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Monday, February 10, 2014

Clothes Reviews: Petal Pink Outfit (2001) and Pink Tank and Brief Set (2014)

Pink. Lots of pink on Nellie O'Malley.
And then I didn't blog for ten days, because seasonal/personal depression is a horrible on and off thing to deal with. (Love my posts, deal with my issues.) I'm actually coming up on my one year anniversary of having this blog, and soon will have something that I hope will be a boon to the AG fandom as well. I've also decided that, while I have about ten more holiday sets I could cover--including the ones I have designed for my made historicals--that it won't do to blow out all of them now and have nothing for the next time the season rolls around. So I'll be holding the rest of my holiday wear for my gang til next winter, After all, it's not like there won't always be holiday wear to do. Plus, my blog. So let's do one more winterish outfit--which kind of fits for the fact that Valentine's Day is this Friday--and introduce you to someone new to the gang in the process.

Yep, that's right, I've got a new member of the gang. A buddy of mine was looking to send Nellie O'Malley to a new place, and I do adore Nellie more than Samantha. Practical, bold Libra Irish girls who share my exact birth date are pretty awesome. She actually got here mid-January along with her meet dress and some accoutrements. Welcome, Nellie, to being a member of the AGGiB. She's still a historical girl from the 1900s--and will be getting and wearing stuff from the era along with Marisol. But like Kit and Kaya, she likes wearing modern stuff.1 And she's debuting here in the Pink Petal Outfit. 

Like the Ice Blue Outfit I reviewed on Michi, the Petal Pink Outfit was an early Mattel set that came out in 2001 and was gone by 2003. The set has a pink angora style sweater, pink glitter skirt, pink stockings, and pink shoes (and a snowflake necklace) and sold for $24. AG later recycled the name in 2010 for a completely unrelated outfit that was more spring than winter, so you're going to have to filter for that in your searches, ask questions, and make sure you get this one. It actually goes for a sensible cost of about $15-25 on average. It's a little surprising how low some of the older outfits go--it's generally the "new" stuff people try to gouge you on. I got mine in a private purchase way back in 2010 or so, and can't remember precisely how much I paid but it was around retail costs. I don't have the necklace, so unless you're planning on getting me one as a gift, there's not going to be a review of it. But there is a bonus review: the Pink Tank and Brief Set2 that came out at the start of the year with Wonderbread. I had to put her in nice underwear that would fit with the modern clothes.
Pink Tank and Brief Set, 2014 edition.
Let's start with the underwear. The Pink Tank and Brief Set (ver. 2.0) was released at the start of 2014, kicking the old underwear from 2011 out. Looks like we'll be getting new fresh doll panties every three to four years. They consist of nearly exactly what they say: a pink camisole tank and a pair of pink boyshort style panties, and go for $12. If you remember from my last modern underwear review, I hate the terms tank and briefs, so camisole and panties it is.

Camisole top.
Camisole: The camisole is a deep pink knit camisole style top. Like many camisole sets, the top simply pulls on, thus cutting down on bulk under a top.

Pretty decor.
On the right lower side is a bit of a flourish: a heart flower. It's a darker pink heart center with small white dots around the outline, and a red-pink stem with four leaves touching the bottom of the heart's point. Many girls like pretty underthings, and little flourishes make underwear nice. Just because not many people see our underthings doesn't mean we don't like knowing we're wearing nice ones.

The thin straps are pink elastic trim that go over the shoulders. I hate blatant visible shoulder cups but there would be no way to really cover them up on a thin camisole, so letting it go.3

Front gather.
At the top center is a little bit of a gather. I can see prudish people whining about this. Oh noes, it's implying that that ten-year old girls might be developing breasts. I like it because slight gathers add some shape.

Smooth back.
The back is smooth and with no velcro, so that the top can fit under clothing very well.

The hem is semi-plain--just serged. Butt done in such a way that there is a bit of ruffle to the edge. B+. It's doing it's job.

Pretty Panties.
Panties: To go with the camisole are matching knit pink boy short style panties. I adore boyshort style panties for dolls and myself. Comfortable coverage. They just pull on--there are very few underwear sets that aren't just elastic pull-ons.

AG logo.
On the upper front is the truncated A*G logo in red screen printed on. Everyone has to know who makes your underwear, after all.

Butt coverage.
They cover the butt smoothly, though the inner tags are a little visible. Don't look too closely.

Ruffle edge.
And like the camisole, they have a serged edge that makes for a slight fluted ruffle. B. While I have no idea how these will work under jeans, they work nicely under skirts and dresses. Plus, fluted pretty edges. Now, to the actual outfit.

Sweaters. I love em so.
 Sweater: The outfit starts with a pale pink angora or cashmere style sweater. I really love sweaters, and AG ones are no exception. One of the worst parts of growing up in Texas was that it almost never really got cold enough to wear nice sweaters, so you had at most a month to be adorable in knit tops before the temperature shot back up and it was too hot to try.4 Soft angora or cashmere sweaters are some of the best things on earth to wear.

