American Girl, keep giving us Dolls of Color for Girls of the Year.

Monday, January 6, 2014

Rambled Opinions and General Snarkiness: First 2014 Releases, WonderBread the Ballerina, and Super Bitching

I hate you, bitch.
So as I said yesterday, I was going to make up for three days off of posts here by spending an entire post bitching about the new shit, especially WonderBread up there. And a good pagan keeps her promises. This time, I even took the delightful time out of my busy schedule of writing and bitching and exhaustion to go to the store and look at the shit myself. Okay so I always go to the store the first day I can in the new year to see the new shit. This also involved introducing my bro to the wonderful snarkybits of AG. I even took some pictures--not a lot, mind, because seriously, fuck this bitch, but some of this hideousness just isn't properly experienced until you look at it directly. I may also be irrationally pissed that the Seattle location put her on an entire wall that was moddie stuff.

Jump below the cut, and prepare for a lot of cussing and bitching. Nethie ain't happy, my droogs.

Get the entire fuck out of here.
Isabelle Palmer, Girl of the Year 2014: I've talked about this since the leak. It's the post on here with the most hits. At some point someone linked to the post from Facebook on AG's site directly and my hits exploded, and it gets a lot of Google search pull ups. Likely because people type "American girl 2014 Isabelle" into the Googles and my post pops up.1 But for the fresh faces here, and because we got more data, and because she is--regretably--the new chick from AG, let's go into more reasons why for the rest of the year I'm calling her WonderBread the Ballerina. She's joining the Pit of Disparaging Nicknames along with Chipolte Mayo from New Mexico and McSeattle the Gymnast, who got her entire premise of possibly being a stand in for the favored girl for the 2012 Olympics fucked up by Gabby Douglass getting into the all around and wiping the floor with everyone. Like Beyoncé Knowles-Carter, your faves could never. But I digress.

"But Neth," some idiot says before drooling the word "marketing" or "popularity" or "it's what sells" out of their mouth like a rabid raccoon begging to be put down by my Logic Claws, "you didn't even give her a chance before you hated her! She's out now, certainly your opinion has changed?" Yes it has. For the worse. I've seen her smarmy little Classic Mold face and gotten two chapters into her first book2 and I hate her even more. If I had a week I couldn't cover every reason I hate her--including that waste of a meet outfit--but let's go over three of the hook in only-for-her pink highlights of her fail.

-- She's from Washington, DC. As soon as I heard that I fell out screeching Black Lady Church style and almost didn't get my post for the 28th done, until I took some deep breaths and screamed on Tumblr. Why? Let me Wikipedia it at you:
According to 2012 U.S. Census Bureau data, the population of Washington, D.C., was 50.1% Black or African American, 42.9% White (35.5% non-Hispanic White), 3.8% Asian, and 0.8% Native American Indian, Alaskan, Hawaiian, or Pacific Islander. Individuals from two or more races made up 2.5% of the population. Hispanics of any race made up 9.9% of the District's population. Washington has had a significant African American population since the city's foundation.
Look at them bolded part. Absorb it. And then get pissed. American Girl, let me get this shit straight. You picked, for this year's setting, one of the cities in the US with a significant large black population going back to the days of the city's founding back in the late 1700s. One of the top ten cities with a major black population. And you gave us another white girl. Good job at fucking it up.

--She has a Friend of Color. As I said, I got the books, as I do. I started in on the first book. One page in and I was pissed.

Because Isabelle has a friend named Luisa, who has an older brother in the Army and a snappy attitude and is described as having dark skin and dark brown hair. You created a character of color. She's right there. But instead we have to hear the pitiful whining of a girl who isn't as wonderful as big sissy and got in under one of her sister's slots and who has performance anxiety, instead of the little brown girl whose brother is in the army and who nine of ten worked her entire ass off to get in instead of getting in partially because her older sister did some of the hard work for her already, and sounds like an excellent dancer and is fretting that she hasn't heard from Big Bro in a while. No, she gets to be the sidekick to Isabelle's milquetoast ass. Fuckin' a, y'all. (Also, why is she so damn light colored in the books, fix your shit.)

