Luciana, who I had to really have the eye whites pointed out to me recently, and had to look in with a flashlight to see the white pegs. So I have no first hand knowledge of the new eyes. I have seen some images of a wig swap gone wrong with vinyl peeled up, with and cracked and "squished" vinyl accompanied with hands pushing so hard the white person's fingertips are white from pressure, so I'm leaning away from that.

Has the production design changed? Yeah. Could parts of it be improved? From sources I know well and trust enough not to throw a fit: sure could. Would I like this to be looked into? Sure.

Is blowing up every IG post with the same four words helping? Hell naw. Cause this is what AG's comments on the official IG account  have looked like for about a month:
AG Official IG account: This month our monthly book is one of Gabby's! Read along with us!
Twenty people in the comments: bring back the quality!!

AG: It's Friendship Day, Tag a friend you're happy to have! 
The same twenty people in the comments: my friend says bring back the quality!!

AG: It's Campfire Day with Maryell--
Hey, kids and kidlike adults? You're not helping. One bit. Take it from someone who used to work for a large corporation who got a lot of correspondence insisting their feedback go right to the CEO: The CEO is not looking at these comments on IG.5 You can scream "we will be HEARD" in the comments until you've basically tripped the spam filters, but Marketing isn't even reading those comments. You're spamming the mentions of a Customer Service rep who, after about the fifteenth comment she's read while trying to ask about National Brownie Day to make her 10 bucks an hour, is wondering if she really can't ask IG for a mute function like Twitter has.

Y'all will not get heavy weighted eyes back this way, even if they do come back. You're just being a ass.6 Customer service can take your feedback, and forward it on, and like the permapanties I suspect that enough complaints are likely to get things fixed on some form even if it's not back to what it was like before. But flooding the IG comments won't change things faster. Send your data once, be clear and polite and articulate your exact problems, then let it be. CS can't change the eyes themselves. They won't port your e-mails or comments to the CEO. They just can forward your feedback and hope that it gets up the chain so they can stop hearing about it and get back to the other parts of the job.

And yes, I know what the complaints about permapanties did to change the lines. I also know that those got a ton of noted media attention. The permapanty controversy made People's website. A change in eye weights and the vinyl being squishier haven't so far. Maybe you should try sounding less like a nine year old who just discovered they could copy paste comments on social media.

Onto the shiny things, with their wonky eyeballs and all. And enjoy long pics until I get a better digital camera. I'm not changing the aspect ratio on my phone for my general blather.

Out With the Old, In With the Old: A Smattering of Historicality
They're back! In cubed form.
Only three of the Historicals got anything. Everyone else can just wait until later.

But Felicity, Addy, and Sam--the Cubicle Crew--are now in all the stores including dinky ones like mine. So you don't have to pay those shipping costs! Unless you want anything other a dressed doll and her accessories. Then get back to one of the bigger stores, maggot.

Eat your goddamn five a day.
Kit's Gardening Outfit: Did you miss both Kit's Limited Edition Chicken-Keeping Outfit and her older overalls set, but you don't want to make your own? Or maybe you just think Kit needs more pants for grubbing about in the backyard. Now you can get her overalls again! The set comes with a headband scarf, a shirt, overalls that just scream about my Pawpaw to me, and boots.

I have this, because at the end of June Bae was out of town and I had to order my own pizza, so he got this for me to pay me back as is our rule when I order my own takeout. I like it, even if the pants are a little tight on the ass. I think my Kit is an early Kit. She sometimes has a butt.

Kit's Gardening Accessories: Where's Kit wearing these overalls? In the backyard where food plants are growing. Look pride is for people who aren't trying to get through an economic depression, thanks, so we're tearing up the garden because you can't eat mother's prize roses in a garden salad.  It's all plastic, and if you hate that then don't get it. I have this on a maybe because I might be able to find something just as nice for less. I mostly like the jars and apron.

