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Friday, January 31, 2014

Casual Friday: Year of the Horse with Special Edition Pinkie Pie!

Happy New Years with Ponies~
Today, January 31st, is the start of the Chinese New Year. See, holidays continue~! And while I do have the pics taken for the next Magazine Monthly, I decided that it was more important to hit a holiday on the holiday, especially because it works as a casual Friday as well. So today we are celebrating the newest part of the Rainbow Frenzy Herd,1 Chinese New Year Pinkie Pie from My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. 

No lies, I have been a fan of My Little Pony since the early 80s as a very young girl, and have a multi-hundred collection spanning all generations except Generation 2, which wasn't my fave.2 So when the new series came out, I was very pleased with the quality of the cartoon and the characters, and Pinkie Pie--who was one of my faves from Generation 3 and I call Pinkie for short-- became one of my new faves with her bouncy personality and fun loving party ways. No, I'm not a "brony" or "pegasister." I can't begin to rant on why bronies suck or we will never get to the nice pictures.3

The cycle of the Chinese Zodiac goes every twelve years (and with the five elements, rotates so that there's an sixty year cycle; the new cycle started in 1984). This year is the Year of the (Wood) Horse. People born in the Year of the Horse are said to be a bit like horses: animated, active and energetic, and love being in a crowd. They are quick to learn independence. and they have a straightforward and positive attitude towards life. They are known for their communication skills and are exceedingly witty.

Well, if that's not Pinkie Pie in a nutshell. I'm glad they picked her for this.

To take advantage of this year during the height of their Gen 4 popularity,  Hasbro released a special edition large sized Pinkie Pie in Chinese "wear", a Toys R Us exclusive for $25. So I jumped all over that, preordered her, and she arrived last month right before Giftmas. But I decided not to open or debut her until today. I have a way of doing things, sometimes.

Happy Chinese New Year with Pinkie Pie!
I will show other images of the Rainbow Herd on other Casual Fridays. Today is Pinkie Pie's day.

In the box.
Pinkie Pie comes in a red colorful box with a cut out in the front to show her nearly full bodied and flowers cut out around her. For those new to ponies, Pinkie Pie has pink curly hair and a pink body, and is an Earth Pony--that is, no horns (unicorn) or wings (pegasi).4 Underneath the cut out is her name in English, and in a very decorative heart on the lower right is the Traditional Chinese symbol-word for "horse," Mǎ. The upper right has symbols that I honestly have no idea what they mean, but the last word means year.

Chinese writing  in yellow lanterns.
To the left side are four yellow lanterns with Chinese writing which translates to Ma dao cheng gong, or "to gain an immediate victory." The literal symbols mean "horses to success" and are a chengyu, or a idiom summed up in a few characters. I took Japanese in college so I can't give you more than a Google search and translation. I guess this was included because Year of the Horse. 

Eyes shines.
One of the first things seen through the packaging is that Pinkie has different eyes. More on that in detail.

Left side.
The left side of the box shows wood-block styled images of four of the six main ponies in red on a yellow background with their Cutie Mark symbols and decorative  Top to bottom is Pinkie Pie, Fluttershy, Twilight Sparkle (pre-Princessing) with Spike on her back, and Rarity. These are so adorable.

Right side.
On the right side are Rainbow Dash, Princess Celestia, Applejack (no hat) and...who's this?

Mystery Pony Peri Winkle!
A mystery pony! Symbol search reveals that this is G3 Peri Winkle, if she had wings. Peri Winkle's backcard read: "Every morning Peri Winkle reads her friends' horoscopes to let them know what the day has in store for them. Her motto is, no matter where the stars are, you can make everyday a wonderful day." So an adorable coincidence!

Top cut out.
On the top of the box is a silhouette cut out of Pinkie Pie, surrounded by flowers, swirls, and butterflies.

Back art.
And on the back, in a ring made of of the symbol for "horse", flowers, and butterflies, Pinkie is standing and making the other half of the character fu, or "good fortune" which is heavily associated with the Chinese New Year.

All in all, a beautiful box. But I never display in box, so out she comes. I'm keeping the box, though. Two little cuts on the side with my box knife and it opened easy.