--AG is claiming diversity in response to the criticism of the line, and it's all hollow words. Their official statement in repsonse to the petition by Melissa Shang (which is over 62k signed now, way past the initial 50k she pushed for) is as follows:
American Girl is proud of its positive reputation for inclusiveness, and it is an important area in which we remain committed to exploring and expanding. We receive hundreds of passionate requests to create a variety of dolls and books based on a wide range of circumstances, and we are always considering new ways to enhance our product lines.
I used to work customer service, AG. I know when the PR folk and the CS people are going "shit shit they want a response, what do we give them quick write a statement they want a response, make a thing because they're unhappy!" And that's what that is. Y'all getting calls and complaints left and right about this bitch and silence in the face of criticism is generally worse than any response.

Oh, you're serious. Let me laugh even harder.
Then there's this shit that came off ABC News and super highlights the fail. Yes, it's just a juxtaposition of another AG story to add more hits. But that header, doe. "American Girl Dolls Embrace Differences and Disabilities," the article says. Really? Really? AG is so good at diversity! Let us introduce this able-bodied middle to upper class white blonde dancer girl who is white like almost all our GotY have been! Oh but she has highlights! Pink hair counts as diverse, right? *glares* Words are a half penny a pop, AG. How about I throw Samantha's embroidery pillow that says "Actions Speak Louder Than Words" at your head and hope the message sticks.

I hope Isabelle tanks. I hope she tanks hard, and AG gets the Wake-Up Slap3 they need to stop tossing us these stale end of the loaf of Wonder Bread characters as weak as dishwasher middling lack of risks and make a Girl of the Year that doesn't scream "middle of the road whiteness."

On to her collection which I had notions of jacking for Marisol and the other moddies. Note the "had."

Burn it. Burn it all, almost.
The Multi-Piece Collection: Instead of selling four or five set outfits for Isabelle to start, like everyone else that's come along, she gets eleven individual items:
And most of it comes with the girl sized component. The pieces are priced so that, by picking up three or so things, you have an outfit. Well, an outfit sans shoes, but an outfit nevertheless.

...Girl, you're a fashion designer. Well, you claim to be. And canonically, you designed a lot of this. Um. The 80s called and they would like to inform you that while your parents were probably born during that era you are not them and you have fucked it up. Well I guess if you can't be a shining example, you can at least be a hideous reminder.

I hated the practice top the second I saw it because of the weird wrap thing. I was meh on the purple leotard--like me around sexy people, I could go a number of ways--but then I saw it up close and it had weird seaming and all that gold shit and if I put it on my Marisol she'd bawl her eyes out. The sweater almost passed, but the thumb holes, really are we doing that I just used to pull sweaters over my hands and push them up when I needed to use my hands. The dance skirt and pants suffer from sequin barf--I like sequins but they're like salt and this is like throwing handfuls in instead of pinches. The purple wrap top? Was a maybe but then I saw it had Isabelle's logo and I pissed myself in anger. At least I already have Marisol's that she can wear over her leotards. The leggings have that side tie thing I can't get off and the skort is too visually busy. Grrr.

The white rosette leotard might be a thing to get and pair with the tutu for Marisol since Marisol here does not have a white leotard. But I'd have to pop that rosette off. If I have to seam rip things off, I generally have to be motivated to do so. Not til later. I did get the leggings set, because the leggings can go into Kimmy's 80s fashion wardrobe.

The most I can do, man.
Isabelle's Pajamas: What the fresh hell is this, why do they have a wrap front, what is this, take it away.

Uh. Huh. And you want how much for this?
Isabelle's Kitten: Oh for fucks sake even the cat is white and oh my god you have a cat are you just entirely ripping off Marisol

Isabelle's Accessories: *looks at ID* Yes. Yes you are. 

Isabelle's Metallic Dress:  I can make this work but I'm going to have to rip the entire metallic layer off to do so. Cause it's unnecessary and adds nothing to the dress.

Isabelle's Studio: The big component of this year's collection, like Chipolte's air balloon, Enviro-Lanie's camper4 and McSeattle's unnecessarily huge bed. Apparently we're jacking Chrissa as well as Marisol. Fuck this thing. If I'm going to spend $275 I'm getting an actual working full sized machine, not just a faker. And seeing as I have three actual machines in the house already I don't need any more. Hell, I can get a working toy machine for like $40.5 I can buy a doll dress stand and a white storage cabinet from Target and some small mirrors and make my own doll sized design studio. In fact, I might do that shit. If I want to throw away money on something that I won't have a lot of fun with for a while I'll buy a WiiU.

Isabelle's Dance Case: That is too much for slippers and hair stuff and storage. And the slippers are sparkly. WonderBread are you a ferret must everything you own be covered in shiny shit.