Kit's Garden Stand: And just outside and down the road, we're selling our produce for money. Pride don't pay the light bills on Christmas Day. We have strawberries, blueberries, apple berries, carrots, beans, a scale, even have a little money. Paper money. Look at that fancy funding! I like it but do I like it enough to put money on it? Choices.

Back to the movies.
Rebecca's Movie Premiere Outfit: I hope you weren't super into Rebecca's Movie Dress, because it's gone now. Ever see a girl say goodbye to a dress?7 It's now another dress! A dress without a hat! And a lot less of a hobble skirt. I love the look of this dress so much more, I'm fine without a hat anyways, and I don't know who would wear it but I want to get this dress.

The first person to ask me about the damn roast pig again is getting Spam thrown in the eye.
Nanea's Luau Dress: They're holding a party in the Islands, and Nanea's here in some finery! I love the drape of this dress. The ruffle at the top leaves much to be considered, but it's accurate to the 40s so I won't hate. What I will hate is that Nanea still doesn't have any closed toe shoes. Give her some Mary Janes! Damn it, I'm going to have to order eBay shoes.

Nanea's Luau Set: And what a feast! All kinds of food, meats, a lei, and even a little bowl of poi. Yep. Will have to hook myself up with this on the sooner side. I'm a sucker for doll food, after all.

....make more stuff for Melody AG

More Space Today: Luciana's A Shooting Star

Even Space needs a Dress, I guess.
Luciana's Starry Night Outfit: Now that AG releases the big ticket items in January unless your name is Gabriela McBride and we have to actually design it instead of making doll stages, Luciana only gets a bump up before her collection is closed out, generally an outfit and accessories for it. And Lucci, like Gabbi and Lea before her, is getting a fancy dress. The dress is okay, if super sleeveless, I'm happy to have tights, and the shoes are fine. But oh fuck do I really dislike that headband, and if7 I get this dress, I plan to make her a nice jacket or shawl and nicer headband. That pompon will not do.

Luciana's Starry Night Accessories: Yes, this doesn't have Mars. This is because Saturn is the easiest planet to make a fancy silhouette for. I'm not sure I want to pay that much for a purse, jewelry, hair decs, and another passport. Get me a discount.

Luciana Out of This World: Lucci's last book is out! Neth hasn't read the first two because she's been bad for reading! And that's all I gotta say. I've heard it veers off into the slightly fantastical ideas, but I'll probably get it. After all, I have almost all of Tenney's whack ass books.

Truly Me Shenanigans: Browner Than Expected  And That's Swell

Did you like #21, #31, and #51 but didn't get them yet? Sucks to be you, they're on the chopping block and when stock dies, it dies. AG's not enlarging the cases for you. I guess Kira will just have to be the only #21 I have. Unless I see her at MCM next year.9 Accept your new girls!

I'll be here when Tenney's gone to the MCM Sale.
 #78: AG is incapable, I think, of releasing new moddies without at least one white girl in the mix. Double points if she's blonde. I didn't get a good shot of her eyes, but they're Felicity green, so we didn't hit the trifecta. Good. I'm tired of blue eyed blondes.

Fun fact! When she first released online, images had her with the Tenney squish grip hand. She never had it. Someone messed up their Photoshop at work~!

Save $85 bucks by switching to Truly Me!
#79: Finally, AG. We've only been asking for a medium tone Jess Mold since Kanani retired seven goddamn years ago. You came out with a Not!everyone else, practically. Finally, now we have her. She basically is Kanorbles, but with shorter. less wavy hair. Good. Asian people don't just come in pale skinned brunette, AG! Now you can get the semi-Kanamahna you've always wanted, and maybe even have the prices go down on a real one if you still want her.

And now I can make my custom without dying a doll or paying for a CYO. See, I'm a nerd who crosses the fandoms. I've designed a Pokemon based AG Historical doll. But she was going to require me getting a tan Jess mold, and I was pretty much resigning myself to the fate of having to get one from the Create Your Own collection. AG just saved me $85 minimally. Now I can start looking into fantasy eyes and hair to make the 1740s Native Northern Isles Sinnohan I've wanted for a time now.