Pony on back display.
With the box, you can see that Pinkie is mounted on a yellow cardboard backing. There is also a green comb but you and I both know I don't use plastic combs. Her hair is tacked up and her tail pulled back to a hole.

A twist and a detape.
But on the back she's only hooked in with a twist of paper and some taped down plastic. Easy to get out of the box, overall.

Empty back.
With Pinkie and the comb out, you can see the pattern of lilypads, lotus flowers, and Pinkie's Cutie Mark.5 Back into the main box for storage. 

A removal of the plastic strip and a few spritzes of braid spray, and Pinkie Pie is free! She's pretty big for a toy pony, but we'll make size comparisons later.

Eye makeups.
Pinkie has up-painted cheeks to emphasize her smile and silver eye lotus decorations on the side of her eyes instead of her normal eyelashes. I might paint some on for her.

 Pinkie is fully outfitted in a red Chinese style outfit that is painted right onto her body, so it's non removable unless you want to get a lot of acetone and spend hours at it. Red is considered a lucky color in China, and is seen often on New Years. There's gold trim around the neckline and decorations of a bird, stars. and flowers on one display side, and a slight dip up to symbolize the edge of sleeves and pant cuffs.

Her cutie mark on the right side is the Chinese for Horse in traditional Chinese in gold, with a heart. Exactly like the box, in fact.

At the front is a painted mandarin collar, gold trim, and three gold painted on closures.

Cutie Mark and Swirls.
On the other display side are more and Pinkie's standard cutie mark--two blue balloons with yellow cords and one yellow between them with a blue string. Normally, a pony only has one display side, or the side she looks best on. This is almost always the side with the Cutie Mark--starting in Gen 3, they only put marks on one side as opposed to the double sides of Gen 1 and 2. Starting in Gen 3 they started making turning heads--by just not gluing the head in place like before--and since Pinkie's head can turn, I can display her with either side.

Lower Leg Glitter.
The lower leg is covered in silver glitter and right below the "cuff" on each leg is a silver heart with little swirls to each side. Pinkie alas, has caught Glitter Rash.

The symbol proves the truth!
On the hoof  is the My Little Pony Logo imbedded in the plastic. That's how you know she's a true pony and not a fakie. The other feet show that she was molded in 2013 and that she was made in China.

Gimme down to there hair.
Pinkie, unlike most like her, has alternating dark pink and light pink hair.

And there is also iridescent tinsel in the hair as well, which you can see when I turn the flash off. (Along with how long I can grow my thumb nails.) I normally hate tinsel since it won't curl nicely, but for some ponies I leave it in. This Pinkie is keeping hers.

Size comparison, vol. 1.
New Year Pinkie is huge compared to the Fashion Style ponies and the Playful Ponies, at eight and a half inches tall. Playful ponies--or the generic mainline brushable ponies-- are three and a half inches tall to the tips of the ears, while Fashion Style--larger, dress-up and styling ponies-- are six and a half at the ears.

Size comparison, Vol 2.
However, she is much smaller than the Build a Bear Pinkie Pie. I could compare Pinkies all day--I literally have what I call the Pinkie Pie Army,6 the largest part of my G4 collections--but that's enough of that.

One last cutie shot of Pinkie.
Pinkie Pie has been one of the faces of MLP since the days of Gen 3, and I love that she not only carried in through to Gen4 but got a loving, bouncy personality. She really is one of my favorites--which is weird to many people because generally my tolerance of pink is middling at best. I apparently like pink only in my toys. Given the idea of people born in the Year of the Horse, I think Pinkie was a perfect choice, and I'm glad to have her part of the herd.
To conclude, have two pictures of the Mane Six in qipao as displayed in China: 

Left to Right: Rarity, Spike, Twilight Sparkle (no wings) , and Fluttershy.

And Rainbow Dash and Pinkie Pie.

Happy Chinese New Year! 