Isabelle's Performance Set: To answer the question, apparently, yes. If this hadn't been a unitard I'd have put it on the maybe pile that Chipolte's dress ended up in and then never got bought.

Isabelle's Dance Barre: blah blah ballet barre blah blah water bottle blah bla--

Oh god damn it.
fuck. A decent, cute pair of dance shoes with wrap components and they only come with the barre set? AG you're busting my chops, man, you're busting my chops. We can consider the possibility of being best friends if I can get just them shoes. The barre is now a maybe. But really I just want the shoes. Someone get me just the shoes. I'll give you something nice in return. I can sew.

....I have boobs.

Other Stuff That Came Out

Well, we're starting this year off pink.
Pretty Pink Outfit: It's pink. It's real pink. It's the kind of thing Marisol or Gwenni would wear. ...Maybe. I got a while.

Friends Are Sweet Set: Who's ready for lesbian doll shenanigans! Y'all can say friendship all you want but I'm going to read smut into everything.

Canvas Shoes, Platform Sandals: oh hey new shoes. I will probably the canvas shoes at a later time. The platforms are going to need to get a look, cause I hate AG heels.

Turquoise Glasses, Rosy Glasses, Lime Glasses: Everyone here has glasses that needs em. The Rosy ones are interesting, but not really Abbi's style. Speaking of which, her glasses have been out a while, I might have to buy backups.

Tennis Outfit III: sports whatever I'm over here.

I always chill at the spa in my panties.
Heart Tank and Brief Set, Pink Tank and Brief Set II: Pink dresses and pink underwear. We really are starting off this year pink. I'm hit or miss on the heart print set, but I got the pink set for Gwenni to feel pretty in. Oh and if you didn't get the blue dotted underwear and sports bra set from 2011 then sucks to be you they're retired now.

Charm-Keeper Necklace: Hey now you don't have to buy a whole doll to get the necklace for your charms, ain't that the shit. That's not sarcasm. I like the charm necklace. Shanna has one.

Bitty Baby Shit: Fuck off, I don't care.


So, a year of this Isabelle Wonderbread shit. *aggravated meltdown whining sighing* 2015 better not fuck up like this one. Even your target audience outside of the dim white girls are going "AG, this blows, you claim diversity and then give up this shit." Open your ears and your eyes and pay attention to what the fuck you're doing. Even Japan realized that maybe the world isn't all white and pale people and added a brown option to Pokémon XY. White as default is quickly becoming a liability. There are tons of people skipping over Isabelle because they're sick of something they've already seen--a dancer, pink, white, all of it. You claim that you take three years to plan things, but it doesn't take three years to pick a character of color. The stories you've told could have been told by dolls of color. We don't need a special setting--especially when you've gone to two high PoC locations and defaulted to a white girl twice in a row and expected us to settle for a brown sidekick. Hell, 2009 at least gave us the brown sidekick in doll form. And I know for a fact that there were images of Mia right before she came out and there had been a brown option, but you fail-safed to white. Stop doing this shit and release a diverse GotY. Put your money where your mouth is instead of this lukewarm bullshit.

Now I'm off to take pictures of Felicity's fancy gown.


1 And now I'll get more hits. Thanks, common word searches!
2 I collect AG books because books are a good thing and I'd like to have the primary source when I bitch about shit in books. So even if I hate an AG character, I'll get the book. I have Kailey's book and I hate her entire face.
3 That's a Pokémon Joke. Wake-Up Slap deals damage and will have double the power when the target is sleeping. Thanks, Bulbapedia!
4 You want to talk about characters I don't like? I haven't even read Lanie's books and it's been four years. 
5 Even if it would just be for display. As a kid and even now I'm such a lead foot sewer that I used to blow the motors out of the plastic toy machines. My mom finally had to put me on a full sized. 


  1. Is Wonderbread your least favorite character by AG so far? If not, who is?

    1. She is probably way up there as one of my least favorites. It's a Fog of Top Place Failure between Wonderbread, McKenna (annoying premise, non-motivated "issue" and horrible name), Pretty Princess Samantha (I've never really liked Samantha though I'll jack all her shit for my gang, I like Nellie more) Chrissa (bland and boring and annoying), Lanie (ugh I hated everything about Lanie, literally everything), Molly (historical whiner and sniveler in the books, didn't like her wardrobe) and Gwen, who was literally a #12 in a different outfit.