Hello, Beautiful.
 #80: AG has just made one of the prettiest dolls ever. A dark skinned Josefina mold. Bestill my dirty pagan heart. She's not just dark, she's darker than most other moddies in tone. She's this rich color that just brings out all the Fenty Beauty in her. I'm'a have to get her. I kinda want to get her now, but I've almost hit my doll limit this year. But yes, she will eventually be here. She might be my birthday present. She's way, way too pretty to skip.

Two out of three new moddies are perfect. Not bad.
Cheerleading remains endless.
Competition Cheer Outfit: My feelings on cheerleading can be summed up as "yep, that's a sport, but not one I care too much about, not sorry." Enjoy if it you do but I never really have. Shit, I went so far as to go to a college without cheerleaders. If it's not Bring It On with Gabrielle Union, I'm not interested.

Nfinity Cheer Set: What the shit is Nfinity? *one Google Search later* "Nfinity markets cheerleading, basketball, and volleyball shoes and apparel particularly for female athletes." Ah. AG paid licensing fees to another company to make an authentic cheer backpack. Duly noted. No need.

The picture is blurry because the sport is fast. That's my story and I'm sticking to it.
Cheer Practice Outfit: I can only assume that one does not practice in the same stuff one competes in, for reasons. It's not wholly tied to cheerleading--it's just a sport top, leggings, shoes, headband, and shrug. It could be for another sport. But I'm not bothering to sport. Sale or no sale.

Star Gymnast Set: I only get gymnastics leotards when they're on sale, old, and appropriately '80s or '90s enough to double as a substitute for a t-shirt like we did back then. Meh.

Kickflip! Ollie! And such as.
Good Vibes Skate Outfit:  Shirt, shorts, shoes, vest, and a hat which you can see in the background on the other girl. I like it but not as a jump on it set.

Also a well known person in the doll IG circles complimented me on a shirt just like this one except it's a "Love is Love" shirt to go with all my other queer pride shirts. It was later on--probably when I posted about my gay scarf and queer pride--that she realized I was not straight and blocked me for rampant pagan queerness in public. Her loss. I was open from the start, she shoulda read the fine print on my bio.

Skate Park Set: Skate is life! Grind or Die! It's time to take out the thrash! Okay, my skating knowledge is one Simpsons Tony Hawk ep and occasionally seeing them in public. And having a few skater outfits for dolls. It's a cool sport, though, and I like that AG is bringing back the sports that don't involve makeup and sparkles and leotards. Double good on AG Seattle for not showing the skating gear on boys only.

The games require even numbers, thanks.
Cool Colors Outfit: Now this I like. A simple, colorful top and jeans with some shoes and some extras. I'll be springing for this at a later time.

Camo Cool Outfit: Now that we have boys we have more neutral clothes. This is one of them. The top is not my favorite, so on sale if it does that. Otherwise, we won't be touching it.

Game Night Set: You have two choices: Checkers or Pictionary. I don't want to play either; checkers annoys me and Pictionary broke up the Van Houtens. I want some dolly chess or backgammon. Dolly sized chess? That would rock.

Black is a plus. The sparkles are a minus.
Sparkling Star Dance Outfit: Shiny~ Could do with less sequins, but it's multicolored sequins, which is a plus. Not yet, but Gabbi's so gonna get some new jazzy dance clothes for jazzing it up.

I too, enjoy table tennis before bed.10 
That's How We Roll PJs: Goddamn peplums on pj tops, why are we still doing this? Is this really what's hot in the sheets? At least the pants aren't fuzzy.But the shoes are squishy. AG is trying my PJ patience, fam.

Building Dreams PJs: AG, realizing that not every pajama set has to be femme (and that their dudes didn't have bedclothes) have released some pretty cool PJs. I'll try my best to get these. They're nice and non-femme. Not that I don't like femme stuff. I just hate peplums.