Collar stones.
The collar is a high necked ribbed pattern that is accented by seven small white rhinestones evenly spaced. A little splash of sparkle.

Cuffs match the collar.
The sleeves come down all the way to the wrists with a ribbed edge, and is also accented with the same style of rhinestones; there's eight per wrist.

Hem. No sparkle here.
The ribbed hem doesn't have any sparkle, and is simply ribbed. This is good, because it would have just been too much after the cuffs and collar.

Up the back.
The sweater velcros up the back with non-snag velcro. A+. Soft, sparkly, and a sweater--what is there to dislike?

Skirt. Long and sparkle.
Skirt: The skirt is a nearly ankle length pink taffeta skirt. It's of a darker shade that then sweater, but only slightly--it's still rather on the pale side of pink.

Waistband. And Glitter.
The skirt is a common rectangular gather--no side seams, just the back one--to a plain waistband. I don't really like that style of skirt making where the skirt is a single piece, though I've done it here and there; side seams are always nice. But moving on. The fabric has a subtle glitter shimmer all over, which is lovely and helps to match the sparkle gems on the top.I didn't snap a picture of it close up, but the hem is just a simple small edged hem. Nothing to spend too much time on.

Closure for the skirt.
The skirt, like the top, closes with non-snag velcro at the waistband and partially down the skirt. B-. It sparkles, but it's really kind of wobbling between plain and fancy and not really getting to both.

Stockings: Instead of tights, there are pale pink knee-length stockings. Unfortunately, what I had to say about the stockings under the Twilight Outfit applies. They're nothing really special. C.

Shoes. Sparkle shiny ones.
Shoes: We finish the outfit off with pink sparkle vinyl flats. The iridescent glitter is imbedded in the vinyl, so there's not going to be any glitter flake off. Good.

Side shot.
There's no bows, frills, or fluff. Which, if this was a fancier style of outfit would be fine--but given the plain cut of the skirt and stockings, really makes for a dull finish.

Shoe off.
The shoe is plain white lined, and there is a slight pink tint to the back side of the shoe vinyl. There is also heel reinforcing on the back, which adds a touch of interest.

Black Sole music.
The soles are black, with a low little heel. AG really should stick to low heels, too high and the hips cock oddly on the doll. The shoes are plain, but they're all right for the outfit. B-.

Necklace: Don't have it, try to keep up. It was a snowflake. I can get a knock off if I so desire it, and I don't so much.

Overall Feel: I adore the sweater--but then, I'm as biased towards sweaters as I am towards velvet and silks. But like the Twilight outfit, it's very, very monochrome pink head to toe. The skirt being a different color would have helped so much--white would have been lovely--as well as some more sparkle or interest to the shoes that wasn't just the choice of the glitter vinyl. As separate components it's nice but together it's really pink. Also, I'm hit or miss for shades of pink, and while the sweater hits the skirt and shoes kind of miss. It's both monochrome and slightly mismatched pink as well. The underwear, however, match well and are super cute. 

Cost Value: The private purchase cost was sensible, and the original cost was right for the time. It actually goes for a decently low amount now, so it's not out of range for getting. I'd still get the stockings and make sure to get the shoes, skirt, and sweater. As for the underwear, order from AG direct with a decent order and call it good.

Timeliness/Datedness: Not too much, barring the fact that the whole outfit matches top to bottom. It's not going back too far--taking it to the 1980s will work, but it's not long enough to go over leggings. Get some stirrup pants or a denim skirt. The underwear are pretty modern.

Mix and Match Levels: Yeah, I'm actually going to want to do that. The sweater over jeans or a white skirt will be magnificent, as well as some new tights. The sweater I feel is the best part of the whole set, to be honest. Underwear can mix and match, but don't be looking at them. 

Final Grade: B+ for the Petal Pink set--cute, but a little monochromatic. A for the underwear--it does its job.


1 That and have you seen Nellie's stuff? Most of it is not cute and is very movie, and I'm not for it. She's a very practical dresser, Nellie. About the only thing I like is her Irish outfit set so there's that.
2 Documented at the AG Wiki as the "Pink Tank and Brief Set II" because there was a set before it. Damn it AG, stop recycling names, it makes my life harder. 
3 I saw Frozen, via means that didn't mean my money went to Disney. I have so many issues with that movie, and that's before you get into the race issues. Just the plotting was off. But I do like "Let It Go," at least. Especially in French and Japanese. They sound better than the English.
4 Also the bugs. I actually have bug phobias now. 


  1. I'm glad/hope you're feeling better. For your sake, and also because I was having withdrawal symptoms from your posts.

  2. There's new AG stuff up today! I'd love to get your thoughts on all of it, especially the new Kaya outfit!

  3. I hope things are better for you. Congrats on a new gang member, I've always liked Nellie. I'll miss your reviews, but it gives me something to look forward to when November rolls around. Also, hope to see what you think of the new AG stuff soon.

    1. I'll still be doing reviews, just not any more holiday ones until next December. I was starting to get burn out.


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