    2. Isabelle is probably my least favorite, although I really don't like Ruthie either so its probably a tie between them.

  2. I saw her at the store today and she literally just looks like Lanie with straight hair and pink tips. I don't understand why every white character has to have a WASP-y name too. Did you see her horrendous lime green crop top too?

  3. I was pretty ambivalent about Wonderbread before, because she'd have to be something AMAZING anyways (Kaya is the only one still temping me) for me to buy in with my hard earned dollars - but hearing the Washington DC thing and seeing how Mattel is trying to market themselves as "diverse" is so much bull shit. I hope they're "white girls sell best" idea chokes on that ugly pink hair (and that's coming from a white girl).

  4. I literally sat in the store shaking her box, saying out loud, "Why are you worth $120?" I don't hate her this much, but I really was hoping that this would be the year that American Girl would make a more interesting (not a white classic mold with a bland story) doll of the year. Instead, we get Isabelle and a price increase.

  5. I like Isabelle I feel she is a decent doll and one I would not mind adding to my collection, but only if she were a MYAG. This shit pissed me off! Upon seeing her I wanted to vomit! Last year when it leaked she would be a dancer I told myself I would only buy her if she was black. Well AG you fucked up and made Wonderbella the fuckin ballerina. Oh and I love how smoothly you justify racking her price up to $120 "She has pink hair extensions" from the videos I have seen of her you can't even see the shit! I love how AGPT is rioting them by turning their site into an anti-Wonderbella page, from the AGtube videos no one likes her, minus those who bought her. Parents are not happy, and I heard that on January 1st they did not sell near as many Isabelles as they did with Saige (AND ISABELLE HAD MORE PEOPLE AT HER RELEASE). I hope AG will not mess up again, but I'm sure they will. I'm sure next year it will be about Sour cream Sally from Atlanta who has to deal with her laptop being stolen and her journey to buy a new one.

    Maybe somehow AG does wake up and realize people are pissed and next year release a black girl who is a recluse (not to be mean), looses her father and finds her voice through writing. Oh wait the let McSeattle and Milk Chocolate Kit Kat take up writing (I do like Kit though).

    1. Sorry, but what does AGPT mean?

  6. I have to tell you how much I love thumb hole things now. I have this fleece hoodie that has thumb holes and oh god, when it's actually cold out if you put on normal gloves and then the thumb hole sleeves over them ITS SO WARM it's like I don't even want to curl up and die rather then get out of the house anymore.

    Having gotten that out of the way, yea this character is boring and unremarkable in every way. It's strange how counterintuitive their decisions are, they can't not know that there's been a lot of pushback for the lack of representation for POC in media, the overabundance of pink in items targeted at girls, and they do.. this. Huh. If I didn't know any better I'd think that maybe Mattel needs a scapegoat to blame for bad sales in order to shut this entire AG thing down.

  7. seems like I've seen lots of scuttlebutt around the various AG related interwebz from people who are disappointed in this doll in general, & I have to agree. It's hard to believe that this character was in production for 3 years & this was the absolute best they could come up with.

    that said, I'll be snagging some of her outfit pieces for my Marisol...including the coral sweater (I just love the color in general ok?). The practice top is all kinds of horrendous, that purple sequin skirt is a NO, and the scrunchy pants are... I think they took a lot of inspiration from Dance Moms is all I'm saying. The "performance outfit" is gonna be part of Mari's wardrobe, tho. Fer sure.

    I figured all the new pink outfits & heart-theme accessories were for the pending V-day. personally the pink undies sets are cute & will be coming to my house.

    do you know where I can get a doll-size sewing machine? I already have a dress form I bought from Carpatina, & I'd rather not pay all that money when I just want the sewing accessories, y'know?

    1. Our Generation at Target has a sewing set, but it's pretty hard to find in store and is usually sold out online.


    2. thank you! I'll look for it. :o)

    3. If you have a local Beverly's, I just saw a sewing-machine-shaped... paperweight? that's about AG-sized for $20; however, it's also from approximately the turn of LAST century. This may or may not be a plus in your book. ;-)