Three-in-One Game Night Table: Your choices are table tennis, Foosball, and air hockey. Damn people with basements that can have Foosball tables. In this economy I'm lucky to have string to tie up my tomatoes.
Wheaten Terrier Puppy: The fuck is a wheaten terrier? *one google search later* The soft-coated Wheaten Terrier is a pure breed terrier originating from Ireland. Ah. It's another terrier. My mom has a Kishu/terrier mix. I have no pets. I like it. Sale dog.

Donut Pet Bed: Silly AG. Dogs don't sleep in donut beds with whipped cream pillows! They sleep at your feet while you crash on the couch under the new super cute spooky-harvest-goth fall quilt your grandma gave you. Duh. I'm not paying for dog beds IRL, I'm not buying them for toy dogs.

Dogs in coats.
Ruff and Ready Pet Outfit: Silly AG, dogs don't wear coats! They wear harnesses you buy at the Wisconsin State fair with Packers logos on it because that's safer for a dog to walk in and not wiggle out of than a leash on a collar. Duh. Also naked dogs are the best dogs.

Sports for all genders!
Shooting Star Basketball Outfit: AG, realizing that not every sport set has to be femme (and that their dudes didn't have sport) has released yet another basketball outfit, but now in a red color with no hearts, pink, sparkles, or bunnies. Now everyone can sport! Except the old sports.

....bring back the fly fishing outfit!

Learning about volcanoes, because fire is good.
Ready To Learn Outfit: A lot of people like this outfit. I honestly find it busy for all of it together. As a mix and match possibility, yes, and that bookbag11 is cute. But the colors clash to me way too hard to leave it as it is. I bet there'll be a sale and I can pick it up then.

Volcano Lab Set: AG, eager to ride this STEM train to the end, is now offering more science! It's a volcano. You know, that natural phenomenon  that doesn't really happen much you unless you live in specific locations--but every kid knows about by fourth grade because baking soda, vinegar, and some food dye make for a great lava simulation. Now with safety glasses. No blinding me with science.

Who's ready to be called a slur over Call of Duty tonight?
Xbox Gaming Set: AG, realizing that gaming is cool and good, has released a gaming set. Chair, consol, authenitc looking controller, headset, and even some games that can project images of Dolly Minecraft and Dolly Just Dance. And the chair can connect to your sound machine for sounding! I'm not an Xbox gamer, but I love the idea of AG reaching into the things kids actually do, as opposed to showing up to the club fifteen minutes late in bell bottoms.

This set? This is what the news outlets got geeked about. Not someone on IG pressing on underseam neck vinyl hard enough to crack it and then screaming that AG was trying to rip them off. I swear some of y'all are the angry Abe Simpson in a toy store, doing the absolute most to tear things up and then claiming they're cheap.

Boys and girls, sharing sleeping spaces, total chaos.
Bunk Bed and Bedding: A sofa under a loft bed does not a bunk bed make, AG. And I don't do moddie beds anyways.

いただきます~ 12
Out for Sushi Set: Oh snap. Dolly chopsticks, rolls, soup bowls, and actual sushi. I can get with this. A full set of bento box would have been cooler, but gotta start somewhere. Mmm, tiny doll food. Mmm, tiny Japanese dolly food.

I was told there would be punch and pie.
Pizza Party Set II: AG, realizing that pizza does not have to be delivered in pink boxes shaped like a heart (and that it's much harder for people to divide the pie evenly when it's not a simpler shape) has rereleased the pizza. Also we're having ice cream and cokes. That better not be Sam's Choice. I only drink soda brands with a large ad campaign behind them. Or Surge.
Fully matching earrings is so not dibble.
Sweet Pairings Earrings: New earri--whatdya mean I have to buy two sets to have my gang members wear matching donuts? This is an outrage!

