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Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Clothes and Accessories Reviews: Twilight Outfit and Twilight Accessories (2000)

Naomi is rocking Twilight Blues. At any time I desire.
The reviews shall go on! My sleeping schedule has been all fubared, which has led to rolling up all night and into the morning and then sleeping til evenings. The fun part of being nocturnal and unemployed is that I don't have to get up early and can sleep when I want, but the bad part is that I sometimes sleep through an entire day from the time my man leaves to work until he gets home and thus miss everything that most people do. (I plan to get a Magazine Monthly out before the end of the month which gives me--three days. Challenge Accepted.) I also have semi-special Casual Friday for the Chinese New Year; this is the Year of the Wood Horse.1 (I was born in the year of the Metal Monkey, myself--Shrine of the Silver Monkey~!2) I shall be continuing my holiday/winter reviews, all Winter Wrap Up jokes aside. Even into February, because February counts as winter. This one I've been sitting on for some time, but eh. My blog, my time to take on things. It's not like people are complaining that I'm taking my time on my reviews. And if they are, they can sit and spin the fuck off.

Y'all didn't come here for sweetness and light and meekness, that's a little short of accuracy for me. 

I've already done reviews on the other special sets that tumbled out through the years, specifically the ones that came with special accessories: the Garnet Holiday Outfit of 2001, the Radiant Rhinestones Outfit of 2003, and the Winter Magic Outfit from 2004 to name a few. I tend to like the outfits that come with accessories. Today's set I believe is the first holiday outfit that came with special boxes (since phased out) and matching accessories: The Twilight Outfit and the Twilight Accessories of 2000, which made it through the holiday season before being retired. (Lords and Ladies, this outfit is old enough to be on the internet all by itself.) The outfit retailed for $26 and came with a jacket style top, skirt, stockings, and loafer shoes. The accessories went for $22 and had the headband, stick on jewels, a purse, and a gift box that contained a surprise--the surprise being a compact mirror. So basically original cost of  $48 for the set. I paid $20 for the accessories, which was actually under retail, and about that much for the outfit I think--it's been a while and eBay auctions don't always pull up the full details so. The outfit generally doesn't go for too much on eBay, even the accessories; generally about $20-40 for the outfit, and about $20-30 for the accessories.

Our model is the ever popular half-Desi barefoot geeky pirate gamer, Naomi Kirkland.3
Jacket up top. And only a jacket
Jacket: The outfit has a unique jacket style top made of dark blue velvet; my flash is making it look lighter than it actually is. We've already gone into my delicious love of velvet, so let's not repeat ourselves, just remember that I am prone to pet all the soft nice things. Blues are some of my favorite shades and tints and tones of colors.

Fuzzy collar and bare neck.
The collar is matching dark blue fur--dyed to match-- with a satin lining. This looks really nice, but there's one major issue I have with the neckline; it isn't closed over the neck so there's visible bare neck. This makes Naomi look a touch naked, as if she should be wearing something under her jacket for modesty. This might be because Naomi is on the sleek side, but I think an undershirt would have helped. I think when I put this on for non-review purposes, I shall be matching it with a smooth undershirt.

Fur cuffs.
The wrist length sleeves are trimmed in the same blue fur that's on the collar. Very nice to bring the set together; however, the trim is sew in in such a way that it leaves a bump at the edge.

Button snaps. And random flare.
The front closes with four black snaps, and on top of these are small blue iridescent multifaceted beads, to simulate buttons.

Showing some torso, with your arms up.

The top comes down just to the waist. And I mean just to the waist. When Naomi has her arms above her head, you get a visible midriff. Yeah, this so could have used an undershirt. 

Tag uniqueness.
The jacket top is unlined, except around the opening slightly. But one neat thing I do like? This has a unique tag; The American Girl logo, and then "Holiday 2000" in script underlined with a swish of blue, all on purple satin. Very nice. I kind of wish they still did something like this with newer sets. B-; nice colors and trims, but could use some length at the hem and a more tight closure at the neckline.

Skirt. Unique, and yet...
Skirt: The straight style ankle length skirt is made of the same fabric that the top is--slightly stretchy dark blue velvet. There's no flare--it's more like a pencil skirt, the kind made with two basic rectangles.