1 Thank you, Rhymer, for lending me part of that name!
2 For those not in the know, starting with the release of  the 2003 ponies, the pony fandom at the time collectively decided that they would start referring to ponies by generation instead of just the "old" (1982-1992) and the "new" (1997-2003) since there was a new set coming out. So Gen 1 are the 80s ones, Gen 2 are the late 90s ones, Gen 3 are the 2003 to 2009, and Gen 4 is from 2010 to present. There is also Gen 3.5 from late 2009 to 2010 that were much like Gen 3 in characters but were so drastically different in shape and focus that collectors count them as a half step. Learn more at My Little Wiki.
3 Long rant short: You asinine white boy, fedora smearing, reddit and 4-chan blogging motherfuckers, you are not breaking boundaries by watching a show about colorful horses and shitting on the other gens, then trying to act like you're super manly for it while at the same time being racist, misogynist, homophobic, utter asshats. I was so hopeful that ponies were expanding to be for all and that boys could start to really be part of my fandom, and then you had to shit all over that good will and try to turn the show into all about you and your gross needs. Your day is coming. Get out of my fucking fandom, I was here before you even knew what the fuck a butt mark was. Fake ass pony boys, can you even tell me what a Flutter Wing or SS or TaF or regrind is? Get the fuck out of here--and her name is Bubblecup.
4 Alicorns, who have wings and horns, are princesses. The only four alicorn princesses canonically are Princess Celestia, Princess Luna, Princess Cadance of the Crystal Kingdom, and Princess Twilight Sparkle.
5 Before Gen 3, marks on pony butts had no special name--and before Gen 4 they had no special purpose. They generally related to a pony's name--sometimes very loosely--but they didn't indicate any sort of special talent. Bowtie wasn't especially good at tying ribbons, she just wore them. Fun fact? Applejack has been in every Gen but Gen 2, and I have at least one of her from every Gen. 
6 Other Pony collections in G4 include the Rarity Fashion Squad, The MotherBucking Apple Family Reunion, the Pretty Pretty Princess Twily Pack, Their Royal Majesties, the Fluttershy Pep Rally, and the Super Awesome Rainbow Dashies.


  1. so yea basically I wish bronies knew how the DECENT PEOPLE part of the fandom feels about them. Like, ugh, can't they SEE everyone is sick of their horseshit? (oop puns hilarity)
    I like how they put the smile lines under Pinkie Pie's eyes. Very her. Never seen a build a bear pony before, I do like how accurate her mane is :D I kind of wish the current toys had more show-accurate 'dos in general, but I guess that wouldn't be good for the kiddies. I have to admit I give almost all my ponies (fakies, ruined g2s, some g3s- not g1s cause g1 hairdos are SACRED) Pinkie Pie curls anyway.

  2. Firstly you are most welcome! As always!

    Secondly, bahaha I'm looking at your list of words bronies don't know. I have like five SS ponies, two TaF. I know what regrind is as I'm pretty freaking sure some of my ponies have it, and all my flutters including my dog-nibbled Morning Glory are missing their flutter wings and I entirely wish they weren't. Flutter wings preeeeetty! Then again, I'm not a brony. :P Also, don't forget pen dot and smooze.

    3. Yaaaaay Bubble-cup!

    4. ROFLing at the name of some of your G4 collections. I definitely approve of the Mother bucking Apple Family Reunion and the "Princess Twiley pack."

    And that Pinkie Pie is absolutely beautiful. I wish there was a TRU closer than two hours away. If there was, I might buy one.

    My own frenzy spreads through all four generations, though far fewer G2 than any other generation, because they're a lot more fragile, and all my G2 are baity which is another word you should add to the list of words bronies probably don't know.

  3. After years of seeing the ponies in just their skins, manes and tails, the sight of one in a dress is a little bit startling...though Pinkie certainly does look cute in her New Year outfit.

    Horses to success!

  4. After years of seeing the ponies in just their skins, manes and tails, the sight of one in a dress is a little bit startling...though Pinkie certainly does look cute in her New Year outfit.

    Horses to success!

  5. She is an adorable pony! (Rainbow Dash is my favorite, but I love Pinkie Pie too!)

  6. I just came across this really nice free pattern for a crochet little pony and thought you'd like it:


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