Also mismatched earrings just make me think of Claudia Kishi who got two holes in one ear and one in the other, which was so weird to me as a kid because it seemed unbalanced but now I'd be down for it. Along with the fact there was even a plot to convince your parents that at thirteen you were old enough for the first holes. At just before thirteen I was off getting the second set, and the whole story of convincing anyone was me turning to my mom and saying "yeah, sure, I'll keep them in all summer and clean them every day, now get me punched."

Bringing back the BFF charms!
Best Friends Bracelet Set: k but what if you have two best friends, who gets the other half, or do you just wear two of one kind, this is getting complicated. Go on sale.

Glittering Star Watch: k but do kids even analog a lot nowadays, maybe they do? I don't wear a watch I should but I have a phone. Maybe I should get one of those fitty bittys.

Heart Best Friend Forever American Star Girl Laugh Out Loud Star.
BFF Graphic Tee: well that certainly is a shirt that's got eight letters and three symbols on it. I'm gonna say meh. Also, fun fact, I think AG has discontinued all the store specific shirts, because they hate me and don't want me to have cool things. I'll just have to get store specific shirts from eBay now.
Traveling in style.
Travel Seat II: You saw it at the start, you're seeing it again. Strap your doll in and get on the plane. I might need to get one of these--not because my AG dolls ride on the back of my carry on, but because this last trip my Charmander Build-A-Bear did, and I'm down for things that strap plush to suitcases when I'm walking through an airport.

Two-Doll Tote II: No pics, but it's the same style of doll tote as before. Claims to hold two, might hold one if you're balanced, not really useful in the long run. I prefer to throw my dolls into a large rainbow tote bag upside down with a hairbrush. Or, in some cases, into a drawstring backpack at a company picnic.

Your Lyft Driver Today is Nadia. She's only in sixth grade.
American Girl RC Sports Car: Welp, AG's done something super weird again. They've got tweens driving cars. Well, they've got someone driving. It's a two seater red sports car with sound, lights, and power. Yep, power. It actually drives around with a separate controller, so strap the dolls in. It's kinda cool, often times I go to AG and someone in the staff's there moving it around the store.

And it's still not as expensive as that goddamn fucking bakery from three years back. Seriously AG, I'm going to ride your ass about that for years. 

There's a Party in the Garden and the WellieWishers are Invited

Step right up with the WellieWishers!
Ringmaster Outfit: Carnivals need someone in charge, and that someone is going to wear a ringmaster outfit, and that is that. The hat's only okay to me, and the shoes are too sparkle, but the main part is cool. More ringmasters! Less animals, though. We don't do that at the circus anymore.

Carnival Games Set: Throw bean bags and win fabulous prizes! Fabulous puppet prizes. Interesting, but I'd have no use for it. I can see how a five year old would be all over that, though, and it's got a lot of games to flay for the cost. And as a person who used to work in a games department at a now-gone theme park, the behind the scenes of game work was actually kind of neat. The most tiresome part was explaining that the games were not rigged, and that it was actually considered theft to throw the ball at the hoop so we couldn't demo for you. Seriously. I couldn't even bounce the balls some days. That could get me written up if a supervisor saw me.

Snackables and ponies.
Ribbons and Stripes Outfit: Man to the Wellies get some of the cutest outfits! I'm loving this set head to toe. Yep, the shoes are plastic, but they're cute clogs. I will def need one of these. Maybe two. At least one.

Carnival Snack TrayStep right up and give kids money for snacks! We've got lollipops, juice, and for those parents who think that sugar is cocaine, we've got carrots. My weakness for dolly food continues. But I could probably make it.

Shetland Pony: Aw. it's a pony! It's a too small pony! A Shetland pony is anywhere from 28 inches (a little over two feet) to an official maximum height of 42 inches (about three and a half feet) at the withers. The average height of a six year old is 42 inches tall. A Shetland that only reaches to the knees of a six year old wouldn't even be a foot tall at the withers. So cute in idea, but way underscaled. I'm gonna need a pony that can at least bump her head against Willa's chest without straining. Mmkay? 