Elastic pull on.
The waist is a simple elastic pull on. The skirt doesn't really have anything to tell the front from the back, but there's a tag--standard AG style--inside on the seams. Women's--and I believe all--clothes tags go on the left. There, I just saved you public embarrassment from putting the tag at the back and showing the side seams on the front.

Furry hem.
The edge is hemmed like the sleeves in blue dyed fur. It can be flipped up, but that will show the inner seam as I've done here. The skirt's not really...unique, almost as if it was just sort of added on at the last second. Just kind of blah. C+. 

Stockings. Blue, like everything else.
Stockings: No tights under this set; it gets knee high dark blue stockings. Normally, I enjoy knee high stockings. But these are blah--the same shade of the outfit, like any other generic tights in texture, and nothing exciting. So they get a C.

Don't you step on my Blue Velvet Shoes.
Shoes: We finally come to the shoes: blue velvet slip on chunky loafers. They are of the same style fabric as the rest of the outfit--which is kind of the problem when the skirt and the top match perfectly. But I still like the shoes.

Weird Oblong front.
These have an odd looking--to me, anyways--oblong velvet front panel trimmed in dark blue vinyl piping. Very late 90s-early 2000s.

Shoe from the sides. Chunk that sole.
The same dark blue piping is on the upper edge of the shoe as well, and the back heel has a reinforced panel with stitching. The inner lining is white vinyl, and the sole is super thick. I kind of wish chunky sole shoes would come back again. Long live the 90s and the 70s. I like my shoes to look like I could use them to smash the patriarchy.

Sole and logo.
The black sole has traction lines, a thicker heel, and the American Girl Today logo imprinted in a circle. This one also has the "Made in China for American Girl" gold oval sticker. While the shoes don't help the monochrome look and the front oblong thing is very 90s, the rest of the shoe is nice. B-.

Adorable interlude: Naomi was the first doll I ever self pierced, and so she wear standard posts. These are blue rhinestone studs. Girls be looking good.

Headband, for max cuties.
Headband: The first part of the accessories is the headband--a simple plastic curve with beaded decor.

Beaded Details. And attack teeth.
The larger beads are the same multi-sided ones that were on the jacket top front, spaced out with small slightly flat and round iridescent  The beads aren't sewn on; they're twisted on with black wire. The wire is twisted out to form "teeth" behind the beads with little loops on the end. These are really, really pretty and skilled. They also really, really get caught in hair. So fucking annoying, and so pretty. B-; lovely work with a minus because it catches in hair.

Purse purse pursey~
Purse: The purse is a satin stiff-backed beaded squareish shoulder bag. In the style of many small purses, there is not enough room for Naomi to get her gaming system in. What use is a purse that you can't carry a 3DS in?4 Boo.

Front flap. Beady beads.
 The front flap is decorated with small round beads--the same ones that space in the headband. I like it when little things like this tie together in a set. Around the edge are long thin tube beads sewn together. The bag closes with a large snap, but I didn't open it to take pics.

Tassel hassle.
At the center front of the flap is a blue satin cord tassel. I think the purse could have done without it.

Strap it. 
The long shoulder strap is made of the same small beads.

The full straps.
The strap is long and hanging just to one side, it rests near the knees. It's actually on a stretch cord, so it's possible to strap it across the chest, like I wear mine, and then it only goes down to the waist. I am paranoid about breaking stretch cords, so I just set it on her shoulder loose. B+. I don't generally like small, useless purses, but it does at least match the headband.

Fucking sticker gems. Fuck them all the way.
Sticker Gems: You know my feels on sticky gem shit. In this case, this set--on its blue back card proudly proclaiming these as "Holiday Gems" consists of: a matching set of floral style medallions with a large light blue center and four alternating white and four medium blue; four large white ones, three medium blue medium sized; three light blue medium sized; four white small, and four medium blue small. Am I supposed to stick these on things? You expect me to earring that shit? They'll wreck everything. Fuck you  F.

Gift Box for  Gang Members.
Gift Box: Originally, the idea was that the accessories contained a little gift for the doll getting them, all wrapped up to stick under a doll sized tree.5 And part of the surprise was not telling what was inside. So here we have a blue small square gift box in blue iridescent paper. Gift your gang members! It fits just in Naomi's hand.

On the top lid is a blue decorative gift bow. It's stuck on with a small square of sticky tab; my set is old like all sets, so it keeps falling off. I am thinking of tacky-gluing it on.

