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Thursday, February 13, 2014

Rambled Opinions and General Snarkiness: Feb 2014 Releases (Now with Historicals!) and a New Board of Messages!

This can't be Seattle. We don't do umbrellas.1 
So, AG has made a semi-expected release of all new things for Historicals and Moderns alike. Semi-expected in that AG had announced new things on Facebook,2 but AG isn't often known for their mid-February releases. Whatever, at least these things didn't get lost in the Wonderbread shuffle. And I will likely have better opinions once I get to the AG store and take pictures and buy the hell out of some things, but for now, we're using and linking to the Wiki pages. Yes, even if they're not up yet. They will be, so. Go under the cut for the jibber-jabber--and a new announcement for the AG fandom!

Historicals: Upwards of $64 a Hit for the New Stuff

First. the Historicals. Because I like them best, after all.

The major release for the Girls who Made AG are four new sets for the first four Mattel Historicals: Kit, Kaya, Julie, and Rebecca. The dress and accessory sets are being billed as limited edition sets, some of the first ever for these four. Which means that they will probably last into at least the summer and likely up to the holidays. They are also much higher than the average AG outfit at $64 each, or roughly twice as much as prior Historical sets. Pay more for things included!

Bringing back the Jingle Dress. In a way.
Kaya gets a rerelease of her Jingle Dress--Jingle Dress 2.0. But with a completely different look from the original:3 a dress, boots, vest, hair comb and decs, and a hand drum with drumstick. Makes me wonder if they'll redo the Shawl set eventually, as they've redone two of Kaya's cultural sets already. I'm not sure how to feel about the feathers on the back of the head, but they're not stuck to a headband so we don't have Hollywood Native around here, and furthermore the regalia looks accurate. The dress is very pink, but regalia is often very colorful. I'm loving the boots, the hair decs, and the included hand drum and drumstick. So, ultimately I like this set, and will be snapping it up because Fuck Yes Kaya. See, AG, you can do nice things for Kaya and not fuck it up.

Kit's all froofy.
Kit gets a Candy Making Set, which consists of a pink ruffled dress, pink shoes, three chocolate bunnies, a candy mold, a double boiler, a spoon, a two-pack of chocolate squares, three sheets of netting and ribbons, and a flowered basket to carry bunnies in. Note that I stripped the "pretend" out of all that. I'm assuming my readers are smart enough to realize that this is all not real food and you can't actually make chocolate bunnies with the toys. After all, I'm not writing my blog for children even if AG has to disclaim things.

First of all, chocolate bunnies--eek run away! I know they're not really chocolate but Marisol and I can't be risking chocolate with our allergies. And unlike some items I pass off as coffee, there's no way to pass chocolate bunnies as being made of coffee with a double boiler, a chocolate case, and the like. Bloop. Secondly, I think AG forgot that Kit is not a flouncy girl. Like, her first book says that. She's upset her room got a makeover because it's all ruffles and frills and she doesn't like it because she can't put up her baseball pictures like she'd want to in the room. She really only wears skirts most of the time because she's obligated to, what with it being the 1930s and pants for ladies being almost never in day wear and mostly being only for grubbing about in. Yet they keep making her these ruffly things--and this one is straight up pink and ruffled. Honestly. Kit can't be affording all these fancy clothes with boarders and chores. This is more of a Ruthie thing. She's the pink princess. And there is no way she'd wear this to make chocolate rabbits. If I do get this--purely because I'm a bit of a collection completer--I might have to ditch the chocolate half or something. I get nervous even around play chocolate, man. Kit's however, feels like the most stuff for the cost.

It's a bird! It's a Plane! It's--Rebecca?
Rebecca apparently has transformed into the Bluebird of Happiness with her School Play Set. I would make a Superman joke, but he doesn't debut until the 1930s and after Kit so there. Rebecca is in the school play The Butterfly Queen which has several layers of jokes in and of itself. Between this, the movie dress, and the dress up trunk Rebecca is getting so much actress in her collection. We've got a blue brocade dress with satin sleeves with butterfly wings, a gold butterfly headband, satin slippers, makeup, and a program to keep showing that she acted. Her school is going all out, man--my fifth grade play didn't get that much for our performance. We did, however, in high school the few theater things we had. (Hazards of going to a medical-focused high school.) I am pretty sure that a 1910s grammar school likely would not have done a lot of makeup for a school play because that would be getting tarted up and acting was hardly allowed, but whatever. I don't care for Rebecca's non casual clothing, so a pass on the whole set.