Popcorn and Cotton Candy Cart: I only sorta got a shot of this. But I love the idea. Mostly because I love cotton candy in sinful, ugly ways. I'll pay five bucks a hit for deluxe stuff. I bought maple sugar cotton candy at the Wisconsin State Fair and it was delicious in ways you can only imagine cotton candy to be unless you've had it. That being said, it only comes with one cotton candy and I need more than that to be a happy Neth.

The Clippity-Cloppity Carnival, Emerson and Princess Peep, and Willa's Wilderness Campout: Three more books, all very well written. The Wellie books are hella killing it, with realistic kid problems and working out useful solutions and not showing everyone always in good moods getting along with everyone. Also the book is called Willa's Wilderness Campout but the real star of the show is Ashlyn.


Guess what I have this week after weeks without?

That's right: plans to write a goddamn review of something. And a casual Friday. And a micro rant on blind box toys. And also talk about AG Chicago. Again.

Now to just, y'know, do it.


1 Nowhere near any wildfires, but they do blow their smoke into the area where I live. My asthmatic ass is staying the fuck indoors.
2 You see what I did there.
3 Or the ass.
4 I got four TRU girls, but they all appear to be before the eye changes. 
5 And probably Facebook, but I don't fux with AG's Facebook.
6 PS:  That whole "Make American Girl Great Again" tag some of you are using? Stop that fucking shit. That is not cute. 
7 Yes, once. 
8 Who am I kidding, when.
9 I didn't go this year but from what I hear, they had way too many Tenney. And also way too many Melody. Hmm.
10 *whispers in the footnotes* No I don't.
11 I see what AG did there.
12 "Itadakimasu", or basically "time to eat" in Japanese. I can still read and speak Japanese.


  1. Thank you so much for pointing out how annoying those people are that constantly bitch about how apparently ag is lacking quality. It’s like oh my god stop the quality is still pretty dang good so please stfu. And something I will never understand about PM fans is how it’s okay for pleasant company dolls to have squishy vinyl, but if it’s even thought that the Mattel dolls are squishy, then all hell breaks lose, with people saying how they’ve cheapened everything and about the “good old days” being soooooo much better. But what can yeah do about it.

  2. Great reviews. Welcome back. You’ve been missed.

    You got Z wrong. Gabby and Z were supposed to part of the Contemporary characters line. With more dolls to come. They just switched Gabby out with Tenney because Dickson decided AG could not wait another year to do a black GOTY right. Tenney lost her GOTY billing and Gabby got it without the prep GOTY gets. Both tanked in sales. Z was as planned. All stuff ready for her in schedule but didn’t much of no one buy her either. Just sticking a dot on her face didn’t make her much different from all those other Jess mold dolls that don’t sell much either.

    I had heard they were going to try to tie the GOTY in with those characters and have Tenney, Gabby, Z and Luciana like the Wellie Girls. But the sales were so bad, AG lost money on them, so that was the end of that idea. Could have been neat but they just couldn’t pull it together.

    1. This is probably also a very truthful situation, is that they were trying to change the limited eds into Contemporarys and it tanked. Still, they had Tenney peeks as early as mid 2016 or so. Alas I lost them with my phone crash, but there were IG stories showing what was a planned TV or movie with a country singer before the switch to Gabby. She even showed up as the GotY on some early receipts in the system. There was too much ready too fast for Tenney to be planned after Gabby.

      I still think that the public backlash around there never being a black moddie led to Gabbi coming out so fast with so much off kilter, her earrings belonging to Tenney more than her, and even the offers to people who'd bought #46 in the last few months getting offers to get Gabby's meet outfit for free. I'm glad she came out, but I want MORE Black named moddies.

  3. How was family reunion in one of the Great Lakes? Is it nice and cool?

    That tag exists? *scared face*

    When do you think you'd do a book blather on "Samantha Saves the Day"?

    1. It was awesome. So much family.

      It *does*. It pisses me off so fucking much.