  8. I was trying to read up on some earnings statistics among races and unless I read the chart wrong, the avg breakdown in 2010 seems to be about 25 to 27K for Whites, 16K for Hispanics, 26.5K for Asians and about 22K for Blacks. I don't know what the statistical profile actually is for an american girl doll consumer. But it seems like AG must be assuming that their average consumer is White. I don't think many working class folk of whatever ethnicity would be willing to plunk down over $100 for a toy. It would be interesting to get hard facts on who actually buys AG dolls. Most businesses that turn a profit are not interested in their message unless it is one that sells to someone likely to buy. I recently came across a Barbie doll named after a racist serial killer named Delphine, who actually existed. I agree it is important to point out the ideology behind commercial products to spread awareness, but whether you can fundamentally bring about a change in the kind of merchandise sold for social reasons is another question. Social agendas often flounder commercially. There is sure to be a certain number of Whites who would make different choices out of a sense of justice. But then there are others who cling to their racism regardless of how much you try to reason with them. I was recently floored at Target when I overheard a woman ask a stock boy if they had any "white, i.e., Caucasian" lalaloopsies. She had seen Mango Tiki Wiki, a Hawaiian doll, and Blossom Flowerpot a pink haired, medium? complected doll and found them not to her taste. Lalaloopsies don't exactly get an A for diversity either, but the dolls are so unreal, so rudimentary in a way, and yet vibrant in their use of color that I was shocked to think anybody thought of them that way. Live and learn.

  9. Like most "new" commenters, I have to mention how much I enjoy reading your posts and my love for this blog overall before I delve into things so, well done! I've been in the dark as far as what ag has been doing for the last seven or eight years or so, but I'm suprised at how generic they've become (okay maybe not too surprised). I never paid too much attention to GOTY as I was more of a historical fan, but this line disgusts me. Until reading your article I believed Chrissa and McKenna to be one in the same (can someone say BLAND AS HELL?), but Wonderbread as you call her takes the cake as a full out insult. It isn't her classic mold face, or the fact that AG missed the best opportunity to create a truly "American" from this doll's setting standards, but the fact they push the fact that this white high class piece of stale bread represents the diversity of young girls in this country. Even if you argue the whole "white will sell crap", her book notes she attends a prestigious dancing academy. Um, what? I live in a predominately "white" town, but we're of a blue-collar working class...and I've only known a few kids growing up who attended "private" schools let alone a dance academy! In Washington DC of all places. Amazing article, but I need to stop before my head explodes..

  10. Good point about Luisa and how she should have been the GOTY. I had similar thoughts when I read McKennna's books; I thought if either Josie or Toulane had been the protaganist, the story would have been much better, and added some much-needed diversity to the GOTY line.

    I haven't read Isabelle's books yet. I did notice that they're written by Laurence Yep. That surprised me, because he generally writes books with Chinese and Chinese American protagonists. It makes me wonder if Isabelle was initially supposed to be Chinese American. Like you said, they originally planned to have Mia be a POC, so it wouldnt be the first time they pulled that shit.

    1. I don't think I'd read to much into the Laurence Yep as author thing, because he also wrote some of the Mia doll books and she was a redheaded figure skater in 2008 (I think I have that date right.) though you're right... a lot of Yep's books are about Chinese-American protagonists and culture. (And, on a totally unrelated note, are really pretty good most of them.)

      I'm also pretty disappointed by this Girl of the Year. I think she's pretty recycled and feels like everything we've seen before. (Though I do like her coral sweater. I think it's pretty cute.)

  11. I'm thinking of all the families who might have to save up their money to get their kids a doll they're going to love for years, and man, they deserve so much better than this bland GeneriDoll.

  12. I will admit, when AG does make African American dolls they do a pretty good job, like with Cecile. I don't care what color skin they have but I want AG to make a sporty GOTY (and dancing is not a sport), like a girl who wants to get on a boys team. That's a doll I would buy, then again I'm not sure how many other girls out there would buy that doll. I agree that AG should think out side the box, they need to ask the girls who buy them what they want and work off that, not try to make something up themselves that they are just guessing girls will like.
    I do like Isabelle's metallic dress. I might consider getting it for my MAG(#22), but besides that I hate her collection because its to pink.
    I have no desire to get Isabelle at all.

  13. Goddamn, everything you said was balm on my damn grouchy soul. This is so disappointing on so many levels.
    In addition to the idea of a differently abled Girl of the Year, a friend of mine pointed out that they could do a doll with something AG currently does not sell: a hijab. A beautiful little Muslima Girl of the Year with a collection that includes hijabs! Heck, even Barbie has done dolls with the hijab (admittedly the "Dolls of the World" dreckishness, but still) and a sweet girl in a hijab appears in a beautifully diverse bit of advertising for the Girl Scouts of America. There are so damn many ways they could go with this, WHY ON EARTH would they make another white blonde able-bodied doll? I'm starting to think AG would put a blonde, blue-eyed character in Detroit at this point. Sigh.