Groovy, baby, groovy.
Julie, however, is channeling Jan or Marsha Brady and holding a disco dance. She's got a mini-dress, macrame belt, white boots, and decor for the dance--a disco ball, poster, and tickets. I'm digging the boots like whoa, and the dress is pretty swing bar the bare arms, but I'm not sure about the belt. The disco ball does light up, but it doesn't make any noise. I don't care for the paper trinkets at all, however. Wow, a poster. *stare* AG could have given her a play record (even if it wouldn't work with her sound accessories) or some bitching 8-tracks, but nope. I'll have to think hard about this one.

Julie getting her hair did.
Also for some historicals we have: hair sets! Cause girls gotta get their hair did and shit. There's one for Caroline (clip in weave and seashell comb), Kit (four barrettes and a backcard), Rebecca (curling iron, comb, and bow), Julie (blowdryer and rainbow bows) and  Addy who is getting a snood, a hairbow, and...braid on a headband? Okay, AG what are you doing. I'm not feeling the historicity of most of these. I'll be getting Addy's because I'm an Addy completer and maybe Julie's later because I love the idea of blow drying doll hair, but the hair stuff feels like a quarter step to giving outfits. AG, give Addy a nice outfit.

Historical Mystery Books: The mysteries I talked about last summer are out now. Still need to catch up with the others, still needing some more Kirsten, Kaya, and Addy mysteries, still gonna get 'em.

Moddie Party: Modern Shit for Modern Twits4 

And then we dive into the new modern stuff for all those girls of today. Since as of this blogging the links aren't all the way up on the AG Wiki and I'm heading to do that later5 I'll even generously toss pics up for you! Don't say I never give you nothing.

AG Swimsuits never fail to look weird as shit.
Floral Swim Outfit and Swim Gear: Two separate sets: the swimsuit, cover up, and sandals are one set and the snorkel and beach gear is another. I never ever bother with modern AG swimwear;6 it's just so weird when they have two-pieces where I can see the cloth body middle and bare shoulders. Girl you don't have a belly button. Also remember that unless you're a skilled bitch like me, don't put your doll in the water.

Blue and bows and naked toes.
Double-Bow Dress: I may get it, but not early on. It's cute--blue is one of my favorite colors--but the headband is that odd side poof style I haven't liked much lately. Also, I feel like a white sweater over it would add a touch of class. I just don't like bare doll shoulders. Other than that it's pretty cute.

Egg-citing. Or not.
Egg Decorating Set: Okay your gang can decorate eggs hooray! It doesn't seem like fun to me, but I'm an adult with no kids and so I haven't really done egg dying in years because I hate the taste of boiled egg yolks and would and will throw them out. Can I make salad? Or use plastic eggs and acrylics? Or make confetti eggs and relive the 6th grade?7 No? Aw.

Sit for dinner.
Dining Table and Chairs  and Table Accessories: For all your doll sitting needs. The table and chairs come uncovered, but for $34 more, you can have seat covers, napkins, and condiments! Oh and a lazy susan. I generally choose to waste my money on historical furniture when I furniture it up So nah.

Matching Rain Gear for other places.
Rainy Day Coat and Rainy Day Set: Cute, but not my thing. I already have a boot and umbrella set from the year of McSeattle, and that coat won't match my set so.

Happy Birthday! Get some stuff.
Happy Birthday Outfit and Birthday Accessories: So we're bringing that back again I see, but more for modern clothing styles. And there's extra accessories and--are those stick on earrings HELL NAW take that shit away. Ahem. The outfit is not my thing. Picky me is picky.

No more naked legs!
Tights Set: For the doll that lost her tights or shot a run in them, have new tights. I shall think about it. The more tights the merrier.

Keep your eyes covered.
Tortoise Sunglasses: For all your eye covering needs. Not my gang's thing, though.

Bitty Baby/Bitty Twins: As I have said in the past, I don't care. For a hot second the plushduck might have amused me, but it's got yellow legs and I'm picky about my plush duck. Duck legs must be orange, damn it.


Did you make it to the end? Yay! Then I have a gift for you. And even if you scrolled down just to get here, you can have a gift too. AJ of the ToyChest Snarker and I have been working on this for several months, and while I had intended to post about this tomorrow as a V-Day gift to y'all, I might as well do it now.  