Lining paper inside.
The box even comes with a little bit of white lining paper, so you can wrap or cover a gift you put inside. A. I can use this years and years on. So what's the gift?

It's a Compact!  It's been fourteen years, The compact being inside is no more a spoiler than learning that Felicity gets Penny back, that Addy gets north, and that Kirsten's friend Marta dies of cholera.

Lid cover.
The main body of the compact is made of molded blue plastic with glitter mixed in. On the lid is a beaded and rhinestone pattern: a center blue rhinestone; four tube beads ray-spoking out evenly from the center; slightly smaller light blue rhinestones spaced around alternating with the tubes, and three of the small round beads like the purse and headband around the lighter blue rhinestones.The compact closes with a small clasp and there's a hinge at the back.

Mirrors, so your girl can check her nose being shiny.
Inside are two plastic mirrors on either side. They don't reflect very neatly, but they actually reflect some. Good enough; you can see in this shot that the top mirror is reflecting onto the bottom. The top is a little gaudy, but that's just my taste. A.

Boxes: Outfit box on the left, accessories on the right.
And to conclude, the special boxes the set came in. It's blue iridescent with a cropped American Girl Today logo, "Holiday 2000" above the image, "Twilight Accessories" (or "The Twilight Outfit") below, and random five-pointed stars sprinkled around. I have the box that came with my accessories, but I don't want to get up and take a picture, so have a swiped auction pic.


Overall Feel: I really don't like this one all together. Yet I own it. For you see, I like velvet, and I like fur, and I like chunky shoes and this has all of that. What I don't like is that all the blue together in the exact same shade means a bit of a monochrome look. And while I generally can like a monochrome set, I often feel that some shade up and downing or some contrast is needed. Some contrasting blues or blacks would have helped greatly, as well as a camisole or turtleneck undershirt. Without that, I get a Violet Beauregarde6 vibe  from this. The accessories are pretty nifty, if slightly frustrating in ways to use--and I adore the little compact, but fuck those stickers.

Cost Value: $26 for the dress and $22 for the accessories is standard for a holiday set. The $20 each I paid was not a super bargain, but it doesn't make me feel like I paid way too much. On the secondary market, I don't think more than $45-50 for an outfit set with all the accessories is a good idea.

Timeliness/Datedness: Quite. The shoes especially date it with the chunky, lunky look. It's very late 90s to early 2000s and isn't going to move much forward or backward from that era.

Mix and Match Levels: I think the only way I'll like this set is to mix and match it. The skirt can be matched with a black turtleneck (that covers the waistband) and black shoes, and the top needs an undershirt over jeans or slacks. That would look pretty nice, I think.

Final Grade: C for the outfit, C+ for the accessories. AG was just starting to feel out a regular moddie holiday outfit, but their first attempt was very Needs Improvement.


1 Unlike some people, I will not be slapping the Chinese New Year outfit a on a #4. Not only do I not have a #4, but if I did I'd be more creative than that. How very blech.
2 And if you don't get that reference, the fail is yours and yours alone. Google Legends of the Hidden Temple and enjoy the 90s.
3 That's pirate, comma, gamer. We do not pirate our video games. Arrr.
4 Well, she only has a DSi, but as soon as I find a doll sized 3DS that shit is on. I do, in fact judge my purses by them needing to be big enough to carry a gaming system in.Even the one I carried to my father's service was big enough to carry my 3DS in, and my iPod, and my wallet, and a little Lottie Doll to keep me steady. Daddy probably thought it was cute his baby girl carried a dolly with her to the service.
5 They still continue this somewhat, but with less mystery and more "here you go, this is what's inside."
6 Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, only one of the best books ever. I prefer the 2005 Johnny Depp one over the Gene Wilder because it was more true to the book. Come at me.


  1. Feeling like commenting on your notes, so... I prefer Wilder's just because the way the Oompa Loompas were done is something I personally dislike. And maybe nostalgia.

    Also, don't copy that floppy.

  2. Thought Gene Wilder was genuinely creepier on the boat ride. Other than that, the new version was better.

    I think this outfit is too monochromatic as well-but it is a lovely blue.

  3. Those eyebrows doe...

  4. Were the teeth on the headband meant to hold it in place, kind of like a comb?


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