      I've been wanting to do Sam Saves the Day forever, but my brain is a butt.

    2. Trying to imagine how nice and cool Michigan is compared to Bakersfield.

      My metabolism is a butt ☹️

  4. Surprised you didn't mention/notice that #78 is a new lighter/pinker skintone. So she's ALMOST not another generiblonde.

  5. So glad to see you back at your blog! Your posts are always a treat to read and your Simpsons references are always a delight.

  6. Thanks for showing off the new girls. Even growing up in the 1960s as a blond with blue eyes I got sick of them. I saved up my allowance to get brown-eyed Francie and was over the moon when I got Julia. I wanted dolls to look like my friends. Now, my niece is always looking for the new American Girl possibilities. I love your honest reviews and since we are no where near a store, I love knowing what is out there.

  7. Nice to see you back! Hope you had a wonderful time!
    Regarding the "Tenney was GOTY originally" do we have solid evidence or a source that can confirm that it was the case, or is it still circumstantial evidence? Either way it is a bummer that after the previous GOTYs like Sagie, Grace, Lea, etc, we get a throwback to when the GOTY had very little in the way of accessories/outfits (Though considering how 'meh' a lot of the GOTY movies were, I'm glad Gabi didn't have to deal with that nonsense)
    At least the RC is less than Julie's Car Wash Set and it can at least do more than play a 10-15 clip of something XD

  8. Welcome back o high priestess!
    I'm a little sad about Z leaving. She had so much to offer and pretty much represented the American Girl youtube community. She deserved better. The same can't be said about Tenny and Logan. I'd happily push those smug little mold-stealing bumpkins off a cliff and into the archive :)

  9. I'm super late in reading this, but I loved it as I love all your blog posts. If you need a red shirt from the American Girl store in Ottawa, Canada (we do have one, it's inside our large bookstore chain), I can send you one for free. The least I can do for all the education and entertainment you have provided me with over the years.

    1. Thank you! Contact me over my e-mail and I'll let you know how to do that.

  10. Hi, I'm Alyssa. I really love your blog and agree with you that there are some parts in the AG fandom that are bad and should be fixed. I'd be interested in joining AGC, but it seems you've moved to taptalk(?) and I don't know how to sign up. I don't know your email, either so I don't know how to contact you about this other ways.
    Thanks, Alyssa

    1. I wasn't able to add anyone during the transition to TapaTalk. My e-mail is on the side of this blog where it says contact me.

  11. Do you think AG might be choosing new Truly Me dolls to release based on popular face/hair/skin combinations bought as CYO?

    I guess doll manufacturers must look at what dolls sell best and I would guess that light skinned blue eyed blondes are probably the best sellers, which is why AG and other companies come out with so many of them. Also the femme clothes, pink kitchens, pink furniture, pink everything. It's almost like the design departments come up with realistic and cute dolly stuff and the marketing execs come along and say "needs more pink, more hearts and more ruffles".

  12. "BFF G"
    "A LOL"

    This comment feels spammy but I couldn't resist? XP I stared at it and I can't unsee that combo now.

  13. The pom-pom on Luciana’s headband can be cut off. I hated the pom-pom as well, but I got the outfit anyway, so yeah.

  14. Hey. Quick question for you that I can't seem to find the answer to. My daughter and I collect the dolls. She's been saving her money for when we can go to AG Place in December and has her heart set on Josefina, but looking online there is hardly anything for Josefina anymore. Is that just online, or do they seriously not support that doll much anymore? We thought it was bad when she fell in love with Kaya!

    1. Late but several characters, Josefina included, have had their collections scaled back considerably. The same is true with Addy and Samantha. Your best bet for some things is to start searching eBay. Outfits can often go for reasonable amounts; accessories are more of a "wait for bargains."

  15. Hey, Neth! I couldn't agree with you more about the quality of the dolls. The dolls are still pretty well made, and people should be fighting for representation and diversity instead of boycotting a company that still has good products.


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