Nellie would like to invite you to AG Collectors!
As you have surmised, I have not been on the two major AG boards for tons of reasons8--the major one is that I was banned. And I know many other people haven't as well--or have tried to sign up and been banned, shunned, blocked, or put on probation for being "mean" or what have you. So AJ and I started talking around last fall about the need in the AG fandom for an open AG message board that doesn't require posts to be hidden so you can see what you want before signing up, and that won't lock down topics for being "controversial" or argumentative. And after much work, we have put together an open, free, public message board. 

Announcing the grand opening of  American Girl Collectors: A message board for AG fans far and wide!

While the board is called AG Collectors, understand that you do not have to have an AG doll to be part of our board. While chances are you're going to at least like them, you don't have to just talk about them. There's boards for Monster High, Barbie, BJD, off topic, or whatever you'd like to enjoy with us. We ask that you follow the rules, and understand that we're all going to act like adults and be treated like such--and that means reacting and talking like adults too. Read our rules, follow them, sign up, and be part of our newly blooming community!


1Seriously. I almost never use an umbrella, I just pull my hoodie up or tug my hat down. 
2 I have a Facebook page but I can tell you right now I almost never use it. Facebook is personally frustrating and often times seeing people on there triggers my depression. So I try to stay off. 
3 I have the first one. I will be reviewing it later. I am still dickering about the second Pow Wow set since I have the first.
4 Don't take it personally. I like moddies. I just like rhyming too.  
5 I had dental work today. The fact I'm upright and typing for my blog means I like y'all somewhat.
6 The only swimwear I have is Kit's swim set and Julie's that used to be part of a two piece set.
7 This was likely a Texas fad thing like homecoming mums (with the notable exception of mums still going on so it's tradition) but when I was in about 6th grade, we used to blow the center out of eggs carefully, wash em good, dye them, chip the shells enough to put confetti in them and seal them again with tissue paper and glue. On your birthday, your closest friends at school would glitter bomb you--sneak up and smash said confetti eggs on you. It was awesome! Except the part where there was glitter and eggshells confetti all over the hallways and in your hair and the cleaning staff had to clean that up, and so it eventually had to be banned. But it was still awesome.
8 More of which I will be going into this month.


  1. Off to sign up. I like a lot of things other than AG.

    Also, new outfit for Kaya? WOOT! That dress actually sounds really pretty to me.

  2. I think your message board sounds like a verry welcoming place

  3. The new board sounds fab. Off to sign up!

  4. I'm figuring the pink dress is another hand-me-down from Ruthie.

    Julie's macramé belt is totally accurate-- my mom has one just like it that she made herself (back in 1974)!

    I only have Samantha and my pennypinching habits keep me from buying another AG doll. I just can't wrap my head around owning more than one. I'm kind geeking out about Rebecca's curling iron set--one of the old pamphlets that came with the outfits (remember those?) mentioned Samantha using one.

  5. Cascarónes (confetti eggs) are a folk custom that migrated from Mexico to the Southwest United States. My kids used to love smashing them on each other on Easter morning.

    1. Well that would explain it--I was taught the tradition from my Chicana friends!

  6. Neth, if you live in Seattle, have you considered applying to work at the AG store at Alderwood?

    1. I have noted arthritis in my hips and standing on my feet for hours causes shooting pain to the point I am left near unable to walk, so I couldn't do it. That and I've worked retail and can't do it anymore.

  7. My school actually had sponsored confetti egg fights at the carnival every year. PTO moms would make and donate the eggs and then you could buy them for like 50¢ a dozen and lob them at your friends. The playground always looked like it had snowed the day after. Needless to say, I got pretty sick of having eggs for breakfast every day in February.

  8. I'm rill excited about Kaya's jingle dress, personally. It looks a lot like the jingle dresses I see at Pow Wow, & I checked some of my other NDN pals who are more familiar w/regalia & they gave it the thumbs up, so that's pretty exciting!

  9. I love these reviews you do of new releases-hilarious and informative! I can't wait to buy Kaya's new dress. It's gorgeous and will add some much needed color to her collection.

  10. I got the jingle dress. I love it--the hand drum is really nice too. I wish the cones were sewn all the way around the dress instead of just on the front, but other than that it's great.


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