    OT, but I saw your post about character retirement and had to think about (GASP) Addy someday being retired. She's my favorite, so it's hard, but I have an Addy bucket list of sorts that has to happen before she's allowed to be retired. I'm up to a movie (Kit got a movie! Where is Josephina's movie? Do they only do movies for white characters?) and a best friend doll, I'd love to hear if you had any particular "had-to-happens" before Addy is retired.

  14. Looked at AG-compatible ballet shoes on eBay lately? I saw quite a few with ribbons for lacing, and at least one pair even had the hard toes needed for advanced/professional dancers.

    I hear you on needing to learn to make doll shoes, though--my interest in them is bordering on unhealthy. XD Though BJDs are a little more my thing these days, and their feet are even SMALLER...

  15. Neth, whatever you do DO NOT go over to doll diaries. they are freaking out over Wonderbread the ballerina( great nick name, btw!) I think her cat looks like Luna the Fashion kitty. At least they added another cat, if only for one year.

  16. I'm going to cry...

    Just... no.

    I- I can't. American Girl, I can't.

    You put a fucking redhead in New Mexico? A blondie in D.C.?

    Wait-- Duhwhaaaaaaaaaaaaaat?

    Let me get this straight: Isabelle's story is that is a anxious dancer bitch who is upset because she can't dance as good as her sister? Boo fucking who. Oh--oh, and let's not forget, "I am in a dance academy! Ah he heh ha he ha."



    I agree, American Girl.

    I'm blond with green eyes, BUUUUUUUUUT I have PINK HIGHLIGHTS!!!!

    Call the press, this chick needs to be known!

    Ha ha ha... no.

    Just... do something useful. Use that pretty Marie-Grace mold. With the power of Photoshop I created a pretty girl who is -- get this-- actually DIVERSE. *gasp* Give us a girl who is Jewish. Or Native American. Or AFRICAN AMERICAN.

    Like, damn.

    2015. Don't screw up.


    You probably will, though.

    I swear...

    If 2015's GOTY is another White girl with a bland story, I'm going to march down to American Girl Headquarters, storm to this so-called 'Creative Department' and bash ya'll's heads together.

    1. Search up GOTY 2015. There are some surprising (ly good) results.

  17. Who is Wonderbread?

    1. Reading comprehension should answer your question.

  18. Tbh I'm only get getting her outfits and the dance barre. Doll is something you would expect from a MyAG. Isabelle is so boring and a major fail. I think she and Chrissa are my least favorites. Keep up the good work! Love your blog and always look forward to read it! :) (sorry if i made any mistakes, im from brazil)

  19. I would really enjoy the next GoTY to not do anything related to gymnastics, dance, horses [all in general] mainly due to the fact that these are are always common and not really breaking the barrier between originality and just straight-up boring. I'd love an African America GoTY, a full Asian GoTY, a Native American or a Muslima. I'm really tired of the Classic mold, but it's just something we must stick with for now.

    Growing up, I was always in a love with Science and I enjoyed Classical music, so I was commonly labeled as the "nerd". It didn't help that I was hopeless without my glasses. Why not make a girl similar to this? In fact, can we make GoTY _actual_ Girls? Real girls out there will real stories, based on their actual lives. This would be quite interesting.

    I mean, American Girl, your motto is, "Follow your inner star." so why not incorporate this a little more? There are far more interesting girls out there who are dealing with real issues. "Oh no, my art/music program is failing. We sing about it in dance!"

    I feel this is a common thread now. Chrissa, McKenna, Saige and Isabelle have far more interesting FRIENDS. If Toulane or Josie were GoTY instead of McKenna, hands down, I would have bought her with a skipping beat. Gwen and Sonali were cool, but I would have only cared if Gwen looked different. [I forget her name...] but Isabelle's friend worked hard, her brother's in the Army, HELLO!

    Your are making Girls of Color, right here, girls who have disabilities and are the sidekicks to girls who are just flat out boring with no real personality whatsoever. If the friends were GoTY and the actual GoTY was a MyAG, then I believe I would actually purchase them.

    But I guess AG is too busy making out with their money and can't get the wake-up slap they need to make them more successful.


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